Obama Campaign National Co-Chair Admits Giving Students Credit For Volunteering to Elect Democrats

It’s an Obama world.

In November 2011 Loretta Harper was awarded All Star of the Week for her dedication to the Obama Campaign.

Today Loretta Harper of Las Vegas was named a national co-chair of the Obama 2012 Campaign.

The Obama campaign appreciates her hard work.
Part of that work includes giving high school students credits for volunteering for democrat campaigns.
Write on Nevada reported:

We’ve had public schools teaching kids to literally sing President Obama’s praises, so why not take a more direct route and put those kids to work?

Loretta Harper of Las Vegas is a newly named national co-chair of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. …

Harper, 58, is a counselor at Desert Pines High School. She’s also a member of the Board of Directors of the Nevada State Educators Association.

During the 2008 Obama campaign, when he won Nevada on his way to the presidency, Harper said she got more than 100 students extra credit when they volunteered to help elect the Democrat. (Emphasis added.)

No word on if Harper, who makes $74,000 a year plus benefits, plans to expand outreach “efforts” like this nationwide now that she’s a co-chair of Obama’s re-election campaign, but if you’ve got “free labor” available, why not take advantage?

As Write on Nevada clarified in their post, Harper gave students credit not extra credit for volunteering for democrats.

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  • Cee

    It makes no difference whether it was for “credit” or “extra credit”; it was inappropriate, and she should be disciplined.

  • Let me guest here and say Miss.Harper belongs to a teacher’s union..

  • She could eat squash through a Pickett fence….

  • That should be guess not guest….that’s what happens when you try to do two things at once.

  • democraps suck

    Again it wouldn’t be a WHITE teacher that would do that…what a crock of crap…affirmative action ozero going down

  • RKflorida

    Another lovely to look at liberal.

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  • Truth teller

    I could use her oral choppers to dig a trench in my yard

  • What is this teaching our kids??? If the child, that is being USED BY THE TEACHER, agrees with the teacher on her political beliefs then they will be rewarded but if the child disagrees with the teacher then the child gets…… a bad grade possibly or whatever she wants to do to them??? WOW! I think this is wrong and the teacher should receive a reprimand for sharing her political belief while in the classroom in the school. There should be NO credit whatsoever given to STUDENTS for a political view. This is a personal opinion.

  • #8 Truth teller: Lol.

    Most kids have very pliable minds and Ms. Harper is using this to her advantage. Will anyone call her on it? Maybe, but probably not. Well, unless Sharron Angle is the mother of one of these kids…

  • JimmyT

    The administration and school board are the ones who should be looked at in this situation. She couldn’t do it without their approval. This is why school board elections are so important to the future of this country.

  • if she was a good teacher her students wouldn’t even know what her political beliefs were. her and any other teacher that does this should be fired.

  • No one can doubt her teeth.

  • owl

    Do we happen to have any ELECTED officials in DC on our side?? How about lawyers? They slap lawsuits faster than the speed of light all over Repubs, crosses, Christmas trees, signs, and in general anything they do not want said out loud, and our side can not find a way to return the favor????????????????

    I am so sick of our ELECTED and GOP being the dumb kids on the block. We had such a good shot if our elite and dumb bums had taken that 2010 election and run with it. Heck no. Boehner played golf. They did not stand their ground.

    Why not let all those Union teachers send in the kids? Who is to stop them? We have zip. Zero. Nada. We have our ELECTED leadership and a bunch that need to be hung by their thumbs. Not all. We have Issa, Inhofe, King, Bachman, Ryan, West, a bunch of newbies and several more. We need the ones at the top to get the message. Fight these thugs and if you can’t, step down and put in someone that will.

  • WillofLa

    And this is just another example of how Democrats cheat to get into office. And I still say that more than half, maybe even three forths of Democrats in office shouldn’t be there, Republican’s should be, or even conservative Democrats. And I know, that’s an ?aximoron?, what is that word? it means one thing negates the other thing when both are supposed to be the same, neither one is like the other. Anyway, we are looking at someone who will get to keep her damn star, like somekind of first grader getting a star for making a good letter on their paper. She deserves to be put in prison for fraud, campaign violations, or something. Obama needs to have this offence added to the already loooooong list of criminal offences he is actually legally guilty of actually committing. I have verified this through my Congressman, Obama is guilty of committing many crimes. I asked him, ” Then what are you waiting for, have the man arrested!” He wrote me back and said, “It’s not the right time yet.”

    Well, at least then, there’s hope. There’s some “hope” for you!

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Loretta Harper’s actions are on a par with her looks (I’m not sure, but I think I saw her sister behind a desk at the DMV).

    If I had a kid at the Desert Pines High School, I’d be worried. Teachers and councilors like this do nothing less than poison fertile minds, and insure the demise of this Country.

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  • twolaneflash

    Her teeth and skin color are off limits and out-of-bounds, and have nothing to do with the awfulness of her brain-washing children to become socialist Democrats. Using a student-pay system to bribe children to be useful tools for the left is academic extortion and should be punished harshly. Liberalism is a disease, and Loretta Harper is a carrier, purposely infecting the young, ruining them for life. Fire her, for the children.

  • madtntaxpayer

    Bucky Beaver goes to Washington.

  • Steven

    Maybe she can take some of the big bucks she makes to the dentist! If those chompers were shortened about 2″she would be able to close her mouth.

  • Steven


    Color, no. Teeth, yes. Her’s are huge.

    Teeth are not racist.

  • Steven

    GEEZE! If you had a set of those, you wouldnt need to buy any wire cutters.

  • kato

    The hat trick:




    The three reasons why so many American cities are sh-tholes. Also the three reasons why she’ll only get a slap on the wrist, if that.

  • Steven

    Naaa. She will be invited for a beer summit. No need for a bottle popper in the house.

  • Mitch Rapp

    And we wonder why our schools are sub-standerd, teach kids to be dumb and worthless? And then you go from here to the Universities where the Professors are as bad, if not worse.

  • Steven

    #8 February 22, 2012 at 5:27 pm
    Truth teller

    Good One!!!! LOL!!!!!

  • Steven

    She probably didnt teach them how to read or write so she had to give them credit’s for doing something.

  • Jackson

    She looks like an Obama type….teeth and all.

  • Valerie

    Lot of unfamiliar names here today, focusing on this woman’s appearance instead of what’s important, which is her unethical actions.

    Are they all Obama supporters?

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  • Moemoe

    She is like a drug dealer, getting the next generation hooked on the Liberal cause. She should be treated as such. Crack or government handouts, either way she is destroying the dreams of these kids.

  • Voice of Reason

    Modus operandi for the Democrats. Offer rewards for voting for them. Classic liberal mind tricks. Bread and circuses.

  • wanumba

    #29 February 22, 2012 at 9:51 pm
    Valerie commented:
    Lot of unfamiliar names here today, focusing on this woman’s appearance instead of what’s important, which is her unethical actions.

    Are they all Obama supporters?

    Noticed that, too.

    But this woman should have been fired, it’s probably not the ONLY thing she’s done … except TEACH a real SUBJECT that kids NEED for ANY sort of continued academic success, like MATH.

    To say the school didn’t know is naive. The entire system supports this sort of manipulative political crap, it does NOT support genuine academics for achievement for college OR trades. Complete FAIL.

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  • Atlanta Media Guy

    If Obama gets another four years in ofice, his brown shirt followers just might be the kids this awful teacher teaches.

  • The face of what is wrong in America. Corrupt Black Incompetant Democrat…….. Jus like Obammy (and Holder and Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson Jr. and ……………) Would some one please flush the toilet in November 2012 and rid us of this stink.

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  • Patty

    Slave labor, youth will do almost anything for a teacher. Their minds are opened to so much as they haven’t been influenced by all the world’s problems. And least of all, Obama’s failures. Don’t if he gets criticized, often.

    They simply will do pretty much they are told by their teachers. But Loretta Harper is shameful, slaving out the children. Using the for political gains? This is not CHILD ABUSE but it could be called a form of it.

    100 students and all the parents agreed. I BLAME PARENTS, ALSO. This is where Charter or Private schools may be better and even best would be home schooling.

    Seriously, if I were a parent I would call an attorney and see what I could do to have this slavery stop. She was or is Counseling these kids. Then Awarded for her extraordinary work for OBAMA?

    I would definitely get her out of the Education System and Quick.

  • Patty

    doubt if he gets criticized often


    Not “DON’T”

  • Patty

    Defining the Federal Role in Education

    Most Americans are aware of the depreciating quality of public education in this country. However, as this trend continues downward in relation to American students’ education quality compared with foreign competitors, solutions must be sought. The need for immediate reform is further supplemented by the upcoming debate over the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), says the Hoover Institution.

    Generally speaking, lawmakers will be forced to choose between three broad courses of action:

    Continue the trend of increased federal involvement in public education (No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, etc.).
    Decentralize control over public education back to the states and local governing boards, thereby harnessing the benefits of federalism.
    Opt for a fundamentally new approach to education, taking advantage of the benefits of federalism while engaging the market-oriented gains from choice.

    This first option is not particularly attractive. Many years of increased federal involvement in education, reaching their peak during the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations, have yielded minimal returns. Even those programs targeting specific populations such as low-income neighborhoods and underperforming schools have produced disappointing results.

    The second option, which represents a return to pre-modern education policy in which the process was almost entirely guided by local governance, also has questionable benefits. This sort of devolvement often leaves education at the mercy of self-interested institutions on the local level that, without federal oversight, distort incentives and take advantage of the system.

    The inefficacy of these programs underlines the need for foundational change to education policy that incorporates the benefits of federalism with the advantages of choice.

    Twenty-five percent of parents report moving to a given neighborhood to gain access to a certain school, 11 percent pay for private school, 15 percent enroll their children in parent-selected schools, and 6 percent enroll them in charter schools/homeschooling.
    This means that more than half of all parents participate in some form of school choice.
    Long waitlists at parent-selected schools suggests that demand for school choice currently exceed supply.

    This form of choice should be expanded so that parents can vote with their feet on good schools. Federalism should augment this process by ensuring that federal/state funding follows the student — not the school.

    Source: “Defining the Federal Role in Education,” Hoover Institution, February 2012.

    For text:


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  • madtntaxpayer

    Unfamiliar names here??? Yes, and well deserved. After awarding .5 (POINT FIVE) graduation credits to the students “volunteering” 60 (SIXTY) hours each for her community organizer hero who heard of this audacious accomplishment , she gladly accepted a “Co-Chairman” position on Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. That my fellow citizens places her into the national political arena, opening her up to public square/online scrutiny, ridicule, cartooning, etc since she earned this recognition for her unethical behavior as a public servant on the taxpayer payroll. This is the type of person who fits perfectly into the Obama/Chicago political mold. I am surprised the good citizens of Las Vegas and Clark County (conservatives, libertarians, independents, moderate democrats) have not demanded her firing. Like it or not, the unintended consequences for Ms Harper’s behavior is the glare of the national political spotlight.

  • Patty

    Spreading the Wealth to his supporters and his base. Simple as that. Give to them and you get exactly what you want. Then give them money to continue his propaganda.

    Remember if he has a second term there will be no other elections he needs to worry about AND WATCH WHAT HE AND HOLDER DO NEXT.

    We won’t recognize America. Please vote him out of office. America’s Freedoms are at stake.


    typical libtard, and she gets away with it???????????????????????

  • Patty

    In July, Rep. Allen West (R-FL) called Wasserman Schultz the “most vile, unprofessional and despicable member of the US House of Representatives.” While Kaufman says he wouldn’t use those exact words, he says that he hears the same thing from many of her constituents.

    “People hate her rhetoric, and they distrust her,” he said, adding that if given the choice between standing with West or Wasserman Schultz, he would choose the former, calling him a “strong leader.”

    “Debbie Wasserman Schultz tries to tell the public things that aren’t true,” he said. “It’s a major problem with her – people know she’s lying.”

    “For example,” he said, “she goes around the country making false claims, like Obama has created 2.4 million jobs, but Obama lost 800,000 manufacturing jobs.”

    “In her own district, the rate of unemployment is 10 percent, and store owners have had to lay off workers,” he added, saying that many shopping centers in the area “look like ghost towns.”

    He says he would like to ask her: “Where are the jobs?”

    Moreover, he adds, “people take offense at her rhetoric.”

    As for Wasserman Schultz’s admiration of the anti-capitalist Occupy movement, Kaufman says he would like her to answer “if there is anything positive about socialism and communism.”

    Kaufman, a Jewish Republican, says he is appalled at her position on the state of Israel, and says that he heard the DNC boss say “there are parts of Israel that are not important” the day after Obama called on Israel to adopt its pre-1967 borders.

    “People in the audience were stunned when she said that,” he said, noting that the district is “one of the heaviest Jewish districts in the country.” Many of those present, he said, were Jewish seniors.

    Continue reading on Examiner.com Joe Kaufman: Constituents hate Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s rhetoric, lies – Spokane Conservative | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/conservative-in-spokane/joe-kaufman-constituents-hate-debbie-wasserman-schultz-s-rhetoric-lies-1#ixzz1nEJtimOH

  • Blue Hen

    So this person whores out her job to scrounge volunteer labor for the Dear Leader and it translates into a payoff personally. Yeah, that’s the Chicago way.

  • donh

    Note the palestinian Yassir Arrafat pattern scarf she wears…Same one Van Jones wore at his 9/11 vigil.

  • Jim

    My God! That is one exceptionally ugly woman!

  • Fina Biscotti

    It is INDOCTRINATION. She did not “teach” these kids ANYTHING.

    MINORS and Illegal Aliens are OFF-LIMITS for campaign activities.

  • Fina Biscotti

    Here is information – relating to what “Patty” posted –

    from Joe Kaufman – who is the Republican candidate – running against Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz:

    P. O. Box 96616
    Washington, D.C. 20090

    It would be a good punch in the head to Obama – if Republican Joe Kaufman – was able to unseat Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – who obama chose as the DNC Chair – because of her combative behavior – and in all actuality – her willingness to LIE to DECEIVE the American people about Obama and Obama’s record – and her willingness to hide the damage caused by Obama and the Democratic Party wrecking havoc upon our country and the American people with their RADICAL Aganda – as what we have witnessed in every interview with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – one of he most deranged members of the Democratic Party.

    Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is also known in Washington, DC – as “little” Nancy Pelosi.

    When Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was pretending to be the “victim” in the matters with US Congressman Allen West – calling her out – that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and other Democrats were trying to deceive the American people of her “innocence”,

    what the General Public did not know = DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Nancy Pelosi – for Several Months – were sending out letters and emails around the country – soliciting money for the DNC by VICIOUSLY trashing and using FALSEHOODS against US Congressman Allen West.

    What occurred in public – was US Congressman Allen West STANDING UP for AMERICA and himself – against he long-time battle of what was occurring under the radar – w/ DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her inappropriate VICIOUS conduct with Nancy Pelosi as members of the Democratic Party.

  • Fina Biscotti

    We should bombard DESERT PINES SCHOOL – and the SUPERINTENDENT of the SCHOOL DISTRICT – w emails – to have Loretta Harper disciplined and/or fired – for using minors in campaign activities.

    Harper was a “counselor” at the school.


    Loretta Harper of Las Vegas is a newly named national co-chair of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. …

    Harper, 58, is a counselor at Desert Pines High School. She’s also a member of the Board of Directors of the Nevada State Educators Association.

    During the 2008 Obama campaign, when he won Nevada on his way to the presidency, Harper said she got more than 100 students extra credit when they volunteered to help elect the Democrat. (Emphasis added.)


    Did she subvert getting authorization from the parents – to use their children as PAWNS for campaign activities?

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  • Ron G

    She as a counselor of blk kids is apparently teaching them the KEY skill necessary to succeed, vote your daddy democrat and get your check!