Report: NATO Promises to Put Koran Burners on Public Trial As Soon As Possible

Protests continued today over the koran burning incident at Bagram airbase earlier this week.

Afghan men shout anti-U.S slogans during a demonstration in Jalalabad province February 22, 2012. Gunfire wounded at least 26 people during fresh protests in several cities across Afghanistan over the burning of copies of the Koran, Islam’s holy book, at NATO’s main base in Afghanistan. (REUTERS/Parwiz)

Is this really happening?
The Karzai goverment said NATO promised to put the koran burners on public trial as soon as possible.
Reuters reported:

Afghanistan wants NATO to put on public trial those who burned copies of the Koran at a NATO base, President Hamid Karzai’s office said on Thursday, after a third day of bloody protests over the incident.

It said NATO had agreed to a trial, but that could not be immediately confirmed.

Karzai had earlier accused a U.S. officer of “ignorantly” burning copies of the Koran, in an incident that has deepened anti-Western sentiment in a country NATO is trying to stabilize before foreign combat troops leave by the end of 2014.

Demonstrations have drawn thousands of angry Afghans to the streets, chanting “Death to America!” amid violence that has killed 11 people including two U.S. service personnel.

“NATO officials, in response to a request for the trial and punishment of the perpetrators … promised this crime will brought to court as soon as possible,” Karzai’s office said in a statement.

President Barack Obama sent a letter to Karzai apologizing for the burning of the Korans, after Afghan laborers found charred copies while collecting rubbish at the sprawling Bagram air base.

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  • jorgen

    Barack Apologizer Obama apologized before he knew who did it. The whole thing sounds like a set-up to me.

  • southernsue

    can’t beilieve after beheadings, torture to our people that are caught, death to America threats, etc., etc. they are going to punish NATO soldiers?

    we are truly being attacked by our own side!

    obama needs to be impeached!

  • guy

    I guarantee if an american is put to trial there wil be an outrage from Americans never before seen. How many people were put on trial when the bible was bunrned by these fanatics?

  • Obama 2012

    These goat humpers could care less about burning the Koran – I doubt that 1 in 10 can even read the Koran and understand the words that they’re reading.

    This great ‘offense’ is being all directed out of the local Mosque’s by the Taliban trying to push the Americans and NATO out early. Of course, Obama will bend over and try to kiss everything that shows itself shiny and covered in crap… limp Muslim peckers.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    It’s all part of instituting Shari’a law across the planet. First, Interpol turns over a “blasphemer” to angry Moslems; now, Nato is going to be administering Shari’a law.

    If they can try Americans for blasphemy in Afghanistan, they can try them here, in the U.S.

    Wake up.

  • tj

    Will those who rioted be on trial as well?

    What about those who killed the two US soldiers?

    What about the bad boys who scribbled in the later burned Korans?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    How about we just set aside one day for Koran burning… per week?

  • Militant Conservative

    Come get me.

  • Greg

    Tell Karzai that if one more soldier is killed over this we will stop all aid and remove troops so Taliban can take over and begin mass killings including him. Enough is enough.

  • Multitude

    Under what U.S. law were the burners of garbage guilty of? Apparently Karzai forgets that the reason we’re there is that we threw out the Taliban and occupied Afghanistan, putting his pathetic ass into that office.

    I’m quite certain each drone strike Barry authorizes is breaking a few more laws than some low level GIs burning a religious book at the direction of sanitation officers to dispose of some materials errorists have been using to conspire and communicate. Is Karzai going to require Obama appear for his targeted killing crimes?

  • dba…vagabond trader
  • wtd


    “Proper Koran Disposal, Apologies, and Murdering Innocent Infidels in Afghanistan”

    Andrew G. Bostom (MD, MS) is an American author and Associate Professor of Medicine at Brown University Medical School. He is an expert on connections between homocysteine and cardiovascular disease.
    He is also well known for his writings on Islam; he is the author of The Legacy of Jihad (2005), a work which provides an analysis of Jihad based on an exegesis of translations of Islamic primary sources done by other polemicists on the topic, and the editor of 2008 anthology of primary sources and secondary studies on the theme of Muslim antisemitism,The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History.

  • Greg

    Time to leave Afghanistan and allow Karzia to reap his rewards. The animals there masker raiding as humans will not be helped by our presence any longer

  • 1RedBeard

    Just a caveat here. Karzai saying that NATO will put people on trial does not make it so. Karzai will say anything he needs to say in order to keep his countrymen from storming the fortress and killing him. And if those words come at the expense of America, Karzai is unconcerned.

    But then, as Wanumba indicated elsewhere, Karzai is playing the weak hand that Obama has dealt him, in a rather dangerous game of survival. He’s swimming in a pool full of poisonous snakes, darting this way and that, trying to avoid the fangs.

    The only sure thing here is the utter failure of the Obama cabal to keep a handle on the situation.

  • democraps suck

    hey NATO…KMA…and any american military personel or anyone else give any names of who ALEGEDLY burned the filthy korans should automatically face a firing squad…this is war …islam and mooslums can cry all they want…time to stand up america….

  • Brian Bollmann

    John Bolton just said on Fox that the Americans had simply disposed of Korans as directed by the Afghan government after the Korans had been desecrated by Muslim Prisoners who wrote in them / used them to pass notes back and forth.

    This is completely phony outrage.

  • bigL

    Interesting thing is that the islamic terrorists/murderers target their own people, members of the other sect.and blow them up. Probably every one of them is carrying their own litttle Koran.
    So how bout all those Korans being blown up and thus burned? Are the murders and their behind-the-scene hechmen goingto stand trial.

  • olm

    This is a phony outrage.
    Obama is a ridiculous failure.
    I am amazed at the new stories every week illustrating his incompetence. This one is really getting to me. Where is that impotent boob? Apologizing again, fueling these barbarians and our troops are dying.
    Bring the troops home. Let religion of peace destroy Afghanistan. At this point, who cares?

  • Fuquay Steve

    Is this April Fools Day or even Opposite Day?

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