Mitt Romney: “I’m Not Concerned About the Very Poor” (Video)

This will come back and haunt Mitt.

CNN reported:

After winning the Florida primary, GOP presidential nominee hopeful Mitt Romney explains to CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien that he is focused on a particular portion of the American population in his campaign.

Romney says, “I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs a repair , I’ll fix it. I’m not concerned about the very rich…. I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90-95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling.”

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  • More Liberty

    This guy’s an idiot. I’ll vote, but only for congressional seats if he’s the nominee. My conscious can’t allow me to vote for another liberal, one that’s an opportunist and big government advocate like Obama. Rombama will continue to increase the debt, bailout big corporations, and screw the individual with oppressive laws like the NDAA.

    You neocons have fun with this ass-hat.

  • tim

    With the context being…”We have a safety net there.”

    Not a fan of Mitt, but c’mon Jim. Feel like I stumbled upon the Huffington Post.

  • RedBeard

    Oh, joy. More Liberty, helping Obama get 4 more years, and insulting people on this board along the way with the ridiculous “neocon” nonsense.

    If Obama wins because people like More Liberty stay home to pout, it will be a sad day in America.

  • Multitude

    Please back off Mitt. He understands he has a very difficult fence to straddle in order to become the primary candidate but ensure a loss again to Obama. These words weren’t intended for us, but rather to provide help for the Obama campaign in the fall, ensuring they’ll rally the poor exclusively to vote Obama.

    I know the hundreds of millions of dollars, the dozens of homes, the cool parties certainly has a little bit of a comforting effect, but can you imagine being paid to be a perennial loser like Mitt? I mean, in business you were known as a Daddy’s Boy who got to sit on committees but was never taken seriously. In government, you got your ass kicked in dozens of failed elections only to finally be given it once… and be thrown out as the 2nd most hated governor at the end of your term. Even worse, this was when you acted as a Democrat so the people would like you.

    Mitt’s not likeable. He’s awkward, socially removed, and completely not resonating with normal people who weren’t trust fund beneficiaries sent to elite private schools and socialized with only children of proper breeding. Give the guy a break for at least being driven to do the job the Republican progressives have hired him to do.

  • RedBeard

    Mitt spoke clumsily, but he was perfectly correct.

    If Jim is merely saying that the leftie media will take a part of Mitt’s comment out of context, well, that’s a given. They will be lying from now until November.

  • elhrac

    Worst. Candidate. Ever.

  • elhrac

    There is nothing out of context. The man is speaking from the heart- like when he said he likes to fire people.

  • NeoKong

    Who the hell are the poor?
    “Poor” people live like kings here in America. They don’t know what real poverty is like.
    Mitt is right.
    They get free food. Free housing. Free medical care and spending money.
    Let me tell you about the “poor”

    They’re fat.
    They have big screen TVs, Ipods, Iphones and $200 sneakers.
    Not bad for being “poor”.

  • CT

    An impolitic utterance to say the least, maybe Mitt needs a teleprompter. 😉

  • lily

    Mitt spoke clumsily

    Yes, he does this a lot. He often speaks so gracelessly, it leaves you wondering how he managed to be so successful in business. Likely due to connections rather than business genius.

  • Sasja

    I see. The poor can stay poor.

    I vote for the poor being able to move into the middle class and, who knows may even become “rich” someday. That used to be how it worked in this country. In fact, Mitten’s own family was not rich at one point. I remember reading how there were times his grandfather had no money at all. I guess he doesn’t care about securing an economic policy that would allow those who are now in a similar situation work their way out.

    Yep. He’s a lib.

  • Sasja

    Of course, I will say, that the poor didn’t have it as good as they do today, which was an incentive to work their way out of that situation.

  • mamagriz68

    And if he were Rick Perry, he would be crucified for this and many of the other gaffes he has had. In context, it makes sense, but Obama and his cronies don’t care about context. They want sound bytes, and Mitt keeps delivering. We are going to see the ugliest campaign this year, and we most likely will have a candidate who will only attack Republicans and not Obama. We had a perfect opportunity to shut down the Dems this year, and we just couldn’t do it, could we?

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  • bear

    Words fail……and so will romney.

  • retire05

    You want to know who the “poor” are treated in this country? Well, let me tell you.

    Jim Hoft knows I spent two years in MS after Katrina hit as a volunteer. Maybe he will want to attest to that, or not, really doesn’t matter. I can’t tell you how many FEMA trailers I was at that had TVs so large in them that I don’t know how anyone got them in, or brand new SUVs (Hummers, especially) parked outside. I can’t tell you how many times I went to buy groceries, that I was paying for myself, standing in line behind someone who was carrying a Coach or Gucci handbag only to watch them pull their FEMA card out and pay for their grociers.

    Drive through any housing project in America. What will you see? Certainly vehicles newer than mine. Take a look at the athletic shoes on their kids feet. Can you afford Air Jordans or equvilant? Or you even aware that on the TANF card, some states even allow the “poor” to buy furniture on them, or use them as a debit card for cash? How do you think they manage to get large screened TV? YOU.

    Mitt might have said it differently. But the “poor” here live better than many of the so-called middle class. They have free homes, free food, free utilities, free cable, free medical care and yes, even free cell phones.

    What was down is now up. People who screw up their lives, don’t finish high school, which is free, and basically become bums, are now rewarded with a “safety net” that you pay for. With such a system, why should anyone worry about the poor?

  • Carbon Pootprint

    McCain Part II

    Looking like no matter what happens we’ll end up with a lying progressive douche bag as our next President.

    ppppssssst Progressives (on both sides) caused this meltdown on purpose.

  • Big Al

    you are really grasping at straws now…good grief

  • olm

    Oh for Pete’s sake, I’m no fan but he’s right.
    Look, people in this country have no idea who the very poor are. Just like the OWS’ers have no idea who the 1% are.
    We live off the northern 1/2 of I5. When a poster yesterday said that CA has a 1/3 of the nations welfare recipients…………well that could be but in the summer the homeless migrate up I5 and panhandle in OR and WA. The regulars at our freeway exit make about 300/day and they stay in a nearby hotel for about 30/night.
    My point is that these people are not even close to being the very poor. Or maybe they are, I don”t even know. But if they vote, none of the issues Mitt is talking about affect them. Except if the economy improves, they will make more in a day.

  • Jim W

    I know your man lost Jim, but you’re really stretching it here.