Michelle Malkin Skewers Juan Williams Over Obama Harvard Protest Tapes (Video)

Michelle Malkin was invited on the Hannity Show tonight to discuss the Obama Harvard protest tapes that were released today by Breitbart.com. Michelle blasted leftie Juan Williams for playing down the significance of the tapes – tapes that show Barack Obama leading a protest at Harvard in defense of a radical academic tied to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

And, once again we learn that the only experience Barack Obama brought with him to the White House was his expertise in radical, anti-American, socialist doctrine.

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  • Moreliberty


  • Liz

    Sassy! She’d make a darned good VP. I’ve suspected Obama to be mentally ill for some time now, but these bizarre theologies being exposed that he subscribes to might be the reason for his counterintuitive and erratic behaviors and statements.

  • usamopatriot

    The POS POTUS is an insane narcissistic libtard. ….But I repeat myself.

  • bg


    the tape Hannity showed tonight is
    NOT the tape AB was talking about..

    i saw that tape last week on YT..

    this (ht Patty) is the tape AB was going to expose Obama with,
    only now neither he nor the tape will ever be seen again.. :-(

    more here & here (ht 66chevelle) & here (ht Liberty) & here..


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  • eckleburg

    The tape merely exposes another kooky radical association of Obama. Just look at his administration and czars, full of radicals, weird leftists, eugenics advocates,transgendered, and all all kinds of assorted kooks .

  • bg


    and WTH to make of this??

    could explain why he golfs, parties and vacations
    so much, never mind the back room deals.. *sigh*

    oh yeah, not to mention the ever changing day to day story and
    Panetta giving the final bin Laden hit order rumor in writing.. /s/

    more here..


  • journeyman



    Hannity clearly stated (you must’ve missed it because at that moment you had your head up the orifice where the sun doesn’t shine) that it wasn’t going to be a smoking gun. However, what it does show is a continual radicalizing of the person who presently occupies the WH. And it also points to the fact that the MSM and it’s allies have been complicit in covering & protecting Barry from the get go.

    OK T-bag. You can now put your head back where the sun don’t shine.

  • mrt

    Obama leading a protest for Derrick Bell, writer, activist and professor of law who worked tirelessly to expose racism in America….endorsed a journal dedicated to the “abolition of whiteness,” called Race Traitor, whose motto is “Treason to the white race is loyalty to humanity.”
    who, it happens, was leading a protest for Regina Austin, a feminist, an environmentalist activist, and a proponent of critical race theory, a scholarly tradition that considers white racism a permanent aspect of American life and thus advocates compensatory, race-based preferences for blacks…


  • Sasja

    bg. How do you know that was the tape he was planning to release? Rather than continuing to link to that one article ad nauseum, let’s see something concrete that told Patty, or you, or whomever, that was the tape.

    Brietbart said he had a video. I understood him to mean it was in his possession.

  • Jim W

    Too hyped, the whole thing unfortunately, a letdown.

  • Nancy

    Apparently there will be another tape released next week, from what I hear. There may indeed be several.

  • KR

    In Breitbart style, there are videos, plural, I believe.

  • Nancy

    Remember how he did the ACORN tapes. He released one, allowed them to try to cover their backsides, then released another, and another and another, each one more incriminating. Don’t sell Breitbart short. Let’s wait and see them all before we start getting let down.

  • bg


    mrt #9 March 7, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    well, he did say his Mother influenced him the most..

    i believe him..

    sad, guess what S & M, the story is still not being told.. :-(

    who knows re: #7 March 7, 2012 at 9:24 pm bg,
    “they do know, and they have other ideas ??

    Obama: “When the revolution comes….”, and much more..


  • porthuronpunk

    Why wasn’t President Bush given credit as the cameraman? We should all know it’s his fault this video exists.

  • iconoclast

    I don’t these videos will make any splash at all. Everyone knows that Obama was a drug-taking Marxist in his youth and only graduated from Columbia and Harvard because of his skin color. That Obama is a committed progressive will not surprise any of us on the right–though it might discourage some progressive grass roots because of all the lies.

    The fact is that Obama must be defeated based on his incompetence. Incompetence in economic policy ($5/gallon gas and 14% real unemployment), incompetence in foreign policy (Iran, Israel, Afghanistan, Europe, etc.), and preference for our enemies over our friends.

  • Sasja

    I would bet there are more. Perhaps this will help any fence sitters to finally decide to not vote for him in Nov.

  • donh

    I agree with JUAN…This is a let down…Al Capone’s vault. I doubt this collection of videos is what Brietbart was working on. It could be the final effort to portray Brietbart as a racist bitterly clinging to David Duke obsessions to fight affirmative action policies. Andrew was hinting at silver pony tails, annenburg millions. Tapes among activists planning to become president. This hastily and poorly edited collection of videos changes the subject over to Obama’s favorite and best winning topic RACISM. Andrew would not peddle a flimsy case Obama is a radical because his Professor liked to listen to Sun Ra on his phonograph….> http://youtu.be/djBKQNVj5Cc Ben Shapiro must be the media matters spy who helped set up that fateful dinner with Arthur Sando. Now the real damning tapes are gone, and we have this junk put out that HELPS Obama’s re-election.

  • bg


    Sasja #10 March 7, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    because that tape had been RELEASED back in 2008, watched
    it myself & have since put 2 + 2 together, and it didn’t = 5.. 😀

    oh yeah, not to mention the info from AB’s site to go along with it..