University of California-Davis Officials Do Nothing as Muslim Fanatics Disrupt Jewish Event (Video)

University of California-Davis officials did nothing last night when Jew-hating Muslim fanatics disrupted a Jewish event on campus.
Watch as this radical fanatic harasses and disrupts the event.
Via Atlas Shrugs:

From the video: On Monday, February 27, a program, sponsored by Chabad entitled “Israeli Soldier’s stories” was scheduled at UC Davis. Ran, a Israeli reservist, and Ranya, a Druze woman whose father and brother fought in the IDF maintained their dignity and composure in spite of a consortium of haters from Students for Justice in Palestine, the MSA and JVP who had planned to disrupt their presentation. This young man, claiming to be a Medieval Studies major at Davis repeatedly interrupted the proceedings in a coarse and vulgar manner, while UC Davis security and police stood on and did nothing.

Note: It’s always a leftist’s right to camp out in public parks or your yard, to disrupt conservative or Jewish events, and to demand more money from productive members of society. And, they could care less what you have to say about it.

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  • What would have happened if the speakers had torched a Quran on the podium and waited for the response from the heckler?s Do you suppose the UC Davis security and police would have been forced off the fence then?

  • Timwi

    This is the US under Obama. I followed the links and one of the letters sent in protest of this guy said that he claimed he had been paid fifty bucks to disrupt the meeting.

    Here is a link to Obama harassing a private US company again- feel free to leave a message!@

  • Sick and tired of this. Enough is enough.

  • JKB

    Ah, here we have another fine example of the university as a guardian of open discourse.

    You may run about spouting support for open discourse, but if you permit discourse to be shutdown by faculty, students or visitors to your campus, you can hardly be called a guardian.

    And, obviously, the education or spankings of these students have been neglected.

  • FurryGuy

    I’m somewhat surprised that Ran and Ranya weren’t arrested for provoking and promoting hatred, the hatred so clearly on view from the protesters. After all a judge recently ruled a Muslim was innocent in assaulting an atheist because he was provoked by the defamation of Mohammed.

  • dnb

    I think it was handled well. A faculty member told the heckler that his actions were wrong, and it would be taken up with the school. It was not ignored. Hopefully, there will be follow up to those actions.

  • FurryGuy

    #4 February 29, 2012 at 10:36 pm
    JKB commented:

    Remember that for a Leftist free speech is only what they approve of. Contrary views are to be suppressed.

  • Moemoe

    I know in the past these jerks have gotten away with crap however, a UC-Davis faculty member did shut the guy down. The video shows this. True, no police or security involved but a threat from a faculty member to bring this guys actions before the Dean is nothing to sneeze at. This video actually shows a bit of progress at UC-Davis.

  • Gride


  • When are they going to rename the school “Frank Marshall Davis School of Communism and Madrassa”?

  • GuyinSacramento

    Ever since the UC Davis campus police were caught on tape pepper-spraying the Occupy protestors, they are afraid to do anything. It’s good that the professor showed some guts in standing up to the protester.

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  • J. Knight

    Until people file lawsuits against the school and these school-sponcered student groups, this same crap will continue to happen. Hit the university in the pocketbook and you will get some action.

  • Gregor

    Come on Jim. It’s “couldn’t care less.”

    You’re supposed to be a professional.

  • GreenBarette
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  • Freddy

    This is the new California values system. Many people here have now decided that the ‘Zionist’ Jews are the problem.

    California is no longer the land of tolerance.

  • Renata

    This wasnt a jewish event, and I’m certain not all of the students who disrupted it were Muslim. One of the israelis telling her story was Druze. just saying…

  • Tyranny’s Bane

    Obama, and by extension the United States, is projecting weakness and capitulation.

    Appeasement and groveling Presidential apologies rewards the barbaric behavior of these 7th century troglodytes. It emboldens them, resulting in more violence, more hostility, more righteous indignation, more confrontation, not less.

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  • FurryGuy

    #18 March 1, 2012 at 1:14 am
    Renata commented:

    No matter who the speakers were, was it wrong the police and university security did NOTHING to stop the censoring of the speakers? Yes or no.

    And if Chabad, the group that sponsored this, ain’t Jewish, then I’m the Queen of America.

  • FurryGuy

    #14 February 29, 2012 at 11:40 pm
    Gregor commented:

    So all you can do is nitpick someone for using a variant of a common phrase? Yes, “could care less” is commonly, if somewhat mistakenly, used. Have you nothing to say about the actual content of the post, or are you just wanting to be a pissant grammar police nazi?

  • Ain’t multiculturalism just grand!

  • 1RedBeard

    Why shouldn’t the university stand silent and let the protesters disrupt the event? University administrators and Muslim thugs are natural allies these days. It’s the Billy Ayers Education Industry at its finest.

  • Gary

    Gregor 14

    Funny you should point that out. It’s one of my pet peeves.
    After years of trying, I’ve given up explaining that to people.
    “I could care less.”
    “So you do care.”

  • Gary

    Freddy 17

    What gives you that idea?
    Go stand on any campus in California with a megaphone and bash Bush or Sarah Palin.
    You’ll not only be tolerated, you’ll be cheered.
    Make fun of Palin’s son and they’ll carry you on their shoulders.

  • saveus

    leftist university and muslim terrorism — perfect together

  • Gary

    Sorry, I shouldn’t leave it at that.
    Those are our kids who, for the most part, are sent off to college with solid American values. It’s an illustration of the criminal way that their minds get twisted on campus. Most of them come back around by age 30, but some stay twisted for life.

  • saveus

    Druse live in Israel and fight for Israel in the IDF

  • Gary

    Saveus 27

    The leftists are feeding the crocodile. They think that if they can keep its stomach full, they’ll never be eaten. There’s nothing and no one that they are unwilling to feed to it just to have one more day of delusion.

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  • DaMav

    I guess I’m an older guy but when I see things like this I wonder, “Where are the men?”. Have we gotten so intimidated by lawyers and bureaucrats that nobody is capable of popping a fist into this guys face off camera? Yeah, I know, we’d be reading about the horrors of “bullying” the next day. Anyone figure out yet that so called bullying only occurs when the left favors the victim?

  • coldeadhands

    It doesn’t take long to learn Alinski 101.

  • 1RedBeard

    DaMav, the wussification of men is a very deliberate effort by the left, and it’s both widespread and insidious. Lefties see it as their only path to victory. If they can neuter and make helpless enough men, then it will be far easier to pass all the nanny state laws they need to complete the socialist agenda.

  • JKB

    #24 March 1, 2012 at 6:03 am
    1RedBeard commented:

    I believe we should recognize the actions of the “guardians of open discourse” and highlight them for all to see.

    If the university chooses to permit disruptions, then, of course, that’s their choice and it should be pointed out for all to see.

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  • JJ

    Name him and his cronies.

  • Matt

    Man, I would have humped a couple of straights into that POS’ face.