Rep. Allen West: Democrats Have an Appetite for Slavery (Video)

Florida Congressman Allen West (R-FL) explained to Greta Van Susteren tonight why he believes Democratss don’t promote economic freedom and love handouts.
They have an “appetite for slavery.”

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  • Yep

    He’s black, so it must be true….

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  • wanumba

    THe historical FACT is that the Democrats owned slaves, dragged the entire country into civil war to keep slaves and then acted sore losers and created an abusive and degrading system of oppression to maintain as much of the slave staus quo as they could, for decades.

    The truth of this transcends anyone person or time, but when an American speaks it, it should be taken with a basic respect for the dignity a human being deserves.

    How do all these hypocrites cry racist and peace to everyone else while being member of a political party with that much blood, abuse and violence in its past … and present?

  • Militant Conservative

    Jim this is my point by using the terms

    “boy” and others. Left is trying to define the

    Terms you can use by striping the right of the

    Ability to use language. PC is just self censorship.

    Please do not fall for this ploy.

    The left uses this all the time, Rush even has a

    Parody of Sharpton and Jackson singing MC

    Hammers “can’t touch this” cept it is

    ” can’t say that” get it? Language
    Is a weapon.

  • squeaky

    self interest always has a way of creeping into even the most well intentioned programs.
    [[Now in this time of unprecedented prosperity, we are in danger of losing the poor. What do you suppose the employee of the poverty industry’s reaction is? Not to exalt in the fact that poverty is being diminished but rather to worry whether their reason for being (and their jobs) will disappear.]] from 1999…interestingly, i used to refer to “poverty industry” under wiki that was a bit more detailed on who benefited from poverty and unless my eyes are off their write-up has been scaled back megaly.

  • Militant Conservative

    The left complains the hardest

    When they get nailed with the

    truth, Jim learn to wear the arrows with pride.

    Not trying to be nasty, just thought provoking.

    Powder is dry

  • 1RedBeard

    Nothing is quite as satisfying as seeing Col. West making liberals’ heads explode.

    He is quite right about the desirability of giving people opportunity instead of checks. My only issue with him is the notion that the federal government should be playing a role in enterprise zones and other opportunity-growing actions. That is for the states to do. The federal government’s only job in this regard is to get out of the way.

  • Ripped

    #4 February 17, 2012 at 2:45 am
    wanumba commented:

    Nice attempt to rewrite history, your comment takes Northern war propaganda at face value without considering that the South had solid legal, moral, and economic reasons for secession which had nothing to do with slavery. Even the name “Civil War” is misleading, since the war wasn’t about two sides fighting to run the central government as in the English or Roman civil wars. The South attempted a peaceful secession from federal control, an ambition no different from the original American plea for independence from Britain.

    In effect, the South was being looted to pay for the North’s early version of industrial policy. The battle over the tariff began in 1828, with the “tariff of abomination.” Thirty year later, with the South paying 87 percent of federal tariff revenue while having their livelihoods threatened by protectionist legislation, it became impossible for the two regions to be governed under the same regime. The South as a region was being reduced to a slave status, with the federal government as its master.

    Before the war, Lincoln himself had pledged to leave slavery intact, to enforce the fugitive slaves laws, and to support an amendment that would forever guarantee slavery where it then existed. Neither did he lift a finger to repeal the anti-Negro laws that besotted all Northern states, Illinois in particular.

    Slavery didn’t become an issue in the civil war until Lincoln a Republican decided to use slaves as cannon fodder because the north was losing the war.

  • Militant Conservative

    Saw interview of Col McSally. Her body language

    Tells me she is a liar, she’s a plant, don’t know or

    Care from which party. She’s a liar.

  • 1RedBeard

    Ripped, you bring up some excellent points. But (there’s always a “but”) the inescapable fact is that the “peculiar institution” of slavery weighed on the South like an albatross around the neck, and it was slavery that doomed the Confederacy.

    The reason the Confederacy could not get Britain to aid the cause was slavery. Lincoln craftily used this in constructing the Emancipation Proclamation, effectively making it impossible, for moral reasons, for Britain to join with the South.

    Of course none of this relieves the north of its unholy complicity in slavery, since the northern merchants were the ones running the Triangle Trade of molasses, rum, and slaves, getting rich off the misery of fellow human beings.

    And on the flip side, none of that foul northern behavior can excuse the Democrat party for its role in creating the KKK, and instituting decades of forced segregation and permanent substandard status for blacks. Today’s Dems are doing little better for blacks, by working as hard as they can to keep them dependent on government and weakening the black community’s social structure to the point that upward mobility is regarded as little more than a pipe dream. It’s insidious, and reprehensible.


    demoturds keeping all blacks as slaves still….slaves to free handouts…welfare…housing…etc…until people get off their A$$ES and do something for themselves this country will continue on a downward spiral

  • Ripped


    “And on the flip side, none of that foul northern behavior can excuse the Democrat party for its role in creating the KKK, and instituting decades of forced segregation and permanent substandard status for blacks. Today’s Dems are doing little better for blacks, by working as hard as they can to keep them dependent on government and weakening the black community’s social structure to the point that upward mobility is regarded as little more than a pipe dream. It’s insidious, and reprehensible.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    My point is that unfortunately some people believe the revisionist history taught in the public school system.

  • wanumba

    #9 February 17, 2012 at 7:41 am
    Ripped commented:
    #4 re wanumba February 17, 2012 at 2:45 am

    Nice attempt to rewrite history, your comment takes Northern war propaganda at face value without considering that the South had solid legal, moral, and economic reasons for secession which had nothing to do with slavery.

    Nice pompous bloviator try to change the subject. We are not discussing states rights pro and con. We are discussing the role the Democrat Party played in maintaining slavery.’

    The Democrat Party politially manuvered to maintain slavery, politically manuvered to admit new states expressly as ‘slave’ and ‘free states’ to preserve political power for slaving, so indeed slavery was a KEY dividing issue.

    The issue is the Democrat Party and it’s history of rapidly supporting slavery and the oppressive and abusive laws after to maintain power structures, including the violent and terrorist KKK.

    One has noticed the South has moved on quite well without it, but the Democratic Party seems to bitter cling to the same caste system-like worldview.

  • tadcf

    Allen West is just a bomb thrower. I never hear him talk in a directed logical fashion. He just throws out insults.

  • wanumba

    #10 February 17, 2012 at 7:57 am
    Militant Conservative commented:

    Saw interview of Col McSally. Her body language
    Tells me she is a liar, she’s a plant, don’t know or
    Care from which party. She’s a liar.

    Good instincts. I said also the other day the Dems are playing all sorts of games in AZ, so verify every claim (D) and (R) in their playbook can be interchangeable.

  • obfuscatenot

    #12 Spot on-
    Jeremiah Haralson(Black Alabama Congressman during reconstruction who was himself of real slave until 1865)warned of that exact outcome- a new form of slavery- IF the Democrats found themselves in control. Look where we are!

  • bear

    #15 tadcf, You demonize without addressing specific issues, in order to avoid those issues. If Mr. West is illogical and undirected, it should be easy for you and the other lefty, anti-Americans out there to refute the SUBJECT, rather than the MAN.

    If you are unable to intelligently address the issue(s), then stfu.

    If you demonize Mr. West, you must also condemn Bill Cosby and ALL blacks who have spoken for years on the same subject, with the same conclusions as Mr. West. With you as an example, lefties have never stopped choosing race-baiting over debate.

  • BurmaShave

    Allen West: “… and that’s why we are going to have another Conservative Black Forum in May.”

    Go get ’em , Allen.

  • bg
  • bg
  • bg
  • bg


    re: #22 February 17, 2012 at 1:57 pm bg

    Are Republicans the real racists?

    [When the King family sought help with getting Dr. King out of a Birmingham jail, Richard Nixon did not respond because he knew that no individual Republican could have any control over the actions of the racist Democrats in the South. Kennedy’s civil rights advisor, Harris Wofford who was a personal friend of Dr. King, made a telephone call on behalf of President Kennedy without Kennedy’s knowledge that resulted in Dr. King’s release. Kennedy was angry about the call because he feared that he would lose the Southern vote. History shows, though, that the call By Wofford eventually worked in Kennedy’s favor and is the primary reason so many blacks wrongly revere Kennedy today.

    In the arsenal of the Democrats is a condemnation of Republican President Richard Nixon for his so-called “Southern Strategy.” These same Democrats expressed no concern when the racially segregated South voted solidly for Democrats for over 100 years, yet unfairly deride Republicans because of the thirty-year odyssey of the South switching to the Republican Party that began in the 1970’s. Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” was an effort on his part to get fair-minded people in the South to stop voting for Democrats who did not share their values and were discriminating against blacks. Georgia did not switch until 2004, and Louisiana was controlled by Democrats until the election of Republican Governor Bobby Jindal in 2007. ]

    Were all of America’s Founding Fathers
    racists, pro-slavery, and hypocrites?

    [One of the most frequent tactics employed to discredit America’s Founding Fathers is to say that the Founding Fathers were all pro-slavery racists and hypocrites. Therefore, why should we care what their views were on any subject? African-American professor Walter Williams wisely explained the use of this tactic in these words:

    “Politicians, news media, college professors and leftists of other stripes are selling us lies and propaganda. To lay the groundwork for their increasingly successful attack on our Constitution, they must demean and criticize its authors. As Senator Joe Biden demonstrated during the Clarence Thomas hearings, the framers’ ideas about natural law must be trivialized or they must be seen as racists.”

    These people paint a false picture of the Founding Fathers and the issue of slavery. The historical fact is that slavery was not the product of, nor was it an evil introduced by the Founders; slavery was introduced in America nearly two centuries before the Founders. In fact, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay noted that there had been few serious efforts to dismantle the institution of slavery prior to the Founding Fathers.

    The Revolution was a turning point in the national attitude against slavery – and it was the Founders who contributed greatly to that change. In fact, one of the reasons given by Thomas Jefferson for the separation from Great Britain was a desire to rid America of the evil of slavery imposed on them by the British.


    In fact, based in part on the efforts of these Founders, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts abolished slavery in 1780; Connecticut and Rhode Island did so in 1784; New Hampshire in 1792; Vermont in 1793; New York in 1799; and New Jersey in 1804. Furthermore, the reason that the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa all prohibited slavery was a federal act authored by Rufus King (signer of the Constitution) and signed into law by President George Washington which prohibited slavery in those territories.]


  • bg


    re: #23 February 17, 2012 at 2:01 pm bg

    Black Slave Owners

    [According to federal census reports, on June 1, 1860 there were nearly 4.5 million Negroes in the United States, with fewer than four million of them living in the southern slaveholding states. Of the blacks residing in the South, 261,988 were not slaves. Of this number, 10,689 lived in New Orleans. The country’s leading African American historian, Duke University professor John Hope Franklin, records that in New Orleans over 3,000 free Negroes owned slaves, or 28 percent of the free Negroes in that city.

    To return to the census figures quoted above, this 28 percent is certainly impressive when compared to less than 1.4 percent of all American whites and less than 4.8 percent of southern whites. The statistics show that, when free, blacks disproportionately became slave masters.]

    More Buried History: Black Slave Owners in the US

    [In many instances, free black slave owners shared a similar view of slavery with their white counterparts. Slave owners of both races occasionally manumitted a trusted servant and in the same moment requested the sale of another slave. The act of freeing one or several slaves while others remained in bondage did not constitute a firm commitment against slavery, but a personal view which acknowledged that some slaves, through merit or hard work, deserved their freedom, while others were destined to be slaves until death.]

    The Truth May Inconvenience Our Perceptions

    [Indeed, I have a videotape of black historian, Dr. Edward Smith of American University in Washington D.C., in which he points out that at least 90,000 blacks served under arms in the Confederate armies. This long ignored, or silently suppressed fact is only now beginning to reach the public where it can help to alter our perceptions of the realities which existed in the Old South. It might be worth noting that in the Southern armies, black and white men were not segregated as they were in the Northern armies. They fought side by side with fellow Southerners. In support of this fact, perhaps you are not aware that the first military monument in Washington D.C. honoring black soldiers is in Arlington National Cemetery near the Custis-Lee Mansion. Erected in 1914 by Moses Ezekial, a Jewish Confederate who wanted to correctly portray the racial realities in the Southern armies, it clearly shows a black soldier marching in step with his white comrades in arms. It further portrays the trust that existed between them by depicting a black woman receiving a white soldier’s child for protection as he is going off to war. Somehow, this Confederate monument is never pointed out on the usual tours that you’ll get up there. Does anyone think they might know why?


    We must come to understand that slavery can come in many forms and under many names. It may still be of a physical nature, best represented today perhaps by imprisonment. What kind of a society imprisons 2 million of its people? Is not media propaganda, government indoctrination of our school children, and mandatory sensitivity training a form of intellectual or mental slavery? Can’t we become slaves to our passions, our fears, or any series of misconceptions and falsehoods on which we act? Can we not be legislated into slavery, or simply taxed into it? If many blacks recoil in horror at the thought of tens of thousands of black Confederates fighting and dying under the Confederate Battle Flag 135 years ago, it may just show the extent of their indoctrination, their alienation with the past, and the magnitude of the challenge Southerners face in ending racial hostility.]


  • bg


    re: #24 February 17, 2012 at 2:08 pm bg

    Slave narratives and Uncle Tom’s Cabin

    [Uncle Tom’s Cabin had a tremendous impact. The character Uncle Tom
    is an African American who retains his integrity and refuses to betray his fellow slaves at the cost of his life. His firm Christian principles in the face of his brutal treatment made him a hero to whites. In contrast, his tormenter Simon Legree, the Northern slave-dealer turned plantation owner, enraged them with his cruelty. Stowe convinced readers that the institution of slavery itself was evil, because it supported people like Legree and enslaved people like Uncle Tom. Because of her work, thousands rallied to the anti-slavery cause.

    Why Are We Tearing Down Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

    [Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written by a white woman as an anti-slavery tract because of her visit to a plantation and from meeting freed slaves. The book was very close to being a straight ahead manifesto on non-violent resistance. There were a significant number of literate and well-educated blacks in the American Northeast and in Southern and Eastern Canada and there were several black owned Publishing Houses where books were being published by freed slaves as they came north. American literature, published and written by black and white men and women in the late 18th until the late 19th centuries, was crucial to educating the white middle and upper classes on the evils of slavery, and played a key role in starting the American Civil War.]


  • bg


    re: #25 February 17, 2012 at 2:13 pm bg

    Out of America

    [E.G. Long: “Africa is a painful reality. Over the past 21 years, I have lived
    and worked in five African countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zaire and
    Nigeria. ..There is nothing in Richburg’s book that I could contradict. I too,
    experienced the horror, and hopelessnesss of that continent. I read ‘Out
    of America’ in one sitting… “

    Steve Wishnevsky: “This is the voice missing from the current race
    ‘dialogue.’ Mr. Richburg is a courageous writer and clear observer…

    His is an authentic voice and should be listened to closely. America
    is the only land where the descendants of Africans have anything
    approaching freedom and economic opportunity.”

    H. Luther: “So much of what you hear about Africa lately is from people
    who have never been there. People who want to romanticize what is in
    fact chaos and disaster… Richburg has written what he has seen, he
    has presented reality with great integrity. It is a must read.”]

    The Rest of the Story


    Segal also observed that: “White slaves from Christian Spain, Central
    and Eastern Europe”
    were also shipped into the Middle East and served
    in the “palaces of rulers and the establishments of the rich.” He records
    that: “All slavic eunuchs.are castrated in that region and the operation
    is performed by Jewish merchants.”

    Born Slave



  • bg


    re: #26 February 17, 2012 at 2:28 pm bg

    bit more of much more here.. 🙁


  • bg


    re: #27 February 17, 2012 at 2:29 pm bg

    Black Genocide

    “Several years ago, when 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster
    outside a pathology laboratory in Los, Angeles, California, some 12-15,000
    were observed to be black.”

    –Erma Clardy Craven (deceased)
    Social Worker and Civil Rights Leader

    The Negro Project

    Movie dumps ‘black genocide’ in Jesse Jackson’s lap

    [“Originally, when Roe vs. Wade hit the scene, the Black Panthers and
    Jesse Jackson said [abortion] was ‘genocide,’”
    Mitchell said, quoting a
    Jet magazine interview with Jackson in 1973.“ Jackson said, ‘If it is
    growing, it is living.’
    He had a very strong pro-life position. Of course,
    that’s before Planned Parenthood started cutting him checks. Then,
    all of a sudden, a ‘woman’s right to choose’ became a fundamental, civil


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