Susan G. Komen Website Hacked After Withdrawing Funds For Planned Parenthood

** Please take time and thank Komen for the Cure for doing the right thing and defunding Planned Parenthood abortion services– HERE.

Komen website is hacked. (The Wire)

Leftists hacked into Susan G. Komen website last night after the organization withdrew its support for the Planned Parenthood abortion organization. reported:

Was breast cancer research and fundraising giant Susan G. Komen hacked? It appeared that way when Wednesday night, when those who logged into the sight were greeted with an unorthodox message, likely a result of their changing policies involving Planned Parenthood.

For the few that accessed the site around 12:30AM on Thursday, they were redirected from the regular site ( to an artificial site made by the hackers ( The job was so inclusive that even in search engines, you were only able to find the hacked site.

Taking a cue from Komen’s regular messages to would-be walkers of “Help women…”, the hackers instead changed the wording to “Help us run over poor women on our way to the bank.”

With Susan G. Komen hacked, it stands to reason that many people may wonder why, seeing as how they’re a powerhouse in the fight against breast cancer. As many may know, Komen has recently announced their decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood – a decision that has many former supporters shocked and outraged.

For the record… 91% of the pregnant women who visit Planned Parenthood have an abortion.

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  • Patty

    Pathetic losers doing what they do best. The issue is Cancer. The issue is not about abortions.

    Susan B. Komen has better things to do than accommodate baby killers.

  • olm

    This story, since it broke with the stoppage of funds, is driving me bat sh** crazy.
    Why should they give money to PP? why does one “charity” support another? and how the hell does the left get away with saying that only 3% of PP’s services are abortions? …………..our world is so screwed up.
    This story illustrates it in spades.

  • Patty

    You have a right, a choice. You run the risk of becoming pregnant if you have sex. Think about before you do, instead of being stupid. Take the necessary precaution and you won’t need an abortion. And if you do become pregnant there are adoption centers and many who can have a baby or wish to adopt will adopt.

    I really don’t understand the confusion. Stupid women, that is the only answer I see.


    only way to stop hacking is instant death…no questions asked…you did it you die….

  • Patty

    A woman’s hormone levels normally change throughout her life for a variety of reasons, and these hormonal changes can lead to changes in her breasts. Many such hormonal changes occur during pregnancy, changes that may influence a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer later in life. As a result, over several decades a considerable amount of research has been and continues to be conducted to determine whether having an induced abortion, or a miscarriage (also known as spontaneous abortion), influences a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer later in life.


    Most women in the United States are unaware that having an abortion increases the risk of developing breast cancer. The fact that abortion causes breast cancer has been nearly completely suppressed by the media because it is a politically incorrect issue. More than 30 studies have confirmed a relationship between having an abortion and the subsequent development of breast cancer. Since 1960 there has been a surge in the number of women developing breast cancer in the USA. Currently every woman in this nation has between a 10 and 12% chance of developing breast cancer.

    It maybe possible that abortions are a contributing factor for breast cancer. Some studies have indicated this.

    This maybe Susan B. Komen’s reason for stopping the funding. Great to me.

  • Patty


    These are facts that Planned Parenthood won’t tell their clients.

  • Dittogirl

    I always notice that the left holds everyone else responsible for their actions. If you are a poor woman and the last thing you want is to be “punished” by a baby, act accordingly! Several ways to avoid that..condoms and just saying no to sex are two solutions!

    The gall of people to expect others to pay for an abortion against their will or religious belief is insane! We have to get back to people taking responsibility for their own actions.

  • Patty

    For the record… 91% of the pregnant women who visit Planned Parenthood have an abortion.

    Lot of babies being killed. Lot of ignorant women who rather have unprotected sex for pleasure then kill the baby for more pleasure. Seriously, have sex then kill the baby. This is a convenience store. A 7/11 of sorts. Walk in an all your troubles are over. But in the process a human being just gets murdered.

    That is the disturbing fact in America. Women don’t what a baby because the can’t afford one.

    Not convenient, timing is wrong, whatever, but it isn’t wrong to kill? Someone isn’t listening in Sex ed classes or the teachers are just giving passing grades to students. Men have roles and responsibilities too. That is something that needs addressing, also.

  • bg
  • Patty



  • bg
  • Patty


    He is insulting my intelligence now. No firings just move around people. He needs to be prosecuted and locked up and throw away the key. These are leaders. They have an answer for everything. I do believe their time has come and went. Americans are FURIOUS. Furious with the incompetence and putting this loving family in a situation where they are suing the ATF for millions. Good Luck with that. I pray they get back at this government for their total ignorance and incompetence in protecting America.

  • Patty

    If it is getting cancer or an abortion maybe these women would give it a second thought, maybe.

  • Ben Hur

    Abortion > Cancer

  • bg


    The Negro Project

    link for a few more..


  • Greg

    Left gets really ticked when you try to interfere in their genocide on babies.

  • More Liberty

    In the end, this type of publicity is counter-productive to Planned Parenthood death squad corporation. What should happen now, is people should now start donating time/money to SGK Cure website.

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  • Louise

    I am still redirected to, regardless of what I type in. Is the “” site legit or not?

  • bg