Thursday CPAC 212 Photos–

Here I am with Atlas Shrugs’ Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch.

Rick Perry works Bloggers Row.

Stephen Kruiser from PJTV interviews Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

Jim Demint stops by Bloggers Row.

“The Whistleblower” author Marinka Peschmann was promoting her latest book. Marinka will hold a book signing party at CPAC 2012 on Saturday. Evan Coyne Maloney from Brain Terminal was also in attendance.

Military mom hero Bev Perlson at dinner tonight with Andrew Marcus and Chad Longell.




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  1. Wish I could have been there-how refreshing to see people with class.Lately all I’ve been seeing are democrats and the joke in the WH.

  2. Luv Pamela G

  3. I would love it if Jim DeMint ran for POTUS.

    He is not an Establishment Republican.

    He’s an authentic statesman who cares deeply for our country.

  4. ++

    looks like you’re all having a good time!!



  5. awesome picture with freedom fighters pam gellar and robert spencer…all three of you do great work

  6. Nice pictures Jim.

  7. OT: Ron Paul singles out Santorum as not being conservative….
    Whatever one thinks of Santorum, does anyone view him as less conservative that Mitt?
    It seems strange for the supposed conservative Paul always seems to avoid attacks on Mitt (at least I cannot recall any that are as pointed as they seem to be on everyone else).
    It makes one wonder if he isn’t the spoiler for Mitt.

  8. Glad to see Ron Johnson and Rick Perry! Man, now that would be quite a ticket!

  9. You’re in good company, Jim. I see you’re having a good time. But do watch out for the knotheads in the Occupy mob.

  10. Ever so slightly OT…
    In a radio interview with Hannity, Andrew Breitbart and Tucker Carlson talk about their dinner with domestic terrorists and Comrade Barry BFFs, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn:

    Fantastic stuff.

  11. Jim…… Great to see that everything is going well at CPAC…. When you return, I’d be glad to to give you a crash course in Photoshop…… Those pics need some work!


  12. Nice photos. Regarding Pamale Geller of Atlas Shrugs – I will post it here in hopes she might come across it – because I can’t easily post it on her current blogsite – but it is purely a technical issue. For some reason – and I know I don’t have the fastest internet connect speed possible – but every other blog loads quickly or within reasonable time – but Atlas Shrugs – for some technical reason – takes forever and a day, which makes it difficult to go to and often times, when I’m limited on time, have to pass over for the day – which is unfortunate because I like reading what she has to say. So if she is reading this blog and comments, or someone on her staff, is there any way her blogsite can be technically adjusted to download just a wee bit faster. Not complaining, just saying, that’s something that keeps me from going there daily, and might keep some others away too, is the slow speed for it to download. (Or maybe, it’s popular enough, it’s slow if too many are accessing at the same time, but then might need an upgrade to a larger server, don’t know, am not a computer technical person?)

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