Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama Thinks America Has Never Worked

Yesterday Barack Obama once again told reporters that America has never worked and that everybody has to do their fair share.
What a crock.
Rush Limbaugh commented on Obama’s nation-bashing today on his show.

RUSH: Late yesterday afternoon, this is in the Coral Gables, this is at a fundraiser, this is after Obama sang the praises of pond scum as the next substitute for oil.

OBAMA: We’ve gotta make sure that everybody’s doing their fair share. Everybody needs a fair shot, everybody’s gotta play by the same set of rules, everybody’s gotta do their fair share. Everybody’s gotta do their part! Everybody in this room, we are here, successful, because somebody down the road have not just thinkin’ about themselves, they were takin’ responsibility for the country as a whole.

RUSH: What an absolute crock! That is the exact opposite of what goes on. That is his translation of Karl Marx: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” This is absolutely full of it. “Everybody gotta do their part. Everybody in this room, we’re here, successful, ’cause somebody down the road was not just thinkin’ about themselves, they were takin’ responsibility for the country as a whole.” That is not what propelled this country! This country was propelled by rugged individualism and rugged self-interest, and it was made possible by virtue of the freedom this country offers its citizens thanks to our Constitution, founding documents, and Founding Fathers.

Now, this may be a fine line. Obama wants you to think that everybody that he deems “successful” is first thinking of government and then, second, thinking of government, and then the last thing they think of is government, and everything they do is oriented toward making the government better. And that isn’t true. Most people today are finding a way to avoid the government! Because of guys like Obama, most people are trying to find a way to evade the government. Because the government, run by guys like Obama, is an obstacle. It’s in people’s way.

Here’s the next sound bite.

OBAMA: We’re not gonna win the race for new jobs and new businesses and middle class security if we’re responding to today’s challenges with the same old, tired worn out “you’re on your own” economics that hasn’t worked. What these other guys are peddling has not worked. It didn’t work in the decade before the Great Depression. It did not work in the decade before I became president. It will not work now.

RUSH: Do you believe this? The country has never worked. Capitalism has never worked. America was not great until the New Deal, and then America plunged into the abyss again, and only is on the path to reclaiming its greatness now that Obama is replicating the New Deal by a factor of ten. Has he ever heard of the Roaring Twenties? Has he ever heard of the boom in the fifties and the sixties and the seventies? Has he ever heard of what happened in the 1980s? It never worked? This is the second time he’s said this in such a prominent way. Last time was when he made his speech, I guess it was in December, might have been January, the days run together so quickly now, in Osawatomie, Kansas, where he said, America, as founded, hasn’t worked.

For a country that has never worked – It sure works out well for community organizers.

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  • Patty


    Rules for Radicals

    “One of the factors that changes what you can and can’t communicate is relationships. There are sensitive areas that one does not touch until there is a strong personal relationship based on common involvements. Otherwise the other party turns off and literally does not hear….

    “Conversely, if you have a good relationship, he is very receptive…. For example, I have always believed that birth control and abortion are personal rights to be exercised by the individual. If, in my early days when I organized… neighborhood in Chicago, which was 95 per cent Roman Catholic, I had tried to communicate this, even through the experience of the residents, whose economic plight was aggravated by large families, that would have been the end of my relationship with the community. That instant I would have been stamped as an enemy of the church and all communication would have ceased.

    “Some years later, after establishing solid relationships, I was free to talk about anything…. By then the argument was no longer limited to such questions as, ‘How much longer do you think the Catholic Church can hang on to this archaic notion and still survive?’ …the subject and nature of the discussion would have been unthinkable without that solid relationship.” pp.93-94

  • Rush has it right.

    I remember during the 2008 campaign a Republican friend of mine said that she didn’t think Obama loved America. “I disagree with Joe Biden about everything, but he loves America. I can’t say that about Barack Obama.”

    I agreed with her then, and she has been proven right. Sad, but we as a people voted him in. Now we either correct our mistake or start the long slide towards collapse.

  • Patty

    1. The Purpose

    “A Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage — the political paradise of communism.” p.10

    “An organizer working in and for an open society is in an ideological dilemma to begin with, he does not have a fixed truth — truth to him is relative and changing; everything to him is relative and changing…. To the extent that he is free from the shackles of dogma, he can respond to the realities of the widely different situations….” pp.10-11

  • patman

    My dog had to push real hard this morning. But he finally “worked” his obama out and we bagged it quickly.

  • Patty

    Obama has been dumbing down America. He sings, He plays, He golfs, He vacations and the Celebrities are donating relentlessly. Have you ever wonder why he is so Arrogant. He is dumbing down Americans.

    Take the Occupiers:

    In this book, Rule for Radicals, we are concerned with how to create mass organizations to seize power and give it to the people; to realize the democratic dream of equality, justice, peace…. “Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.’ This means revolution.” p.3

    “Radicals must be resilient, adaptable to shifting political circumstances, and sensitive enough to the process of action and reaction to avoid being trapped by their own tactics and forced to travel a road not of their choosing.” p.6

  • billy sol

    RUSH, you’re wrong! America works . . . ..but, Ocommie never has! Right Clairebear?

  • Adi

    I think it is safely to say this is a clear example of Freudian projection.

  • Practical Jane

    To Tom, #2:

    Speak for yourself. I did not vote him in and neither did any of my family. Know why? I vetted him – myself. An afternoon of study revealed the Marxist that is Obama. If Americans were willing to spend the same amout of time vetting politicians as they spend picking out a pair of shoes we wouldn’t be in this Socialist mess. So, when you say “we voted him in” count me out.

  • Patty

    The Manifesto argues that this development is inevitable, and that capitalism is inherently unstable. The Communists intend to promote this revolution, and will promote the parties and associations that are moving history towards its natural conclusion. They argue that the elimination of social classes cannot come about through reforms or changes in government. Rather, a revolution will be required.

    The Communist Manifesto has four sections. In the first section, it discusses the Communists’ theory of history and the relationship between proletarians and bourgeoisie. The second section explains the relationship between the Communists and the proletarians. The third section addresses the flaws in other, previous socialist literature. The final section discusses the relationship between the Communists and other parties.
    We never work, I tend to feel we have never worked harder and Capitalism has made us who we are.

  • Patty

    Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama Thinks America Has “Never” Worked

    billy sol

    read title, please.

  • Patty

    Sorry, sol, I see what you are saying. 🙁

  • Patty

    Dumbed Down Americans voted him into office.

  • usamopatriot

    Dumba** Americans voted him into office.

  • Patty
  • Matt

    I guess it worked from the begging perfectly. Unless you were poor (couldn’t vote if you didn’t own land, abuse of workers, strike breaking), were black, a woman, Asian, a native American, a catholic, basically if you weren’t a wealthy white Protestant.

    I read obama’s quotes above, it’s just the same “we got to come together” rhetoric every president indulges in. Now suddenly it’s Marxism? Not a single one of you who has read Marx could believe obama’s a Marxist.

    This is who you trust for your commentary, a drug addict with no education. None of you know American history, none of you know a thing about political theory, and none of you can think critically.

    P.S. No I’m not a Marxist or any devivative thereof.

  • Patty

    #13 February 24, 2012 at 9:53 pm
    usamopatriot commented:

    yes, but my point is, Obama is dumbing Americans down. They are the ones who just don’t care and vote for the sake of voting. They don’t see what he is doing to our country. Yes they are the uninformed and Obama could tell them anything being the new founded celebrity he is.

  • Patty

    “Obama learned his lesson well. I am proud to see that my father’s model for organizing is being applied successfully beyond local community organizing to affect the Democratic campaign in 2008. It is a fine tribute to Saul Alinsky as we approach his 100th birthday.” –Letter from L. DAVID ALINSKY, son of Neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky

    Obama helped fund ‘Alinsky Academy’: “The Woods Fund, a nonprofit on which Obama served as paid director from 1999 to December 2002, provided startup funding and later capital to the Midwest Academy…. Obama sat on the Woods Fund board alongside William Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization…. ‘Midwest describes itself as ‘one of the nation’s oldest and best-known schools for community organizations, citizen organizations and individuals committed to progressive social change.’… Midwest teaches Alinsky tactics of community organizing.”

  • bg


    without Gingrich having redirected the country, i can’t imagine where
    we’d be by now.. most likely wearing tents and bowing to Mecca, which
    is exactly where we’re headed now.. *sigh*


  • Patty
  • Patty


    I am beginning to believe he is the best man of the four for this nation. He knows his history. And that is a definite plus.

  • Patty

    why is Obama being so arrogant? it is like he is saying, the heck with the elections. the heck with capitalism, the heck with the murder of our soldiers over Koran burnings. Something is amiss.

    Singing, have Aspen vacations, parties at the White House. Shaking my head. Again, Americans are not listening. If he gets his 5 years, and again his math is sketchy, we are done.

    20 trillion in debt by 2016

  • bg


    “A Disavowal of the pursuit of Middleclassness‘ , the heading read. While it is permissible to chase ‘middleincomeness’ with all our might, the text stated, those blessed with the talent or good fortune to achieve success in the American mainstream must avoid the psychological entrapment of Black ‘middleclassness’ that hypnotizes the successful brother or sister into believing they are better than the rest and teaches them to think in terms of ‘we’ and ‘they’ instead of ‘US’!”

    ~ Barack Obama (Dreams from My Father)


    [SELECTIONS from the paper “Problems Facing Our Socialism” by Barack Obama, Sr., the father of Barack Obama, Jr., published in the July, 1965 issue of the East Africa Journal, a paper which lays out the father’s socialist and anti-Western convictions, a discovery which I suggest reveals the “rosebud” of Barack Obama’s Dream’s From My Father. Obama’s paper is a critique of Sessional Paper No. 10 titled, “African Socialism and Its Applicability to Planning in Kenya” written by Tom Mboya’s Ministry of Economic Planning and Development.]

    Why We Reject Communism; June 11, 1965

    [Like many other leaders of new African nations, President Jomo Kenyatta
    has not found it easy to steer a middle course between East and West. His
    job has not been made easier by the activities of his own Vice President,
    Oginga Odinga, who admits that “Communism is like food to me” and has
    been trav eling through the countryside heaping Red-tinged scorn on
    Kenyatta’s ties with the West.


  • bg


    Patty #21 February 24, 2012 at 10:26 pm

    call me bananas, but i’ve been hearing him shout those things
    and a lot more as loud as he could way before his Selection..

    Barry has been involved with politics since he can remember, only he
    wasn’t on America’s side back then, nor is he now, which is part of the
    reason his background has been kept hush hush, but just try to keep
    in mind the fact that he is not alone.. and while his personal ideas may
    have been incorporated into the planning behind what’s going down,
    he was also well groomed for the role he’s been playing..


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  • Skinner

    Romney and the American voting public will flush this turd out of office.

    America is still not ready to be completely communist.

    And the better technology becomes, the harder it will be for the commies to control the American population.

    It was a lot easier for Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and FDR in their day.

    Not so much in 2012.

    Stay strong my American patriot friends on this blog, we shall win this year.

    And Act of Valor is SUPERB!


  • Ausonius

    Nice quip by Newt. Sad for us who drive though.
    barry is talking the way he is because he believes the media will be able to direct anger away from him and toward someone else. Why not, it worked 3 years ago. What else is he going to say though really? He knows he has, at every step, taken actions that have a cummulative effect of ramping prices up. His only chance, with the economy in the shape it is in, is to fool the people.

    OT: has anyone seen the stories concerning Romney and Paul collaboration?

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  • bobdog

    The fundamentals of economics and Obama always were complete strangers. Some kind soul should take Obama aside and quietly explain what “capital formation” really means.

    Capital formation doesn’t come from government. Government is a consumer of capital, not its creator.

    If we eat the rich, then everybody is poor, not equal.

    Folks, we have a functional idiot running this country.

  • bigL

    Obama acts like he has got it made!He acts like Harry Reid running in Nevada. FEw speeches, no debates or few, pretty much acted like he had it made.

  • Militant Conservative

    Heard this live and agreed w the Marxist analogy.

    I could not believe Obama said it. This is a

    Political ad in a nutshell. He’s done, the boy is just

    Trying to keep his ignorant base.

    Powder is dry

  • DeeDee

    I think he got his speech wrong. Communism and Marxism is what does not work. The sad thing is that people will believe all of his dribble because the media will say that O is right. I would like to see a teacher, just once, bring out the fact that until the Eastern Bloc nations left communism behind and embraced capitalism they were mostly all living in poverty (except the ruling class) and before that whoever was able to leave they mostly came to the US because they knew that here they could make something of themselves. This is just sad and scary.

  • the marxists say that capitalism makes people poor. that is a lie, there were always poor people. capitalism took more people OUT of poverty then any economic system in history. it made the united states and its people the most economically well off in the world.

    look at what socialism has done for the united states. its only economic contribution was to give the country with the greatest upward economic mobility in history a permanent underclass, the welfare state. it turned the inner-cities of the countries into permanent disaster areas. socialism was used by the left(cloward-piven)to destroy the inner-city family that has resulted in a social and moral breakdown that defines life in the inner-cities and will do the same thing to the entire country if obama’s policies are adopted on a national level. the only one that socialism lifts up economically is the ruling class. that is why the politicans love it so much.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    “… not just thinkin’ about themselves, they were takin’ responsibility for the country as a whole …”
    = = = = = =

    Actually, that WAS part of the mindset of Americans of earlier generations. They all HAD BEEN TAUGHT that with rights come responsibilities. Morality was TAUGHT in schools. They were TAUGHT that they had a duty to God, and to their fellow man, and their country.

    And, finally, they were taught that what they earned was THEIRS, and what some other fellow had was HIS; the Good Book –which was, at that point, actually referenced IN PUBLIC as a guide to ethical conduct– told them not to envy the other guy’s wealth.

    So, back then, feral packs of legislators didn’t roam the halls of Congress trying their damnedest to legislate wealth away from the successful on the pretext of “doing good works” with Other People’s Money. (They hadn’t learned, in those olden days, how delicious it was to punish your enemies, reward your friends, and take money away from those you envy — all under the guise of “compassion” for the “less fortunate”.)

  • jorgen

    everybody has to do their fair share.

    So, after having squeezed affirmative action to the max, he is suddenly against it?

  • tpartynitwit

    Rush is RIGHT!! Things were working fine in the 50s, 60s and 70s when the top marginal tax rate was 93%!! Bring it back!!

  • Slappy

    #35 February 25, 2012 at 12:58 pm
    tpartynitwit commented:

    Rush is RIGHT!! Things were working fine in the 50s, 60s and 70s when the top marginal tax rate was 93%!! Bring it back!!

    Yeah, because the American economy in 2012 is exactly like the American economy back in the 1950s, ’60, and 70s, right? Perhaps you forgot the unprecedented level of debt that exists today and reduces private investment, as well as the country now having a mature economy instead of the high-growth economy that existed back in the 1950s and ’60s and could sustain high tax rates with minimal impact on the enormous economic growth that occurred in the 20 years or so after World War II. The ’70s were a whole different beast because the high marginal tax rates were among the reasons why the economy had so many problems in that decade.

    While you’re at it, why don’t you also look at other economies around the world, which are in their growth stages and now economically compete with the U.S. but didn’t 40-60 years ago. This is part of the reason why we need to keep marginal tax rates low today — to remain competitive globally. Too bad the U.S. government didn’t figured that out awhile ago and drop the corporate tax rate to encourage increased levels of foreign direct investment. But, of course, your misguided attitude illustrates why, for political reasons, they can’t cut the corporate tax rate — or apparently prevent people like Obama from asking for even more tax dollars for companies and individuals in order to fund his big government agenda.

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