Awful… Black Youths Douse Student With Gas & Torch Him, “This Is What You Deserve, White Boy” (Video)

Two black youths chased a 13 year-old Kansas City student home from school doused him with gasoline and flicked a Bic at him. They were screaming, “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.”

The boy suffered first degree burns on his face. He did not know the perpetrators.
KCTV reported:

Verum Serum reported on this from KMBC:

A 13-year-old Kansas City boy is back home after two teenagers poured gasoline on him and lit him on fire. It happened Tuesday at the teen’s home on Quincy Avenue, just down the street from Kansas City’s East High School. The boy lives less than two blocks away from the school and was walking home when the attack happened. Melissa Coon said her son turned from the school’s stadium onto Quincy Avenue and noticed two teenagers following him. She said the teens followed her son home and attacked him outside his front door. “And they rushed him on the porch as he tried to get the door open,” she said. “(One of them) poured the gasoline, then flicked the Bic, and said, ‘This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy’.”

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  • Dwayne the canoe guy

    Dowse or Douse

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  • tocoloro

    Lets boycot HBO for carrying the “pig” Bill Maher

  • The Elector of Saxony

    Happens all the time. Doesn’t surprise some of us one bit.

  • Sasja

    #1 Either spelling is correct.

    I am sure Zero will call this boy’s parents and offer his condolences and to check to make sure the child is okay.

    I am also waiting to hear him apologize for the barbarism his “people” are so good at displaying.

    If it should come down to a “them” or “us” situation (and I hope it doesn’t). I can say with confidence that “they” won’t like the outcome.

  • Sasja

    The second comment must have been a doozy. Sorry I missed it.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    if this story is true it will be ignored by

    1. american tass
    2. eric holder and the civil rights division of the justice dept.
    3. every civil rights leader in america
    4. every liberal politican in america that would be fighting to get in front of a microphone if the victim were black.

  • bg


    Blacklash by Deneen Borelli

    How Obama and the Left Are Driving
    Americans to the Government Plantation

    [This country is at a crossroads. We can either reverse direction or nosedive into a cycle of dependency that is turning America into a welfare nation—a “government plantation” where the underclass are doomed to 21st-century servitude. Now, FreedomWorks Fellow Deneen Borelli, one of the most visible and outspoken black conservatives in the country, is fighting back—taking action, not just talking—and speaking up for those who can’t or are too afraid to do so.

    Borelli’s argument is a solid one: the problem begins with President Barack Obama, whose policy overreach has frozen racial tensions in this country when he should have been thawing them. The Left, having introduced the race card to defend Obama from the massive unpopularity of his policies, has turned a blind eye to the leadership failures that have spread down through black career politicians—traitors to minority success—who are causing a cycle of oppression in America: specifically Charles Rangel, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, each of whom has enriched himself at the expense of his community. Borelli also challenges the ninety-five percent of the black Americans who voted for Obama without caring about or vetting his dangerous politics.

    Borelli doesn’t stop there. She speaks out against the elites and crony capitalists who drive expensive government policies such as needless green initiatives and ObamaCare. She exposes government regulation and the NAACP as nothing more than a liberal front group. She points out each grave flaw in the current administration, big government, unions, and special-interest groups. She demands that new black leaders abandon the false rhetoric and inexcusable lies of so-called progressive politics. She asks the questions that people of all colors are afraid to ask, and delivers the honest, unyielding, and controversial answers that have made her the favorite of the left-wing firing squad.

    Today, with taking a stand against Obama, comes the fear of being called a racist. There is no fear in Deneen Borelli. Her outspoken voice gives everyone the courage and ammunition needed to stand up against destructive progressive tyrants. She is a brave critic, bold and proactive—not reactive. Hers is a story a lot of people don’t want to hear—no matter how firmly they believe it to be true. Deneen Borelli is here to ignite a fire in independent-minded Americans. Blacklash is the fuse.]


  • Gride

    The white boy acted stupidly.

    Almost time to just stand up and unleash hell on all these people.

  • bg


    “unless the white masses really understand, and the
    black masses really understand, there’s gonna be the
    largest bloodbath in America”
    ~ al Mansour

    much more here, in connecting links, and threads..


  • Cee

    Why are we just now hearing about this? I have seen nothing on this elsewhere. Have the youths been arrested? Will they be charged with a hate crime?

  • Opaobie

    Too bad the victim didn’t bear hug one or both of them and let them enjoy the fun they started. If nothing else, it would have been easier to identify them later when they showed up at the nearest ER with burns.

    There was an attempted car-jacking at a convenience store / gas station in Southern California back during the Jimmy Carter gas line years. An elderly man was filling his tank when two black “youths” walked up and one of them pointed a gun at him and told him to give them the keys. He calmly pulled the hose out of the tank and soaked them and dared the one with the gun to pull the trigger and turn himself into a human torch while he hit the alarm button on his key fob, immediately drawing a startled stare from the attendant inside the pay booth, who immediately called the police. They were still standing there with their hands up and him pointing the hose nozzle at them ready to spray them again when the police arrived…probably had a bad case of “gasoline rash”, too.

  • jtb02234011

    no offense but you wanted the CRA of 1964…so you’re going to get it. You want Pharaoh to run ya, then God will oblige. Remember in history it was Moses and the Jews crying for religious liberties and civil rights because they were in bondage to the North African Hamites (Egyptians). Remember that and dont get your panties in wad reading a morning “news”paper. There is nothign new under the sun.

  • Saint

    I guess violent hate crimes are no longer news.

  • contessa1

    Hmmmmmmmmm..and I heard it here first…not on abc, nbc, cnn or cbs…but on a conservative blog site. Enough of this sh*$.

    This is war on liberalism.

  • contessa1

    bg…you are correct. If there is black vs. white riots and violence, it will be because it is orchestrated by the political left, radical Alinskys using class warfare to spill American blood.

    Obama, the great uniter, has done nothing but separate the slow fusion of racial equality.

  • contessa1

    No news here. Wrong color.

  • therese

    It will be just like the two black individuals who beat on a white kid on a school bus. It was caught on tape, but as we know it was NEVER considered a Hate Crime.
    I would love for someone or a group of people to start a webpage, ( & are already taken. I believe you have to entice the uninformed left with Money.
    If you put up facts on a webpage and then tell Anyone you will pay them to Prove you wrong.
    The possibilities are endless if the right people can do it. Put up a few billboards in the city to draw People to your webpage and hopefully they will scour the internet to prove you wrong only to discover they have been lied to for years….

  • Marsh626

    Not surprising.

    Despite the narrative we’re constatly fed that Whites are evil oppressors of blacks, it’s been exactly the opposite.

    Here’s a glimpse of black “culture” across America…

  • Joanne

    This is nothing new in South Africa as they expect a genocide of the white people there. This poor young man with burns to his face. It is disgraceful that animals are now raising animals. These teenagers need fathers to kick to asses.