Gas Prices Be Damned… Obama & Senate Democrats Block Keystone Pipeline Again

Americans all agree that gas prices are now big issue for the presidential election.
CBS Local reported:

But that didn’t stop Senate Democrats and President Obama from blocking construction of the Keystone Pipeline today.
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell released this statement today following the job-killing vote.

“The Democrat-controlled Senate just turned its back on job creation and energy independence in a single vote by rejecting the bipartisan Hoeven-Lugar amendment. They rejected legislation that would have led to construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the thousands of private-sector jobs that come with it. At a moment when tensions are rising in the Middle East, millions of Americans are struggling to find work and millions more are struggling with the rising cost of gas, Democrat opposition to this legislation shows how deeply out of touch they are with the concerns of middle-class Americans. President Obama’s personal pleas to wavering Senators may have tipped the balance against this legislation. When it comes to delays over Keystone, anyone looking for a culprit should now look no further than the Oval Office.”

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  • P. Aaron

    Howsabout we start blocking Dems from elected office?

  • John Cooper

    Amazingly, my flaming liberal Senator Kay Hagan voted FOR the pipeline. She must be really getting scared.

  • wheat farmer

    Awesome $5.00 diesel

  • Ella

    I see this actually as a good thing. They lay themselves out as being incompetent once again. I know several liberals as well as independents who vehemently disagree with this. It is going to cost them votes in November. Let these people continue to display their ineptitude. We should sit back and watch them self-destruct.

  • Liz

    Keep putting it up for a vote while the impeachment articles are being drawn up.

  • TXPatriot

    I say someone needs to make stickers that say, “Not happy about gas prices, thank a Democrat. Go to:” that leads to a website showing the number of times and a person-by-person vote count of WHO is voting against this and other drilling measures WITH contact info.

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  • Mitch Rapp

    We should be sending this to a vote each and every WEEK! HAMMER, HAMMER and write to your Congress Critters that are taking payola from their lobbyists to hold it back – I wish I had access to nexis lexis to start doing some Breitbarting of these CLOWNS in CINGRESS that WANT us to SMELL AND TASTE like GREECE.

  • Obama 2020 forever

    My question is, without this pipeline, how are the oil companies moving the oil? It is being moved after all….

    Next, who’s making money right now moving that oil? Who would lose money if all the oil started being moved via a pipeline?

    Answer those questions and you might have a grip on why that pipeline will not be built anytime soon. Heck, even the environmentalists are motivated and guided by money – not just some some green doctrine.

  • Toa

    I truly believe that The Hussein is surprised that Americans haven’t unanimously dropped to their knees and begged him to come to our rescue. And this annoys him; hence the trace of anger in his signature smirk.

  • Joanne

    O’Reilly said on his program today that Obama said that when the demand for oil goes down, the price of oil goes down. Is Obama for real!

  • Militant Conservative

    Word of mouth to the illiterate democrat voters is

    My path. Obam and the dem’s are fine with hurting

    YOU and YOUR family for thier own gain.

    Elections have consequences and this is YOUR

    Tar baby, deal with it. You want fourier years of

    pain and suffering for you and yours. Go ahead

    Show America what a racist you are. What’s good

    For America is good for us all. Obama is good for


  • red131

    #9 March 8, 2012 at 8:16 pm Obama 2020 forever – the oil is being moved by rail (much more dangerous than pipeline), a rail line owned by…..wait for it…..Warren Buffet!

  • bigkahuna

    We need to start demanding Obama stop BEGGING Saudia Arabia to DRILL more anmd push him for us to DRILL MORE.

    We should also demand Obama stop flying in our Gas guzzling plane and ride in a prius along Moochelle and his family. No oil either Use alge you putz.

    Demand liberals who dont want to drill…NO cars, trucks, plastic, etc for them

  • Obama’s plan to starve us of our “dependence on oil” in order to force us to accept “green energy” alternatives reminds me of the old farmer years ago who had a plow horse that was growing at a pretty good rate and producing a lot of work but costing him money because he had to feed it.

    A snake oil salesman came to town and showed him some “magic elixor” that could replace food, even for his animals. He decided to put the horse on this new diet to force him to give up the traditional horse feed and learn to live on only the “magic-elixor-and-water”, which was just a pinch of horse manure in water that had been treated by exposing it to sunlight . He was about three weeks into the diet and saving a lot of money on feed, not getting near as much work out of the horse, though…and the dumb horse up and died on him.

  • Highlander

    OK, so where’s the list of Democrats who voted against it again. It should be headline news. Bumper stickers … T-shirts …

  • Finncrisp

    If anyone has any doubt that Marxists have hijacked the Democratic party, this should confirm what has happened under the most radical administraton in recent memory. All Democrats (some unwittingly)are now part of the movement to destroy America as we know it. This is not an idle threat; the party of death is doing everything it can to destroy our republic, cripple out economy, and destroy institutions of conscience.The battle for the soul of America is in full display. What will you do to restore hope for America?

    Just pray>>>> and then vote! We will not get another chnace.

  • bigkahuna

    The average family who has one car will use at the very least one 20 gallon tank per week. Many will use more. When Bigears / small brained Obama assumed his Throne gas was about $1.85/ gal. Its now about $3.85/Gal. Assuming 20 gal. x $2.00 x 52 weeks……$ 2080 per year.

    Many families have 2 cars. so make that $4100- $5000 / year for many families.

    Add to that the added price for food becuase of the cost of producing and delivering foods add another $1000-$2000 per family.

    Add your increase in Health Insurance increases of 15%-30% and you have families under Obama are losing $6000- $10,000 / year.

    This on top of all the lost jobs, foodstammpos and other welfare programs…..its a freaking joke.

    Where are thye republicans and GOP with these facts and figures.

    They better be in/ on ads in November.

  • Beachluver

    Fellow Americans…..WAKE_UP……this scum-bag POS just cost fellow citizens 20,000 thousand JOBS!!!! He is supposed to protect and defend ALL AMERICANS and the Constitution……he’s not PROTECTING us from a financial downfall we might NEVER recover from. This PIG hates AMERICA!!!!!! IMPEACHMENT is too good for him. BREITBART the bastard!!!!!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    If anyone has any doubt that Marxists have hijacked the Democratic party,…

    Not even.

    Democrats are Marxists. Every last one of them. They just won’t tell you that.

  • Sasja

    We already have thousands of miles of pipline for natural gas, crude, jet fuel, with no problems. We need Keystone to transport oil from Canada to our refineries. It is safer and more cost effective than rail.

    Obama 2012. Have you ever seen large trucks pull into a major airport? No. Because the jet fuel is delivered via a pipeline.

    Whether you want to believe it, or not, Zero is on a crusade to cripple our economy, force more people on the public dole so they are dependent on a malevolent government, and, in his mind, punish evil America for all her sins. Had the USTass media properly, and honestly, vetted this guy, he never would have been elected.

  • Don’t be fooled by the fact that a handful of Democrats voted “for” the bill. They were given permission to vote “for” it so they could campaign on that vote.

    The truth is, the Democrat leadership allowed the most vulnerable to vote “for” it to give them cover, knowing they already had enough “NO” votes to kill it. They do this constantly, so nobody should be fooled this time.

    Vote out ALL Democrats this time around…and vote out RINOs too. ONLY when you have a RINO vs. a TRUE CONSERVATIVE Democrat (if there still are any) would you have to actually make a choice, and that is up to you if the CONSERVATIVE Democrat is actually still acting on the part of his constituents.

  • Robert


    ‘ I’m for All Of The Above.

    Except for the Keystone Pipeline, power plants, drilling in the Gulf or offshore or ANWAR or on any public lands, … ‘

  • wheat farmer

    Harper will just sell more tar sands oil to China.Canada will not wait to see who win in Nov they are using their resources while we stand around with our dick’s in the wind. Maybe this will be a good year for algae.

  • EBL This would lower the price of gasoline and it is idiotic not to allow this to go forward.

  • the obama administration’s energy policy, “there is no acceptable source of energy within the united states.”

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  • ratsofred

    Load it and be prepared to use it . Your life and your country are at stake . No room for weak tits and cheese dick metro sexuals . No room for media whores who kiss a Marxist Muslim presidents ass on a daily basis . Any deft , dumb , and blind individual can see right through this Oreo fraud .

  • Shawn

    Obama is a sham artist he is waiting to approve the pipeline until we truly are desperate then he can look like a hero. Vote out all who voted no and vote out all entrenched incumbants.

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  • Greg

    Read the supplemental pipeline eia statement. The holdup is over setting up an enormous social justice slush fund to be administered by Democrats. The current rout through low populated ares does not provide as much support as the revised proposal for the slush fund size

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  • checkers

    Can someone explain why congress is even involved? Or the white house for that matter. We have thousands of miles of existing pipelines, did they all have to have congressional and presidential approval? Isn’t this a business decision like building a warehouse? does government have to approve literally everything that occurs? ie. also the Boeing plant fiasco as well? is it part of the interstate commerce clause being invoked?

  • Sharon Doggett

    Check out Fox news 2008 videos on the cost of gas. You will find honesty. Of course now they are blaming it on President Obama. Any of you that think the Keystone Pipeline would lower prices need to educate yourselves. That would take ten years to happen and it goes doesn’t even stay in the United States. We are now selling gas to other countries because we are not using enough to keep it here. Look at wall street again they are screwing our country and nobody, especially republicans want to put any kind of REGULATIONS on any business.

  • Nick

    Keystone XL is an export pipeline. According to presentations to investors, Gulf Coast refiners plan to refine the cheap Canadian crude supplied by the pipeline into diesel and other products for export to Europe and Latin America. Proceeds from these exports are earned tax-free. Much of the fuel refined from the pipeline’s heavy crude oil will never reach U.S. drivers’ tanks.

    By draining Midwestern refineries of cheap Canadian crude into export-oriented refineries in the Gulf Coast, Keystone XL will increase the cost of gas for Americans.
    TransCanada’s 2008 Permit Application states “Existing markets for Canadian heavy crude, principally PADD II [U.S. Midwest], are currently oversupplied, resulting in price discounting for Canadian heavy crude oil. Access to the USGC [U.S. Gulf Coast] via the Keystone XL Pipeline is expected to strengthen Canadian crude oil pricing in [the Midwest] by removing this oversupply. This is expected to increase the price of heavy crude to the equivalent cost of imported crude. The resultant increase in the price of heavy crude is estimated to provide an increase in annual revenue to the Canadian producing industry in 2013 of US $2 billion to US $3.9 billion.”
    Independent analysis of these figures found this would increase per-gallon prices by 20 cents/gallon in the Midwest.
    According to an independent analysis U.S. farmers, who spent $12.4 billion on fuel in 2009 could see expenses rise to $15 billion or higher in 2012 or 2013 if the pipeline goes through. At least $500 million of the added expense would come from the Canadian market manipulation.

    Source –

  • Nick

    Apparently, there’s no regulations to tell the refineries to oversupply the US market so that prices will go down – because apparently, the corporations prefer to increase profits, not reduce them. So, they tell us specifically that they intend to take the oil that we are using now, and sending it overseas so as to increase the profits overall. Obama is not doing that. Capitalism is doing that. Stop bitching about the system working as designed.

  • Nick

    I’m curious what people here think should happen if any community that happens to be adversely affected by a pipeline breakage (by extreme weather, intentional sabotage, whatever).
    Demand that the government pay to clean up the mess or the owners of the pipeline?
    Especially if it turns out that the company decided that it wasn’t profitable to ensure pipeline integrity beyond making it work?

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