Hooray!… Missouri House to Honor Rush Limbaugh With His Bust in Capitol Rotunda

Yes! This news couldn’t come at a better time…
The Missouri House intends to honor Rush Limbaugh this session with the unveiling of his bust in the Capitol rotunda.
The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported:

Limbaugh’s comments last week about a young law school student have caused some advertisers to flee his radio show. But if the leader of the Missouri House has his way, the broadcast icon soon will be in the company of Harry Truman, Walt Disney and Stan Musial.

House Speaker Steve Tilley, R-Perryville, intends to honor Limbaugh with a place in the Hall of Famous Missourians, a ring of busts in the Capitol rotunda recognizing prominent Missourians.

The unveiling is not expected until closer to the end of the legislative session in May. But word of the honor leaked Monday, just as the furor over Limbaugh’s remarks continued to build.

Although the statues are commissioned with private funds, Democrats are already expressing anger at the decision to enshrine Limbaugh next to luminaries of science, culture and politics who have called Missouri home.

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  • red131

    liberal heads exploding in …5-4-3-2

  • bg


    that photo is a turn-off..

    surely there’s better somewhere..


  • Redwine

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it!

    That said – PLEASE change that awful picture.

  • Give ’em hell Rush- we got your back, buddy

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  • nana

    Hahaha, great news indeed. Rush is getting stronger everyday!!

  • nana

    Rush, the man are driving libs and GOPes crazy. The more they attack him, the stronger he can be.

  • Patty

    Once you turn on Rush you can’t turn him off. He is a legend and it is tough to stop a person who gives us the Truth. Not to worry about Rush. One thing for sure, he did become one of them for a mili second. But never Again. The man in the article is a great person and a Ditto head. As to be because he too realizes that this Orchestration of Fluke, Komen, PP, attacks on the Catholic Church doesn’t fly in Middle America. These are the listeners of Rush’s show. And like Rush said, his audience is why he does what he does. Not the sponsors, and if the want to flake out he will get others. And trust me, this POWERHOUSE won’t have a minute’s problem getting NEW ones and he didn’t need the one he had, because as I see it, to dump him was a statement on the Hypocrisy in this nation.

    And God is their judge, and as I see it, God knows Rush didn’t mean it. But for all the others, Balwin, Behar, Mayar, Sharpton, Waters, Pelosi, Matthews, Olbermann, Schultz, they have made some really hateful statements to those of us on the right.

    Apology, none. I do give Rush credit for owning it and it is for sure he won’t back that mistake again.

    Here is where to go: Stand by Rush, Please.


  • Patty

    won’t make that mistake again.


  • A.Men

    Yeah! Love Rush.

    God Bless Andrew Breitbart!

  • Patty

    Omission Watch: Feminist Fluke Insists Insurers Must Fund Transgender Surgeries

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2012/03/06/omission-watch-feminist-fluke-insists-insurers-must-fund-transgender-sur#ixzz1oMLw5uJq

  • wanumba

    “young law student?”

    They’re still spinning hard … they aren’t as slick with this as some people were afraid of. They are trying desperately to hold the phony narrative together.

  • Grant

    Ain’t gonna happen. Rush guaranteed failure for the R this election 🙂

  • John03

    I think they ought to just rename the whole state Rush.

  • bg


    Grant #13 March 6, 2012 at 11:41 am

    hah, you hope and pray.. 🙂

    but hey, maybe you’ll get lucky and
    he’ll drop dead out of the blue too..

    gone but not forgotten, we are Breitbart!!


  • myohmy

    Hang in there, Rush. Nov. 2012 is coming soon. ABO 2012.

  • Joanne

    Slightly off topic

    The State of Israel’s time is running out for them because they are ALL aware that Iran building nuclear bombs means their imminent demise. The U.S.’s time is running out for them as well. An enemy to America sits in your Whitehouse destroying the U. S. A., while Americans wait for the next election. Both the State of Israel and America are in crisis mode, except one country knows it and the other country pretends it doesn’t exist.

    People, if given the chance, should be sure to check out commieblaster.com.

  • Matt

    Haha I guess infamy is a sort of fame.

  • Jeffery

    I would erect Limbaugh’s bust just after this short list of noteworthy Missourians:

    Thomas “Phog” Allen
    Robert Altman
    Maya Angelou
    Burt Bacharach
    Josephine Baker
    Bob Barker
    Thomas Hart Benton
    Yogi Berra
    Chuck Berry
    George Caleb Bingham
    Henry and Richard Block (H&R Block)
    Bill Bradley
    Omar Bradley
    William S. Burroughs
    Adolphus Busch
    Harry Caray
    Dale Carnegie
    George Washington Carver
    Don Cheadle
    Cheryl Crow
    John Danforth
    Walt Disney
    Thomas Eagleton
    T.S. Eliot
    Don Faurot
    Redd Foxx
    Friz Freleng
    John C. Fremont
    John Goodman
    Betty Grable
    Dick Gregory
    Jon Hamm
    Jean Harlow
    Robert A. Heinlein
    Howard Hughes Sr.
    Langston Hughes
    Ferlin Husky
    John Huston
    Jesse James
    Emmett Kelly
    Scott Joplin
    Bill Lear (Lear Jet)
    James S. McDonnell
    Stan Musial
    Reinhold Niebuhr
    Charlie “Bird” Parker
    Tom Pendergast
    James Cash “J.C.” Penney
    John J. Pershing
    Brad Pitt
    William Powell
    Vincent Price
    Joseph Pulitzer
    Ginger Rogers
    Dred Scott
    Casey Stengel
    Norm Stewart
    Payne Stewart
    Kathleen Turner
    Mark Twain
    Dick Van Dyke
    Porter Waggoner
    Sam Walton
    Laura Ingalls Wilder
    Tennessee Williams
    Jane Wyman

  • Joanne

    Rush better make sure he doesn’t eat with terrorists and if he has information on Obama, he shouldn’t warn Obama beforehand. The element of surprise is far more effective, especially if you are alive to enjoy the aftermath.

  • Mark

    Rush doesn’t represent Missouri values, but who cares. Speaker Tilley makes the recommendation and has to live with it. If conservatives want to enshrine someone who makes fun of children, abuses drugs, and has no respect for anyone but himself, great.

    Actually, thinking about it, Rush is the most perfect representation of the conservatives in Missouri. Bravo for the choice.

  • Scott

    McCaskill has a petition asking whether Rush deserves this honor. It’s actually a silly transparent ploy to get donations to re-elect this disgusting leftist. After you fill out the petition it takes you to a page asking for donations.

    Go sign the petition so Rush is NOT DENIED this honor. And don’t give her a dime!!!


  • Conservative to the Core

    Going out on high note!

  • bg


    Congratulations Rush!!

    ‘Food Justice’

    scroll for more..


  • wanumba

    #19 March 6, 2012 at 11:59 am
    Jeffery commented:
    I would erect Limbaugh’s bust just after this short list of noteworthy Missourians:

    SO, from your stated preferences, you are establishing that prior drug addiction isn’t a disqualifying factor for you?

  • bg


    re: #24 March 6, 2012 at 12:36 pm bg

    “I believe that democracy demands that the religiously motivated
    translate their concerns into universal values,” Obama said. “Social
    justice and national security are both universal values, values that
    may originate for some in their religious beliefs, but are shared by
    us all.”

    ~ Barack Hussein Obama

    ”I am certain nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical
    safeguards of individual freedom as the striving after the mirage
    of social justice.”

    “I have come to feel strongly that the greatest service I can still render to
    my fellow men would be that I could make the speakers and writers among
    them thoroughly ashamed ever again to employ the term ’social justice’.”

    ~ Friedrich A. von Hayek

    [scroll, connect, scroll connect, etc.]


  • Jeffery



  • Kentucky Jack

    Is Steve Tilley secretly a Democrat? This seems like such a gift.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    I actually like this picture.

    American Dream, baby.

    What, are you shocked??

    Watch the top ten Hip-Hop/(so-called)R&B videos RIGHT NOW. Go to YouTube after finding out what they are at Billboard.com.

    Hell, all he’s doing is posing with a cigar at a golf course.

    It’s not like he’s posing with a Lamborghini with gold rims, himself festooned in gold with diamond teeth, drinking Cristal (sp? Who gives a fk?) out of a diamond-encrusted female navel.

    Oh, but he’s conservative, so his “ostentatious public display of wealth”.

    Ninety-nine percent of Hollywood and the Rap/R&B industry, though?





  • Taqiyyotomist


    Oh, but he’s conservative, so his “ostentatious public display of wealth” IS BAD!!

  • bg


    re: #24 March 6, 2012 at 12:36 pm bg
    &: #26 March 6, 2012 at 1:08 pm bg

    oh my, some more tabloid food for thought.. /s/

    re: previous GP post

    March 6, 2012

    Mom protests: ‘It’s the government that needs to be reprimanded’


  • bg


    Taqiyyotomist #29 March 6, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    it sucks, there, i said it..


  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    I guess we now know what building the radicals on the Left will be occupying next…

  • owl

    Love Rush. Love every pic of Rush.

    Who I do not love today is Imus. Never liked his wife. A real twitbrain. Today I feel about Imus about the same as when we get stuck and accused of being racist. Many people remember when it was bad to be black and many people worked to help cure that problem. Then they are accused by the ungrateful ‘victims’. Not a thank you but vile accusations.

    That’s sick. Imus was defended by many a conservative when after he apologized, they kept on until he was fired. Evidently, Imus has that same short memory and joined the ungrateful. Attacking people that try to help you is a nasty trait.

    Rush deserves our thanks. He earned it by being in the fight and earning his stripes. He simply made a mistake because of feeling the pressure we all do. They stomp all over us and our ELECTED officials refuse to step up and fight. I imagine he was just tired of it.

  • bg


    owl (anyone) #34 March 6, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    Imus has been mentions a few times today, what did i miss??



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  • Scott
  • bg


    thank you..

    Scott #37 March 6, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    oh no he didn’t!!

    ROTF 😆 MBO!!

    he’s too much..


  • mg4us

    Congratulations Rush. . .

    He says it as he sees it. .

    Fluke is a Fluke and the media supports this charade. . .

    Conservative women called worse by Bill Maher, Lewis C. K. and others yet not a peep from Obama. . .

    Fluke was a staged event using taxpayer property to perpetuate a fraud. . .looked like a congressional hearing when it wasn’t yet press covered it as though it was. . .

    Someone needs to investigate this and seek appropriate retribution from Nancy Pelosi and DemocRATs. . .

    And to call this a war on women. .look at the real war on women. .in Afgahnistan, the Taliban, radical Islam. . Egypt. . . That is friends of Obama. . .

    For me Rush and Mark levin

  • Campfollower

    I noticed today that the computer backup sponsor who quit Rush (funny, I already forgot their name) is now advertising on FOX News Channel.

    Do they think we conservatives are all stupid or something? I sincerely hope no one signs up for their dumb service.

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  • bg


    re: mg4us #39 March 6, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    March 4, 2012
    The Arizona Republic

    Moral relativism poses threat to Muslim women

    [Arizona State University professor Souad T. Ali spoke with 12 News
    and asserted in Aiya’s case there is “no such thing” as honor beating,
    and that honor killing itself is “taken out of context.” She later stated
    that the alleged beating of Aiya on a bed, as described by police,
    would not be considered abuse by Arabs.

    She blamed some problems on “poor translations” and called it all
    a “terrible misunderstanding” by Aiya of the mother’s intentions.

    I was disgusted, as were so many other Muslim women’s rights activists.
    Moral relativism between “cultures” is a veiled euphemism for bigotry,
    ignorance or misogyny, which sanctions interpretations of Shariah
    (Islamic law)
    that are common in Iraq, Jordan or Pakistan.

    Whether by a professor or an imam, downplaying honor crimes makes
    them complicit in denial and brutality damaging our efforts to confront
    violence and the subjugation of women in the name of Islam.

    It is our moral duty as a society to create a climate that has zero
    tolerance for a moral relativism that denies our collective responsibility
    to the Aiyas and Noors of the world. If we shirk that duty, we sacrifice
    Muslim women to an existence no better than they would experience
    in a theocratic state.

    The media and local authorities have played an important and possibly
    lifesaving role in the lives of many other Muslim women. I and so many
    others who love our nation and our faith, and most importantly our
    daughters, appreciate this.]

    USA Today
    March 5, 2012

    Muslim women face threat in U.S.



  • bg


    re: #42 March 6, 2012 at 6:17 pm bg

    September 5, 2010

    Speaker Pelosi: Stand Up for Muslim
    Women, Not Islamists Like Rauf!

    [Why is Islam given a pass that is not given to Christianity or Judaism?

    Madam Speaker: You are a powerful woman in the world, but you don’t
    care much about the human rights of hundreds of millions of women
    and children who need the support of the people like you to gain their
    individual freedom. You claim to be for the women’s right to choose, but
    then you ignore the right of women and children to have human dignity!

    A large majority of America’s Muslims, women and girls, are
    living under sharia laws. Stripped of their human dignity.

    You support the construction of the mosque but you don’t support the
    women and girls who are forced to wear hijabs against their will. Muslim
    women and girls live in seclusion, on the fringes of society, without
    recourse because of their families’ religion. In the name of religious
    freedom, political correctness in America only pleases the patriarchal
    hierarchy of the Muslim world. In the name of religious freedom, America
    permits Muslim communities to run a state within a state, perpetuating
    the patriarchal crimes against helpless women and children who should
    have their constitutional rights defended.

    When “Muslim men” are given extra privileges that are definitely not
    granted to those of other religions, my Muslim sisters and I see this
    as the gravest discrimination committed in America.]

    scroll for much more here, in connecting links, and threads..


  • Jeffery

    Conservative pundit Stephen Colbert defending Limbaugh:

    On Rush’s confusion over how oral contraception works:

    “Rush knows what he’s talking about because every time he’s had sex with a woman, he’s had to slip her a pill first.”

    “Rush will do anything with his mouth for cash”.


  • aprilnovember811

    So cute!

  • bg


    Jeffery #44 March 6, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    rotf 😆 mbo and i didn’t even watch it..

    hah, like Colbert’s a conservative, or has an
    iota of wiggle room to open his own mouth..


  • Great news — it’s well deserved!

  • FurryGuy

    #40 March 6, 2012 at 6:06 pm
    Campfollower commented:

    The company has been advertising on FNC for quite some time actually. I think you noticed solely because of their purely partisan PC politicking prevalent in the news.

  • trolavic

    I think they SHOULD put it up – but only if they include that big old stogie like we can see in that picture above. The cigar is a great symbol for what Rush is really doing with his advertisers and clear channel . . . . . . . but then again, maybe a cigar is just a cigar????

  • Any Mouse

    Not a single person in the Hall of Famous Missourians was controversial during the time they lived (with the exception of Mark Twain but well it’s Twain. 😀 ). Both Jesse and Frank James are excluded from the Hall and so should be Limbaugh.

    List of people memorialized in the Hall is here