US Air Force Draws Criticism For Removal of ‘God’ from Logo… It Was Offensive to Atheists

(FOX Radio)

Republican lawmakers are protesting the removal of a reference to God in the patch logo for the Air Force Capabilities Office (RCO). Atheists said it was offensive because it mentioned God.
The Hill reported:

A group of Republican lawmakers is protesting the removal a reference to God in the patch logo for the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO).

The 35 lawmakers, led by Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.), wrote a letter to Air Force Secretary Michael Donley and Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz urging them to restore the logo with a reference to God.

Forbes warned that the action taken by the RCO could set a “dangerous precedent” when it comes to religion and the military.

“The action taken by the RCO suggests that all references to God, regardless of their context, must be removed from the military,” Forbes wrote. “As we are confident that your legal advisors would not suggest that censorship is required for compliance with the First Amendment, we ask that you reverse this perplexing decision.”

The patch logo was changed after a military atheist group, the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers, protested the reference to God on the patch. The patch has a saying on it in Latin, which is common for military patches, that tranlates to: “Doing God’s Work with Other People’s Money.”

The saying was then changed last month to say: “Doing Miracles with Other People’s Money.”

The RCO is an office created in 2003 that expedites weapons systems and reports to a board of directors that includes the Air Force secretary and chief of staff…

…In November, Forbes introduced a bill to reaffirm “In God We Trust” as the country’s motto. The bill supports showing the motto in all American public schools and buildings.

In response, President Obama suggested the legislation was a waste of time.

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  • wanumba

    “Miracles” and “God’s work” are NOT comparable.

    That evokes the original sin: the serpent telling Eve, “You can be like God.”

    This is getting creepier by the day.

  • Oldsailors Poet

    The Red Star concearns me.


    “Atheists said it was offensive because it mentioned God”.

    bull $hit…it has been there for how long now…. this is just another odumb$hit assault on the military and religion…what a crooked stinkin mooslime

  • bigL

    Maybe we should have cut backs,start with the top brasss at the AF and put in someone with guts.

  • Corsair

    Oldsailors Poet. That’s exactly what I thought! Did the designer not know the meaning and usage of the red star? Unless of course, it was designed in North Korea.

  • Patty

    “You may recall that in November, Forbes introduced a bill to reaffirm “In God We Trust” as the country’s motto. In response, however, President Obama suggested the legislation was a waste of time.

    “I trust in God, but God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work,” Obama said in November according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.”
    A spokesman for the Air Force told Fox News they had received the letter and would investigate the claims.

    Forbes said the removal of “God” is a “bridge too far in terms of the rights of men and women who serve in our services and their ability to express their faith.”

    “But the significance of this is what the Air Force is saying with this move – that the word ‘God’ – whether it has any reference to faith or not, can’t be used in the Air Force,” Forbes said.

    He said the incident is one of several in recent months that have caused him to wonder if the military is cleansing itself of religious references.

    “It’s a very dangerous course to take,” he said.

    “I am concerned that the RCO capitulated to pressure from an outside group that consistently seeks to remove references to God and faith in our military,” he said. ‘The RCO’s action to modify the logo sets a dangerous precedent that all references to God, regardless of context, must be removed from the military.”

  • Jenny

    Atheists offend me, can we remove them?

  • burt

    It’s all about politics. Eisenhower became a 5 star general and never served in combat.

  • Militant Conservative

    I find Obama offensive, con we remove it from

    The WH.


    It has taken a generation (40 years) to change what we once were as a nation…”Home of the Brave”; “A light to the World” . Millions of our men and women gave their lives to keep us safe. Along the way, we have been inundated by people who want a nanny state; who seek pleasure and entertainment over hard work; three branches of government tainted by a reprobate mentality… like porn is not porn if it is shown in cartoon form or gay marriage should not be denied , to deny is “unconstitutional” when we know it is not in the Constitution. The press, once trusted, is now full of distortions and one-sidedness. We cannot trust our children to be safe in public schools because so many teachers have become pedofiles. Now, our elementary children are taught sexual information and indoctrination that robs them of their innocence. People and celebrities have children out of wedlock and they are admired and respected. This nation and its people have forgotten how to blush.
    Madonna’s entertainment was soft porn, and now young girls will emulate that same body language.
    If you study history, every generation is given an assignment to fulfill in their time on this earth.
    So far, we are teetering on losing what we had as a great nation and being pulled down and left bankrupt by a rogue president. This next election is very, very important. It will make us or break us. God help us to change for the better in 2012.

  • Mona

    Amen, Susyque!!! God help us.

  • bg


    my dearly departed Dad was AF, i know he’s rolling over in his grave,
    and God only knows how many more will be put in theirs once God is
    dishonorably discharged from Country.. 🙁



    Jenny and Militant Conservative….you took the words out of my mouth!!!! I am getting sick and tired of radicals being offended of Americans. If you don’t like it atheists, don’t look at it, and better yet, go to a non christian country, and show how offended you are….see what happens.

  • bg


    Breaking The War Mentality

    Breaking Free From The Constitution

    January 18, 2001 video

    are well known goals of Barack Hussein Obama, ergo.. how anyone
    cannot see that we have been, and are being, duped as yet, is way
    beyond me..


  • Patty

    Atheists, why do they have a say in a nation under God. It is like we are allowing them to have a say. I am not saying they can’t speak their mind. But what gives a right to change this nation, under God. This is America.

    God is a part of America and Obama nor Atheists will ever take this away. Obama better consider where he is going with all of this. Both he and the Atheists are going to lose this one.

  • Jaimo

    Hey, you know what’s offensive to Christians? Atheists. We should have them rounded up, dontcha think?

  • wanumba

    Another sinister Left attack on our Constitution and its foundational premises:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”


    BY this Declaration, our Constitutional rights are expressly derived from GOD. The little athiestic subversion game that this administration has picked is: No God…NO unalienable rights. The athiests by trying to remove references to God attack our entire basis for government as structured in the Constitution.

    First salami slice seemingly inconsequential references, THEN the real goal: strip out the constraints and controls of a higher moral authority over dangerous, sinful man.

    Remove God and the Constitution is gutted, our “rights” have no basis, our persons have no life, liberty or chance for pursuit of happiness.

    Revolutionary France stripped God out and got the TERROR.

    OBama is ON RECORD as anti-Constitution.. He NEVER should have been elected president with that blatent hostility to everything that is America. He would use POTUS to destroy the Constitution, not uphold it.

    The media HID that from The People.

  • bg



    February 8, 2012

    ht Timwi #21

    […Juan Jose Rojas Cardona (“Pepe” and hereinafter I will refer to him as that) lives in Mexico and is part of the casino business (known as Mexico’s casino czar) with a very shady background and record. He is linked to violence and corruption in Mexico. According to a State Department cable in 2009, he was suspected of orchestrating the assassination of a business rival and making illegal campaign donations to Mexican officials.]

    more here..


  • ArmedNDangerous

    Whiny liberal atheists confuse “freedom OF religion” with “freedom FROM religion.” They throw a tantrum everytime God is mentioned (Allah seems to get a free pass). I’m an atheist myself but I respect the rights of people to practice their religion publicly.

  • 4# bing…..

  • bg


    more re: #19 February 8, 2012 at 10:17 am bg


  • tadcf

    It’s about time that we omitted another mention of a mythological being—God.

  • Granny

    My family has fought in America’s wars since the 1600s (King Phillip’s). We have a very long tradition of military service – even the women. But I have to tell you, I would be hard pressed to allow my child or grandchild to enter today’s military, never mind encourage them.

    The day the military issued special compasses to service personnel in Afghanistan so that they would not inadvertently piss in the direction of Mecca was the day I was done.

  • bg


    the Godlessness of the Atheistic religion offends me..

    btw, if they think Jews and Christians are Islamists worst enemy, they
    are in for a rude awakening, even the bin Laden singled out “atheists”
    in one of his fatwa’s, go figure..


  • bg


    tadcf #23 February 8, 2012 at 10:55 am

    The Scientific Case Against Atheism

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • susanm


  • Charlie

    The word Atheist & what they are about is offensive to me. They need to mind their own F’n business.

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  • wanumba

    #23 February 8, 2012 at 10:55 am
    tadcf commented:
    It’s about time that we omitted another mention of a mythological being—God.


    When you can make a sun, a planet, a solar system, a galaxy, a universe, an ocean, a whale, an elephant, a horse, a man, a deer, a cat, a turtle, a bird, a mouse, a flea, a paramecium, an amoeba, a bacteria, a virus, a protein, a molecule, an electron, a quark, then you and your big ego might be a very weak tea poor substittue for the Lord God Almighty.

    And a thousand variations of each, and a hundred thousand variations in between, up and down the scale.

    When the universe is rolled up like a scroll, then is not the time time to discover in soul-shrieking terror that you need nothing less than a power greater than the combined forces of the universe to save your butt. And you take every opportunity to diss the One who you’ll need.

    You really think that 4 billion years of increasingly complexity have reached their apogee in you sitting around sucking down Starbucks lattes for less than a blink of an eye in limitless time before you pointlessly vanish in the neverever black void of eternity?

    Even Starbucks coffee tastes better when accompanied by a reassurance that the Lord God Almighty is not a myth and WILL save ANYONE who asks. Now, not when time stops.

  • wanumba

    #24 February 8, 2012 at 10:58 am
    Granny commented:
    My family has fought in America’s wars since the 1600s (King Phillip’s). We have a very long tradition of military service – even the women. But I have to tell you, I would be hard pressed to allow my child or grandchild to enter today’s military, never mind encourage them.

    The day the military issued special compasses to service personnel in Afghanistan so that they would not inadvertently piss in the direction of Mecca was the day I was done.


    With all due respect:

    1) We have two sons in the military, so we don’t need the Tokyo Rose demoralizing approach.

    2) Neither have mentioned this compass “business” … er … ah … business. Do they really need a “special compass?” Our son, like his comrades, can land nav up and down right and left on the normal compass. just sayin’

    3) We’ re in a majority Islamic country ourselves. So we are LIVING this, too, today.

    There is a difference between capitulating and being well-mannered guests. If the job is tough enough as is without insulting the regular folks, because they don’t know any different, go with the good guest model.
    It’s part of telling them that sheep eyeballs & brains scoop out of the skull national dish is awesomely better than your favorite Pizza Hut meat lovers hand-tossed. Since it’s cooked, it’s better than the raw liver delicacy the Japanese Embassy often serves, and alas keeps serving because everyone smiles and turns red and chokes it down and assures them it’s terrific. People have to suck it up and pretend, so their hosts will be charmed and flattered and invite you back to tea and sweets later, praise God for you and that He bless you with thirty kids and five hundred cattle.

    4) Fundamentally, if we can use that word in the proper usage, our mission in Afghanistan is to destroy the enemy THERE, so it cannot advance to our shores. If we can maintain a basic discretion for local customs that actually are what they are, not actually part of the extremism, which is in fact FORIEGN to Afghanistan, then it’s sensible.
    SHall we recall that Bin Laden was Saudi, his top circle were Egyptians etc, NOT AFghans. They just muscled in, taking advantage of a weak nation, pushing the AFghans around.

    AT least the AFghans will remember that AMericans were decent to them. They have the SOviets, the squabbling warlords, the Taliban and Al Qaeda to compare with. WE measure up better.

  • How a small group could hold so much power……………atheists is the excuse for the godless left…………….just sayin

  • bg
  • Dave in W-S

    “In response, President Obama suggested the legislation was a waste of time.”

    He would very definitely be the expert on wasting time – not to mention oxygen.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    You are EN FUEGO!!!

    Indeed. Indeed. Indeed. et cetera.

    I like the cut of your jib. I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.


  • Taqiyyotomist

    I’d even go so far as to say that I think “wanumba” should be taken on by Jim Hoft as a co-blogger.

    Not kidding.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    And I’ve thought this for a couple of years.

  • WillofLa

    You know what, screw what atheists have to say about anything. I am sick and tired of liberalism giving special consideration to people who don’t believe in God when the rest of the country does. This is the reason why American’s have moved away from Christianity and that is because it had become to much of a liability on the job, politically, on applications for jobs, and on and on. The ordinary American who does believe in God and goes to church, and I’m not talking about some religious zealot, I’m talking about the plain jane Christian who goes about his business everyday with no indication that he is a man of faith, like, he’s not seen dropping to one knee before he gets on the elevator each morning as he prepares to go up to where he works, business like some recent athletic personality. The ordinary Christian doesn’t need to do that in order for God to know that this man loves Him and His Son Jesus Christ our Saviour.

    Atheists don’t have anymore right to be given special rights than Muslims, homosexuals, women, Blacks, or anybody or anything else in America. Everyone has equal rights to either practice their religious beliefs or NOT. And if NOT then no certain group should be getting more attention for their opinion about someone else’s beliefs than any other kind of person or group.

    This is what is wrong with Liberalism. It has it’s rules and laws just like a religion that’s why Liberalism is a religion, and atheists are part of that religion, a religion that does not have a god, nor does it believe in God, just the never ending rights given over to every need no matter how stupid or frivilous, liberals think everyone must give up their rights so someone who doesn’t deserve any more rights than anyone else, gets more rights by taking them away from someone else. In this case it’s Christian’s who must give up their rights.

    All our nation was created with God in mind. We always had God on our side when we went to war so as to protect us, and to keep in the mind of the warrior that compassion is just as important as victory. That can only come from God, not man. Atheists are of man, not God. Since the nation is based in God and the Holy Bible, this group doesn’t count.

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  • middleagedhousewife

    I find atheists offensive because they breathe.

  • wanumba

    #37 February 8, 2012 at 12:29 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:
    And I’ve thought this for a couple of years

    Thanks Taq.

    I have to cheer myself up sometimes. Our son is NOT going to R&R with us … we’re pretty sure it’s not often soldiers’ families are sitting in a worse place than they are deployed to, but we managed it! Worse, we can’t find any fault in the decision to punt elsewhere. We wouldn’t R&R here in this region, either. heh!

    And, you very well know that cosmically, if evolution was true then the superior evolved being would know McDonalds coffee beats Starbucks in price, size and taste, and would be sipping that to make that all-important nano-second of existence last a little longer and smarter.

  • WillofLa

    And another thing I’m sick and tired of is all these groups forming up to pretend like they represent something that is important. This “Military Organization of Atheists and Free Thinkers”, what the hell is that, like, a club? Why do they hold such power that they can make changes in the Dept. of Defence United States Air Force proticol, plaques, emblems that someone would act immideately and not tell this group “Thanks for contacting the U.S. Air Force, our emblems and plaques are decided upon by a group of officers whose expertise in the field of design has determined that your request is out of our perview on the wording on this emblem. Please contact the appropriate office. Thank you, signed blau, blau, blau” kind of letter. In other words, mind your own business. We don’t take suggestions from clubs, sewing groups, or individuals regardless of your affiliation with this service branch. So your idea stinks, don’t call us, we’ll call you.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    All I’m saying, the perspective you bring to this blog is needed, and refreshing.

  • Taqiyyotomist



    As opposed to us sheeple “slave” thinkers.

    Basically, people who call themselves “freethinkers” — and through this think themselves superior beings — believe that anyone who, through thinking (ironically), arrive at a conclusion, and establish that as a belief.

    “freethinkers” believe there is no truth — except that they are superior in believing that that is truth…

    Monty Python couldn’t have predicted these folks.

  • wanumba

    #43 February 8, 2012 at 12:56 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:

    Very much appreciated, your words, thanks.
    Keep up the good fight and be encouraged.

  • wanumba

    #42 February 8, 2012 at 12:55 pm
    WillofLa commented:
    And another thing I’m sick and tired of is all these groups forming up to pretend like they represent something that is important. This “Military Organization of Atheists and Free Thinkers”, what the hell is that, like, a club?

    Exactly. Sounds like a very convenient fig leaf. The Left fabricates all sorts of fronts, it’d be worth it to uncover the roots of this one, if there are any.

  • bg


    WillofLa #42 February 8, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    i’ll take a “critical thinker” any which way,
    including loose, before a “freethinker”.. 😛

    as for what the heck is that.. heh,
    only they know for sure, oh wait..

    “one can lead a freethinker to knowledge, but
    one cannot force a freethinker to think”.. 😀


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  • Obama’s Magic Elixir

    We praise Comrade Obama for purging American society of this relic foisted upon the American people by heartless robber barons. We await his executive order to tear down all the religious symbols at Arlington lest some progressive realist be offended by these symbols of hate and bias. The homosexual, sheep lovers, pedophile, and other assorted offended groups must be protected under the 14th amendment.

    The you can recall all your coins and take off the offensive slogan.

    Hail Socialism and Progressives every where.

  • BlackBush

    It should be offensive to everyone. We have a little something called science now.

  • BlackBush

    Oh wait maybe I should be more offended by the plague of pedophile priests being protected by the pope/god. Thanks catholic church.

  • bg


    BlackBush #51 February 8, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    take it you don’t know much about pedophilia stats huh??

    try Googling for info.. until the Dhimmis wish to “police”
    the net comes true, it can still be a learning experience..


  • where do they find military leaders who are so willing to do this. they have given god a dishonorable discharge. at the same time they are willing to comply with any muslim request to observe their religion.

  • #51…maybe you should be ofended by the plague of pedophile liberal news reporters. its higher than catholic priests.

  • aprilnovember811

    I would suggest contacting their live chat. I just did. I politely asked them why they are doing this.

  • saveus

    obummer strikes again

  • if they are doing this because people are offended by the word god, what happens if MORE people are offended by removing the word god? is the goal to offend the greatest number of people?

  • wanumba

    #50 February 8, 2012 at 3:25 pm
    BlackBush commented:
    It should be offensive to everyone. We have a little something called science now.


    Courtesy of the Judeo-CHristian scriptures: science

    Pagan religions do not allow for ANY scientific study because the spirits that inhabit inanimate objects will get MAD and hurt you.

    Pantheism doesn’t allow it because god is in everything so to mess with anything established is blasphemy and usually punished by death.

    Islam is fatalistic, this is the way things are, accept it.

    Hindus automatically improve with re-incarnation, so living this life with what’s here is all that’s necessary.

    ONLY the Judeo-Christian scriptures allow for testing and using the natural world because God is not part of it and He expressly gave mankind permission to do so. That is the root of why Western civilization has so much invention, technology and medical advances.

    And fools like you think “science” just “happens.” It was Louis Pastuer a Christian who proved the “spontaneous generation” was fantastical superstitious nonsense.

    The list of inventors, doctors, researchers who have done the most to improve the human condition and who established what is nown as the “scientific method” is a Who WHo of Jewish and Christian scientific achievers.

    Pseudo-science Global warming is the new version of Soviet Lysenko’s “agro-biology” a pseudo-scientific toxic blend of politics and half-baked science that completely ignores correct scientific method. THe athiests do not have a respectable track record in ANY science, at all, and have a very bad record of falsifying data to fit the hypothesis.

  • wanumba

    Oh, and Buddhism preaches detaching oneself from this corrupt plane of existence, not fixing it.

  • wanumba

    #51 February 8, 2012 at 3:31 pm
    BlackBush commented:
    Oh wait maybe I should be more offended by the plague of pedophile priests being protected by the pope/god. Thanks catholic church


    Yeah. The Catholic Church is doing a better job than HOLLYWOOD, actually addressing the issue. Meanwhile, in complete, self-serving deflection, HOLLYWOOD then makes self-righteous movies about bad old priests while saying NOTHING about the multitudes of perverts in their ranks. Hypocrites. How about some incarcerated felons out of the Hollywood hoi polloi for some long overdue justice?
    Or does Hollywood have more money to hire better lawyers and pay off victims to shut up than the Catholic CHurch?

  • Dwillman5

    What offends me is their proud use of “Other people’s money.”

  • gracepmc

    Most likely those atheists and for that matter Donley and Schwartz would think differently if their plane was going down.

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  • I just can’t believe that the Air Force would do this. I just lost a lot of respect for them!!
    Come on now ,REALLY WHAT is wrong with you people??? IN GOD WE TRUST, that is OUR
    NATION!!! If the atheist dont like what we believe in, Then GO BACK HOME. You came to OUR COUNTRY, soooo DEAL WITH IT!!! OR just LEAVE and leave us alone. This is AMERICA, where WE DO BELIEVE IN GOD. Ya’ll are some stupid people, but then I guess this shows where you come from. If you knew your religon, THEN why did you come here????????? HELLO

  • Amerigo M. Cimino

    “US Air Force Draws Criticism For Removal of ‘God’ from Logo… It Was Offensive to Atheists”
    I wonder what’s next? Is there anything else that offends Atheists?
    I can say; the fear of God has them worried!
    Removing His Name, will never remove Him!
    You may be offended, but your fear will always be there!

  • bg


    #65 February 9, 2012 at 5:45 am
    Amerigo M. Cimino

    wow, that needs to be framed and hung on public access walls..


  • BlackBush

    Hey wanumba religion was invented because morons like you did not know how to explain lightning. Read us son. Christians, Muslims, whatever. How many folks need to die or be persecuted in the name of religion?? BTW the Greeks wrote the new testament. And they are great storytellers.

  • BlackBush

    Mmmmmm, Hollywood is not a religion. Do ya smell the hypocrisy? Do ya get my point? Oh and fairytale fun time is great too. Tell me more stories wanna be. Make it the easter bunny this time.

  • bg




  • bg
  • Les

    My father is 25 years Air Force and I am proud of him. He always said “There are no atheist in foxholes”. Why should the majority of North Americans be controlled by minority atheists. I am totally offended by the removal of a reference to God in our military. Many of our service men and woman join the service for exactly that reason. Be productive, protect there country, which believes in God. Simple, easy to understand. Hey, if your an atheist and your part of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, go change YOUR Logo, and don’t ask everyone else to Kowtow to YOUR beliefs. My father proudly served in the military and yeh, we went to Church and had no problems with that!

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