Wow!… Democrat Booed By Christian Constituents Over Obama’s Anti-Religious HHS Mandate (Video)

Wow!… Rep. Kathy Hochul wasn’t expecting this.
The far left democrat held a town hall last night expecting to focus on Obama’s failed energy and economic policies, instead she was loudly booed and harassed by Catholics over Barack Obama’s anti-religious HHS mandate.
WGRZ reported, via HotAir:

WGRZ has more on the raucous town hall:

The packed crowd was critical of Hochul for supporting President Obama’s plan to require religiously affiliated employers, such as hospitals and schools, to provide full contraception coverage to female employees.

The plan was later altered. It now calls for those workers to get free contraceptive coverage from health insurers, thus sparing religious based groups, morally opposed to paying for birth control, from having to do so.

Even though Hochul’s town hall meeting was open to any topic, the large crowd focused on the contraception coverage issue.

When Hochul spoke in support of the President, the crowd booed. Many in the audience carried signs, including one that read: “Kathy why have you betrayed our Catholic institutions?” One woman in the crowd told Hochul: “This President has lied to us repeatedly when he proclaims support for conscience protection in his infamous speech at Notre Dame as well as in the executive order he signed following passage of the health care law. He is not worthy of your support in this matter.” Another man shouted “It’s an insult to the Catholics in this country to even listen to that gibberish. It is an absolute insult and Catholics deserve better. We were taking care of this country’s sick long before the government got involved in it.”

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  • regularguy

    These rabid Catholics are SO uncivil. How DARE they confront this hard-working Representative in such a disrespectful way, demanding accountability for outright lies from their liberal betters?! They should have been crapping on public property, burning down businesses and sharing hyperdermic needles, instead. Make them report to the National Institute for Civil Discourse for re-education, post haste.

  • bigL

    The Roman Catholics did a lot of health care way before the govt involvement. Also a great education. I went to Roman Catholic schools even tho I was Anglican. It was a marvelous education- The Nuns, Brothers, Priests and Lay teachers taught us to think. I had 4yrs of Latin too. We learned to diagram sentences from the Aeneid.(Thanks, Fr R) That was poetry and we also had to figure out what Virgil had left out to make the meter.

  • aprilnovember811

    Remove her. Wipe that smug smile off of her marxist face, and break her finger.

  • WillofLa

    This woman is a liar when she says she has alot of respect for Catholic’s. No, she doesn’t. She’s saying that in order to keep votes. She is only concerned about her keeping her job so she can continue to take our rights away. Did she tell these people that she opposes Obama’s agenda to take our religious freedoms away? Did she tell these people that she is on their side and will fight for their religious freedom? Did she tell them that she opposes any intrusion by the government on any individuals freedoms and liberty, by the government trying to come up with laws in any form, be they Presidential Directives or Executive Order like Obama likes to use to go over the Republican Congress, and violation of the Constitution? The answer is, NO she didn’t tell these people that she works for them, not Obama, and not the Democrat Party, but THEM!!

    She doesn’t work for the people who elected her. She works for Obama and the Democrat Party. She is like Nancy Pelosi who thinks America is a Democracy. This is a Constitutional Republic!! That means we elect a person to be our representative. They are to go to Washington to do what the people who elected her to do according to the Constitution. Nothing less, and nothing more unless it’s Constitutional. But, she doesn’t. She’s a liar. She’s a politician, plain and simple. Politician’s are all liar’s, and liberals are the biggest liar’s of all!

  • Militant Conservative

    This is just a sample of what will happen to

    Obama in November. Obama is not disliked

    He’s hated for the evil bastard he is.

    God still cares for America, miracles will happen.

  • FurryGuy

    I expect this response to propaganda-driven Dem town hall meetings from now until the election to be a regular thing, not an exception, no matter what the propaganda being spewed. People are mad as hell and are getting close to not taking it any more. The representatives people have elected have crapped all over the voters enough.

  • Me2

    To #5

    I pray you are right!

  • bg


    this is part of why we have the instigated
    outrage over the Koran burn in A-stan.. 😡

    as if Catholics et al would be intimidated, as if we have been freed from
    the Constitution
    , get real Islamists, tell you dear leader B Hussein O his
    and your days are numbered, not ours, Amen..

    (note the dates, yet no background info is available)


  • Moemoe

    With Muslims killing people over the Koran burnings, its hard to find fault with a few folks fighting for something as minor as “leave my faith alone please”. But the Left will try…they will try.

  • bg


    re: #8 February 25, 2012 at 2:03 pm bg

    you dear leader = your dear leader


  • FurryGuy

    #9 February 25, 2012 at 2:04 pm
    Moemoe commented:

    Very illuminating of the Progressive worldview that they won’t fight back against believers who will kill them by suicide bombs or beheading, only against believers who want to be left alone.

    Proselytizing Christianity by talking is somehow more evil than Muslims butchering unbelievers, converting by the sword.

  • Patty

    Obama cares more about our enemies religious views than those in this nation and this should concern all of us. Now that this has happen in February 8 months prior to the elections will the Catholics and other religious organizations hold on to their strong emotions on this mandate and finally vote No to Obama.

    Eliminating large families such as those in the Catholic faith. One reason, the desire to stop the population in the urban cities. Or votes of the woman. This is not so much pro choice as it is evidently clear just how far one president can go and demand on a religion they go against their their beliefs.

    Burning of the Koran was more important to Obama then mandate birth control on Catholics.

    Obama has used his presidency for more Government ownership on car industries, health care insurance and banks.

    Now, he has crossed the line. We will vote in November and it will be a mandate for Obama, to leave. Hope that is change will that Obama must live with.

  • FurryGuy

    #8 February 25, 2012 at 2:03 pm
    bg commented:

    To borrow a couple of phrases the Left shoved down our throats when GW was in office:

    1) He’s not MY President

    2) Dissent is Patriotic.

    The Dems are the truth of the propaganda about Marie Antoinette, they truly believe we can eat bread when there is no other food.

  • FurryGuy

    #5 February 25, 2012 at 1:57 pm
    Militant Conservative commented:

    No dictator or tyrant has ever voluntarily given up power without a fight. This election and the aftermath more than likely will see violence on a scale not seen since the 1960’s.

  • Patty

    What will come to a surprise to some of the naysayers is: Americans are united more that the networks and pundits could ever realize.

    Obama has alienated a big block of voters who voted for him in 08. They were expecting great changes and the were in a trance over his many speeches of peace and hope.

    Little did they not he would turn out to be hopeless and a constant thorn in their side.

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  • squeaky

    [The packed crowd was critical of Hochul for supporting President Obama’s plan to require religiously affiliated employers, such as hospitals..] obama requiring anything is a non-starter.

  • Patty

    little did the know.


  • Patty
  • Patty

    Conservatives Unite in Opposing Obama’s Assault on Religious Liberty

  • that woman is an elected REPRESENTATIVE of the people yet she couldn’t care less what her constitutents want. i am amazed and dismayed at the way every elected democrat follows the party line. we have to stop electing people whose loyality is to their party and start electing people whose loyality is to their constitutes and the constitution. no matter what party thet are in.

  • SeniorD

    Having been born and raised near this Demo-loon’s ‘Barony’, all I can say for her chance for re-election is somewhere between “vanishingly small and non-existant’. Not even the ’68 riots approached Catholic Churches and what this loon has done has ‘stepped on Superman’s cape’.

  • Patty

    If he loses in the swing states he will not be president.

    If you leave in one of these key states get the word out. We must win this thing. It is the most important election of our lives. That is the truth.

  • FurryGuy

    #15 February 25, 2012 at 2:18 pm
    Patty commented:

    Voting for a black man (no, his ancestry isn’t African by a long stretch so he can’t be African-American) so they wouldn’t be considered racist was a major factor as well. Actual qualifications didn’t matter, and the idiots who voted for the man got exactly what they wanted. Someone vastly unqualified for the office.

  • FurryGuy

    #23 February 25, 2012 at 2:29 pm
    Patty commented:

    Barry might even lose Washington State.

    Not that it matters, he could win here and if he isn’t the popular vote winner, by state law he won’t get the state’s electoral college votes. Yeah, Washington State went with the “Popular Vote” BS several other states also enacted.

    Will love to see the Progressives wail and gnash their teeth demanding the law they foisted on the rest of the state not be followed if it means WA goes for the GOP candidate.

  • FurryGuy

    #21 February 25, 2012 at 2:29 pm
    tommy mc donnell commented:

    that woman is an elected REPRESENTATIVE of the people yet she couldn’t care less what her constitutents want.

    As happens when it is a Democrat in question, she listens to only those she was elected to represent who believe exactly as she does.

  • Valerie

    OT – Santorum is right, on this one.

    I, however, would put it another way. We should be upgrading the quality of our education in both high school and college. There are kids in high school who are both smart and impatient with being baby-sat. Some of them have fine minds as well as mechanical and entrepreneurial talents, and we should consider that they don’t need or want to waste yet more of their time. These people are made for the skilled trades, and we should stop trying to brainwash them into fitting some academic’s idea of the ideal student (just like him).

  • Granny

    “The plan was later altered. It now calls for those workers to get free contraceptive coverage from health insurers,”

    I fail to see how this is ANY change whatsoever from requiring the Catholic Church to pay for insurance that covers birth control and abortion. It makes absolutely no real difference. The Catholic Church is still going to have to pay for the coverage, even if the patient has to go through the insurance company to collect the benefits.

  • David Kramer

    Notice that the media LIED to say that the change actually did anything.

    Media also has to be held accountable. Let’s get that media outlets email and start filling their inbox.

  • bg
  • FurryGuy

    #28 February 25, 2012 at 2:44 pm
    Granny commented:

    This was nothing more than typical government nit-picking and a con game. Just like Dems constantly wanting companies to pay more in taxes, conveniently “forgetting” that companies only pass the cost onto the consumer. This new “exemption” will require yet another layer of government bureaucracy to implement, which may be one of the reason why Barry caved so quickly to the initial outrage.

  • FurryGuy

    #29 February 25, 2012 at 3:00 pm
    David Kramer commented:

    Notice that the media LIED to say that the change actually did anything.

    Welcome to American Pravda, we haven’t had a free media for many a decade now.

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  • American Patriot

    The report notes that Hochul’s district is predominately Catholic, so that means these people voted for her in the first place. The lady near the end of clip who is holding a baby, confirms that when she says she “won’t vote for Hochul again and that’s unfortunate.” My impression is that these folks are liberal first and Catholic second.

    Being as I am a conservative Catholic they confuse me. Apparently they are ok with being a good little liberal Monday through Saturday (afternoon), but come time for mass they leave their liberal “cred” at the door and get upset because their religious freedom has been challenged.

    I’ve said it here before, I love my Church, but I can’t stand the direction in which its gone.

  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    Give this lady a second term! She respects the democratic ideals that most politicians disdain. She said, “I have respect for the people who came out and voiced their opinion. That’s what democracy is all about.” And that’s why I respect her. We need everyone in Congress to have that position.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Democrat Booed By Christian Constituents Over Obama’s Anti-Religious HHS Mandate

    Doesn’t mean anything as far as I’m concerned.

    The questions to ask of those Christians are: Would you vote for Obama again? Would you vote for a Democrat again?

    If their answers to either of those are “yes”, then they deserve everything they’re getting that they disagree with, in spades.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    What they don’t tell you about the supposed compromise is that the Church is self-insured.

  • retired05

    Comment deleted and user banned for impersonating a fellow commenter. This was not written by retire05.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • FurryGuy

    #35 February 25, 2012 at 3:21 pm
    Johnny “Stanford” Davis commented:

    Words are not actions, and what she utters she irrevocably puts a lie to by what she does. My cat’s poop deserves being a Representative more than this dictatorship rubber-stamping tool.

  • Liz

    She looks like a hard woman. This will have to happen again and again until it gets through her coal flint heart.

  • Joanne

    Go figure. P*ss off the Catholics to get things moving in America.

  • American Patriot

    Blacque Jacques Shellacque @ #34

    I agree with you!

  • FurryGuy

    #37 February 25, 2012 at 3:29 pm
    Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial commented:

    What they don’t tell you about the supposed compromise is that the Church is self-insured.

    If the media were to report this they would lose an easy route to propagandizing their Big Lie. It would tell people the compromise wasn’t a compromise at all, it was nothing more than a shell game to con people.

  • FurryGuy

    #36 February 25, 2012 at 3:29 pm
    Blacque Jacques Shellacque commented:

    For most people religion is only for Sunday, the rest of the week is for politics. Most of the currently “outraged” voters will more than gleefully vote Dem when they aren’t inconvenienced. Big Government is good for others, not from them.

  • Multitude

    Granny #28: You rightfully call out this hack of a reporter. “What are you peasants complaining about. Didn’t you see the Master has said it’ll be free now? Quit bitching and go back to the fields!”

    Someone outta tell that hack that stupid’s no way to go through life.

  • Mama Grizzly

    The employer pays for the health insurance . . . so it’s the same thing.

    What a little puke she is–so condescending.

    Sometimes I feel like we’re in a real life Stargate world, or the world of V.

    Time to vote these horribles OUT OUT OUT.

  • FurryGuy


    While the Left declares Holy War on Christians, the Islamification of America by encrouching Sharia Law continues apace:

    Judge rules in favor of Muslim attacker in Pennsylvania

    Basically, an atheist pretending to be Zombie Muhammad in a parade was attacked while marching by a Muslim man who took offense to his portrayal of Muhammad. They called the police thus and it went to court. But surprisingly, the district judge (reported to be a Muslim himself) ruled in favor of the attacker, dismissing the charges while not even reviewing the video, but lecturing and scolding the atheist on his offense to Islam.

  • YourMaster

    nov. 2012… can’t come fast enough….

    when he does get ousted….
    I don’t think he plans to go quietly…. why do you think we have OWS?
    those people will probably try non stop rioting and get even more violent to keep him in office.

    ….so I wouldn’t put it below 0bama to try to really use violence/riots to get the elections results turned in his favor. there isn’t a decent bone in his body…

  • FurryGuy

    #49 February 25, 2012 at 4:23 pm
    YourMaster commented:

    nov. 2012… can’t come fast enough….

    I’d have second thoughts about that if the GOP candidates are Romney AND Ron Paul.

    Rush: I Predicted a Romney-Paul Tag Team


  • arnonerik

    The news reporter was hilarious. She is obviously a Democrat Party hack. She blamed the Catholic priest and the Catholic radio station for this demonstration instead of the President and his Communist/Muslim agenda.
    It is Obama and the Democrat Party who are responsible for the turmoil over contraception. They are the ones who injected this issue into the election campaign just to divide Americans and to pick up the female vote. I trust the majority of voters are smarter than these Leftards suspect.

  • Mi

    WE provide the tools for RECREATIONAL SEX at no charge to you says Obasma! BUT, Obasma knows nothing of Economics and lots about fudging the rruth.


    WE the PEOPLE pay the PRICE in higher costs, more taxes and a corrupt Administration.

  • Mimi

    I hope Romney is ready for this same type of backlash as Romney did the same thing in Massachusetts.

  • lizzy84

    arnonerik/#51 commented
    I trust the majority of voters are smarter than these Leftards suspect.

    I hope you’re right but as practicing Catholic, I have to tell you that trying to get through to too many of my fellow Catholics who claim to be pro-life but still say they can support oBama hurts my brain. American Bishops and the clergy need to step up with us and push back on the devil they’ve been dancing with. They cannot preach that the sanctity of life is of the utmost importance and then give a wink-wink-nod to oBama like they did in ’08. The two things cannot be reconciled.

  • bg


    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • bg


    FurryGuy #48 February 25, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    great link!!


    been posting about it for several days now..

    crickets.. *sigh*


  • bg


    Valerie #27 February 25, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    your opinion is food for thought..

    as is the following..

    ‘What If Democracy Is Bunk?’


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  • Here’s Rep Kathy Hochul’s Republican opponent: SSG David Bellavia, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Medal of Honor nominee. He’s calling her out on this and more!

    Hochul backs forcing Catholics to break faith, sees NY as model for US

    (BATAVIA, NY) – Conservative Republican David Bellavia today called out Rep. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) for admitting she supports President Barack Obama’s attack on the right to religious liberty guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

    On YNN’s “Capital Tonight” Thursday evening television program, Rep. Hochul told host Liz Benjamin that President Obama provided “proper accommodation” to religious organizations and that ObamaCare “provides women with the preventative care that they need.”

    “I am sure the residents of the 26th District are disappointed to find out that Rep. Hochul strongly supports ObamaCare, but at least now we know,” Bellavia said. “Frankly I was more shocked to find out Rep. Hochul sees New York as an economic model for our nation.”

    “The fact is, Catholic leaders remain quite concerned that the Obama-Hochul coercion of religious people and groups violates their most deeply held convictions,” Bellavia said. “I agree: this tenet of Obamacare flies in the face of our Founding Fathers and the right to religious liberty they provided in our Constitution.”

    “I was particularly disappointed to hear Rep. Hochul parrot her Party line, saying ‘the Democrats are right on this issue’ and she was satisfied that the contraception tenet of Obamacare ‘was based on what has been the law in New York since 2002,'” Bellavia said. “In fact, she is wrong: the Obama-Hochul measure goes further than New York’s flawed mandate by forcing religious organizations to pay for insurance coverage of sterilization. Once again, she isn’t being completely honest with her constituents.”

    “But even worse: Rep. Hochul wants the national economy to look a lot like New York. What is she thinking?” Bellavia asked. “We live in one of the least business-friendly states with residents enduring the highest taxes driven by the most expensive Medicaid program in America. Clearly, by backing ObamaCare she wants to spread that around.”

    “Sixteen days later, the Republicans of Western New York succeeded in forcing Rep. Hochul to admit to her constituents that she backs ObamaCare and especially its contraception mandates on Catholics,” Bellavia said. “The people of the 26th District also needed to know their liberal Congresswoman isn’t all that enamored of the religious liberty guarantees of the United States Constitution.”

  • Candy

    Why was she in a church?

    She’d better send a knee-mail and thank God she wasn’t in mine.

    I would have laid hands on her… both ways.

    After I said a short prayer for her and I… of course (cough).

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  • She said, “I have respect for the people who came out and voiced their opinion. That’s what democracy is all about.”

    Bullsh!t, b!tch. We are a representative republic and your elected job is to represent the interests of your consituents, not the White House.

    It’s a pet peeve of mine that pisses me off and makes me curse public education whenever any politician makes the absurd claim that this country is a democracy.

  • Johnny “Stanford” Davis

    It’s a pet peeve of mine that pisses me off and makes me curse public education whenever any politician makes the absurd claim that this country is a democracy.

    This country is a democracy. That’s why I said it. It’s called “representative democracy.” Do you know what that means? It means we elect people and they represent us. That’s why they call one of the houses of Congress the House of Representatives.

    In fact, even Republican president George W. Bush expressed support for “spreading democracy,” and he always framed his argument in relation to America’s position as a “democracy” with “democratic institutions.” On the other hand, liberals have constantly argued that Bush is stupid, so maybe you agree with them.

  • We are a representative republic, not a representative democracy. The Founding Fathers abhorred the idea of democracy anything.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “This country is a democracy.”

    That word doesn’t mean what you think it means. When Bush used it in the context you recite, he was using it as an abstraction, a placeholder for the idea of popular sovereignty not, as you suggest, to define a particular political system.

    The United States is a Constitutional Republic. Do you remember the last Federal plebiscite? I didn’t think so. I know the Left and certainly Obama gets frustrated with the system that prevents him from being elevated to Leader for Life, but that silly Constituion that he despises prevents him from “going around Congress”.