It’s an Obama World… Gas Reaches $5 a Gallon & “Green” Light Bulbs Cost You $50 Each

It’s an Obama World…
Gas in California is above $5 per gallon.

A commuter drives past a gas station signage displaying current prices for self serve and full serve gasoline in La Jolla, California March 8, 2012. (REUTERS/ Mike Blake)

And, so-called “green” light bulbs cost $50 each… And they’re government subsidized!
The Washington Post reported:

The U.S. government last year announced a $10 million award…for any manufacturer that could create a “green” but affordable light bulb.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the prize would spur industry to offer the costly bulbs…at prices “affordable for American families.”…

Now the winning bulb is on the market.

The price is $50.

Retailers said the bulb, made by Philips, is likely to be too pricey to have broad appeal. Similar LED bulbs are less than half the cost.

Whatever you do… Don’t drop it!

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  • greenfairie

    La Jolla is one of the priciest zip codes in America. I’m sure it’s over five bucks in Beverly Hills or Great Neck too.

    That said, every time I fill up, I say to myself, “FUBO!”

  • Freddy

    WHO is gonna pay someone $20 to pump 1 tank of gas into their car?

    (assuming you use regular and ~22 gallons of it!)

  • ahem

    Poverty. Candlelight. Staying at home and playing cards. Good times.

  • ahem

    Maybe they’ll bring “Dish Night” back.

  • Sasja

    I love this: Retailers said the bulb, made by Philips, is likely to be too pricey to have broad appeal. Ya think.

    Just more taxpayer dollars down that rat hole.

  • Sasja

    I really like the “reveal” bulb GE offered (it’s great to read by), but haven’t been able to find it locally anymore; now having to purchase the soft-white. Next step is scouring on-line sources. Must admit, Bush did sign the legislation imposing all this “green” bulb nonsense on us.

  • dwd

    Subsidizing technology that is so expensive (and has much more cost-effective and reliable competition) does nothing to incentivize the reduction in cost of that insanely expensive technology. Why should Phillips work to reduce the cost of this unicorn bulb? Why should GM work to reduce the cost of the Chevy Volt?

    The President of the United States said that under his energy plan utility prices would skyrocket, and his Energy Secretary wants $8 gas. They are going to spend your tax money to subsidize ridiculously expensive products like this bulb and the Volt, and then jack up your electricity prices (coal is evil) and your gas prices (no drilling, no Keystone pipeline) through their policies to encourage you to buy alternative products that cost more than cheaper, more cost-effective, more reliable products.

    The strategy is to punish you into doing what they want.

    They obviously have never heard that “you catch more flies with honey”, and they just as obviously prefer to use the stick instead of the carrot.

    November 2012 will decide the fate of our nation.

  • Steven Chu

    Rickshaws, bicycles and peas for you. Limos and lobster for us.

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  • shibumi

    What seems like a long, long time ago, Glenn Beck had a bit on his Fox show about Cloward-Piven and their strategy of overwhelming the economy to force change.

    I’d say $50 light bulbs and $5 fit into that category nicely.

  • Sasja

    Well, people there is a place that is manufacturing incandescents here in the US even as we type. Learned this on Rush today.

  • Sasja

    One other thing. These are Americans doing what we have always done and what made us exceptional in the world, and why those like Zero hate us. We are going to defeat them! We are going to beat them back so it will take at least 100 years for them to regroup!

    Let’s not go all negative. The opposition is trying to dispirit us and we must not let that happen!

    BTW. The company for those incandescents can be found at:

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  • bear

    As a test, we bought 2 “green” haz-mat mercury bulbs. When they only lasted HALF as long as our incandescents we bought HUNDREDS of actual light bulbs to ensure that we would never have to kow-tow to these “green” morons.

  • I look at that and all I can say “Is Jesus H Christ, what in Gods name did you people do?”

    It is all I can do to keep from taking a baseball bat to any car I see with an Obama 2012 sticker, even more-so if it’s one left over from 2008.

    I have a friend who is a liberal and she gets ticked every time I refer to him as Jugears, saying I should respect him. I tell her that after what he has done to this country he deserves nothing but the deepest contempt.

    Half a dozen things he could do right now, today to get gas prices going down and he refuses to even consider doing one of them.

    We also need to REALLY be pushing the results of Joe Arpio’s investigation in to the BC and Selective Service registration card of BHO. I found the videos to be very compelling, especially since I use Adobe Photo shop and Illustrator to make what little living I am able to eek out these days, so I know that what they are saying is correct.

    Why is this not a bigger deal? It should be.

    (BTW, if any of you need web development services, get a hold of me through my blog.)

  • raybojabo

    Time to invest in candle factories and buggy whip companies, I see them making a comeback. WTF, LEAN FORWARD

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Gas in California is above $5 per gallon.

    Get a load of this: “’We Can Live With’ $4 Gas”

    Does anyone think that if it were Republican currently in the White House, there would be nonstop screeching in the MSM by columnists, pundits, economists, and the editorial boards about $4 a gallon gas hurting the working poor and the middle class?

  • Limousine Barry

    I have done of great job of increasing gas prices and decreasing jobs!

    If I am elected for another four more years I promise you that gas prices will be over $10 per gallon with in 6 months.

    Sure, I my policies suck! But, every time I fill up the Limo it costs the Tax payers $300. That makes me look smart. And, when I fill up the jumbo jet it’s about a quarter million dollars. And, I look even smarter. Good day.

  • Shawn

    Higher gas prices means more tax dollars to support the big government machine that takes away our freedoms everyday with their silly rules and laws. They won’t be happy until we all live in the dark ages and come begging to them for our daily bread.

  • peter

    the LED light bulb ban

  • peter

    Expensive bulbs not enforced:

    The South Carolina repeal Light Bulb ban bill will soon go to Gov. Nikki Haley for signing
    Legal in Texas. June 2011 signed into law by Gov Perry

    US light bulb regulations, the Burgess Dec 2011 amendment, and 10 state repeal ban bill updates

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