MNBC Contributor Suffers Epic Race-Baiting Meltdown During CNN Segment on Trayvon Martin (Video)

MSNBC contributor Toure suffered an epic meltdown on CNN last night. Piers Morgan challenged Touré to come on his show to debate the Trayvon killing after their Twitter war earlier in the week. Morgan blasted Toure for his race-baiting and lecturing.

Piers Morgan concluded the interview saying, “I like to think of myself as a professional journalist, Touré. I think that you are something else.”

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  • driguana

    The 1% race baiters are rapidly emerging…where would they be if it weren’t for this kind of chaos and viral lying??? part of the 99% like the rest of us????

  • Peckerwood

    Did anyone hear Toure talk about the thousands of black bodies stacked up annually due to black on black crime.

    I see in Commerce City, Colorado, they just pulled a 7-month old black baby from a dumpster.


    Hopefully Florida will go well today./sarc.

  • NeoKong

    Journalists have a first and last name….oh…and some talent.

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  • wanumba

    “We are not getting a consistent story…”
    Yuh Duh. THat’s the PROBLEM isn’t it? Meddling from afar won’t provide it.

    Who is this child hack Toure? He has the poise of a slacker teenager with dismissive attitude in an adult suit.

    We’re in a region where Toure is amongst the five most common names. THank God we hear a thousand and more others named Toure who smarter, better informed, more gracious and FAR CLASSIER than this bigoted, spoiled, stereotype-marinated political operative or we would despair.

    GE- Immelt funded MSNBC signalled MONTHS ago what the Obama-administration was up to for 2012 when they hired racist, mob-inciter bigot Al SHarpton. He blatently wasn’t there for ANY form of actual ‘journalism’ but for baiting, propagandizing and inciting.

    It was a hint the size of a billboard that the media was gearing and positioning for manufacturing RACISM trouble, not informing the public.

  • squeaky

    by way of free republic – Bob Parks [black and right] opinion.
    [ABC Not Sure Whether Death Threats In Trayvon Martin Aftermath ‘Going Too Far’] unless it’s my computer i can’t see where that issue was discussed but given what is currently swirling around – i’ve not heard much in the way of any condemnation of death threats and a $10,000 bounty on zimmerman’s head [with wishful hopes of raising it to a million].
    Read more:

  • StrangernFiction

    Piers is just smart enough to know that this is a losing issue for he and his comrades.

  • Ella

    Even if Zimmerman gets arrested, tried and punished, will the black community then eventually calm down? I think not, because it’s to the obama administration’s benefit to keep them riled up all the way till the general election.

    This Toure guy is all caught up in this and doesn’t know how he’s being played by the Ueber Racebaiter-in-Chief.

  • Tamminator

    That was the first time I’ve seen Piers Morgan act like a journalist.
    Probably the last, too.

  • Frank Scarn

    This “Toure” is the personification of 2 pounds of #@$% in a 1 pound bag,

  • vityas

    What about Kermit Gosnell famous (black) abortion doctor “Gosnell catered to minorities, immigrants and poor women, and made millions of dollars over 30 years performing illegal and late-term abortions in squalid and barbaric conditions, prosecutors said. ” Killing black babies, harming and killing patients, infecting them with STDs.

    Toure? Comments?


  • jorgen

    Toure is talking nonsense. The police arrived at the scene, reported on Zimmerman’s injuries and were happy with his story as well as happy with what the witness told them. End of story!

  • bg



    who needs balls, when all it takes is truth..

    (ftib) the drama journo queens out there..


  • bg


    squeaky #6 March 31, 2012 at 10:05 am

    excellent video link, thank you..


  • srdem65

    Blowback. No way this racial strife helps Obama’s reelection. Listen closely, people are asking “do we want 4 more years of this?” Constant name-calling from the left starting with the POTUS, no jobs, no future but massive debt and maybe even a collapse of our currency.The war on women is over, RushLimbaugh is bigger than before and we have a real candidate now.

    There are some who will support Obama no matter what, but the tide’s turning.

  • 1RedBeard

    Liberal vs. leftist. Love it when they eat each other. This is much like the Florida NAACP lib vs. leftist Al Sharpton. We can expect a lot more of this as more facts come out.

  • bg


    vityas #11 March 31, 2012 at 10:18 am

    Barack Notme Obama..

    if not for doctors like him, my mother might
    have had a son like Trayvon, oh wait.. /s/


  • Robert

    This was whipped up by the media. They painted a picture of a young teenaged boy, showed pictures of him when he was 10 or 12. They did not present the report that he was big enough to have attacked Zimmerman.

    They also did not present the report that Zimmerman was injured, which was on the original police record. Any half- responsible journalist would have gotten this record and seen this. We can only conclude that they saw the police record but refused to present a portion of it.

    The original media reports disqualify those organizations as competent journalists.

    As for those who continue their fake outrage in the face of possible conflicting evidence, they are race-baiters and racists themselves. This journo-hack Toure is a willfully ignorant black supremacist who thinks that a white man cannot understand the depths of his self-indulgent race-based self-pity.

  • Tee Dub


    Obviously a coverup. The police saw the WHITE hispanic had maliciously shot the BABY-FACED would-be son of Barack Obama who was out looking at the stars and dreaming of his future while wearing his favorite hoodie and munching on his bag of Skittles. Their first instinct as RACIST cops was to help fabricate a story to help Zimmerman get away with stalking and murdering a poor Black teen.

  • anti-bho

    And this is just the beginning.