Thanks Barack… Record Unemployment Rate Is Forcing Growth of Tent Cities

A homeless encampment known as Tent City, in Sacramento, California. (Rich Pedroncelli/AP)

Thanks to Barack Obama’s failed economic policies tent cities have sprung up around 55 American cities. Today 3 million more Americans are out of work than when President Barack Obama was first elected. 5,000 people are living in dozens of homeless camps across the country.
The BBC reported:

Tent cities have sprung up in and around at least 55 American cities – they represent the bleak reality of America’s poverty crisis.

According to census data, 47 million Americans now live below the poverty line – the most in half a century – fuelled by several years of high unemployment.

One of the largest tented camps is in Florida and is now home to around 300 people. Others have sprung up in New Jersey and Portland…

…There are an estimated 5,000 people living in the dozens of camps that have sprung up across America.

The largest camp, Pinella’s Hope in central Florida – a region better known for the glamour of Disneyworld – is made up of neat rows of tents spread out across a 13-acre plot.

The Catholic charity that runs it has made laundry available, as well as computers and phones.

Many of the camps are organised and hold regular meetings to divide up camp chores and agree on community rules. They have become semi-permanent homes for some residents, who see little prospect of getting jobs soon.

These tent cities – and this level of poverty – are images that many Americans associate with the Great Depression.

Unemployment in America today has not reached the astronomical levels of the 1930s, but barring a short spike in 1982, it has not been this high since the Depression era.

There are now 13 million unemployed Americans, which is three million more than when President Barack Obama was first elected.

The stark reality is that many of them are people who very recently lived comfortable middle-class lives.

For them, the economic downturn came too fast and many have been forced to trade their middle-class homes for lives in shelters, motels and at the far extreme, tented encampments.

Of course, it goes without saying, this would be a much bigger story if Bush was still in the White House.

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  • srhoades

    Can we call the Obamaburghs?

  • Zim

    Can you imagine the news media having these stories if there was a republican president!! Of course we won’t see these news stories until the republican takes office in Jan 2013

  • obfuscatenot

    This is exactly what those who model themselves after “early 20th century progressives” want. A natural way of eliminating the undesirables. Disease and pestilence will take the first step followed by “the kindness of eugenics”. Rush Limbaugh was spot on when he said that he hoped obama failed, for this is what his success looks like.

  • mamagriz68

    Shouldn’t we be calling them “Obamavilles” like the Hoovervilles of old? Oh wait, that’s only if the White House tells Media Matters, which then gives the order to the MSM.

  • NeoKong

    That’s not a tent city.
    Those are the barracks of Obama’s elite force of a civilian army.
    How else can he wage a class war unless people are living in tents….?

    This is truly a time in our country when Obama is asking people to become permanent wards of the state. Cradle to grave.
    The sad part is that he has a lot of takers.

  • Missy8s

    I live in PDX, the tent city here is a political tool run by the Burnside Community Project in order to tug the heart strings of gullible voters. The local media hypes up every story about the police relocating the so called city and every time BCP’s donations spike upwards.

    The reality is that MOST people who are “homeless” are there by choice not by circumstances.

    Look more closely at your local stories on this topic, the people they usually show as “victims” are usually older, unwashed, bearded white males with permanent drunk faces. What they never show you are the hordes street kids lurking just out of sight of the cameras, they are the ones who make up the bulk of the alleged “homeless” population.

    They could have a home any time they want it, all they have to do is grow up, put down the drugs, take the piercings out of their faces and cover their tattoos to get a job.

    Unfortunately most of them are far more interested in figuring out where the next high is coming from than they are about stabilizing their lives on their own.

    This isn’t me being some allegedly “cruel” conservative “zealot”, this is the truth and people need to face it, especially douche bag liberal commie wannabes.

    The vast majority of the “homeless” CHOOSE to be “homeless”, no amount of money will ever “save” them from their own stupidity…

  • Obama2012

    This is hilarious.

    The left, at sites like Daily Kos, ran this same exact sort of story during the reign of gwb. The exact story.

    Frankly, the Hair on Fire components of the left and the right are quite similar. Partisan to an extreme. Looking for daily outrages. Acting as if political points are somehow accumulated by posting on the interwebs and acting as if we are influencing anyone at all. Its an illness and both side are sufferers.

  • Obama2012


    Example of how President Obama is forcing Americans to become wards of the state? Examples? Facts? Anybody?

  • Obama2012

    The title is a lie. 8.3% unemployment is not a record.

    Of course, the numbers have been fudged but Obambots who have infiltrated every corner of the public and private business worlds. These bots destroy from within. Sound familiar?

    The bots have gotten to Wall Street too. Dow 13,000 is a lie. A major crash is coming soon. That way, Obama can enslave hedge fund managers to run the reeducation camps.

  • Rock

    Each day under WTF we appear more like a 3rd world nation, our national credit rating down graded, tent cities, gangs roaming the streets day or night, unions forcing their will on the tax payers, and attorney general who talks about HIS people when talking about election and race crimes, and trying desperately to cover his involvement in a despicable attempt to effect gun control, that has resulted in deaths on both sides of the border.

  • Multitude

    Excuse me, but this is incorrect. These are not “unemployed” individuals as defined by the Federal government. They’re lazy people.

    Remember that President Obama called a woman out last week for lying when she brazenly complained to the Great Leader that her husband, an engineer, couldn’t find work. President Obama knew this was a lie. Like Santa Claus, he knows everything, whether someone’s been working hard or not, whether there’s a job or not. He called her out and told her that something else was wrong. There’s plenty of jobs. Dear Great Leader has done his job so if we’re failing, that failure must be our fault.

    So if people are in tents, so be it. Perhaps Lady Michelle can come bring them cake only to yank it away and tell them to get off their fat behinds and MOVE. Our King and Queen are giving the people all the correct instructions. When the people don’t listen, they deserve to starve.

  • David Kramer

    Obama, just like his hero FDR cannot create his new society without destroying a few eggs. Just like Stalin could not create his dystopian society without killing millions.

    They are creating the crisis to create a new society. PERIOD.

    I can post comments and articles I wrote over 3 years ago to give you the EXACT breakdown. It is nothing new, it has been done many times before. Without the destruction, they CANNOT create the scenario.

    I guess I will be one of the first. I guess that is the reasoning behind the NDAA bill and the internet kill switch.

    Remember folks, alternate communications. Do you think these people have not been studying the furor and communications abilities in other countries?

  • Obama2012

    Truth is you Righties fear Obama because he is an effective black-man fighting to right the wrongs of hundred years of oppression in America. You still have not figured out that when people say Obama is not black enough, they are not talking about his skin tone, but that he is not putting it to the man like he was elected to do, no matter after 2012 he will get it right.

  • Duke

    Obama2012: Troll, Go back to Think Progress or the Daily Beast and peddle your drivel to those that live in piddle.


    and how many living there voted for the marxist?????

  • Rock

    Between the unions, and the welfare junkies sucking the well dry, not hard to imagine how this will become the norm here. All brought to you by your friendly Democratic Socialist Party.

  • tadcf

    Where’s the citation of evidence for what Hoft is saying. And, remember, conservatives have bolstered the unemployment roles by defunding civil servants.

  • Sasja

    #14, along with the rest of his ilk, have nothing better to do than to play childish games which their man-child prez has demanded. I have often found that refusing to respond to such behavior is best.

  • Valerie

    OT – A solution whose time has come and gone.

    ” “We have a ramshackle registration system in the U.S. It’s a mess. It’s expensive. There isn’t central control over the process,” said Lawrence Norden of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University. ”


    I am throwing a big BS flag, here.

    The last thing we need is central control of our voting process. That way lies massive fraud. What we need is local control and responsibility for voting cleanliness, in order to contain the scale of fraud that is possible.

    We also need state legislatures to actually follow the recommendations of their experts, so that the actual votes, and no others, get recorded. This can be done.

    The State of Maryland used to have a nearly perfect system that survived an electoral audit. Ballots were big, with big print, and votes were recorded by completing an arrow with a wide-tip, black marker. Then, the ballot was fed into a reader, which immediately rejected ballots with stray marks, and otherwise recorded the vote with a visible counter (just the number, not the actual votes). Totals and tallies were available within a half hour of polls closing.

    The state spent 92 million dollars to replace that system when Florida had problems with hanging chads. This was done against the recommendation of their experts. They replaced the system with a buggy touch-screen set-up that was demonstrated to be prone to fraud.

    I am sure the Maryland legislators were proud of their accomplishment. They DID SOMETHING in response to a problem that did not exist in their state, which allowed them to spend a lot of other people’s money, and downgrade the quality of their voting system.

  • feduptoo

    And yet, Obama keeps pandering to illegals, has allowed the rubber stamping of new Visas, and in 2009 allowed 1.2 million new Visa workers to come here.

    This on top of giving more and more of our money to foreigners, financing their oil drilling and building new refineries, banning our resources her….

    If anyone thinks Obama is working for US citizens, they are nuts!


  • Missy8s

    Never forget; Fascism, Progressivism, Nazism and Communism are all parts of the same voracious animal and they all lead to exactly the same place…

    Mass murder.

  • Sign of the Times

    I know this all too well being there is a tent “town” in the piece of woods between my home and the Rivanna River that runs through Charlottesville. My neighbor is having trouble with people using her outdoor shower. We hope it does not become large enough to qualify as a city.

  • Interesting

    Missy8 said, The reality is that MOST people who are “homeless” are there by choice not by circumstances.” Missy8 obviously did not read the article before posting.
    It says, QUOTE:

    The stark reality is that many of them are people who very recently lived comfortable middle-class lives.

    For them, the economic downturn came too fast and many have been forced to trade their middle-class homes for lives in shelters, motels and at the far extreme, tented encampments.


    This was the reality of Obama’s “change” some people believed in, and Missy8 may still believe in it, but I it is unlikely that the people mentioned in this article who “traded their middle-class homes for lives in shelters” believe in it any longer.

  • We shall call these encampments “ObamaVilles”, they are just like the Hoovervilles that sprang up during the great depression.

    Let’s make sure we give Obama the credit for these since he has spent so much time destroying the economy in order to wipe out the middle class.

    You can’t have a violent Marxist revolution if there is a vibrant middle class.

  • Gary

    well, two people beat me to the “Hooverville” comment

  • Militant Conservative

    #14 February 14, 2012 at 9:24 am
    Obama2012 commented:

    Bring it on boy!

    I find it ironic that white people die to end slavery but your black boy wishes to enslave

    ALL of us.

    You are an un patriotic thug. Must be why the predominate race in Jail is people that

    think like you.

    Powder is dry, come get some.

  • mike

    this is the link to the BBC report.

    Missy8,you are soulless…may god have mercy on you,child..

  • Duke

    Mike 28: I have been without full time work for over 3 years. At 58 years old it is not likely that I will work full-time ever again. I also have empathy for those in ObamaVilles, but this country is based on free enterprise and capitialism, and not the socialist model in Europe. As long as Obama is in office, our economy will not grow because of policies of unsustainable development and other marxist didactic narratives. It will take another Ronald Reagan to pull us out of the mess we are in. God helps those that help themselves, the nanny state will promise, but can’t deliver.

  • wanumba

    #14 February 14, 2012 at 9:24 am
    Obama2012 commented:

    Truth is you Righties fear Obama because he is an effective black-man fighting to right the wrongs of hundred years of oppression in America. You still have not figured out that when people say Obama is not black enough, they are not talking about his skin tone, but that he is not putting it to the man like he was elected to do,


    In West Africa, we are two hours from a country which has about 50% of the population BLACK SLAVES. Five hours from countries with 10-20% slaves. Probably 10-20% slaves or close to slaves in this country. An estimated 1.5 million children are on the razor’s edge between inadequate food and full-blown high-mortality starvation.

    THey look at YOU and say, “YOU are RICH, YOU are FREE, WHY don’t YOU HELP US?”

    And they are much “Blacker than Obama.” Bush helped make a new country in AFrica, Bush funded billions in malaria and HIV/AIDS to help AFricans survive but your, the ‘ Blacker’ Obama CUT it, ignores the needs.

    So, yeah, we’re not blind deaf and dumb to the destructive hatin’ desires of selfish navel-gazers who demand that Obama ‘teach ‘the man’ a lesson.”
    Think that will ‘fix’ the problem of hate?

    WHat’s the hell the matter with the so-called Black community in America that it is so self-centered bratty it has to PRETEND it’s got it worse than anyone else in the world? Seriously? Everyone else in the Third World thinks you have it like KINGS.
    So, what’s really going on? It’s easy and selfishly indulgent to lazy hate than to help others less fortunate than you?

    WHat the Black community COULD be doing with their WEALTH – and what they are doing instead with it is an unbelievable FAIL of self-discipline, moral clarity, mission, leadership and FAIL of fulfillment of greatness to their own ancestors who would be jumping to help other slaves if they had had even a FRACTION of the means and wealth their free descendents enjoy. Since when do you need someone to take care of you?

    WHitney Houston had a gift of voice and beauty that often isn’t seen in even two generations … and a $100 million fortune. She snorted it up partying. Do you know how many SCHOOLS she could have built and staffed to raise up a generation of AFricans with literacy? Ten thousand schools of 300 kids in each!! A roof, a chalkboard and chalk, and a solid curriculum and good teachers, some notebooks and pencils – that’s ALL they need to learn to read and write. She could have supercharged the human capital of an entire REGION, and still had PLENTY to live in a multi-million-dollar mansion.

    Nope … the focus is on want to smack ‘ the man.’ For no good purpose, just bile.

  • wanumba

    And the inconvenient truth is that Muslims own the slaves and brutally maintain the Black slave caste across Africa.

  • Buffalobob

    #1 “Can we call the Obamaburghs”? There were nitwits in the 80s that camped out in down town Tucson AZ with signs calling their dump Bush Ville. The local dem. progs thought it was great at first, then the unintended consequences kicked in, filth urination, drugs, crime. Hippies are hippies and they always will be.

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  • WillofLa

    And the last part is correct, and that is if this was Bush’s problem it would be all there was on the TV news. The reporters would be out at every camp just like they are with the Occupier’s encampments. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll bet there’s no rats, disease, rapes, dope use, murder’s, or the kind of filth we see even to this day at all the Occupier’s encampments! Not with these people because just like the Tea Party rallies, not even a gum wrapper is left on the ground after these middle class White people respectfully leave an area where they’ve been.

    These people who are forced to live in tents need to demand that the news people come out and look and learn who they are, more than likely they are White middle class people who had good paying jobs that either went to India or China, or weren’t filled after their former company laid them off. I’ve seen alot of that, where the company just didn’t filled those positions anymore.

    If you lose your home you can either live in the places like were described in the article or you can live in your car. There are thousands who are living in their cars, but the problem is they can’t just park and stay there. The cops come along eventually and make they drive off and go somewhere else. Then you have to take the chance that a cop won’t come along even earlier and run them off, or what alot of them do is they leave and drive around the corner and park there. The cops can’t throw you off your spot unless you’ve been parked there to long. The people just have had to learn about just how long they can park somewhere before the cops come.

    The cities must learn about the needs of the “homeless”, who are the new homeless who were middle class taxpayer’s who were paying property tax those cities don’t get anymore. Think about that. And that is what needs to become the issue that sooner or later there will be so many of these former property tax payers that the cities will reach bankruptsy that could have been avoided if Obama hadn’t forced the companies to go out fo business or go overseas to remain in business. The Democrats are the one’s responsible for this mess.

    And what did Obama say today?? He actually had the gaul to say all this economic hardship is Bush’s fault and that they didn’t know how bad things really were. What???? He’s been in office for over three years and do you mean to tell me he’s not done any of this mess, and it’s all Bush’s fault that Obama has had to take these kinds of economic changes to try to compensate for what Bush has done?? What?? Really????

  • Patty

    Obama writes a Dear Jobless Letter.

    Obama’s remodel White House

    Obama ask for 1.2 Trillion dollars more.

    GE and Immelt send Jobs overseas to China.


    Homeless believe that if Slavery can be abolish why can’t homelessness. My answer is because Obama doesn’t believe in America ingenuity, he can’t wrap his mind around Capitalism. The homeless just don’t stand a chance in H to ever get out from under while he is president.

  • wanumba

    #14 February 14, 2012 at 9:24 am
    Obama2012 commented:

    Truth is you Righties fear Obama because he is an effective black-man fighting to right the wrongs of hundred years of oppression in America. You still have not figured out that when people say Obama is not black enough, they are not talking about his skin tone, but that he is not putting it to the man like he was elected to do, no matter after 2012 he will get it right.

    Multi-millionaire Barack won’t even throw five bucks to his destitute half brother who is browner than he is. He’s “The Man” fat-cat nice suits, swank holidays, golfing.

    The only people Obama is ‘putting it to’ is the Black community. They any richer? He is. He’s personally REALLY richer and getting richer by the week, and passing the bills off to Black middle and upper middle class taxpayers for his expensive parties and vacations. He’s been hanging with multi-millionaires for two decades. Bill Ayers… who ISN’T rich that Obama hangs with? Even his spiritual pastor Wright lives in a million-dollar home.

    Look at those #OWS maroons. $60 a day!!! That’s chicken feed for sittiing around in the cold protesting … and no health insurance to boot. Can’t get more off the millionaires who support this socialism? Seriously? Sounds like the unions are not paying attention to a group that actually could use collective bargaining.

  • Latin2

    Did you know once they cleared that “Homeless” park in Sacramento they found drug needles and crack vials and pipes.

  • Papa Ray

    The author left out RVs and RV parks. Lots of them around the States. Some by choice but many more out of necessity.

    Elect anyone but Obama and replace all the spenders and liers in Congress.

    Papa Ray

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  • Dee

    The Pinellas Hope comment above is not quite accurate. Since I volunteer there, let me tell you our purpose. Pinellas Hope is ran by Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of St. Petersburg. The tents are used for overfill housing when the residential housing is at capacity. It is strictly for the homeless those individuals that would have lived on the street for months and years. We turned them away at one time and decided since it is warm here we could afford alternative housing needs. We have been operating since 2006. The objective is to transition them to jobs,scattered permanent housing throughout the county and counseling for emotional or substance problems. Pinellas County as a whole some time ago had people pitching tents in downtown parks but the county and law enforcement had to prohibited it because of health reasons. Two years ago the county agencies incorporated a plan by converting city property into transitional housing with counseling and job training for the homeless. We are leading the nation with this program (objective is to provide services and housing for the homeless) and other cities have visited the facility to try to incorporate the program in their areas.

  • Militant Conservative

    Jim Hoft redacted quite abit of information on this thread.

    He did not like the “tone” I was using with Obama2012.

    Seems Jim rolled over for PC speach and not free speach.

    Sad commentary but it is your show.

    When speaking to the race baiters its best to go ahead and lets rock.

    It allows thier inner hate to come to the surface for all too see.

    Besides, words cant hurt you unless you allow them too. I dont give that kind of power

    away to the leftoid terds. But I can sure beat thier backside like a drum.

    Carefull, I’ll make your editors learn latin. Spanish is too common.