Representative Patrick McHenry (R-NC) gave anti-Energy Secretary Steven Chu an earful yesterday during a hearing on oil prices. McHenry ripped Che for the administration’s policies that have prevented access to domestic oil and gas.
“You’re telling me my constituents need to buy a Nissan Leaf?”

“>FOX Nation reported:

“My time is short, you’ve listed a long list of things that this administration has done. I have not yet heard that there are trying to increase the supply of American oil or our refining capacity or limit the regulations in the diversity of blends that are required.

I have heard nothing from you today that indicates a policy this administration has put in place that will meaningful impact the price at the pumps, other than driving it up!

The policies this administration has put in place have actually increased the cost of fuel at the pumps. They have increased the cost of commuting for my constituents.

And to tell my constituents, with 10 percent unemployment, Western North Carolina, that you need to buy a Nissian Leaf? That in order to commute for 50 minutes a day you’re going to have to have an employer who is wonderful enough to provide you a place to plug in your car, so you can get home? Is absolutely ridiculous.

And the anger my constituents have at the cost of the pumps is very real, and if the President doesn’t get this and if the Secretary of energy doesn’t get this then we’ve got a real problem here.




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  1. McHenry ripped Che for the administration’s policies….

    Freudian slip?! ;)

  2. Western NC should get ready for the EPA to crack down on some business there. In this admin, the truth does not go unpunished.

  3. Long live Jesse Helms!

  4. we have a known that obama wants us to exchange for an unknown. some car group predicted that a large portion of the population will be unable to buy a car in the future [steep price tags] and you have to think that this is what obama wants. i suppose either waiting for our mass transit provider or sitting on mass transit provider [traveling to our destinations] will give us plenty of time to consider the error of our way.
    [President Obama’s most recent green energy fixation—algae—may suffer from the accusations of cronyism that have plagued his broader effort to promote non-fossil fuel energy sources through massive federal subsidies.]

  5. Keep it up. Never let it rest. And what is the difference between filling the gas tank or pluging in for energy. It all takes OIL!!!

  6. @ tennismom #2 The EPA has been cracking down on WNC for decades and we’re getting pretty tired of it. See: Plant Owner Says EPA Nearly Ruined His Business

  7. Who Chaired this investigation? I thought the R’s controlled the House and yet the Chair hammers this righteous rant against the energy tyrants??? Friggin sandbagging Repubs!

  8. Rep McHenry is correct in saying “we’ve got a real problem here.” The cure is November, but a word of warning is in order. Prez Zero will feel he has nothing to lose after the election whether he wins or not and, I think, will move to ram his agenda down our throats by Executive Order.

  9. As the end of March nears and gas is going up and up here in Northwest Indiana, I fully believe we will be at $5/gallon by Memorial Day, and probably at least $6 by November if this keeps up. If Obama is unwilling to bend on this issue, he is absolutely toast. Couple this with the coal-fired electric plants that are closing across the country due to his policies; electric rates will be sky-high, and there might be rolling brownouts this summer. People are most concerned with their own bottom lines and won’t give a rat’s patootie about Obama lowering the ocean level, or any other thing he promised from the land of unicorns and rainbows. It will be a landslide – even if Romney is the nominee.

  10. Cat Lady, You are exactally correct that we or at least our representative should put continued pressure on those goofballs like Chu. I repectfully correct you on your comment “It all takes oil”. Actually, producing electricity only takes 40% of all the energy consumed in U.S.
    “Only” 20% of electricity is produced by oil! 21% nuclear, 9% renewable (hydro,etc), 17% nat gas and a whopping 51% coal! So the ads we see on TV about wind and solar reducing foriegn oil dependence is nothing but a bald faced lie meant to brain wash the masses into thinking intermitten sun & wind is going to solve ANY problems. Ahhh! But Sec. Chu is a Pulitzer Prise winning physicist !!! Big deal !!! He does’t even own a car or knows how to drive. Total loser!

  11. Listen closely to Chu at the beginning of his response and you will hear the Pulitzer Prise winning physicist tell the committee that a consortium is spending 300 million dollars to install liquid Nitrogen storage/pump facilities for fueling long haul trucks. Sorry liquid N2 is an inert material not suitable for use as a fuel. Maybe The Pulitzer Prise news organization awarded it for disinformation

  12. Greg-
    Worked with cryogenics and fuels in the military. I have never heard of this as well. They can’t even keep their damn lies staight.

  13. The U.S.’s main source of electrical power is coal, and Obama has done everything imaginable to make sure the coal industry cannot make a profit, so the only alternative would be to fold. What does Obama think will power electricity – solar, wind, and corn? There isn’t anything to make sense with Obama, because when you are hell bent on destroying America under the guise of trying to use alternative power sources, commonsense is thrown out the window of his gas-guzzling Obamamobile.

  14. Liquid nitrogen fueling stations!?

  15. Energy Secretary Steven Chu has just demonstrated why the States that can produce there own energy in any form need to declare their energy independence from the federal government. Those States need to re annex any land and or ocean area within the 200 mile limit. The federal government should not have the right or the ability to decide how the people of any State should or should not exploit their natural resources. The federal government, a federal law suit, and or the EPA should not be able to stop a solar farm in California, a wind farm in Texas, or shale oil North Dakota. The States that can produce energy in any form could help solve their own budget problems and might be able to sale their energy to other states there by lowering energy cost of all.

  16. One more incompetent to put on the impeachment list.

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