Notre Dame Tells Obama: HHS Mandate Is a ‘Grave Violation of Religious Freedom and Cannot Stand’

Members of the Notre Dame faculty sent President Obama a letter declaring the HHS mandate is “a grave violation of religious freedom and cannot stand.”

Too bad they didn’t see this coming when they decided to invite and honor the most radical pro-abortion and pro-infanticide president in US history to speak at Commencement ceremonies in 2009.


CNS News reported:

Twenty-five Notre Dame faculty members–led by the university’s top ethics expert, and including some of the school’s most eminent scholars–have signed a statement declaring that President Barack Obama’s latest version of his administration’s mandate that all health insurance plans in the United States must cover sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives, including those that cause abortions, is “a grave violation of religious freedom and cannot stand.”

The statement—put out on the letterhead of the University of Notre Dame Law School–is also signed by leading scholars from other major American colleges and universities, including Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Georgetown, Brigham Young, Yeshiva and Wheaton College.

Prof. Carter Snead, a professor of law at Notre Dame, was one of the lead organizers of the statement, which was published on his official law school letterhead. Notre Dame’s top ethics expert, Snead serves as director of the university’s Center for Ethics and Culture, a position to which he was appointed by Father John Jenkins, the president of Notre Dame.

In 2009, Father Jenkins awarded President Barack Obama an honorary Notre Dame law degree.

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  • Jim W

    These are “scholars” who did not recognize a con man. Not a sterling add for their respective universities.

  • Matches Malone


  • jony101

    obama will file the letter in the trashcan…….

  • Me

    Disregard obamacare. It has no legal validity and is to be ignored. It is not civil disobedience because its not a law. It’s an extortion attempt.

  • CV1

    “Sucker” is absolutely correct!

    Any Notre Dame official who arranged for Obama to speak there is as dimwitted as any voter who voted for the man.

  • Multitude

    Isn’t Obama working on shutting them down, along with the other for-profit colleges and universities he says are scamming students and student loan providers (aka the government, which seems to be easily scammed on a regular basis while earning 200% the pay, as Fannie and Freddie can attest).

    If you look at the top 15 universities by their endowment mountains of cash, Notre Dame is ranked #14, sitting on over $6 billion in money. Why can’t that be used to pay down the debt? Why are they charging so much for tuition? They could make tuition free for thousands of students for a long time with that kind of money.

    Grubby, greedy, 1% profiteers.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “Father” Jenkins excommunicated himself the moment he endorsed the infanticide president with an honorary degree. These are the men who emboldened Obama. These are the men who would rather deny Christ than deny the black fraud.

  • Sasja

    I guess the Catholics, and Notre Dame, didn’t know about his stance on abortion and, specifically, infantacide. If they did, it did not matter since they saw fit to invite this devil into their midst. If this were not a Constitutional issue, I would be of a mind to tell them to suck it up. Now I find myself having to stand up for what I consider a morally bankrupt religion.

  • CV1

    Saja — Why is the “religion” morally bankrupt? Do you think Notre Dame represents all of Catholicism?

  • Sasja

    I don’t agree using Notre Dame’s funds for paying down the debt. The Church in general, is very wealthy. The Vatican is loaded.

    What I have a problem with, is the money not being used to help their poorest parishes throughout the world, as well as those who are trying desparately to help the truly poor in other countries. I often wondered how much financial support was given Mother Teresa in her quest to ease suffering.

  • just-saying

    They covered up the cross and other historical symbols of Christianity to get Obummer. NOW, they complain. Bunch of losers!

  • Sasja

    desperately. There, fixed it.


    New Notre Dame Fight Song –

  • nana

    As a devoted Catholic, 39% approval rating among the Catholics is still high. I am expecting 25% and lower, I guess there are alot of Catholics who are not getting the message????Obama is anti-Catholics!

  • Buffalobob

    There is a sucker born every minute, and on the universities they are born every nanosecond.

  • Highlander

    Elections have consequences don’t they? All the liberals in the Catholic Church who voted for Obama should have thought about this BEFORE they cast their votes for him. Did they really think he was going to be a moderate President? If so, they’re a bunch of real idiots …

  • StrangernFiction

    Useful idiots

  • Blackbird

    It probably should have been a hint of what they were inviting across their threshold when they had to cover up the Crucifixes and Crosses before he would come in for that commencement speech.
    But now that we are here we must hang together or we will hang separately, one by one. They have my total support right now.

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  • notre dame is nominally a catholic school. there are few if any religious that teach there. almost fifty percent of the faculty is non-catholic and faculty hired in the last twenty years are about seventy percent non-catholic. this is not an accident, it is a deliberate attempt by liberals in the church to destroy the religious affiliation of the school. a few years ago the faculty senate isssued an opinion that the school should not let its religious affiliation interfere with its academic pursuits.

    several years ago while i was there for a football game i asked a student if they had any religious instructors. the girl was a junior, she thought a while and then said she could recall one. she was a religion major.

  • SC88

    Can they take back the honorary degree? That might get Bambi’s attention.

  • JenBee

    Nice to see Brigham Young and Yeshiva join the Catholics in voicing their opposition to this decree. It will stand until the muslims get on board; we all know they are the only ‘religion’ in the world that gets any respect; let’s see one of their institutions be forced to participate in this decree, and then they’ll threaten riots, violence, fatwas, death threats, etc. THAT will get some action.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    What are the chances they’ll still vote for the guy come November?

    Or more importantly, what are the chances that in future elections, they’ll still vote Democrat?

  • American Woman

    In 2009, The University of Notre Dame allowed Obama to speak at its graduation ceremony. People peacefully protested the university’s decision on the day of graduation, and the university had them arrested. You can read about that information here:

    I am happy to see that the university’s administration and faculty members have seen the error of their ways. Let’s hope they feel some embarrassment about past mistakes and have learned from them.

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  • Paul Albers

    “It will stand until the muslims get on board; we all know they are the only ‘religion’ in the world that gets any respect;”
    It is not respect Islam generates, it is FEAR.

  • jorgen

    Notre Dame should now do the right thing: strip Obozo of his honorary Notre Dame law degree. The UK did it a couple of weeks ago with a knighthood so surely it can be done.

  • Hedgehog

    Too little, too late.

  • saveus

    It took them 3 years to figure out obummer stuck it to them.

  • RedBeard

    I would be sitting back enjoying the schadenfreude of ND’s chickens coming home to roost, but I can’t, because the leftist co-opting of both educational establishments and so-called religious leaders is too serious.

    Wake up and start paying attention, America.

  • moron

    Live by the liberal creed, suffer by your own work Notre Dame. Sleep with dogs, sleep with fleas. The picture is worth 1,000 words.

  • BurmaShave

    I wonder how many members of the Notre Dame faculty now comprehend the idiocy of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize committee.

  • Granny

    I sympathize. I do. I firmly believe that Obamacare in all of it’s manifestations is wrong, pure and simple. Obama’s ruling re religious institutions is reprehensible and a violation of our Freedom of Religion. However, as far as I am concerned, the fine folks at Notre Dame gave up ALL right to protest the very second that they covered over the crucifix when they awarded Obama an honorary degree.

  • Dawgonitt

    These are the Usefull Idiots that Covered Up the Holy Cross and Statue of the Son of God, Jesus Christ when the Terrorist in Chief visted The University of Notre Dame in 2009.

    They didn’t want to Offend Obama or his Marxist Muslim Friends.

    Who’s offended now?

  • ROger.45

    Now that it’s your turn under the bus, are you going to support Obama in the November election? I mean, you put shrouds over your most religious images to appease this guy so why wouldn’t you abdicate and just go along with his mandate?

    The eltes of academia are so much smarter than the rest of us peons.

    You might as well just relax and enjoy the ride if he gets four more years… even if the ride is rolling over you.

  • Millions of people are saying “told you so”.

    We tried to tell these organizations, universities, etc. that Obamacare was a lie. But no, they wanted liberal social justice (without reading the bill, of course). Why are they so shocked that they were told a lie when asked for their support and now have to deal with consequences?

    The people in this country *need* to wake up.

  • ouldbollix

    Notre Dame is just another in a long line of suckers that went along with the Catholic church on bamacare.
    You sleep with the devil you are going to get burned.

  • dba…vagabond trader

    How any devout Catholic, nay how any human, could support this demon who was so passionate about opposing the Born Alive bill is beyond shocking.

  • Rock

    nana # 14 said,

    Obama is anti-Catholics!

    Worse, anti-Christ.

    Or as Martin Niemöller might remind us, first they came for, and the fools did nothing.

  • mamagriz68

    You can’t call these people suckers. They are hypocrites. Or just incredibly stupid. I refuse to give them victim status of any sort.

  • BridgetGB

    We’re a Notre Dame family going back 3 generations now and the Obama appearance @ ND was the last straw in a long line of liberal moves. Whatever happened to “God, Country, Notre Dame” ?
    A day late and a dollar short, Fr. Jenkins

  • Mama Grizzly

    Norte Fame is, essentially, a “kingdom” of little fiefdoms. Each department is like a small world unto itself. The psychology department, for example, is controlled by a small cadre of uber liberal New Agera who are committed to Deconstructionism–tear down every social norm and “rebuild” according to their “vision.”. They are pledged to remake the Catholic religion as they want–which is according to the Obama/Alinsky model. Not every professor, but the core of 6 or 7. They only let graduate students through who will receive that thumbprint and are committed to destroying the faith of the undergraduates. One if the proffessors is best friends with the lady ( also a prof at another university) who successfully coined the term “politically correct.” If parents only knew what goes on there …The rapes around the lake by the seminarians, the faculty/priest/student liaisons … it’s pretty nuts.

    Then you have the law department and the philosophy department which are a different story–relatively solid.

    The “touchdown Jesus” on the building near the stadium. The grotto where people actually pray and light candles and cry our for their team to win football GAMES.

    Totally kooky.

    No surprise at all that NDU would award Obama a law degree for nothing. To the majority of the administration and faculty he is their poster boy.

    No one feels burned by Obama’s abortion thing. Trust me. They want it.

    Good for the law department anyway. Or I should say–good for those few in the law department to make a fuss. Hope their tenure is in place.

  • Mama Grizzly

    #43: that ship sailed a long time ago…. I’m sorry to have to tell you. NDU has become a portal of Hell. God help anyone who goes there. Better know your stuff going in and better realize they aren’t playing. This liberal “revolution” is deadly serious to them.

    I think Stubenville is still okay.

    People have given a lot of money to ND and there’s the problem: NDU gets $ from people who think it’s something it’s not, so the baddies have to keep appearances, as it were.

    But that’s all it is. Except for the the holdouts NDU is gone.

  • bg



    [“At a press conference on December 1… the possible Presidential contender said, ‘…the network that Saddleback has helped to create has as much reach as any institutional force in our culture and has probably a wider reach around the world than just about anything that’s going on right now…. I hope one of the things that comes out of this conference that Pastor Rick has emphasized again and again, is no single branch of our society is going do this alone. If government thinks they can do it by themselves they’re wrong. Churches have to recognize that they’ve got to be partners with the government. Business has an enormous role….]


  • Joan

    Let us not forget the one man who stood strong during the Notre Dame fiasco…Bishop John D’Arcy…recently retired. It was the first time in 25 years that he did not attend the graduation. Fr. Jenkins and Fr. Hesburgh chose the president over the Bishop. Bishop D’Arcywas on campus during the graduation at a prayer service attended by hundreds.

  • Rock

    And yet Ann Dunham didn’t participate in the Liberal practice of embryo killing after play.

  • paul52

    Fater Jenkins, you can’t unring the bell!

  • paul52

    Should be “Father”… my bad. A bit more secularism at Notre Dame and the name can be changed to “Big Momma” House” so as not to offend.

  • paul52

    Where is big Mr. Catholic Joe Biden on this issue??? Guarantee he will show up somewhere in public on Ash Wednesday with his cigar butt cross on his forehead. Vice-Pres. in charge of hypocrisy!

  • burt

    It is interesting that all of the Catholics in Congress are Democrats, and all are Pro-abortion.

  • rescind
  • Mimsey

    Umm, 25 ND faculty members does not equal ND University. Faculty, as opposed by all rw groups, has the freedom to express its opinion on wide ranges of topics. ND admin, Provost and President did not issue this screed.

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  • lyle



    I think Father Jenkins was the prime mover in bestowing that honorary degree on Obama. There are factions at the University, and among alumni and friends, who were horrified.

    The faculty members who signed the letter were most likely not among those who were bamboozled by Obama. I hope they represent more, and I suspect Father Jenkins’ position is in jeopardy, like a coach with a losing season.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I am happy to see that the university’s administration and faculty members have seen the error of their ways.

    Don’t count on it.

  • Tom_Ohio

    One of the activists that got arrested at Notre Dame when they protested Obama’s visit is a great activist named Tom and also from Ohio.
    He used to post everywhere under the name of Sapwolf, and I have not seen his posts in ages.
    He even offered me a ride to the first Taxpayer March on DC before our own local Tea Party group got it together and send 8 busses of people down there.

    Sapwolf today you are started to be avenged my friend ! God bless you and the other 7 of your party that had to endure being arrested that day.


  • maryc3

    Now, this college may reap what they have sown.

    But I do believe in conversion & repentance…..
    It would go far for those who honored him publically ,
    to repent and share their remorese, publically.