It’s an Obama World… Gay Flag Flies at Afghan Base But the Christian Cross Is Banned

It’s an Obama world.
The gay flag flew over a U.S. military base in Afghanistan this week.

A moment of solidarity.

But the Obama Administration banned the Christian cross from the worship tent. It was too offensive.

The Pentagon forced an Army post in Afghanistan to remove a cross on its worship tent in December. It was offensive to liberal atheists.
Hat Tip Ed

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  • Taqiyyotomist

    I’m guessing John McTernan is gonna have something to say about this.

    Then again, he’s been warning us all about this for years.

  • Multitude

    Dream on. As we withdraw, Hillary Clinton is negotiating at Obama’s direction with the Taliban for the future slaughter of millions of educated women. “Cost of doing business,” as Hillary would say. “Can’t make meatloaf if you don’t smash up some eggs” says Barack. “Sucks to be a dark woman outside the U.S. where it guarantees a stupid dark woman a full ride to an elite university” says Michelle Obama.

  • Woody Pfister

    Please tell me the flag is photo shopped! Isn’t Obama’s Pentagon appointees afraid of offending our Moslem allies ion the Afghan defense forces ortheir successors, the Taliban with a gay army post?

  • Sasja

    Feel the need to respond but will have to do with a “no comment.”

  • Mike E

    Never thought Id say this,. “F the senior leaders of the US military”.

  • I don’t know how God is going to deal with America’s acceptance of homo’s into mainstream society. I know what the scriptures say and I agree 110%, but I to am at a loss as to what to do about it short of what we would have done about it back in 1954, we would have kicked their butts out of the service before they every got to combat. I’m sure they cried when they were told to leave “We don’t want your kind in the Army. Now get out!”

    God is offended
    Christian’s are offended
    right thinking regular Army men are offended
    anyone who knows the difference between right and wrong and hate homo’s, are offended

    I know what it says in the scriptures God will do to this country if we turn our backs on Him. But we, His people haven’t turned our backs on him. He commands us to obey the scriptures so we complain about so-called “gays” in our military, I wrote my Congressman and Senator more than once and told them not to adopt “Don’t ask don’t tell.” I told them NOT to allow gays in the military, they would have still had enough heterosexuals joining to fill the ranks. I commented on the wrongness of gays in the military, that I was in the Army in the late 60’s before they started all this crap. I think that is the reason why they were letting alot of us guys who had been in a long time and all the old school attitude about things going on about how we thought about things like homo’s in the military. The officers probably knew they were going to let queers in the Army in the 70’s and wanted all us old guys out because they knew we wouldn’t put up with it and we’d be beating some queer butt and demanding they be thrown out!! So instead, the Army got rid of us before there was any trouble.

    Now, queers can walk around holding hands and kissing!! Uggh! I’m telling you I would have gone into a blind rage if I saw two soldiers doing that, unless that is it was a guy and a girl, like God intended. God did not intend for two men to lay down together. He calls it an abomanation, (or Obamanation, however you want to look at it). And that suits me just fine because I agree with it ten thousand percent.

    It’s wrong, it’s wrong, it’s wrong. No psychiatric cases in the military. And wait until a couple is caught doing their little nasty and see what happens to them. Don’t be surprised if the Afghani’s kill them right then and there and tell the commanding officer that what they were doing offended Allah, and Muhammed and they had to be killed right there!!! What’s Obama going to do about it if that happens. The Afghani’s can say they are just getting back for the killing of the eleven or was it 16, whatever. But I’m sure they will tell the truth about that, I think they have to. It’s a Islamic law or something.

  • Redwine

    This is insane and sick.

  • Earthmover

    I think if Homos get to be in the military, I demand to shower with college girls!

  • OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY… google it!

    Let’s remember all the bloggers, conservative media, radio talkers, who’ve told us for the last 3+ years to stop with all this crazy birther crap and just focus on his policies. Now they can salute THAT Flag.

  • Joscefi

    Is burning that rainbow abomination also a First Amendment Right?

  • TheDefLeprecon

    It’s a Looney Tunes cartoon this country is. Gay flags flying over military bases…in Muslim countries. Trasngenders demanding birth…key word there, “birth”…certificates be changed to reflect their “correct” sex. (If the XX and XY can’t be changed, it’s still the same sex it was at birth and always will be). 2nd graders wearing hoodies and holding Skittles in a public school to rally for Trayvon. Government officials and unions out of control with greed, willing to throw their fellow man, woman and child under the bus so they can keep getting more, more, more. A President who’s hell bent on destroying this country and fundamentally changing it into a socialist utopia (those never work). My gosh, is there really any hope left after all of this change?

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  • Tim in Cali

    UPDATE ZIMMERMAN CASE…Go to Daily Caller website,they blew up ABC News video aprox 1:16 and appears to be 3-4 in. gash in back of head.. @:50 sec,look at officer check back of his head at the same spot,like he examining a wound..ABC banner covered head almost entire video

  • Doug


  • N

    Sick! You know America is going down and this country will be turned over to the hands of another. Fire and Brimstone won’t rain out of heaven but spiritual fire and brimstone will destroy this nation and whatever it had or has going on for it. This is a recipe for destruction it never fairs off well in the long run.

  • Kenneth

    Did Bales have to put up with this sh!t? It’s no wonder he went crazy. We all know Obama loves d__k up his azz.

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  • Blackbird

    You have to wonder which causes our Muslim “allies” the most pain, the American flag, the cross, or the gay flag. The only silver lining I can find is it must drive them even crazier than it does me. I could not give a rat’s behind if a guy is gay or not, but all I can see with that picture is a fundamental breakdown in military discipline. That is no better than flying a playboy flag or a Budweiser flag and it does not belong in a military camp. Their social engineering will cost our military blood and needs to stop right now. At one time the high ranking officers would have stopped this nonsense and made it stick, but at this point they have been taken over by Washington culture and have become more dangerous than the enemy.

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  • squeaky

    i hate activists.

  • squeaky

    is there a straight flag? just wondering.

  • Calliegirl

    Let’s hope we can turn this thing around in November. I’m still amazed how high his approval ratings are for all the damage his administration has caused.

  • Male Silverback

    I am embarrassed for my son who is just now about to leave for Air Force basic training. I served for 23 years, started in 1987 under President Reagan. Served my first two years in the 11th ACR on the Fulda Gap. Retired a 1SG of a company.

    I was always proud to serve. I was always proud of my country. But thanks to the leadership of the military and our country, I don’t feel that way anymore.

  • JenBee

    #11 TheDefLeprecon and #19 Blackbird, right on. I wonder, too, if the gay flag offends them (muslims) as much as the cross.

    Every day, and I do mean, I get up and read the news and sit and shake my head in astonishment at how far and how fast we are sinking to the depths. I swear I weep for my beloved country and all the damage we’re sustaining under Obama. I pray we get him out of office before the substantial damage becomes permanent.

  • wanumba

    So, where’s Westboro Baptist, Inc. when ya need them?

    Oddly enough, always AWOL when it REALLY counts.

  • Patriot

    And we didn’t even need more proof that anti American socialist democrats and racist marxist muslims Hate AMERICA

  • mg4us

    Here is the daily caller link

    Let’s hope this flag pic was photoshopped. . .the only flag that should fly over our bases is the US Flag and the the emblems of the branch located there (army, marines, air force, etc).

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  • vityas

    What a small little world we live in when you have to fly a flag to tout your accomplishment of having sex.

  • 66chevelle

    I’m guessing that the stone-agers don’t know what the gay flag is…yet. Or it has been explained to them that the flag represents western approval of certain…customs and practices which are part of many islamic cultures.

  • JenBee

    … And what’s interesting too is that it took a UK news outlet to report on this, proving yet again that the US media is wildly in the tank to protect their Messiah against anything in the slightest that might make Him look bad in the public eye.

  • NorthernX

    It’s not an Obama-World.
    Obama’s idiocy is confined to your country and your country only.
    ObamaNation would be more apt.

    I resent that term being used over and over again. It’s creepy.

  • Hugh

    I don’t have anything against gay folks but this is so disheartening and outrageous. Allowing the display of a gay pride flag that he on a base but denying the same of the cross on a chapel?? Our society is very sick apparently.

  • I like Larry The Cable Guy’s approach to the whole integration in the Military thing…

    To Paraphrase – Let women and gays serve if they are so inclined, but train everyone separately. Men train with men, women with women and gays with gays. Then deploy as needed.

    For general breaking of things and killing of people, send the regular men’s units.

    Have four battalions of women’s units, all with their training offset by a week each so when a particularly thorny problem needs dealt with, you’ll have units that are all PMSing at the same time to deal with it with extreme prejudice.

    Then when the action’s over, send in the gays to clean up and redecorate.

  • Scott M

    These are two completely different issues. While I can’t imagine why the hell it’s appropriate to fly the “gay” flag over a US military outpost in a combat theater, it’s got nothing to do with the cross on the base worship tent.

    Bear in mind that for decades, military chaplains have been tending to the spiritual needs for their charges ACROSS sectarian lines and they’ve always done a great job of it. Despite the fact that a chaplain might have a small cross, star, or moon on his lapel, he’s been trained deal with all three religions and, from what I understand, a small host of minor religions. Despite my views as a Christian, if there’s one worship tent for a given outpost (which is typical), it is inappropriate to have an extremely large cross hanging on the same tent that must minister to Jews, Muslims, Buddists and Jedi (lol).

    In any case, there’s no equivalence in these two issues.

  • Joscefi


    #33 March 29, 2012 at 8:28 am
    NorthernX commented:

    It’s not an Obama-World.
    Obama’s idiocy is confined to your country and your country only.
    ObamaNation would be more apt.

    I resent that term being used over and over again. It’s creepy.

    “It’s not an Obama world.”

    Isn’t it? Doesn’t the only super power, now kowtowing to despots, while showing contempt for, and backstabbing, America’s allies have an effect in your little corner of this world?

    Whatever you call it, it is indeed an “Obama World”, an upside down, ascendant evil, world, fraught with perils that we won’t entirely grasp until they actually unfold….

    …it’s not the turn of phrase that is “creepy”!

  • Sasja
  • kato

    The top brass is made up of careerists who are only looking to position themselves for the big pension and the high-paid consulting job with a private contractor.

    Last week, we witnessed the top general in Afghanistan kissing Subprime’s ass, lying that the mission (i.e. the slow surrender) is doable. One doesn’t need to be a graduate of the War College to see that Subprime is squandering 10 years of blood and treasure.

    I feel sorry for those on the front lines, who are trying to stay alive while doing a job made impossible by the biggest jive act in American history.

  • valerie

    “God made me to show His goodness, and to make me happy with Him in heaven.” God made us, each and every one.

    I am very much heterosexual. I have never been attracted to a member of the same sex. That’s no virtue on my part, because God made me that way. I never made a choice.

    I don’t know why homosexual behavior appears, but I do know from my biology classes that it is a trait that is persistent in all kinds of animal populations at about 10%, much the same rate as left-handedness.

    And I think that if I felt about a woman the way I feel about my husband, I would be a lesbian. Certainly I would not be so unjust as to marry a man if I didn’t feel that way about him.

    The only person that I know of, that would have the power to make a homosexual is God. I have no idea why he would want to impose such a burden on a human being, but I don’t know why he made Parkinsons’ disease, either.

    I don’t know whether this picture was photoshopped, or if a flag were run up that pole, photographed, and removed as quickly.

    All I know is that I am a limited creature, with limited information.

  • RKae

    How anal sex got elevated to such a level of high regard completely escapes me.

    Kind of puts the lie to the libertarian nonsense of “…what people do in the privacy of their own homes…” Once you accept it, it leaves the privacy of their homes and parades down the street.

  • cal rifkin

    You’re gonna get effed in the a–, and yer gonna like it!!! That’s an order!!!

  • chris

    I can’t imagine a commander allowing that flag to fly in a company area. Most commanders would disallow any flag other than the company colors and maybe the US flag. I wouldn’t pay much attention to this.

  • YourMaster

    the should build a statue of 0bama having gay sex with arabs
    …for all the muslims to worship…

  • Joanne

    Valerie – homosexuality is a choice. There has been a huge push in the last few decades to make people believe that homosexuals are born that way. Bull Crap. Just like some men are attracted to children, so are some people who are attracted to those of the same sex. It is all the work of the devil. With Islam, muslim males believe that having sex with children is perfectly fine, and if Islam grows in our nations, there will be a push for men to be able to have sex with children and it will also be portrayed as pedophiles are born that way or with some other line of bullcrap.

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  • Joanne

    Homosexuals do not have sex, as they have redefined sex to be. Homosexual males are sodomites.

  • NorthernX

    I wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that that pic had been photoshopped…at least I hope it is.

  • Laurie

    Does this mean that the troops can have bacon and hot dogs now???? Just askin 😀

  • Patty

    The Rainbow Flag Is Replacing the Star & Stripes In the Military

    The military will be purged of anyone, from private to general, who will not go along with the Hard Left agenda. The military that remains will be morally beaten down and with soldiers that are godless; thus leaving the military without a soul. These will be the type of soldiers who will do whatever they are told. These are the type of soldiers who could be used against the American people. Please do not think that the Hard Left would not use the American military against the people. The Left hates Christians with a passion that is only matched for Nazis towards the Jews. They hate and despise Christians for standing against abortion and homosexuality. They hate anyone who is in any way associated with the Holy God of Israel. You can see this hatred on college campuses, the political left and in the media. Now, they are going to be in control of the US military with all of its power. source –

    The Coming Destruction of the US Military:

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  • Patty

    This undermines morale and readiness in the all-volunteer force and with Obama reducing our Military and reducing our Nuclear Defense system doesn’t it seem that we are purposely becoming let defenseless.

    And isn’t that against the job priorities of a president and shouldn’t he be impeached.

    But with Holder, he won’t and look at Holder, shouldn’t he be fired. That won’t happen.

    So, our only defense because the leaders are quite, IS TO VOTE HIM OUT OF OFFICE.

  • Comanche Joe

    This flag photo is obviously Photoshopped. The shadows of the “soldier” and the flag show the sun is at the “soldier’s” 5 o’clock. Look at the shadows made by the gator and the chair in the foreground. Those show the sun should be at the “soldier’s” 3 o’clock. Also, something is casting a shadow on the left side of the “soldier’s” back but nothing else to the left has a shadow being cast onto it. This picture is a fake.

  • Comanche Joe

    Draw a line between the tip of the flag pole shadow and the tip of the flag pole itself. This points to the sun being high in the sky somewhere between 11am and 1pm. Now draw a line between the chair back shadow and the corner of the actual chair back. That point to the sun being lower in the sky. I would guess between 3pm and 6 pm. It’s a fake picture.

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  • Phil Attey


    The issue here doesn’t seem to be about the ability for any one religious or community group to “prominently” display symbols (religious or secular) on base structures, but whether they can “permanently” display them on it.

    The story you link regarding the cross notes:

    The pentagon spokesperson states: “The removal was, in fact, in accordance with Army regulations” and pointed out that the Army chaplain manual prohibits permanent display of religious symbols.

    That’s why the Christian group was allowed to display the cross (as shown in the photo) on the outside front wall of the chapel, but was required to take it down after the worship service was over.

    In like, secular groups should be allowed to “prominently” display symbols … be it a rainbow flag, NFL team flag, holiday decoration, or other symbol — so long as they take it down when the event is over.

    I for one, am proud that our military understands how important it is to allow “freedom of expression” without having one group abuse that freedom by denying it to other groups.

    In short, I’m proud to be an American.

    Phil Attey,
    Port Saint Lucie, Florida

  • Duffy

    Romans 1:27

  • The Muslim community in Afganistan should act. Muslims are said to be opposed to homosexuality. If the US Army is in their country then they have the right to demans that a fag flag be taken down.

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  • Dino S.

    Hey people, how about pulling your heads out of your backsides. Gays have always served in the US Military, every branch, every speciality, every rank and every war. Gay men have died for our country. The first casuality of OIF was USMC SSG Eric Alva with a Combat Engineer Unit, who lost his left leg in March of 2003. He later came out as gay. Why don’t all you haters keep your ignorance to yourselves?

  • wanumba

    #54 March 29, 2012 at 12:06 pm
    Comanche Joe commented:
    Draw a line between the tip of the flag pole shadow and the tip of the flag pole itself. This points to the sun being high in the sky somewhere between 11am and 1pm. Now draw a line between the chair back shadow and the corner of the actual chair back. That point to the sun being lower in the sky. I would guess between 3pm and 6 pm.

    It’s a fake picture.

    Yes. Agree. Everything else has shadows straight in front of them. The flag and soldier shadow should have been over the yellow air ducting (not really visible at all) not angled over onto the tent as it shows.

  • Kent Perry

    I won’t, like many of you, preface my comments by suggesting I have nothing against Gays. The fact is, if I had nothing against gays before, I sure have a beef with them now.

    They have got to my LAST Nerve, the last bit of patience and I have no tolerance left for them. I am against them being in the Military because the have tricked the Military insisting on allowing them to be “Openly Gay”. I don’t think many people understood the legal implications for what that means exactly.

    Well the Military is starting to find out what “Openly Gay” means. It means the like to walk around like some quasi transsexual on a list of candidates for some protracted health cure and cast member of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

    In other words, they like to test our tolerance and when you have finally had enough of them, yelling ” We’re Here, we’re queer and we’re IN YOUR FACE!” All they do is bash woman as “breeders” they have their own subculture of anti Christian bigots who will mock your faith while they advance their atheism and socialist views as THAT seem to be the common denominator they all share. Next time one of em says they are in my face, I”m going to put a FIST in THEIR FACE and then shove em back in some closet somewhere and lock em in there and throw away the key.

    Most of us Veterans, think it was the most destructive and demoralizing thing they could have ever done to our Military. In combat. the reason motivating it may be different but they are just another Pat Tillman,

    waiting to happen

  • Patty

    It will be America’s last straw “if” we the people don’t stop the slide down the slippery slope and to be honest with you it has already progressed to the point of no return in the minds of the Democrats and RINOS, witness the Secretary of Defense telling the senator he didn’t have to tell or get the permission of the congress to go to war but only the U.N. and NATO. We know this is unconstitutional but this alone reveals to you the mindset of the globalist. It is as Kofi Annan proclaimed when he was the Secretary General of the United Nations in a response to Jesse Helms slamming the U.N., “the hell with America, we’re in charge now”.

    The only way we stop it is to repent as a nation and turn back wholly to God and then will it become his fight. We have reached that point where we may have to lose what we have had in order to appreciate what we had. We seem to have forgotten where we got what we got but that has to change now!

  • Kent Perry

    @Dino S. commented, who misses the entire point. Hey DINO, I DON”T GIVE A RATS ASS IF THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN IN THE MILITARY BEFORE. Back then, they didn’t insist, everyone knows what sexual bent the are by practically having it on their dog tags.

    It isn’t their sexual bent that pisses everyone off, it’s this new attitude they are allowed to display and that YOU can’t even joke abut else YOU’RE DISCHARGED. Something else we get sick of is they make-out with their lover right in-front of us and watching two guys open mouth kissing in Uniform is REPUGNANT. But THAT is what it is to be OPENLY, gay.

    I have NO respect for em and Z-E-R-O Tolerance for their disgusting behavior.

    Anyone want to call me a hater or a bigot,

    Yeah,, so?

  • Kent Perry
  • N

    I too am amazed at how many people’s minds are now so warped into thinking homosexuality is ok. Homosexuality is basically sodomy. Two people of the same sex consenting to sodomize each others body. No such thing as gay sex. The anus is not a sexual organ. It cannot reproduce. In reality what they are doing is abusing each others anuses it’s consenting abuse of the anus. It’s a preview of the abusive torments in hell in a lighter version. These people are playing with something very dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    The US Army just went to hell, & queers are to blame. This country of ours is truly doomed

  • Anonymous
  • usamopatriot


    You are so right, and the day of reckoning for those who mock the bible isn’t far off.

  • Loogey

    I woul like to spit on Barry Soetoro’s face.





  • lilestarr

    I gotta agree with Dawn Richards, I can’t fathom why obama isn’t in jail, after being impeached. I always wondered how Hitler got to power, now I see it happening. He’s not an American, I been saying this since he came on the world stage. I’m afraid for the USA.

  • amb

    So let me get this straight…they can’t have a religious symbols/flag over there because it offends the gay liberals, but they can have the gay flag up which offends many religious followers. Yeah, I see why we are heading down the toilet. Vote OBAMA OUT!!!

  • Christine Montgomery

    @WillofLa God is all knowing; No need for us to worry, but simply do as we are commanded; Tell people about his Son Jesus, born from a virgin, why he was sent to live amongst us, and why he died and rose from the dead on the 3rd day, how the Holy Spirit helps us, and how Jesus now sits at the right hand of God interceding in prayer for us.

  • I can’t wait until November 6, 2012. OBAMA AND HIS THUGS HAVE TO GO.

  • Our Soul’s Will Shed This Flesh

    WillofLa commented:

    “anyone who knows the difference between right and wrong and *hate homo’s*, are offended”

    Any Christian who hates isn’t a Christian at all. A Christian’s job is to spread the love of Christ. If a Christian hates Homosexuals then they aren’t spreading the love of Christ.

    “So, because you are lukewarm- neither hot or cold- I will spit you from my mouth.”

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    But, the Taliban may enjoy it being there to point out to the average Afghans that that is the kind of people fighting for the US and you can add that to the list of reasons why the Taliban is justified in hating us. It would fit their scenario for their propaganda.

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  • Megan

    What happened to equal rights the Gay community talks about so often? Yeah equal rights my ass. They want one sided tolerance, they want to shove their gay a genda down the throats of Americans and eradicate all religion or freedom of religion if it doesn’t compliment what they want. This is messed up. I had no problem if they wanted to have a gay flag out but banning the cross is way over the line. Generally most christian houses of worship both civilian and military have always had a cross posted. This is ridiculous I don’t even find significance in the cross, I know others do, so it shouldn’t be taken away or banned.

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  • Larry

    Who’s gonna throw the HUGE party when our Marxist Muslim gay illegal alien President LOSES in November! Say YEAH!.. Say YEAH! Say YEAH! Amen.

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  • Pedro Reyes

    It would be so nice if all the gays in the military were put on the front lines and killed.

  • Ray

    It has become a nation led by B.O…. an Abomination (Obama-nation).

    An alias Barry Soetoro (B.S.)

    Released his Photoshopped Long Form Birth Certificate on the White House website. Once discovered the birth certificate is a fake B.O. decides to have U.S. Military kill Osama Bin Ladin to divert America’s attention away from the document (Research the timeline yourself).

    B.O. / B.S. stinks!

  • I have seldom seen so much ignorance and bigotry in one place. Sad but true. And seriously, if it suits your hatred you believe everything you see. This is photoshopped, you show your narrow-mindedness and stupidity in almost every remark

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  • Don Schenk

    Is the Obama Administration trying to claim that Muslims find open avowals of homosexuality less offensive than Christianity?
    By the way, some years ago I knew a guy who told me that his wife was his “submissive,” and that they shared a second woman as their mutual sex-slave. Since the relationships seemed to be consentual I didn’t report him to the police (or feminists), but I would object to him parading around his “slaves” in a “leather pride” parade, or organizing to make his relationships promoted by the government. So go ahead and call me a “leatherphobe.”
    (Or say that “leather” relationships are only moral if gays do them.)

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  • This is a disgrace, intolerable in my view beyond comprehension. I’m really hoping this is some kind of joke and untrue in some way. Insanity…

  • KS

    What are you guys moaning about? This country has been Sodom and Gomorrah for a long time. It took this event for you to realise this?

    Sometimes I doubt there are even 10 righteous in this multiracial hellhole.

  • Josh

    I am extremely upset at how the religious cross was taken down. I am still in high school, but I am very religious and I find their decision to remove the cross extremely offensive. However, I am also gay. You people need to get your heads out of your asses and complain about them removing the cross, not putting up the LGBT flag. Seriously, you all sound like a bunch of whiny brats from elementary school. Putting other people down because you were hurt doesn’t make things right ~Just sayin…

  • Josh

    KS, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed on the basis of evil evil people. I don’t see any our leaders gang raping people for have company over….

  • Josh

    But if you people simply havent noticed already… the photo is FAKE, PHOTOSHOPPED, NOT REAL. Sheesh, learn how your shadows work… Stop being so negative, your bitching over nothing.

  • k berry

    The devil is a liar always trying to imitate God we christians no what that rainbow stands for te covenant that he made with NOah so satan takes this symbol and tries to pervert it for his evil agenda but hes a liar from the pit of hell. I can say this Gods judgement has enter into this earth he is not playin no sin shall go unpunished when he returns your mind want be able to fanthom how real he is when he return it will be to late. Just like it was in the days of noah it shall be like that now even in the days of sodom and gomorrah perverse and wicked generation the devil got people minds blinded that there isnt a God or a devil or a hell. James 2:18 says that the demons beleive in jesus and they tremble at his name thats enuff said right there the demons believe but he dont want people to believe so many people can follow him to hell but im exposing him when people die and they accept jesus they are a spirit the body was a house the spirit went straight to hell a spirit cant die aint no reincarnation aint nothing in the middle its either God or the devil u choose ask urself how did human exist how did we get here man didnt create us thats the case man can fix us like they do cars and computers, we all came from God who created our very structure being thats why he can heal us touch us and love us and speak to us alldone by the spirit of God thats if u are saved and filled with the holy Jesus is soon to reutrn the bible prophecies are coming to past fast no one can stop his return except him repent now for the time is at hand close.If u are saved and living a holy life and you have a personal relationship with him and he lives and dwell inside of you then you no there is a great feast in heaven that awaits you thank you Lord for saving me. God snatched me from the hand of the devil I can see him and his demons are mad if your not saved the devil dont bother u its the real christians that is a threat to him because the power is in the name of Jesus the blood of the lamb thats why he hates christien so much. The devil hates a man because hes made in the image of GOD he hates children because they are symbolic for the kingdom of God and he hates a woman because it was the seed of a woman thst destroyed him so even if ur serving him he hates u. You cannot follow darkness to long and expect to see and live aint no life in the devil only death.

  • k berry

    let me rephrase that statement if ur not saved and u dont accept Jesus christ as your personal Lord and savior and u rejected him he will show you each and every time he sent someone to tell you about him but u just kept on rejecting him your place of destinaton is hell for eternity. So get saved now quick and repent so that u can be in heaven with Jesus Amen.

  • Hoss

    Josh, Homosexuality is evil. Just as adultry, murder,fornication,lying,stealing, being a drunk. and anything that doesn’t please God.Jesus said”My sheep know my voice and keep my commandments”. Jesus is God, who came to earth as a man.If you love God, you will turn away from the practice of homosexuality. If you believe the Bible is true, you will keep all of God’s commandments. Read I Corinithians 6:9-10 and the first chapter of the book of Romans.

  • manny ross

    Who cares if gays want to fight and die in endless wars for Israel?

    What’s the loss?

  • Gay flags openly flown at US military bases is only just the beginning. Now that it’s legal to be openly homosexual, count on overt displays of faggotry to accelerate. Remember too that gay men are psychologically ‘women’ that have been inserted into a male environment. It’s as if real women had suddenly been inserted into the men’s barracks – women the male soldiers would see every morning in their pretty pink panties, naked, etc – just think of the sexual pressures that would quite literally explode in the bunks at night. Shower floors slippery with cum would be common if women recruits bunked with men recruits. Do you think it’ll be any different with cock-hungry faggots?

    Okay – that’s what having feminized males is going to cause: sex-hungry gay men getting hard all the time as they train their ‘queer-eye for the straight-guy’ about the barracks. Will there by rapes? You betcha. Only it’s likely some young straight kid who’s going to get ganged-banged when the lights go out. What to do? Stay out of the military. Advise others to keep out. Let the government know how you feel.

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  • Cracker88

    Thank God! With every bass ackwords move our govt. makes we inch closer to the cleansing.

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  • Jim Little

    The chapel in question was an “Interfaith” chapel, serving service persons of all religions, Christian, Jew, Muslim, et al., and Army regulations state that no permanent icons or religious symbols can be on the outside of these chapels although when any religion is using the chapel for services they may bring their portable icons or symbols into the chapel. Makes sense to me, but some far-far-right extremists will go to any extreme to discredit anyone who doesn’t share their warped views of what America is. And besides, this wasn’t even an American base. It was at Camp Marmal in northern Afghanistan and is a German, NATO base although there are some American service persons there.

    The second one is obviously photoshopped. I pulled it into PhotoShop, blew it up to 3200% where one can clearly see the pixilation does not match around the “gay flag.” It is horrible that folk who often profess themselves to be Christians would go to such lengths to discredit those who don’t believe as they do. Would Christ create this kind of Hate Mail? It is funny but the far-left elements in our society would never even think of doing stuff like this, yet for the far-right sending this kind of crap is a daily occurrence. In researching it I found far-right list after list where people just eat this stuff up and believe it without question. Many of them outwardly provoking violence against President Obama, Jews, Muslims and on and on. It makes me ill to believe that there are Americans who find hating so easy but to love and accept so hard. (Dang, even I had to look up if “photoshopped” should have capitals. As a verb it does not.)

  • DockyWocky

    Gee. It didn’t take long for the don’t ask, don’t tell crew to begin flexing their muscles, bit.

    However, Afghanistan might be the wrong place to do it. Not only do they have islamic savages who really, really don’t like Yankee infidel dog fags (Ahem!) because they might be horning in on their local boy pals, they will probably stress picking them off for that reason alone.

    That’s good news for the straight soldiers, because the islamic savages only hate them, because they are Yankee infidel dogs. Straight troops are said to be wearing little arrows pointing to the right or left on their packs, which serve to indicate the gay troops when seen through the islamic savages rifle scopes.

    I wonder how long it is going to take before the old fashion outright ban goes back into place. The stories are starting to come in – the gay flag bit is mild compared to most.

  • macdoodle

    Who still assumes all soldiers are Christian in the land of religious freedom?
    Who would disrespect any honorable soldiers beliefs and demand display and worship of the sect of Christianity that is only for those who do not believe in freedom for anyone but themselves and their kind?

    How many of the whiners ever signed up to serve ?
    Is it safe to say ZERO .

    PS: Anyone who does not know gays and lesbians have been in the military since the beginning of time, long before USA was even thought of, has not been in the military.

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  • Noah Walter

    I love how much this makes people angry.

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  • Nichole

    I have nothing against the gay community, but come on, the cross HAS to be out???
    why not just keep the cross up and leave the gay flag…
    or, bring down both, the flag and the cross. we are ALL brothers in arms, the military commands you all the same way, no matter your sexual orientation, belief, etc.
    if anything, then have no show of religious belief nor sexual preferance.
    also, lets be real, this country and its laws and everything that it stands for (or used to), is based on the Bible, God’s Bible.
    so, my conclusion, or leave just the cross, or lets just all get along, love each other, as brothers and sisters we are, and get along. 🙂

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  • madmanhiker

    well stated, thank you for the info.

  • Graham

    Atheist are not offended by a Christian cross … They are offended by the assumption that they would be offended by religious paraphernalia …

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??

    apparently this is real and not photoshopped or a prank. too bad a selfish few are so willing to put so many lives at risk for an agenda! using the military, especially by the left who never have or show respect foe it or those who serve is getting a bit too much to bare!

  • Adam

    you know what they do to gays in muslim countries right, at least, Christians preach to love them, In Islam they are to be stoned, and or killed

  • Both gay relations and Christianity are offensive to Muslims, so there’s no real security rationale for doing this.

  • Chris

    God’s judgment will come for this. You watch. Watch bad things happen to the American military and proud America. Watch what God does.

  • Keith

    some common sense; this is distorted to make it look like the Obama
    administration is anti-Christian. A cross in a Muslim country would make
    it seem like this is a war by Christians against Muslims. It would be
    all over the Arab press and would be a
    powerful propaganda tool for the “enemy”. It would also be a prominent
    bulls-eye for insurgent attacks. Could THAT be why the symbol of
    Christianity is not displayed at US military installations in a Muslim

  • Keith

    Everyone knows the meaning of the Christian icon. Very few natives in Afghanistan know what the rainbow flag means. Just the same, it is probably inappropriate. However, a Christian icon in a Muslim country makes it appear that this is a war against Muslim by Christians. This would be a giant propaganda tool for the insurgents. It would also be an obvious target for attacks. It would almost certainly be attacked and cost American lives.

  • Keith

    So, do you think it is a good idea to put a Christian religious icon on display in a Muslim country? It would allow the insurgents to paint this as a religious crusade against Muslims by Christians. It would be all-over the Arab press and would serve as a powerful recruiting too for “the enemy”. A cross would make a great bulls-eye and put American lives at risk!

  • ea

    You mean frowned upon as much as homosexuality? You are aware that they HANG people for being gay…..right? Could a “rainbow flag” be a symbol of Homosexuality that is displayed at a US Military installation in a muslim country be a powerful propaganda tool for the “enemy”? Keith, you could USE some common sense! SMH at the stupidity of some!

  • David

    Being a remote/restricted/hazardous assignment/location, another reason the cross may have been taken down is that due to limited facilities, the “worship tent” may be used by more than just the Christian faith. The Jewish faith, Hindu, Buddist, etc. may also like to use the “worship tent”.

  • wow

    yeah because it would be just as good to put a gay flag?

  • Keith

    So, you are asserting that the Rainbow Flag is as well-recognized and despised as much as the Christian Cross? Because they think all the Gays are fighting a crusade against Muslims? It is widely believed in the Muslim world that the GWoT is actually a religious war between Muslim and Christianity. Do you really think they believe we are there fighting for Gay Rights?

  • Jim Weaver

    Yea, let one of those goat fuckers find out there are butt pirates on base. See how they react. They’ll cut the head off the first pecker puller they find. What a f’n joke.

  • D.j. Day

    I am so proud I am not an American. your country is so full of hatred, homophobia, racism, and gender inequality. It will be the fall of your nation.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    Well, we’re real proud not to have you here, because we have plenty of liberal pansies like you here already. The vast majority of you Canucks are a bunch of pathetic losers, and if it wasn’t for the United States, you’d have been overrun and conquered long ago. You may not respect us, but guess what? You’re going to have to deal with us anyway.

  • D.j. Day

    thank you for proving my point.

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