Lin-Credible… Jeremy Lin: “I Remind Myself I’m Playing For God, It Relieves Me of All Pressures”

Lin-Sanity continued this week as the Knicks returned to Madison Square Garden.

Since 1985, only 15 players have scored at least 20 points, seven assists and a steal for six games in a row. That list includes Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, Chris Paul … and Jeremy Lin.

Lin told the New York Post that he’s playing for God.

Q: That’s a terrible thing when you lose your joy, isn’t it?

A: Absolutely. I think now that I remind myself I’m playing for God. It frees me of all the other pressures that I was dealing with.

Q: Would the best compliment for you be for someone to say, “He makes his teammates better”?

A: I think that would be the second-best compliment. The best would be, “When I see Jeremy play, I see him play for God and I see him bring joy on the court.”

Knick’s star Jeremy Lin, who will make $800,000 this year, has created $170 million in business since he was pulled off the New York bench.
Forbes reported:

New York Knick point guard Jeremy Lin is a one-man economic recovery that even Ben Bernanke couldn’t dream up in his Federal Reserve meetings.
Lin-sanity has taken the country by storm and as a result created a spending frenzy that’s benefiting a broad range of companies, tax rolls and even the stock market. Lin’s salary this season is a modest (by NBA standards) $800,000, but by some calculations, he’s turned into the $170 million man.

The most tangible impact has been on the market cap of Madison Square Garden (MSG), whose stock has jumped 7% to close Thursday at $31.87 from its close at $29.77 on Feb. 7 when Lin first entered the Knicks’ starting lineup. That translates to a $170 million to the company’s market cap to $2.4 billion.

Neither the Rangers, currently sporting the best record in the NHL’s Eastern conference, or The Westminster Dog Show can take credit for that. Apologies to Malachy.

But there’s more of an impact to consider. Ticket prices for Knick games are estimated to have jumped more than 25% in the resale market. That means all the online ticket sellers are seeing an increase in their bottom lines.

Plus, it isn’t just the tickets in New York that have increased, the tickets sales have gone up while the Knicks are on the road.

“We’ve seen an increase of 10x in site traffic and ticket sales,” says Joellen Errer, head of communications at online ticket seller Stub Hub. “Page views, search activities increased. As soon as he hit the game winning three-pointer on Tuesday, prices have risen 2-3x.”

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  • More Liberty

    Good for him – and those trying to make some money. We should always support success.


    Watch out as soon as odumbass starts liking Lin and the Knicks the downfall will start…any team or athlete he talks about or roots for turns to crap…watch your back LIN

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  • bg


    Godspeed & thank you Jeremy..


  • Sasja

    Sorry, but this is a big pet peeve and I have to vent.

    The heading should read….”Jeremy Lin Pulling an $800,000….You would not say “a eight”, it would be “an eight.”

    Next time there is the word “historic.” It, too, requires the use of “an”. As in, “An historic event….” Not to be confused with, “a history lesson…”

    There are oodles of other examples I could use which I have seen posted here and elsewhere, but will refrain.

    Thank you for your patience.

    As to Jeremy Lin. It is so refreshing, as it was with Tebow, to see a decent young man in the forefront in place of those ugly, tattooed, miscreants we usually see. Here’s to his continued success at whatever he chooses to do throughout his life. (I’m lifting my glass of wine..and yes, I realize the time of day).

  • Sasja

    Wouldn’t ya know. It took so long for me to grump about the headline, it changed.

  • bg


    Sasja #6 February 17, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    not to fret, it was such an historically nice grump.. 😆


  • Taqiyyotomist


    “A simple letter to the President and Mr. Holder would have been more effective:

    This is the first comment on the story, which never once mentions Fast & Furious, or even alludes to it… naturally — I’m starting to agree with Geller’s new moniker for the MSM: The Enemedia.

    And how about we put up a sign facing south: “No more Drug Gangs.” or “No more Beheadings.” or “No more illegal immigrants who want to wave the Mexican flag after Fleeing Mexico.” or “No more illegal immigrants PERIOD.”

    No, that would be “racist” (whatever the hell that means anymore) and insensitive.

  • well this interview will be the end of lin-sanity in new york. liberals are the most illiberal people in the country.

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  • Taqiyyotomist

    #2 #1AMERICAN

    Normally I would agree with you there, but Lin is expressly and openly working for God.

    That would automatically preclude Obama from taking any interest in the Knicks, or even acknowledging their existence in the NBA.

    Did Obama get on the Tebow train? I don’t know, but I’m guessing he never mentioned Tebow’s name to a camera. Tebow, Obama knows, is his enemy, and that Tebow’s spiritual Father is the enemy of Obama’s.

    Same with Lin.

  • pink tie Republican

    There hasn’t been anything like this for the Knicks and NY basketball since Dave Debuscherre came over from Detroit in ’68.

  • nana

    GOD bless you Jeremy Lin, we will pray for you safety and success, the left is on its way to attack you. GODspeed young man!

  • coolidgerules

    Linsanity covering for the left-wing insanity. I guess left wing groups are really startng to like drones now King Putt has seveal squadrons of them. Lock and Load

  • nana

    #14 thanks for posting the link. That is scary, the leftwing nuts are going basuka, time to get those concealed permit to carry.

  • decentAmerican

    the lefty nutjob bigots can’t stand a success story of a hard working Christian man, who did it WITHOUT

  • decentAmerican

    the lefty nutjob bigots can’t stand a success story of a hard working Christian man, who did it WITHOUT affirmative action …. in fact, just the opposite, he was put aside and neglected BECAUSE of his race, plain and simple. Yet, he persevered, graduated from HARVARD (yep, that’s affirmative aciton for ya), and continues to be humble and thank God.

    Tebow, Lin, Scotty McCreery, Palin…..all give me hope that the youth of this country can be saved from destruction done by the hateful KKK-founding Demokkkrats.

  • Patty

    I had a friend who said to me. I am on the God Diet. Every time I think of food, I think of God and I ask him for help.

    Tebow and Lin remind me in a way, what God can do, He can help and I say this because my friend lost 100 lbs and is beautiful.

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  • Andreas K.

    So god owns shares from the Knicks? What a lying twerp. He plays for the Knicks and his own bank account. But I know “I’m playing for God” sounds better on TV.

    Reminds me of Tebow, who, despite all his cowering in front of his imaginary friend, gets sacked so often it’s not even remotely funny.

    And Patty, I lost about the same without any whining to imaginary friends. How strange! Oh wait, some people have the will to do things themselves, others are too weak and have to run to artificial things that were created by power hungry fascists to execute power over them in order to get something done.

  • 1RedBeard

    Andreas, why can’t you give the man credit for his faith, instead of belittling him with snide comments about imaginary friends? No reason for such meanness, really.

    I don’t have much faith myself, but I see the positives in others who do. More power to Lin.

  • wanumba

    Well, man wasn’t doing much for Lin, was he?

    Jeremy Lin has years of winning HS play, ignored by recruiters, years of winning college play, ignored by recruiters, bounced around and sitting on the Knicks bench, close to being cut, last man to play. Sounds like he sat patiently, game after game watching the Knicks lose with probably great frustration and never complained.
    He spends enormous amounts of training to perfect himself, and sat sat sat sat, but plainly he trained with incredible diligence, despite the discouragement of not being able to show what he could do.

    So, when God cleared the way and gave him the chance, he was physically ready to take full advantage of it. Why wouldn’t he be happy and amazed? He had – what – at least two years of being ignored by “experts” and “pros.”

    Never saw a happier team than the Knicks that first turnaround game. Grown men jumping up and down like little kids, and no one saw it coming. After unable to pull a win game after after game, a dismal streak that certainly had them all wondering what was wrong with them, it wasn’t about money for them at that fourth quarter, with the points closing the gap, the tie and then flipping the game, it was about – ‘we’re not losers.’

    So Lin did indeed bring “joy” to the court. God is good.

  • Gerald

    With all due respect to Jeremy Lin, I wonder why more stories like this don’t get featured on neoconservative sites like these.

    Or this:

    Or this:

    The truth is that there are scores of evangelical Christians in the NBA and NFL. People like Sasja only find people like Lin and Tebow “refreshing” and the many guys like these are unacknowledged by decentAmerican as his peers and fellow-travelers because they choose to ignore this reality.

  • wanumba

    #23 February 18, 2012 at 10:56 am
    Gerald commented:
    With all due respect to Jeremy Lin, I wonder why more stories like this don’t get featured on neoconservative sites like these.

    Because the blog owner who finds the stories doesn’t have the hours in a day to find them in all the media out there. He often relies on tips like what you just put together. Lin became easy to link due to the media surge. It’s a logistical problem only.

  • Gerald


    This is not the only neoconservative site. Plus, neoconservative sites often drive stories like these and influence the mainstream media (i.e. when Dan Rather was exposed and fired).

  • hellowowo

    Nobody sees there will be great deal of endorsement potential of Jeremy Lin in China and Taiwan? He is going to be the big selling brand (made in USA) exporting to Asia besides Apple products in 2012. – (Apple products are not made in USA)