Awesome! FreedomWorks Delivers 120,000 Repeal Obamacare Petitions to Pelosi and Reid’s Offices (Video)

Special Delivery—
FreedomWorks delivered 120,000 signatures to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi’s offices on Friday. They loaded the petitions on desks in their offices – then left.

Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall when Pelosi walked in on this?

FreedomWorks described the operation.

On the two-year anniversary of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, about 20 FreedomWorks staff and allies paid a visit to the Capitol Hill offices of Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid to deliver a petition with over 120,000 signatures urging Congress to “End Obamacare Now.”

“We presented House and Senate leadership with a stack of signatures even taller their massive 2,801-page health care law,” commented Dean Clancy, Vice President of Health Care Policy at FreedomWorks.

“Reid and Pelosi’s offices didn’t welcome us, but with all those signatures they heard our message loud and clear: repeal this unpopular law now.”

A recent Gallup poll revealed that 72 percent of Americans believe the individual mandate is unconstitutional. FreedomWorks has been working for years to spread the message that President Obama’s individual mandate is an unprecedented and unconstitutional infringement on liberty that will kill jobs and drive up the cost of health care for families nationwide.

The bill also contains an unethical IPAB health care rationing board, which appoints unelected federal bureaucrats to in effect, ration Medicare funds with almost no review or opportunity for override by Congress.

If there were any justice in this world, Pelosi would be forced to eat each and every one of those petitions.

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  • valerie

    According to NPR, they have NO IDEA why reasonable people would oppose this law. In fact, they can’t event say what the opposition position might be.

    HINT to NPR: There are things called briefs, which are required by rule to make a short and plain statement of each party’s position on every point they want to make. They are public documents. They are in english. The points are short enough to be sound bites. The strongest point is usually first.

  • Melissa USA
  • Patty

    For some reason this administration doesn’t believe that they went against the Constitution when the made this law.

    For a so called Law professor, I have wonder what Constitution does Obama have, ours or his.

    I admire the fight, the patriots and so many Americans taking on this Obama administration because no leader can dictate what we must pay. And should this awful thing pass there is no end to what they can tell us to do. Heck, they are telling us what we should do now. This wouldn’t be American, we will be worse than France.

    This is what we all our fighting for: Our freedoms, less government and less spending and voting for more Conservatives into Office. Then we will truly get our house in order.

  • Kateir g

    Like they give a rat’s ass what we all think. They are liberals. We are too stupid to know what is good for us and they will shove it down our throats regardless of our concerns. As for the Constitution, they don’t give a rip. They legislate with their feelings and beliefs. Or as with Ginsberg, look to international law for guidance. They certainly don’t care about our Constitution. Just a bothersome document that gets in the way of their agenda.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    These petitions are already in the dumpster.


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  • Remco Kimber

    Deliver all the petitions you want.

    What counts are votes in Congress.

    Deliver conservatives to the House and Senate and then hold the feet to the fires.

    The left only understands power, not petitions.

  • NeoKong

    These petitions are already in the dumpster.


    My very first thought.

  • bg
  • freedom_AZ

    There should have been 10 times that amount. Too bad so many people really believe this will help (Obamacare). If this isn’t trashed by the Supreme Court the fun is really gonna start.

  • Sasja
  • Sasja

    oops. humorous.

  • democraps suck

    And Reid and piglosi never saw them…suddenly lost…please people…unless u have a normal news outlet actually show the handing off of that ….it is not news because it will never be shown as the truth….when will we learn

  • IrishGirl

    Rejecting Socialism, liberalism, and Anti-Catholicism is not racism…it is Patriotism

  • I have never sent PBS a dime and never will.

  • valerie

    OT- Howard Dean tells us how Democrats hope the Supreme Court will rule on Obamacare, and who they hope will get the Republican nomination.

  • valerie
  • SC88

    “Taqiyyotomist commented: These petitions are already in the dumpster.

    Agreed, but the group should have gone back and documented the dumpster dumping. Then they could have charged Reid and Pelosi with 120,000 counts of violation of privacy laws. Law requires that documents with personal information *must* be carefully shredded.

  • K-Bob

    “If there were any justice in this world, Pelosi would be forced to eat each and every one of those petitions.”

    She’d then have to pass them to see what’s in it.

  • Steve

    We have the Full Audio of Day 1 of Obamacare being argued at the Supreme Court