Well, why not?
The rest of the Middle East has gone to the Islamists why not pay for the Taliban’s office in Doha, too.

A report today suggests that the Obama Administration is paying for the Taliban office in Doha, Qatar.
Iranian Fars News reported:

Iranian Envoy to Kabul Fada Hossein Maleki underlined the US and its allies’ continued failures in the region, and said they have lost their reputation among the regional states.

Maleki pointed to the complication of the security situation in the region and the failure of the US policies, and added that Washington and its allies have sustained heavy damages and lost their political prestige among regional countries.

He emphasized that covert talks between the US and Taliban and the opening of an office for the militant group in Doha, Qatar, with Washington’s financial and political support show a stalemate in the West’s strategy.

Analysts are skeptical of the prospects of meaningful peace negotiations with the Taliban.




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  1. “Wow, this treason s**t is FUN!” — Barack Hussein Obama

  2. Wow…..you’ve really gotten to the point where you’re quoting the words of
    Iranian government officials on an Iranian government news organization….
    …….for truth?

  3. we should wait a bit before making any conclusions

  4. I definitely believe that O’s admin. is capable of something like this. However, this is from the Iranian propaganda press, so I doubt it’s true.

    Take away: Why does Iran want to get rid of Obama? He’s been pretty toothless with them. Why do they want him gone?

  5. It’s okay if it’s from a news source connected to the Iranian Revolutionary
    Guard if really WANT it to be true….

  6. And since it’s a major felony to provide any kind of support to terrorists or a terrorist organization, I would argue that this act constitutes grounds for Obama’s impeachment under “high crimes and misdemeanors”… not that it will matter to the Democrats, their operatives in the MSM, or the Republican Establishment whose only objective while in public office is to make “their good friends across the aisle” not hate them as much as they already do.

  7. Srsly…

    But if ABC Nightly News reported it — we can be sure it’s the truth.


  8. Well one thing is absolutely on the money: the Taliban have opened an office in Qatar with the support and permission of the Obama administration. Obama has accepted them as legitimate – otherwise there would be no “embassy” in Qatar.

    In that light, the Iranian press is probably also correct that we are paying for it too.

  9. He emphasized that covert talks between the US and Taliban and the opening of an office for the militant group in Doha, Qatar, with Washington’s financial and political support show a stalemate in the West’s Obama’s strategy.

    Wouldn’t this be more accurate?

  10. Iran is no friend of the Taliban and Qatar, not sure about this one.

    Of course wouldn’t put it past Barry Hussein.

  11. I have said it before and will say it again…time to eradicate the world of mooslime crap this breed is no good to anyone

  12. #4 February 13, 2012 at 3:23 pm
    shibumi commented:

    Not true, Satan (obama) will have no other evil before HIM.

    Read the bible, Obama is taking out all the lesser contenders.

  13. #8 B.J.S.

    No, it wouldn’t be more accurate.

    It would if our GOP were doing anything whatsoever to stop this insanity.

    But no, “the West” applies here, fully.

    Unless you want that phrase to mean “the People of the West”. Because our government is no longer of and by and for “the People”. As of a few years ago, “the West” means “the Government and it’s policy-makers”, nevermind what the majority of the lowly people want.

  14. This is paying more jizya with taxpayer money, he doesn’t think we are paying enough through our overpriced oil purchases that he insures we will continue to pay by killing the xl pipe line. As a good muslim he wants dead Catholics before they leave the womb.

  15. It’s important to facilitate the surrender and betrayal of America to murderous enemies in a convenient location.

  16. Here’s the thing; no way the Taliban would ever USE the office. They would always suspect that it is a trap to consolidate enough Taliban for America to take them out en masse. In addition, since they are NOT swapping spit with Iran, they would certainly believe that Iran would not hesitate to launch a mission on the office on their own, and hope to pin it on the Americans.

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