Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Barack Obama today for their first meeting since it was revealed by a French news agency that Obama cannot stand dealing with the current Israeli leader.

Poor Barack looked grumpy.

U.S. President Barack Obama (R) meets Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations in New York September 21, 2011. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

Barack Obama told reporters that he wants more talks with the killer Iranian regime after the meeting.
Reuters reported:

President Barack Obama, aiming to head off any premature Israeli strike on Iran, sought to assure Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday that the United States would always “have Israel’s back” but said there was still time for diplomacy.

Netanyahu, in a show of unity with an American leader with whom he has had a rocky relationship, said at the White House that both Israel and the United States stood together on the need to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

“The bond between our two countries is unbreakable,” Obama said. “The United States will always have Israel’s back when it comes to Israel’s security.”

The two men, sitting side by side and smiling at each other in the Oval Office, sought to present a united front in the Iranian nuclear standoff after weeks of mounting concern that Israel would preemptively strike Iran on its own.

In one of the most consequential meetings of U.S. and Israeli leaders in years, they made no mention of any differences they may have over red lines that could trigger military action to curb an Iranian nuclear program that Israel sees as a threat to its existence.

“We believe there is still a window that allows for a diplomatic resolution,” Obama said.

Netanyahu made clear that Israel would be the “master of its fate” in deciding how to deal with Iran, which has called for the destruction of the Jewish state.




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  1. Grumpy? The hate on Comrade Barry Hussein’s face is evident.

  2. O is LYING thru his teeth. Bibi is very brave. May God be with him.

  3. Obama is in a real pickle.

    He’s trying to kiss up to the Jews to get their votes in November, but he doesn’t want to p*ss off his Muslim buddies.

    What do to, what do to. This is going to get good.

  4. Actually, what Barry meant was that he “would always be ready to stab Israel in the back…..”

    Not the same as “have your back”….

  5. Amazing how the devilish chin length grin always disappears in the presence of Netanyahu…and we get to see Obama’s Hypno Evil Eye face…>>>

  6. Yeah Right…And this will be lie number what ?

    I lost count after the first month of this shysters presidency.

  7. It looks like he is about to break off a molar with that clinched jaw. It must suck to be President of the United States and feel inadequate like that.

  8. Basically what happened was that Bibi said……

    Estimado #HeilObama: Bese mi asno. También…… Vaya saliva arriba una cuerda.

    Video at my site (click on my name — Jim, grab the embed link there).

  9. I’m sure they told Barry to lean towards Bibi, not like last time where he wore his aversion on his sleeve.

  10. Its ok to lie to infidels……make them believe in something thats not true…….if odummer gets 4 more years he will hand Isreal over to his muslim brothers make no mistake about it..Odummer hates Israel more than he hates white americans he didn’t set in Wright’s church for twenty years for nothing…..

  11. Look at how Obama photoshopped his cranium shadow so that he appears to be flashing Netanyahu his dick behind his back.

  12. I am sure Netanyahu has Grumpy’s number. Obama no more cares for Israel’s well being than he does for America’s.

  13. Israeli security analysts (most of them anyway) are predicting that it “will be more likely than not” that Israel will attack Iran to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities. And that the attack will come sometime this spring or summer (or in any event before the November election) as Israel will then be able to count on a favorable supporting position from the United States in the United Nations or elsewhere. Not even Obama would condemn an Israeli attack before November — afterwards, well . . . . we all know where his true allegiance lies.

  14. Will Barry demand Netanyahu exit via the back door with all the trash again?

  15. Actually its even worse. The mouth of Netanyahu’s head shadow is sucking Obama’s little dick shadow….Aleister Crowley would be proud…>>

  16. Obama is such a liar. Israel cannot trust Obama.

  17. Obama has Israel’s back. Just as Brutis had Julius Caesar’s.

  18. Prime Minister Netanyahu & The People of Israel,

    Many of you already no doubt know this, but it bears repeating – Barack Obama is no friend of Israel and he is not to be trusted. So long as he is POTUS, the U.S. is not to be trusted either. You are on your own. Do not rely upon Obama – he will betray you.

  19. Bibi know that Obama is a muslim/marxist.

  20. Obama is the kind of guy that will tell you that when behind you for your own good he is checking your prostate with both hands on your shoulders.

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