NBA Sensation Jeremy Lin Thanks His Lord and Savior After Game-Winning Shot (Video)

Jeremy Lin thanked his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ after his game-winning shot over the Raptors.
Via Free Republic:

HIn case you haven’t heard about the “Lin-sational” Knicks’ guard, here’s more on the “Lin-sation” Jeremy Lin.
Via CBS:

For those living on another planet the last 10 days, Lin is the 6-3, 200 pound point guard for the New York Knicks – an Asian-American by way of Harvard.

Until late last week, he was parked at the end of the Knicks bench and lived on the couch at his brother’s apartment in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

But with his team struggling, the undrafted, largely unwanted Lin got a shot to play. He promptly went on a transcendent tear averaging 27 points and 9 assists over a six-game stretch and ended up on this week’s cover of Sports Illustrated.

That’s just the start. A Lin autograph on Ebay, once $29 now goes for $1,500 plus. According to Forbes, Lin is now the fastest growing athletic brand – $14 million and climbing.

Lin replied, “No,” when asked if he could believe this was happening to him at a recent press conference.

Lin grew up in Northern California, the son of engineers born in Taiwan. Despite leading his team to a state championship in high school was shunned by top college programs. So he enrolled at Harvard, and led the Crimson in scoring his senior year, only to be ignored again come NBA draft day.

Cut by two NBA teams he was on the verge of being released in New York when head coach Mike D’Antoni made a desperate move – one that’s since turned Madison Square Garden into the theatre of the absurd.

“You just watch him,” D’Antoni said, “you’re in awe.”

The 23-year-old has arrived at the perfect time: into a post Super Bowl void and a social media world captivated by his unlikely rise. His last name, Lin, has become an open invitation to incredible, joyful, plays on words: Thril-lin, Lin-sanity, Lin-sational, and Lin-credible.

Reacting to the play on words, Friday Lin said, “I didn’t know that you could turn Lin into so many things.”

There’s no telling how long this show will last, how long a poster boy for underdogs of every age and race will shine. But for now…quite frankly…it is a beautiful “Lin” to see.

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  • mamagriz68

    God is obviously blessing this young man for his faith and humility. Nice to see another young professional athlete who isn’t afraid to give glory to God.

  • Bill Mitchell

    One has to wonder – if he is so good, how is it 3 teams did not notice? I mean he does play in practice games, right?

  • Remco Kimber

    So refreshing from the all-too-typical NBA types we’ve come to know, dislike, and reject.

    We’re looking at you Lebron, Artest, Allen Iverson, et alia,

  • bg


    Amen Jeremy, Amen!!


  • bigL

    Wonderful, just such a nice way to start the day…Such a great young man.
    But he never got noticed becuase he has no tats.

  • decentAmerican

    So racist bigot liberal writer jason whitlock, who had criticized Rush as beibg racist, comes out and insults Lins asian heritage in true liberal nutjob hypocrtie fashion. And boxer floyd Meriweather say sthe only reason Lin is getting attention is because he is Asian, another stupid liberal racist comment. Never mind Lins record breaking 4 starts, better than even Michael jordan.

    Just shows again how Liberals are obsessed with race, and are the TRUE racists, which is what u expect from the Democrat founders of the KKK. But Meriweathers comments also help to bring to light that the one and only reason BHO got attn in 2008 was because of his race, as his accompllishments, unlike Lin, were pitifully nil. Thanks Floyd!

    God bless Lin, another role model like Tebow, who prove that hard work and Christian faith will get you where you need to go!

  • Liberals SUCK

    Christianity is on the ascendency in China and other Asian countries, whereas America is most certainly a post-Christian country. Europe, a bastion of unbelief, is an open missions field for Christianity, with almost every country selling large numbers of previous church building for shops or mosques. There are those who believe that both America and Europe are receiving the leadership (and attendant slavery) they deserve.

  • Scott

    I lived in NYC for almost 15 years. The media attention there is unlike anywhere else. I remember Derek Jeter’s rookie year with the Yankees. They turned him into an international sensation. Lucky for Jeter, he never stumbled and the media never turned on him in a very big way way.

    So let’s hope Lin’s performance is “real”. Because if he stumbles, I can assure you the media would like nothing more than to tear him apart if he does. They relish in building up heros and then tearing them apart if they fall. NYC media is brutal to fallen heros.

  • lethargic

    Why did someone with such potential get ignored 3 times? Could it be because he is not of the politically correct color/IQ combinations … he’s Asian-American so it’s “acceptable prejudice” … just wonderin’ …

  • Peggy R

    Perhaps this kid could get me to watch an NBA game for the first time. Otherwise, who cares about the thug league?

  • Awesome

    Give it about 2 weeks before the left attack him for not supporting Buddism. The already hate Tebow and in fact hate anything Christian, Christ-like, or Biblical inspired. I am just really glad to hear people finally taking a stance for Christ. Jesus is the Way Truth, and Life, and NO-ONE, no not one will Enter heaven unless they confess with there mouth that Jesus Christ is lord AND turn from there wicked ways.

    Give us all the courage to stand up and confess you as Lord. Jesus is my Rock and my Salvation.

  • LookUp

    I’m guessing Lin’s talents didn’t get very much attention before because he openly praises Jesus Christ as his savior and Lord. I admire him immensely for that alone.

  • SacTownMan

    This guy is no suprise to Northern Californian’s. He led his team to the state championship at ARCO arena here in Sacramento. He was famous for making game winning shots in big games. Couldn’t happen to a nicer kid. I just hope NY doesn’t eat him up like some others.

  • James

    Liberal heads explode. I anticipate another conservative minority being lynched by a hord of libs. Right now libs and lib media huddling together to discuss strategy to discredit and destroy conservative minority basketball player. Agree to start by labeling him as extreme and nuts and untalented.

  • Ria

    The NBA is over. This is now LIN-B A

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  • nana

    God Bless You Jeremy. Refreshing to see another young athlete like you.

  • Very refreshing! Jeremy keep your faith…

  • Ex-Californian

    Lin’s total rejection by the basketball powers that be bring to mind the same treatment given by the makers & breakers of the music racket’s thirty year long cold shoulder given Susan Boyle. Even after her success thanks to the internet the ridiculecontinues to be heaped on her by the critics & impersarios of the entertainment industry

  • Ex-Californian

    Lin’s total rejection by the basketball powers that be brings to mind the same treatment given by the makers & breakers of the music racket’s thirty year long shut out given Susan Boyle. Even after Miss Boyle’s success thanks to the internet the ridicule continues to be heaped on her by the critics & impersarios of the entertainment industry
    Susan Boyle, Jeremy Lin, & Tim Tebow all share a willingness to publically acknowledge their Chrisian faith, a fact that makes them a media target in the notoriouly ungodly & hedonistic world of music and sports.

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  • Mad Hatter

    God knows the NBA needs at least another 100 young men like Jeremy Lin.

    It’s also nice to see Tebow, and now Lin not afraid to speak out for the Love of Christ. Hopefully a lot of young kids will see that it’s not such a bad thing as the media tries to make it.

  • Gary

    [Comment deleted for impersonating a fellow commenter]

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  • Gary

    Gary #23

    Posting fake liberal comments under my username is the best you’ve got?
    Pretty lame. You’ve already been exposed today.
    Maybe you haven’t read all the threads:

  • bill

    Lin–gutsy guy and gentleman among thugs.

    Gary #23–jackass, size extra large.

  • Daniel Howell

    What does it take to become the champion? It usually takes
    two or three superstar players, and a group of men playing by
    the rules and playing together.
    Jesus is the one Superstar player who has kept all the rules, the
    rules being the TEN COMMANDMENTS. We have all lied, stolen,
    coveted (wanted something someone else has), lusted and taken God’s
    name in vain. This is why we need a superstar playing on our team.
    Jesus can be our Superstar substitute. He can check in to the (game of life) in our place. Jesus died in our place, for our sin, that we might be made right with God. In all actuality we have fouled out. We must raise our hand in acknowledgement of the fact that we have fouled out (sinned) and accept Jesus death in our place, as a substitute for us and make Him our Player-Coach (LORD).
    You can do this by praying a similar prayer to this: Knowing I have
    sinned and believing Christ died for my sins, I open the door of my
    heart and receive Jesus as my personal LORD and Savior.

  • Gateway Pundit Administrator

    This is a warning that anyone discovered impersonating a fellow commenter will be banned.

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  • LarryG

    Yeah! The natives are restless tonight. It won’t be long before the black boys start yapping.

  • Steve

    Thanks for posting this!!!

    We posted this with a Hat Tip…

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