California Iraqi Family Claims Mother’s Beating Death Was a Hate Crime (Updated)

A California family from Iraq say the tire iron beating of a young mother was a hate crime. The family says a note was found next to Shaima Al Awadi after her beating in El Cajon.
WJAM reported:

Nothing was stolen from the home. Shaima was found in the dining room after the attack.

The New York Daily News reported:

An Iraqi woman found beaten with a tire iron in her home and targeted with racist threats died Saturday.

Shaima Al Awadi was taken off life support three days after she was discovered unconscious in her living room in El Cajon by her 17-year-old daughter, according to KUSI 9 News.

The 32-year-old was struck several times in the head, Fatima Al Himidi said, and there was a “letter next to her head saying, ‘Go back to your country, you terrorist.'”

“A week ago they left a letter saying this is our country not yours you terrorist, and so my mom ignored that thinking it was just kids playing a prank,” the teenager told KGTV 10 News. “But the day they hit her, they left another note again, and it said the same thing.”

Police would not reveal what was in the letter, but confirmed one was found with the body.

“During the initial stages of this investigation, a threatening note was discovered very close to where the victim was found,” Lt. Mark Coit of the El Cajon police said in a statement.

Alawadi, a mother of five, came to the United States in the mid-1990s, CNN reported. El Cajon is home to one of the nation’s largest Iraqi communities.

No suspects have been identified, and police are not saying whether or not the case will be treated as a hate crime.

“Evidence thus far leads us to believe this is an isolated incident,” Coit said.

Hmm… So does anyone else have doubts about this potential hate crime?

UPDATE: Mara added this:

In the video link on your site… the daughter says the note left on their door a week ago said: “This is our country, not yours, you terrorist” and the note on the day the mother died said the same thing….

On this news report found here: <--- the daughter says the note found with the mother said: “Go back to your country, you terrorist”

And the blaze article quotes the note as “Go back to your own country. You’re a terrorist.”

Now… I realize the difference in wording in the three references might seem miniscule — but if the story were true… and if I were a teenager who found my mother murdered in that manner… I would have read that note over and over for clues… to the point that I would be consistent in remembering every word EXACTLY as written. I probably would have had the note in front of me while reading it to the police after dialing 9-1-1… would have read it over and over in discussing it with family… would have read it when talking to investigators… and would have had the message down to every syllable etched permanently into my brain cells… wouldn’t you? Her story isn’t consistent… and neither is the words she chooses. What daughter would tell a reporter… “She’s just a housewife.” That’s not the language of a teenager… but is the language of CAIR putting words into their mouths of what to say to the reporters.

It will be interesting to see what authorities find in this investigation.

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  • bobbi85710

    Yup, just like I’m not biting on the Trayvon Martin event. Staging for raging?

  • PatriotOwls

    Where is the husband?

  • Questioning

    #2 March 25, 2012 at 12:49 pm
    PatriotOwls commented:
    Where is the husband?

    ….Or the brother, father, uncle, son…..

  • MrGoodWench

    Honor killing by the family. Plain and simple .

  • Wm T Sherman

    Look at video and note the behavior of the 17 year old daughter.

    Very, very fishy story.

  • valerie

    Oh, it’s a hate crime, alright. Beating a human being to death with a tire iron is a good operational definition of “showing hatred.”

    The question is, whose hatred?

  • TheGoldGeneral

    Honor Killing.

  • Granny

    #6 – Excellent Question. My monies on honor killing.

  • bg



    just hope & pray they take sample’s of everyone’s
    handwriting before “leaking” supposed evidence..


  • MrGoodWench

    I’m sure Holder will end up with this case , just so he can get muslims ready for rioting,
    now that blacks have been readied ,
    and the marxist idiots are organized and ready for almost a year now.
    Now all Obama needs is illegals and hispanics to get angry and ready for vengeance ,
    and then it is revolution time !!

  • And if you will read the story near the bottom of the text is says, “Alawadi, mother of FIVE!!, came to the United States in the mid-1990’s, CNN reported.” Do you know when that was?

    That was right after Clinton lifted the ban on Muslims coming into the U.S.. The ban which had been in place for many years was there as a National Security Act law in order to stop terrorists from coming into the U.S. from countries that exported terrorists, exported terrorism, aided and abetted terrorists, or provided support and/or supplies to terrorists through any and all ties with other countries supporting or exporting terrorists.

    This was a very important law that Clinton just arbitrarily removed because he said it was a “racist” law and discriminated against Islamic people who had a justified reason to come to the U.S. either for protection against religious discrimination in their own country or wanted to come here to become American’s and did not have any ties to terrorists or their supporters.

    What a boat load of crap! Every terrorist who is in this nation has come here since the ban was lifted. The terrorists who attacked us on 9-11 came here after the ban was lifted. Just exactly like our National Security experts said would happen if the ban was not in place, happened!!! We got attacked by Arabs coming from countries that export terrorism. And all the terrorists who have come here as students also under the law have been able to bring their entire family who are made up of people like this mother with FIVE damn kids who are nothing but dependents on our Welfare system and Medicare and Food Stamps and the whole damn nine yards! These FIVE kids have no love of this country, are not learning anything about our country, our laws, our traditions, our culture. No, they brought their own culture, their own traditions, and their own law, Sharia, that they recognize pertains to them and not our law.

    And who did this? I can’t imagine some White right wing extremists walking into this neighborhood with no one noticing them, go into her apartment with no one wondering who that is going into Alawadi’s apartment?, and knock on the door or they kicked it in or something, and the woman didn’t scream or anything, and just let herself be beaten in the head. She’s dead, and the person leaves with no one stopping them to question them about who they are, what they wanted with Alawadi, none of the neighbor’s stopped the person or anything, and they walk away scott free? Right. I’m sure that happens all the time, my butt.

  • regularguy

    Please folks, rise above the average and draw no conclusions until a thorough investigation bears out the facts. The Trayon Martin incident needs the same scrutiny. Far too often the media hype things or fail to bring out all the facts.

  • Adi

    Just like #7.

    Honor killing. But blaming the faceless kuffar is a bonus.

  • Sanmon

    Hate/Honor killing same thing, either way I am sure her husband had a good blood money insurance policy. I hope the Family Quran does not come up missing, now that would be a crime.

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  • Sasja

    Where is the husband? Any sons? Far too little info. If the husband is involved, it is apparent he did not read up on the proper way to beat his wife.

  • Bubba

    Yawn. Too bad tradesports doesn’t have a line on this, cuz I’d put a lot of money on HONOR KILLING.

    What I don’t get, is everyime one of these sand scum decides to live the values of the Koran and cleanse the family name by murdering one of their family members, why do they always try to cover it up like cowards? If your wife deserved to die because she bought Captain Crunch at the Infidel Wal-Mart (or whatever screwed up reason you believe you need to kill your wife to restore your honor), why not man up and proudly admit that’s why you beat her to death like a piniata?

    Instead, we have to watch the false outrage of CAIR rail against the predudice of the great Satan until the police compile their case and the inevitable happens.

    I’d bet my nuts this is just a run of the mill honor killing. Guaranteed.

  • RealMc

    “….doubts about this potential hate crime?”

    my VERY FIRST thought.

    anyone seen this: (h/t Drudge)

  • RealMc

    heh,,,,,, @ #16 Great minds think alike I see.

  • oldguy

    The family really believes they will get away with this?

  • donh

    Study the paper for handwriting and finger prints….It was probably written by the husband. Honor Killing and islamophobia race baiting all in one fell swoop.

  • Sasja

    RealMc@#19. Of course we do.

    I was just thinking, after viewing the video, that this young lady may not want to pursue a career in acting (if the family would allow it). She is really terrible.

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  • Yrral Dleifsarb

    There is bound to be more to this than has met the reporter’s eye. Anybody with much sense will wait for the police to sort things out before offering sensational conclusions. Of course, this consideration will not hinder the Leftists and Libtards.

  • Redwine

    This is an obvious cover-up for an “honor” killing, just like the murder of a young Florida woman who was said to have committed suicide by bashing her own head into a coffee table several times.

  • Jenny

    So the woman was 15 yrs old when she had her first child…

  • David Kramer

    Those that want to create a narrative at a crime scene are the first ones that investigators look at. It is a sign of guilt to attempt to foment the authorities to look that direction. I hope they have investigators not some yahoos.

  • democraps suck

    Bull crap on that note found…good news good news…one more Iraqi dead…one more Iraqi can’t have anymore kids…less mooslums in the world 🙂

  • mcc

    I was surprised to read the mother described as “young” — and then that she was 32!

    Unable to watch the video, but this daughter looks alot older than 17. If the mother – as reported – came here in the mid 90’s, she’d have been a child herself, about 15. Married at the time? I sure hope this is her oldest (of the 5)…’cause she was then pregnant at 14 or so.

    I hope every effort goes into getting to the truth on this one. It seems it’d be a good time to address the matter of those with vastly conflicting values/laws living amongst us. The longer the issue is ignored, the worse it’ll be for us all.

    Regarding the mother who was murdered, it’s a nagging question — was she used and abused from childhood – or a willing follower/participant until the end?

    Expose the evil wherever it is and deal with it.

  • MrGoodWench

    Look at the black and white picture of the dead woman , which is probably from the 90s.
    That is not a picture of a teenager, it is someone much older.
    Look at ” grieving husband ” in this video , he looks atleast 55 yrs old.
    The daughter who sounds like an activist looks much older than 17 yrs .
    Nothing makes any sense in this story.
    I wonder what does this family do for a living .

  • Noname

    I am a muslim , and i feel something fishy about the daughter . she sounds fake . i cant believe anyword she is saying its like she’s acting .

  • Noname

    if noticed , there is not even ONE tear dropped while crying .

  • Remco Kimber

    This has Muzzie honor killing written all over it.

    As the counter jihad movement continues its education on Islam, its practices and its beliefs, more and more are attuned to the antics of Muzzies. They’re not going to get away with Islamicizing this country. Too many informed folks, though even more need to learn about Islam.

    Muslims tell us we should read the Koran. I agree entirely. The more Americans know what’s in that book, the better we’ll all be.

  • Hidelyheaux

    @Jenny forced marriage (she was 15). She was trying to get out and lost her life for it.

  • jony101

    sound like an honor killing to me, most american criminals arent going to go into someone house and kill someone and leave the big screen TV in the house. There is alot of iraqis in el cajon in the underworld crime world of gun smuggling etc, they ain’t the peaceful muslims they have in europe.
    Hate crime, nope not this time. Usually muslims the one performing the hate crime.

  • mcc

    Quotes to consider, posted by one who also wrote, “Newt Gingrich:Tried, Tempered, Tested and Ready to Be President” —

    Here is Newt Gingrich’s stance:
    “There is fundamentally no difference between moderate Islam and radical Islam. They are both the same. They want exactly the same thing, and want to accomplish the same goals: the destruction of the Democratic way of life, and the imposition of Islam and Sharia Law. They just have two different ways of accomplishing their goal.” – Newt Gingrich – October 2011
    Gingrich’s position has been consistent. I have the tape of his appearance on “Uncommon Knowledge” a few months after 9/11 and Gingrich pulled no punches and explained in much more detail why there was no difference between the terrorist and the moderates, that they are Muslim Supremacists.

    Here is Mitt Romney’s stance:
    “If you want my views on Islam, it’s quite straightforward. Islam is one of the world’s great religions and the great majority of people in Islam want peace for themselves and peace with their maker. They want to raise families and have a bright future. There is, however, a movement in the world known as jihadism. They call themselves jihadists and I use the same term. And this jihadist movement is intent on causing the collapse of moderate Muslim states and the assassination of moderate Muslim leaders. It is also intent on causing collapse of other nations in the world. It’s by no means a branch of Islam. It is instead an entirely different entity. In no way do I suggest it is a part of Islam.” -MITT ROMNEY (2009)

  • jocon307

    Yes, I had suspicions about this murder from the start. I didn’t read much about it, but the whole “note found at the scene” just sounded bogus to me.

    I’d think that people who would kill someone over racial hatred would probably just set upon someone they saw in the street, drag ’em down a dark alley, etc.

    I doubt they’ll fool the cops with this ploy.

  • Taxpayer

    Lemme guess–the threatening note was written in Arabic.

  • pink tie Republican

    More blood for their Blood God. Dishonor killing, you don’t have to be Columbo or Sherlock Holmes to see that.

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  • SanFranciscoConservative

    no doubt an honor killing!

  • Economan

    Honor killing.

    And if we’re that racist here, why did they come to the U.S?

  • Toa

    This girl in the video acts as if she is trying to suppress laughter.

    I’ll cast my vote for honor killing, with an extra added bonus of propogandizing.

  • Matt Foresta’s Girlfriend

    The person who beat her to death was probably acting in self-defense.

    On the other hand, conservatives like Jim Hoft support the Iraqi people–after all, we did support freeing the Iraqi people–and I doubt they would support the murder of innocent Iraqis, even if it was done by non-Iraqis who were defending themselves from terrorism under the “Stand Your Ground” law.

  • valerie

    #45 March 25, 2012 at 6:58 pm
    Matt Foresta’s Girlfriend commented:

    Put down the joint, go sleep it off.

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  • Obama 2020

    Stupid muslims, Americans use guns to kill people they hate. Either way, thank goodness there’s one less muslim living on American soil.

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  • Toa

    Take a long walk, troll.

  • Tim in Cali

    This girls a worse actress than Susan Davis,(S.C. mom killed her kids,now in prison)

  • Hera

    The daughter’s grief did not seem real, I kept wondering if we would see tears if the girl removed her sunglasses. When a woman is beaten like that it is not by a stranger who conveniently leaves a note for the police to find. Usually a man the woman knows is responsible.I’m sure the police are looking closely at the husband.

  • MM

    I had doubts in the first second after I saw the headline – before I even read the story. Then I read the story and my doubts increased (even before seeing video):

    Attacker shatters glass door in the middle of the day, enters home (locates mother without her screaming loudly even though attacker is a stranger and does not know the layout of the home or the mother’s whereabouts) and commits violent murder and escapes – noone hears or sees anything… Daughter sleeping upstairs, hears nothing till too late.


    P.S., I can tell you one thing – Lt Mark Coit, the lead investigator is nobody’s fool. He’s stated clearly that he is looking at all angles and not allowing for (in his words) ‘tunnel vision’.

  • Proud of yourself?

  • greenfairie

    This is in the San Diego area, so it’s been in the local news quite a bit. A few facts…one, El Cajon is known locally as “Little Baghdad.” It has a large Arab population, mostly Chaldeans though Muslim Arabs have been settling there in recent years. There are of course whites, Mexicans, etc. in El Cajon, but Arabs are hardly rare and nothing new. Of ALLLL of the Arabs in El Cajon, why this woman? Someone who really hates Arabs could far more easily target any one of the mosques or Chaldean-owned liquor stores in the area. The family claims somebody has been leaving “hate” notes at the house but were never reported. Gee, really?

    The case stinks like day-old diapers in the hot sun. No one broke into that house and beat a woman to death simply because she was Muslim. Why do that when all you have to do is drive around and find the first gal in a headscarf? She wasn’t some prominent spokeswoman or activist or anything else that would attract attention. It makes no sense.

    This was a cover up for an intramural murder, pure and simple.

  • jOHN sMITH

    JOCON307 HAS IT CORRECT. This is a very suspicious homicide. In my opinion , the perp is someone known to the victim, and left the hate mail message in a futile attempt to deflect suspicion from himself. Time will probably tell.

  • chris nunely

    “#6 – Excellent Question. My monies on honor killing.”

    that’s how we know you’re a right wing inbred.

    Because instead of money is on, you put monies