Michelle Obama sent out this creepy letter to donors today begging donors for cash.
Barack is in love with you. He really, really is.
Via Pundit Press:

But he sure hates your a$$ if you’re a Republican.




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  1. Raffle Rouser.

  2. Talk about whoring yourself out. This is so trashy for the President of the United States to be doing something like this for campaign money. These people have no shame.

  3. So she doesn’t charge $5,000 for a photo anymore?

  4. ++

    Obama Hearts The GREEN, Ideology, Islam, Energy, Donations, etc..


  5. Up is down, war is peace, hate is love.

  6. B. B. King – The Thrill Is Gone


  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taO0ffteccI

    It’s the only one I could find. The creepy witch from Tangled.

    “I love you most….”

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA…look who’s pimpin who

  9. is this process campaign fund raising or is it something elseZ?
    Like retirement fund, for gosh ,whom?

  10. He hates your ass if you’re a REpublican and only thinks you are generally ok if you are military.

  11. Here’s a more useful video for those who might even remotely have an open mind about our President —

  12. About what you’d expect from a narcissist who cultivates a cult of personality.

  13. Wow! Does this mean we get to eat with Obama for just $3.00??!! What does the government buy for three dollars? I don’t know but coming from the $700 dollar hammers to a $3.00 plate dinner with the President, it must be from McDonald’s whatever it is. Let’s see, I eat at McDonald’s,…….Maybe that’s a fish sandwich, regular hamburger, double cheese burger, maybe a large order of fries would be about $3.00.

  14. Barrack loves me, this I know, ’cause the media tells me so.

  15. Cultist, pure and simple. Telling the one that you are raping that you love them is the hallmark sign of a psychotic mind.


  16. The narcissist feeds off of adoration, but woe to those who disapprove. Assuming some 2% of the electorate decides to pay attention instead of being idiots again, the really dangerous time will be 2.5 months in November-January, when Zero decides how to get even with a country that no longer adequately appreciates his greatness.

  17. #17

    “It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

  18. P.S. I love you back.

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