Michelle Malkin Skewers Juan Williams Over Obama Harvard Protest Tapes (Video)

Michelle Malkin was invited on the Hannity Show tonight to discuss the Obama Harvard protest tapes that were released today by Breitbart.com. Michelle blasted leftie Juan Williams for playing down the significance of the tapes – tapes that show Barack Obama leading a protest at Harvard in defense of a radical academic tied to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

And, once again we learn that the only experience Barack Obama brought with him to the White House was his expertise in radical, anti-American, socialist doctrine.

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  • Moreliberty


  • Liz

    Sassy! She’d make a darned good VP. I’ve suspected Obama to be mentally ill for some time now, but these bizarre theologies being exposed that he subscribes to might be the reason for his counterintuitive and erratic behaviors and statements.

  • usamopatriot

    The POS POTUS is an insane narcissistic libtard. ….But I repeat myself.

  • bg


    the tape Hannity showed tonight is
    NOT the tape AB was talking about..

    i saw that tape last week on YT..

    this (ht Patty) is the tape AB was going to expose Obama with,
    only now neither he nor the tape will ever be seen again.. 🙁

    more here & here (ht 66chevelle) & here (ht Liberty) & here..


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  • eckleburg

    The tape merely exposes another kooky radical association of Obama. Just look at his administration and czars, full of radicals, weird leftists, eugenics advocates,transgendered, and all all kinds of assorted kooks .

  • bg


    and WTH to make of this??

    could explain why he golfs, parties and vacations
    so much, never mind the back room deals.. *sigh*

    oh yeah, not to mention the ever changing day to day story and
    Panetta giving the final bin Laden hit order rumor in writing.. /s/

    more here..


  • journeyman



    Hannity clearly stated (you must’ve missed it because at that moment you had your head up the orifice where the sun doesn’t shine) that it wasn’t going to be a smoking gun. However, what it does show is a continual radicalizing of the person who presently occupies the WH. And it also points to the fact that the MSM and it’s allies have been complicit in covering & protecting Barry from the get go.

    OK T-bag. You can now put your head back where the sun don’t shine.

  • mrt

    Obama leading a protest for Derrick Bell, writer, activist and professor of law who worked tirelessly to expose racism in America….endorsed a journal dedicated to the “abolition of whiteness,” called Race Traitor, whose motto is “Treason to the white race is loyalty to humanity.”
    who, it happens, was leading a protest for Regina Austin, a feminist, an environmentalist activist, and a proponent of critical race theory, a scholarly tradition that considers white racism a permanent aspect of American life and thus advocates compensatory, race-based preferences for blacks…


  • Sasja

    bg. How do you know that was the tape he was planning to release? Rather than continuing to link to that one article ad nauseum, let’s see something concrete that told Patty, or you, or whomever, that was the tape.

    Brietbart said he had a video. I understood him to mean it was in his possession.

  • Jim W

    Too hyped, the whole thing unfortunately, a letdown.

  • Nancy

    Apparently there will be another tape released next week, from what I hear. There may indeed be several.

  • KR

    In Breitbart style, there are videos, plural, I believe.

  • Nancy

    Remember how he did the ACORN tapes. He released one, allowed them to try to cover their backsides, then released another, and another and another, each one more incriminating. Don’t sell Breitbart short. Let’s wait and see them all before we start getting let down.

  • bg


    mrt #9 March 7, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    well, he did say his Mother influenced him the most..

    i believe him..

    sad, guess what S & M, the story is still not being told.. 🙁

    who knows re: #7 March 7, 2012 at 9:24 pm bg,
    “they do know, and they have other ideas ??

    Obama: “When the revolution comes….”, and much more..


  • porthuronpunk

    Why wasn’t President Bush given credit as the cameraman? We should all know it’s his fault this video exists.

  • iconoclast

    I don’t these videos will make any splash at all. Everyone knows that Obama was a drug-taking Marxist in his youth and only graduated from Columbia and Harvard because of his skin color. That Obama is a committed progressive will not surprise any of us on the right–though it might discourage some progressive grass roots because of all the lies.

    The fact is that Obama must be defeated based on his incompetence. Incompetence in economic policy ($5/gallon gas and 14% real unemployment), incompetence in foreign policy (Iran, Israel, Afghanistan, Europe, etc.), and preference for our enemies over our friends.

  • Sasja

    I would bet there are more. Perhaps this will help any fence sitters to finally decide to not vote for him in Nov.

  • donh

    I agree with JUAN…This is a let down…Al Capone’s vault. I doubt this collection of videos is what Brietbart was working on. It could be the final effort to portray Brietbart as a racist bitterly clinging to David Duke obsessions to fight affirmative action policies. Andrew was hinting at silver pony tails, annenburg millions. Tapes among activists planning to become president. This hastily and poorly edited collection of videos changes the subject over to Obama’s favorite and best winning topic RACISM. Andrew would not peddle a flimsy case Obama is a radical because his Professor liked to listen to Sun Ra on his phonograph….> http://youtu.be/djBKQNVj5Cc Ben Shapiro must be the media matters spy who helped set up that fateful dinner with Arthur Sando. Now the real damning tapes are gone, and we have this junk put out that HELPS Obama’s re-election.

  • bg


    Sasja #10 March 7, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    because that tape had been RELEASED back in 2008, watched
    it myself & have since put 2 + 2 together, and it didn’t = 5.. 😀

    oh yeah, not to mention the info from AB’s site to go along with it..


  • Yeah, I watched Michelle walk all over Juan, but Hannidy really didn’t give Juan that much time to defend Obama. Hannidy has given Juan all kinds of time to defend Obama on past programs, and tonights was one of those times when Hannidy didn’t. He wanted to let Michelle tell her side. But when Juan did speak about the “leaders” and “important people” that he said Obama associated with back then, you have to remember that Obama wasn’t even born when these radical militant Blacks were marching with King, but were using him to promote their extremeist hatred for White people that they still have burning down inside of them. What kills me is Ogeltree was the filthy rich guy that Obama and family spent time with when Obama took his Martha’s Vineyard vacation(that the press wasn’t invited to), and went over to Ogletree’s house a couple of times while they were there. Obama took that vacation because he is still going to these men from his past to ask for advice as to what to do under the circumstances he’s finding himself in. See, even though Obama has all these advisor’s around him he still needs to check with these old radicals from his college days where Obama was making a name for himself.

    Juan Williams is a leftist loser who tries to pretend that he’s a Bluedog Democrat, a JFK Democrat who is conservative, but what gives him away is how he tried real hard to make all those radicals Obama hung around with while at Harvard look like they were suuuuuch nice people who were just marching peacefully trying to get so more rights for the po’ harmless Black people. Harmless my butt! These people would jump at the chance to bomb a day care center if they knew it was full of just White kids because these “doctor’s” (sic) believed there weren’t enough Black kids in them, and if the Blacks couldn’t take them over so that they could decide where to put the White kids(probably out back at the dumpsters) then no one will run the day care center. Because Obama is just like them, do you think that “a sitting President would want gas prices to go up just before the elections?” YES!!! THIS ONE DOES WANT GAS TO GO SKYHIGH!! Obama is so convinced that he is going to win, most probably he knows what all the Communists and activist groups have planned to get him back in office using every trick in Saul Alinsky’s book Rules For Radical’s. Rule) It’s not what your enemy knows you have that scares them, it’s what they think you have that scares them more. Rule) The means justifies the end. And that means any means in order to justify the end is okay.

    And since 2006 they have been cheating, with more open cheating as time went by until 2008 where ACORN was flaunting fake voter ballots in front of FBI and daring them to do anything about it, and the FBI couldn’t do anything about it. They said they are going to do something about these people, but how many years does it take to do something, anything! Axlerod probably has all kinds of things up his sleeve planned for this year.

  • Voice of Reason

    I love this woman. She is dead on (again). The liberal media has no problem digging into some rock with a racial slur on it at hunting club that Rick Perry hunted at in Texas, but, where are they with digging like this with Obama? That’s just one example. They do it because they have an agenda to create a Democrat/liberal Cult of Personality to become POTUS. The MSM has become the Democrats Fifth Column.

  • regularguy

    It will be important to juxtapose Obama’s radical past and past associations with radicals with radicals he has with his current administration and policies to demonstrate his commitment to radicalism here and now. His corrupt and racial(ist) policies executed by Holder, his radical environmentalism at the expense of a realistic energy policy, his sympathies to radical islam in today’s foreign policy etc all need a context of continued radicalism from his past.

    The Republican challenger must also be able to clearly state his intentions to have a cabinet free of such radicals, and a firm commitment to remove the tentacles of radical remnants from Obama’s radical regime once he’s gone. A thorough house cleaning is in order, because you can bet Obama is filling the ranks with radicals within the civil service who will continue on to poison things long after he leaves office.

  • bg


    here’s an interesting video of Obama
    preaching from the pulpit
    in 2007..


  • bg


    re: #24 March 7, 2012 at 10:03 pm bg

    very revelaing, better wath & listen before it too gets sucked up by the
    mighty O’s black hole machine.. a lot of things i have posted wound up
    there, especially videos.. 🙁


  • Dien Cai Dau

    Im sorry I fail to see how this tape will help…….. Its just more of the same old-same old.
    Nothing new to anyone with an IQ greater than mud.

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  • bg


    Sasja #10 March 7, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    well, he died rather suddenly, ergo, could be the possessor decided to
    repossess it per se, out of fear, or i could be wrong.. however, whether
    or not it was one of the videos he spoke of is irrelevant pertaining to
    the video that was aired tonight..

    Andrew Breitbart Talks about The Obama Tapes

    ‘Mancow’ Muller: Breitbart Was Murdered (ht Liberty)

    [Breitbart gave speeches throughout February, notably at the CPAC
    conference, in which he said he had video showing Obama fraternizing
    with “a bunch of silver pony tails” like Bill and Bernardine Dohrn
    (Weather Underground members), who radicalized him.

    He also told Lawrence Sinclair at an event in Washington DC
    on February 9th, “Wait til they see what happens March 1st.”

    According to former FBI agent Larry Grathwohl, who was assigned to
    infiltrate the Weather Underground’s Central Committee, the group
    openly advocated the implementation of a Communist dictatorship
    inside the United States backed up by “re-education centers” for the
    recalcitrant and death camps for those who still refused to submit.]

    none of which is new, well not to those of us who have
    been digging into Obama for several years anyways..


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  • What does it say about how desensitized the entire country has become about Obama that even something this damning is probably a yawner to most of the country? Of course if the roles were reversed and it showed a Conservative hugging Jerry Fallwell or Pat Robertson,….THAT would be the end of his political career.

  • rk

    OMG…the palace guard is really in protective mode tonight:

    tweets from Johnathon Weisman (nyt) about how wonderful Bell and Obama are:

    OMG, just seeing this Derrick Bell hug @ laughing. A boyhood friend of mine, John Bonifaz, organized Harvard Law protests for Bell. Pt. 1

    He begged then BMOC Barack Obama to get involved. Obama had refused so much that @ 1 pt, he nearly came to blows w/ Bonifaz for harassment.

    and Weisman goes on

    That’s story I never got an oppty to tell til now. Obama didn’t want to have anything to do with the Bell boycott. Lefties hated him for it.

  • Oh, Obama brought with him more than radical socialism. He made sure to bring his Marxist friends with him.

    Socialists in the White House


  • John Schuh

    People don’t know who Bell was/is. Tom Sowell was on C-span around 1990, talking about Bell has his racist ideology. Hannity should have had Sowel on his show tonight to give us some guidance about what kind of company Obama was keeping.

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  • chuck in st paul

    I like the idea that this is just a little chum in the water to bring in the fish. I certainly hope there’s several more that pile on to this and do what should have been done in 2007. I’m still scared that the leeches and power mongers will get this ass biscuit reelected. We need every tool and weapon we can get to ensure his downfall in November.

  • bg


    John Schuh #33 March 8, 2012 at 12:16 am

    oh wow, just posted that here..


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  • bg


    Nachum #32 March 8, 2012 at 12:14 am

    they get along well with their Islamist overlords..

    bit more: The Near Enemy..

    [We have two sets of enemies. The far enemy is the politics of Islam.
    The near enemies are the dhimmi apologists, fueled by ignorance and
    multiculturalism and political correctness.]


  • bg


    btw, great work..

    Thank You Michelle..

    imo we could stand to see more
    of her, and we hopefully will.. 🙂


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  • I expected more (or should I say less) from the tape(s). But, I take SH’s point – his last 3 years ought to demo to the world what this human is: a controller, of lives. They are at war with man’s nature and with reality. [ebay search for VOTE HIM OUT WHILE YOU CAN]

  • squeaky

    [When it comes to subjecting other people to the same treatment in a later era, some have no real problem with that. They see it as pay-back.] if the core of obama’s belief system is that whites are the source of all problems [or extreme definition inherently evil] you should always look at the influence of his philosophical bedfellows. another one of obama’s mentors is charles ogltree a law professor at harvard who thought that the election of obama didn’t [basically] let white people off the hook as barack is bi-racial. this old free republic link has a few videos of mr ogltree……

  • squeaky

    from american thinker .. relating to an earlier post. and if the champions of this are sitting in the power chairs. when you sideline extremism or you allow extremism a seat in the front row. obama is giving front row seats to the score settlers.

  • It has gotten to the point that when I see Juan talking, I hear Obammy’s voice. He contributes nothing to Fox other than pissin off conservatives. I figured after getting skewered by PBS and the left he would have seen the light. He is nothing but a dumb apologist for the left. I sense that he holds some pentup anger against whitey just like Obammy and Geraldo does on hispanic issues. If these clowns are on Fox’s payroll, to demonstrate balance, we do not need it. If I want to listen to Liberal lies, I can watch CNN or NBC

    I would rather listen to Mr. Sowell over Juan Williams anyday. Get him on the payroll.

  • MADgirl91

    I’d like to make a statement to the Juan Williams of the world.

    Time to put black victimhood behind you. It’s over. The only thing holding blacks back in America now is themselves. Time to stop listening to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Maxine Waters.

  • Gary

    BG 4

    I don’t think so.
    At CPAC Breitbart said he “had” the tapes not that he “knew about” tapes.
    So I don’t think that one is the one he was referring to.
    I’m sure there is more than what was shown on Hannity last night.
    Remember Weiner, a couple pics, then a couple more, then a couple more that he wouldn’t show.
    I think we’ll see more of what Breitbart had once they’ve had a chance to cut it down to just the really good stuff.
    It’s too early now anyway. Nobody will remember this by summer (except us of course).
    Some of it needs to come out in September and October.

  • Gary

    Journeyman 8

    I don’t get your attack on #6

    First, it sounds like the two of you are on the same side of the argument, and second, if you’re a conservative, why are you using that idiotic perjorative T-bag?

  • maryd

    Thank you Michelle.

  • Gary

    Nancy 14 and others

    You’re right.
    I think a lot of people thought they were going to see Obama having sex with a goat or wearing a Hitler Youth uniform stomping on a US flag.
    I’m sure he keeps those videos in his private collection only.

    There is sure to be more. This is just the icebreaker to start the conversation.
    I hope it trickles out until November.

    What’s funny is that in this economy and with the current geopolitical situation, we have to resort to old videos to persuade the American people not to give Obama four more years. Well, not funny, sad I guess.

  • Gary

    Donh 19

    You spin that conspiracy theory so hard I almost buy into it.

  • Gary

    WillofLA 21

    I usually skip your posts because they’re too long.
    (Brevity is the soul of wit).

    But you’re spot on here. I know what Hannity was thinking. He didn’t want to let Juan’s kneejerk (actually pre-planned) poo-poo reaction get a foothold.

    Michelle Malkin is on the short list of today’s great American Patriots, alongside Breitbart, Palin, Bachmann, Rush, and a few others. She should be attorney general. I’d love to see the document dump she would put out in January 2013.

  • Gary


    I have about three months of Red Eye on my DVR that I play when I’m working around the house, and last night I saw an episode from December with Breitbart (possibly the last one).

    The last thing Gutfeld said to him was “You’ll live a long and healthy life”.
    I’m going to burn that episode to DVD. Maybe even put it on Youtube if it’s legal.

  • Gary

    Mutt 44

    What I’ve been doing for the past couple years is turning Fox on around 9:30, running the DVR back, then fast-forwarding through O’Reilly when I see Alan Colmes, Juan Williams, Kirsten Powers, the liberal radio girl, Jemoo Green (or whatever), and a couple others who have nothing but lib talking points to disseminate. It takes me about 15 mins to watch O’Reilly. Then I listen to the top of Hannity and fast-forward through McCain or other lame-o’s and any libs on the Great Great Great Great American panel, etc, then I reach Greta just a little after 10, and if she doesn’t have a Conservative on, I’m done.

    That’s what Fox has come to. I remember when I used to stop everything to get the tv on at 8:00 for O’Reilly. It really is time for him to shuffle along and give the show to somebody hungrier, like Michelle Malkin maybe.

    And if you’re unaware, look up the story of why Malkin won’t go on O’Reilly. Most of it is available on You-tube.

  • Amjean

    To you idiots who say this is a let down – the only let down is Obama and his administration.
    And, although we are focusing on Obama in an election year, let us not forget that it is the
    team who uses Obama as its spokesperson who we should also be concerned about. This may include Soros, Van Jones, Holder and Axelrod. Its time to vet the whole darn group. Van Jones was outed by Beck once, only to be hired in another socialist position in this administration.

  • owl

    I quit being a Malkin fan because of her blind spots. Such talent but she felt it necessary to put in a dig at Bush in almost every post , for years, and it was all about illegals.

    Shame as I agree with almost all she says, some I have been saying for years. Something needs to be done about illegals, just not the way and tone that she takes. Blind spot.

    Last night, she did good. Of course her target was one of the nicer liberals. Juan is a consistent liberal but not the NASTY. FOX has plenty of those with Shep Smith leading the parade, pretending to give news. He thinks he sounds like Paul Harvey. Heh. He is actually closer to Gerado.

  • Occidental Tourist

    Point: Black victimhood is annoying and frequently fails the critical thinking test
    Point: Williams can be counted on to be fairer on a divisive political issue than is Malkin
    Point: Guilt by association is nothing more than a flimsy, baseless political trope
    Point: This video is nothing. The only issue would be the alleged “hiding” of the video, but that is easily explained by the fact that Fox showed how reckless it can be with regards to anything having to do with Obama, and his Harvard colleague wasn’t going to give them any fuel to make incendiary points.
    Point: Obama is very moderate now, thus betraying the liberal radicalism of that putative Farrakhanite, Prof. Bell
    Point: This is nothing. Yawn. Wake me up when you have something either pointed or sexy

  • Joanne

    Michelle is fiesty. The left keeps brushing off everything Obama – it is sickening, and she put Juan in his place. Let’s remember, the left would never tolerate a conservative with any right radical affiliations if it helped them politically or otherwise. Obama is a radical, and his minions protected him full well knowing his affiliations, which means they also support radicals because they too are radicals. How do you get radicals to care about Obama’s radical affiliations? You don’t, you just expose them every chance you get.

  • Gary


    OK, I’ll bite:

    Point1: agree.
    Point 2: Disagree. “Fair” is a value judgment, and is therefore subjective, not objective. For example, what you think is fair, I don’t and vice versa. So you can’t state as fact who is fairer (unless you mean better looking, in which case it’s Malkin hands down). As for who is fairer, I personally think that Juan Williams is still feeling burned by his firing from NPR and he’s looking to reassert his bona fides among his liberal friends, so I don’t trust that everything he says is his own opinion, vice a lib talking point. As for Malkin, she has stood up for what she truly believes to the extent that she had to move to an undisclosed location in another state to protect her family and herself from death threats. So she has earned my trust where Juan Williams has not. Also, I think Juan Williams is driven by what he wants people to think of him (i.e. I have to say one righty thing for every lefty thing so people will view me as fair and balanced, a philosophy that is taking Bill O’Reilly down) whereas Michelle Malkin speaks her mind no matter how unpopular it makes her. You might counter that JW got fired from NPR for speaking frankly on O’Reilly, but I’d counter that he sure never intended to or wanted to. I think he felt “safe” to have a moment of intellectual honesty, and the left punished him for it. All the more reason we have to wonder what effect that had on what he says going forward.
    Point3: It’s used by both sides all day every day, but the left has made it an art form. If a donor to a GOP candidate (whom the candidate has never even met) utters any stupid thing, the candidate is asked to explain it. If Obama sits in a guy’s church for 20 years listening to his sermons, and recordings of his sermons reveal that it is hate-filled BLT, Obama gets a complete pass. He isn’t even questioned on it. So until our side achieves your side’s teflon status regarding guilt by association, it’s fair game for us to remind people who Obama associates with. “You are the company you keep.”
    Point 4: Disagree. The video, while seemingly innocuous, manages to demonstrate visually a fact that cannot be impressed on some people no matter how many times they hear or read it. Obama has surrounded himself with radicals from day one. It speaks volumes about what drives him and what his long view of the country and the world is. And I’m sure there’s more to come. That video was just a conversation starter.
    As for Fox being reckless, that doesn’t fly here. You can’t level the accusation if you don’t back it up with facts or some form of evidence. Otherwise, you earn the name “bomb-thrower” and start sliding into troll territory.
    Point 5: Disagree. From everything to Obamacare to the HHS mandate to taking over GM, and on and on, Obama has done nothing but push this nation toward a socialist state that infringes on the rights of citizens and places of worship. That is not moderate. If you’re looking for a moderate Democrat for comparison, try Bill Clinton. While Clinton himself may have been a little more left of moderate, a Republican Congress kept him centered. That is what governing down the middle looks like. Not like Obama. Just look at all the legislation passed by Obama before we took back the house that was unpopular in the polls. Obamacare, for example, never even reached 40% favorability in the polls, and support was around 30% when it was passed. That’s not moderate.
    Point 6. That’s the same as your point 4. So same answer, but in response to your request, we will indeed wake you up.

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  • RealMc

    Vetting process + years. MSM SUCKS.

    BREITBART LIVES FOREVER!!! and God Bless Him.

  • Juan Williams is incapable of objectivity when it comes to Obama. Therefore I do not pay attention to what he says. Malkin is his superior.

  • Occidental Tourist


    Thanks for the enumeration. I have to say that, as a liberal, I am quite sure Barry O isn’t liberal insofar as we hoped. Sure, compared to Bush, he is Kucinich; however, he is nothing more than moderate on everything except basic social-cultural issues.