Thanks Barack… 3 West Virginia Coal Plants to Close

Before the election in 2008 Barack Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle that he would cripple the coal industry and bankrupt coal plants.

Hear Obama talk about bankrupting the Coal Industry and raise the cost of Energy in America if elected. Still think the 0ne is going to cut your taxes? He plans to put over 100K+ people out of work and raise the cost of living for all of us.

Three West Virginia coal plants just announced they will close this year.
Metro News reported:

Ohio based FirstEnergy Corporation announces it will close three coal fired power plants in West Virginia by this fall. The closings come directly from the impact of new federal EPA regulations.

The plants to close are Albright Power Station, Willow Island Power Station, and the Rivesville Power Station. The company says 105 employees will be directly impacted.

The three plants produce 660 megawatts and about 3-percent of FirstEnergy’s total generation. In recent years, the plants served as “peaking facilities” and generated power during times of peak demand for power.

The plants operated under subsidiary Monongahela Power. Mon Power recently finished a study of unscrubbed coal fired plants in the system to determine the potential impact of the most recent environmental regulations from EPA. Company officials determined the EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) made it unfeasible to retrofit or continue operating the three plants.

“The high cost to implement MATS and other environmental rules is the reason these Mon Power plants are being retired,” said James R. Haney, regional president of Mon Power and president of West Virginia Operations for FirstEnergy.

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  • karra

    That’s where he want them – unemployed – hungry – cold – and anxious for the government handout he will provide.

  • mmmm ripping the foundation out from under this nation one block at a time….

    people can argue all day long if obummer is purposely trying to destroy america or just a leftard trying to implement his utopian view on whats best for america

    either way he’s be doing nothing different and america would still be getting its legs chopped out from underneath it just like whats happening now.

    you cant start choking the windpipe and still expect to breath, things will get worse

  • zooomzooom

    EXACTLY what he SAID he’d do.

  • USMC Thomas

    That SØBama bow to the Saudi king was no accident, America’s energy will be dependent on the whims of Middle Eastern mooselimb tyrants. There’s a payoff somewhere for this POSPOTUS.

  • StrangernFiction


  • StrangernFiction

    Thank you to all the good men and women here who have not stayed silent!

    God bless you patriots!

  • squeaky
  • shibumi

    WV voted for McCain. They have every right to scream at the 52%.

    As for the damage O is doing, well, I think PA is on the “destroy” list as well.

    Good luck.

  • Patty

    Obama is shutting down the coal Business

    Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Ohio) is denouncing the Obama administration and the Environmental Protection Agency in particular for imposing new regulations that have already forced six coal-fired power plants to announce plans to shut down.

    “That’s hard-working people who are going to be on the unemployment line and this is just ridiculous.”

    Johnson explains the different regulations that are at issue and why they are having such a significant impact. He also addresses the question of how his constituents and Americans in two other states will get their power and why President Obama and Senate Democrats have the ability to reverse this.

  • Patty

    Obama out to end Coal Industry

    This is the man who tells America he is creating jobs? In West Virginia alone, there are 50,000-plus coal miners. That doesn’t count miners in Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Ohio. For every coal miner who goes into a mine, there are multiple support personnel who help that miner get there. Someone builds equipment miners ride into a mine. Someone builds machinery the miner uses to mine coal. Someone builds trucks, rail cars and barges which haul coal. Someone operates those trucks, trains and barges.

    For all of this equipment, steel is needed. People are needed to make steel. Once the equipment is made, much of it is delivered to mines by truck or rail. Someone has to sell it, and someone had to buy it for the mine before a miner ever saw it. Miners spend earnings the same way the rest of us do. For every coal miner, there are probably 30 or more peripheral industry members. Coal is a multibillion-dollar industry and coal powers this nation. Period.

    Do you think Obama can’t destroy America’s coal industry? He’s doing it as you read this. Coal-fired power plants are being shut down by the EPA, Obama’s attack dogs. He has openly stated he doesn’t need Congressional approval to carry out his agenda points.

    Obama wants to kill America’s coal industry. In doing so, he will destroy our nation’s economy. If he is elected to a second term, and realizes his agenda, in a distant sense the Mayans might be correct. Our world “as we know it” will end. No more will America be the richest, most powerful nation in the world. No more will other countries look to America as a beacon of hope. America will become a wasted nation, while we do nothing except elect him to a second term and allow him to do as he pleases.

    The choice for now is yours.

    I doubt if any coal miners will vote for Obama

  • FedUp

    And why isn’t this domestic terrorist being impeached? I thought mr. Know-it-all is supposed to be a ConstitutionL scholar. He must have skipped Article II. We should apply section 4. I consider his actions to be treasonous!

  • maybe my neighbors to the west should think before voting for marxist………coal-fields provided a good living for some of the poorest areas …just sayin

  • Patty
  • Patty

    Obama lies to Coal miners in 27 states.

  • shibumi

    He cannot be impeached because the color of his skin.

    No matter what he does, no matter how he betrays us, he will NEVER be impeached.

    His skin color is a defense that cannot be defeated.

    Which is too bad, since I want this guy out of office.

  • Patty

    Coal industry needs to retrofit their plants, cost will be past on to the consumer. In the meantime because of his rules and regulations plants will shut down due to astronomical costs.

    Simple as that, Immelt, I wonder how much his pal as to do with this.

    We are suffering from taxes, cost of gas and now, what does Obama do, raise our energy cost too. And in the meantime thousands of jobs are lost. Who does that? Obama

  • Gort

    The 0bamanation regime of no energy for America at work raising energy costs to all Americans by closing down energy producers while providing non energy green energy programs that give kickbacks to his re-election campaigns.

  • #15 spot on……..thats the reason the marxists and communtists and socialists had placed him in power………….they knew the color of his skin would protect him ………………just sayin

  • FedUp

    As far as I’m concerned, the only people who shout ‘racist’ are racists! The rest of us aren’t. Too bad that those people have no substance to stand on,so they are reduced to calling others names. They are accusing others of what they are themselves. Sad…

  • WillofLa

    #1 Kerra,

    You are more right than you think. This is the reason why he is forcing the insurance companies to shoulder the burden of providing contraception for women who work for church organizations. Just think how much that is going to cost the insurance companies. Obama is trying to destroy the insurance companies and make the put all those women onto ObamaCare to pay for.

    #7 squeaky,

    Now think about what you just said. What do those coal plant workers belong to? They belong to a union, and that union must have something to do with the coal miners union to. That is a very powerful union and has been for many years. Obama has got something for those guys. He’s not going to let them die off with nothing to fall back on. He wants them on unemployment to, and probably force the coal plant to give them their pension to. Some of those coal plants were old and worn out, and were scheduled to close anyway and these may be some of them. We don’t know what all is going on. We the people are always kept in the dark on purpose.

  • Patty

    This is a bit off topic but I find it so perfect in a nation that deems to ignore Obama down falls and his upsetting the base. The base? they don’t care their love affair lives on and Obama will wash eloquently over all the radical policies, all the indecisiveness, all the trillions lost, after all he is their Messiah and they are choosing to resist the right. At their on demise:

    There is a lesson here that will undoubtedly be lost on Obama’s minions that scream and cheer at the DNC. Yes, they have been betrayed on the level of their deepest principles, but he will take to the stage, and he will continue selling his followers on the dream of the “windmill” — that perfect economic machine where the government sees to it that rich pay more, the poor get more, and everyone is happy. After all, that’s what the DNC is for, and why he’s courting these rich guys in the first place — to ensure that he can continue building it for the good of the whole. And that will be good enough for the indoctrinated, just as it is for the animals on Orwell’s farm.

    But the rest of us looking on know that there is no windmill, and there never will be for the same reason Orwell’s animals never see its completion. There exists an economic reality that believers in such nonsense overlook. A ruling body cannot administrate happiness. As our founders knew, the best a ruling class can do is allow individuals to seek it without trying to manipulate those individuals as one would the cogs of a machine.

    We can only hope that this truth holds more weight with voters this year than Utopian fallacies, and that reason can drown out the growling dogs in the media and the bleating sheep in Obama’s corner.

    Read more:

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    So, America, had enough yet?

    If you want more of this kind of lunacy, then your choice is simple: Vote for Obie in November.

  • Patty

    If Obama is re-elected I sincerely hope it won’t be the demise of America. More announcements of Liberal judges on the Supreme Court we could very well be done.

    His regulations are suffocating not just the Coal Industry but private industry. His confirmation on the rich have to much and the poor need more is insanity.

    The 50% Of Americans Who Don’t Pay Income Tax Will NEVER Be A Good Revenue Source

    Read more:

    Regulations are made every day, we are so unaware of this. The more there are the less productivity. Obama has stifle so many from producing the very necessities in life.

  • Patty

    We have an extremist in the White House, now, the choice is clear. I can only hope that others see the same.

  • Patty

    11 More Solyndras About to Crash – Obama Administration Says They “Expected” Failures (Video) WHO SAYS THIS WITH A STRAIGHT FACE

    There are at least another 11 Solyndras in Obama’s backyard just ready to crash.
    The Obama Administration said they knew that several of the companies would fail.
    They built in $2.4 billion into the program for potential failures.
    That’s criminal.

    Solyndra was not an isolated incident. There are several green energy projects that are going to fail.
    CBS reported:

    Solar panel maker Solyndra received a $528 million Energy Department loan in 2009 – and went bankrupt last year. The government’s risky investment strategy didn’t stop there, as a CBS News investigation has uncovered a pattern of cases of the government pouring your tax dollars into clean energy.

    Billions spent and lost, where is the outrage and where are the Republican Candidates on this one. Seems a sure thing like Coal is regulated to the hilt and now, Obama in his masterful way is acclimated Coal? AGAIN WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE???

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  • Granny

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. It was announced months ago that these regulations were going to cause the closing of more than 20 of the nation’s power plants. And that does not include the new power plant scheduled and approved for the Navaho Reservation by the Bush Administration that Obama nixed the day he took office.

    Expect rationing and rolling blackouts nationwide.

  • bg
  • bg
  • This is about control……………….what better way to control the people if you control the food-water-fuel…… the regime now controls the land that has the largest oil- natural gas resources…………..though the Ominibus Bill that passed May 2009………just sayin

  • bigL

    No more comprehensive bill and no mor Omnibus bills.
    This obama is not preserving protecting or defending the Constitution….

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  • Molon Labe

    Where in the constitution does the government have the power to do this? Impeach Obama, end the EPA, and get rid of thiose in Congress that support the tree huggers and econuts.

  • Mad Hatter

    Obama is the Hugo Chavez of the United States.

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  • jony101

    our problem is we pay politicians too much money, they dont have to worry about the gasoline price, or the heating costs.
    So higher prices for them is chump change (payed by the chumps taxpayer)

  • Samson Wright

    Gee, you’d think after all the coal money that Manchin got in 2010, there would have been a different result.

    The good news, Bam might be paving the way for the quick demise of the Dems in West Virginia! Heck, could even end up killing off the Progressives, entirely. I’m the guy always looking at the glass “half full.”

  • bobdog

    In other news this week, Canadian officials opened formal talks with the Chinese to ship them the oil intended for the Keystone pipeline into the US, recently scuttled by the Obama White House.

    America’s rail system is heavily dependent on shipments of coal, particularly in the eastern states served by CSX and NSW. Up to 25% of all rail traffic on these two railroads is coal.

    That’s not to mention the thousands of miners in West Virginia whose livelihoods depend on coal.

    Maybe these folks can all move to the Gulf and get jobs in the oil service industry. Oh. Wait a minute…there IS no oil service industry left in the Gulf states.

    Well, maybe they can get jobs drilling for oil offshore the east or west coasts. Oh. Never mind.

    How about drilling in northern Alaska? Oh…

    What if all these people just showed up at the White House all at the same time? Think Michelle would whip them up a nice batch of arugula salads and some bitter tea? Maybe if they handed out food stamps to everyone…

  • Glenn Koons, LB, Ca.

    It appears that liberal Dems and Bama do not think that legal energy entities which provide lots of jobs in many varied states have any reality nowadays. So, we have moratoriums on offshore and onshore drilling for oil, gas, shale and …coal. Plus of course, failing to deal nuclear energy until three days ago! So clean coal is evil. We don’t need electricity via coal but Solyndra types will do it. LOL These people are purely insane and inane plus they think private enterprise apparently is out of style . So they continue to dis legal energy sources, industries and huge deposits of domestic energy. It must stop by ousting Dems and Obama.

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  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    He is going to let us crash and he is setting us up for the Islamics to take us over….Jarrett, Jones, Axelrod, they all know it…why shut down NASA? Our space program? Selling our Oceans to UN? He sends a IRAN a drone..he shuts down our Poland defense shields…the military, our food is being controlled.. 259 USDA sites shut down…farmers grain raised 4x. He ignores congress..and they do nothing..I mean nothing. He is a true dictator. He just snaps his fingers and appoints people he attacks Libya..without congress..Holder does what ever they want! Lisa Jackson is shutting down all coal plants. The me generation hates Christians and despises anything GOOD like a balanced budget..or innovators they want an OPEN society..Sodom, bi..anything goes…indoctrinate our children and now they will control the internet and everything we do—immigrants ran to come to freedom and now we will become a communist country. The rich media, Hollywood and racists blacks did this to America –its a hippy commune…and anything goes…abortion, weird sex, freaks, pass/fail, cheating, no rules, give away our land, shut down truckers, farmers, dictate where a business can operate…raise gas sky high when we have our own oil. Maybe he was right we don’t need two TV’s…we are their, don’t think and give everything to the government. Do you think he killed Osama for America???? He did it for a hidden motive. This is by design. Everyday they do something else. Separate the constitution piece by piece……

    So many are leaving America ..they are moving to New Zealand, Canada..Costa Rica we are a sinking ship. The ones left behind will suffer. The atheists want ALL religion GONE so they feel no guilt for whatever they want …..its so sad. Canada tried to help us..155 countries tried to help us when the gulf spelled but he refused them..our men lost their jobs..our men lost their coal mine dealerships..truckers are being controlled, fishermen..Sears, Kodak, Hostess, American Airlines, Hawk Plane, JC Penny’s is hanging on…all being shut down. UNIONS are vampires the SUCK the life out of a business. They make you think the pay is good but the business cant make a profit due to high labor costs then they shut down! Thanks to democrats they destroyed everything GOOD about America. Our Republican congress does nothing! paper pushers! GOD help us.

  • dunce

    I have no sympathy for West Virginians, they have voted democrat for many years and elections have consequences, and as been pointed out, obama announced his antipathy to coal in his campaign. All the regulations put on coal mining had the backing of their democrat representatives in congress and the senate. Welcome to the food stamp slave camp.

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  • Gary

    Molon Labe#34

    Then why are you planning on voting for Obama?
    (comment 14)

    True colors shine through. I love it.
    Molon labe likes to challenge everybody else’s conservatism and call names like it was the schoolyard, but here you have it in his own words.

    He won’t simply stay home in protest on election day, making it one vote easier for Obama to win, but rather will proactively go out and vote Obama (to spite Romney apparently!).

    Molon Labe your conservative creds are revoked. Please stop posting on this conservative blog.
    But since I know you won’t, I’ll be posting this brilliant punditry of yours every time you post until I stop seeing your idiotic username.

  • aprilnovember811

    But he’s half black everybody. That’s all that matters. He’s the “First African American President.” He is all that matters in this country. No one else matters. That’s why they’re letting him destroy laws, businesses, healthcare, lives, banks, everything. He’s the “First African American President.” We have to be understanding of the Congress, after all, Obama is all that matters, their hands are tied. We have to let the “First African American President,” destroy our children’s futures, after all he is more important than them. We can’t find out his grades, where he was really born, nothing, because of is importance to a small segment of society. For appearance sake of course. He is the number one priority. Even more than those who’ve died because of him, like in Fast and Furious, the soldiers, the Navy Seals. They just don’t matter. But it will be ok. John Boehner and Eric Cantor will send him a letter no doubt.

  • aprilnovember811

    You are right about that, but I would think the devils in the media allowed them to be conned by him. They seem to think they need no electricity to run their propaganda mills.

  • aprilnovember811

    Someday history is going to ask why no one stopped him.

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  • bromelkr