Mitt Romney Wins Illinois Republican Primary

FOX News just called the Republican primary tonight in Illinois. Romney won 56% of voters who were concerned about the economy. Romney won with 55% of the vote compared to 28% by Rick Santorum.

The voter turnout was extremely low today in Illinois.

Here are the live results from Illinois.

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  • Bill Mitchell

    Wow this is going to be a MASSIVE BLOWOUT if these numbers stick. This is over. Good. We need to focus on Obama.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Santorum seems to have cornered the uneducated vote. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Skandia Recluse

    Romney wins Illinois? Well that tells us that :
    A: Romney might draw independent and moderate votes away from Obama, and
    B: Romney is a pale imitation of Obama.

    So…wait, what? Low turn out you say? Not much enthusiasm for the GOP in Illinois?
    Well that’s a fine How do you Do!

  • katy

    I sure am getting tired of bad news!

  • democraps suck

    Even if you don’t like it….time to focus on one GOP and attack the illegal Kenyan fraud….

  • Bubba

    So, Illinois gets to vote when it matters for the first time in decades, and the turnout is historically low? Yeah…draw your own conclusions from THAT.

  • Sam

    3. Skandia Recluse

    Romney isn’t a pale imitation of Obama. That is disingenuous and lazy thinking.

  • bg


    hahah, guess who O’s home boys fear the most..

    no, it’s not Michelle, oh wait.. 😆


  • Dave-O

    The linked article quotes the turnout percentage in Illinois at 15%. In Colorado last month, the percentage of registered Republicans who participated in the primary caucus (won by Rick Santorum, as I recall) was around 10% – yet I don’t recall a similar story on “low turnout” –

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  • Skandia Recluse

    #7, Sam,
    Pick an issue, anyone, and show me where Romney’s position is different than Obama’s.
    Don’t be lazy, pick one.

  • Liz

    This is what you call a route. We have ourselves a candidate, and a fine one at that. Let’s go after it.

  • Nosmo

    Drudge must be very happy…Breitbart was right…

  • Sam

    11. Skandia Recluse

    He’s endorsed the basic outline for Paul Ryan’s Prosperity for America, you know Obama wouldn’t touch that.

    Your move.

  • harold

    Looks like it’s time for the others to bow out.

  • Skandia Recluse

    #14, Sam,
    In other words, Romney will make a deal; like health care, like the auto bail outs, like Sarbanes-Oxley, he will endorse the basic outline with only a few minor changes around the edges. Just like Obama wants to make a deal with the GOP in congress.

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  • Sorry to Live in Illinois

    The liberal republican wins the liberal/leftest/communist/democrat state. Go figure.

    I, on the other hand, voted for Newt. And by this single act of patriotism, I’ve EARNED the right to bitch and moan and complain about our politicians and our Chicago-controlled state.

    I will say this, if Romney spends half as much money destroying O as he has destroying his GOP counterparts, this should be a lock.

    Term Limits.

  • Sam

    16. Skandia Recluse

    What are you talking about? Make a deal? With who? Romney didn’t endorse the bailouts. Obama has never been interested in doing a deal with the GOP. None of what you are saying is based on fact.

  • Mad Hatter

    These results are not a surprise. Mitt has been leading in all of the polls leading up to tonight. I guess the big question is, what is the purpose of Ron Paul and Newt staying in? What are they trying to prove?

    Positioning themselves for a spot at the Convention? Something they’ll already have.
    In denial that they’re not as popular as they thought?

    I just don’t get it.

  • craig

    Skandia Recluse,

    Who do you want to win and why?

  • Sam

    21. Mad Hatter

    LOL, what about Santorum. He doesn’t have a chance unless he somehow pooled enough delegates with Gingrich. This was over before it even began.

  • Skandia Recluse

    Sam, your belief is clouding your perception. Romney says the words you want to hear, and you believe him. What does ‘endorses the basic outline’ mean anyway? Romney endorses the ‘idea’ of a Paul Ryan budget, then wants to negotiate a few changes. What else can ‘endorses the basic outline’ mean? What does the finished product look like? We won’t know what’s in the bill until it passes and we get to read the final version, or see what regulations come out of the bureaucracy.

    Sam ‘the facts’ are obvious, Obama is a radical. Romney is amenable to any proposal that appears to have public support. Romney is an enabler and will go along with whom ever makes the most noise, i.e. Romney is a pale imitation of Obama.

  • Sam

    23. Skandia Recluse

    Um…no, just don’t give a damn about facts. Your last paragraph brilliantly summarises your cluelessness. How can Romney be a pale imitation of a radical if he someone who will just go along with anything that has public support? Romney is clearly the better candidate than Santorum. Santorum should have done the good thing and got out of the race when Newt told him to. Romney is the nominee. Get used to it.

  • Skandia Recluse

    #21 Craig.

    I would want Newt to win because he is the only politician in the last 50 (?) years to balance the federal budget. He had help. He has been targeted for destruction by the democrats, and I don’t expect Newt can win it.

    I’d go with Sarah Palin, and pray that she hires good people to back her up. I like her instincts. She has also been targeted for destruction. (and isn’t in the race)

    Santorum, I don’t know, he’s being hammered for his religion. With good staff, he would be ok if he leaves religion out of it. Since he’s campaigning on it, he probably wouldn’t.

    Romney? If you are gonna elect him, you had better send a whole bunch of staunch conservatives to both the House and the Senate, and the news media would probably crucify him just like they did with Bush. Romney wouldn’t hold up under that pressure.

    So we’re probably gonna get Romney, and it’s gonna be a toss up, either way, because there are 40% of the population who clings (vehemently) to Obama’s ideology.

  • Sandy

    Gingrich claims he is the only one who could beat Obama but he can’t even beat Romney and Santorum is more worried about the way Romney’s delegates are portioned out than he is about the issues. They both appear punch drunk and should bow out before somebody gets the hook and drags them off the stage.

    As others have already said its time to go after the real opponent Obama. Romney 12.

  • The best person won! Congratulations to Mitt Romney!!

  • Skinner

    Romney is a fine candidate.

    The MSM has screwed Obama by hiding his faults.

    My country is righting itself.

    Press On Mitt…

  • BillyTex

    Mr Romney should now announce that he loves Paul Ryan’s budget plan. Furthermore, he loves it so much that he wants to adopt it as his campaign’s plan. He should say it about 37 times daily.

    It could give him the ending he wants.

  • Patty

    The voter turnout was extremely low today in Illinois.

    This worries me.

  • kate

    I think we need to have one candidate and get going on Obama. Reality needs to have 3 drop out of the race and get behind Romney. This ongoing campaign isn’t helping the Republican Party.

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  • Zim

    The democrats didn’t turnout

  • HH

    I worked as an election judge here in central Illinois. There was a major ballot problem involving 65 counties and this info came from a county election person. About twelve percent of the democrat ballots we saw during counting did not have any votes in the section about Obama and delegates for Obama. The ballots did have votes for the other candidates for offices, but a lot did not bother to mark Obama stuff. I personally hope this lack of enthusiasm hurts Obama in the general election this fall. Even some of the democrat election judges badmouthed Obama.

  • Steve

    We have Mitt Romney’s Illinois Victory Speech posted now on Common Cents…

  • al

    were democrats able to vote in this primary?

  • 1RedBeard

    Let’s see now… who should we support for president? Should it be the less-than-perfect moderate, or the filthy Marxist Quisling who wants to destroy our entire way of life? Boy, that’s a tough question. I’ll have to think on that for a bit. [insert rolling eyes here]

  • Peggy R

    The low turn-out report is for Chicago. No reports on So-IL or the central state. Chicago is mostly Dem, so those taking a GOP ballot will be low numbers. Recall also that only one party has a contested presidential primary. And you might notice that several districts around Chicago have no GOP primary candidate. So, given Dem victories. Sigh. Mostly the Dem faithful showed up in Chicago.

    I can’t believe little boy Plummer won the GOP for the 12th. Ugh. I voted for Cook, much more experienced. I suspect the Dem machine will beat little boy Plummer. Dad gummit!