While India Eradicates Polio Dumb Islamists Keep Pakistan Trapped in Dark Ages

In 2007 Parents of some 24,000 children in Pakistan refused to give their children the polio vaccine because of a campaign by radical Muslim clergy.

A Pakistani health official in charge of a campaign to innoculate children against polio was killed in a bomb blast in February 2007, following rumours the vaccination was a US plot to sterilise them.(AFP/File/Ali Arif)

In India there has not been a single recorded case of polio in over a year.
The Telegraph reported:

There has not been a single recorded new case of the disease since January last year, and if that remains the case for the rest of the year the disease will be officially eradicated.

It is an extraordinary achievement for a country where as recently as 1995 there were 32,000 polio cases and young victims can still be seen with misshapen limbs begging at traffic lights throughout the main cities.

But officials believe this will soon be a symbol of India’s past as rising wealth is reflected in better basic healthcare.

The campaign to eradicate polio in India was launched by its government in 1999 and has been supported by international health charities and groups like Rotary in whose volunteers, including many from Britain, have helped distribute the vaccines.

To achieve “polio-free” status by January next year officials and volunteers are staging “National Immunisation Days” around the country to immunize more than 170 million children under five – around 15 per cent of India’s population.

Unfortunately, in neighboring Pakistan there is a resurgence of the disease. This is because Islamist leaders regularly denounced polio vaccination as an American ploy to sterilise and reduce the population of Muslims.
The Guardian reported:

Militancy in Pakistan’s federally administered tribal areas (Fata) has triggered a different kind of ordeal; the resurgence of polio or infantile paralysis – a potentially fatal and paralysing disease that mostly affects children, pregnant women and the elderly. Being one of the four countries where polio is still endemic, it has become a cause of concern for neighbouring countries such as China where a recent case of wild polio virus (WPV1) was genetically linked to Pakistan.

In the Khyber Agency, more than 200,000 children have regularly missed immunisation since 2009, and as many as 84 nationwide cases of polio have been reported this year. Apart from inaccessibility due to security concerns, one of the reasons for lack of immunisation is reluctance from the parents, stemming from rumours that polio drops cause impotency and infertility.

These rumours first surfaced when Maulana Fazlullah, leader of a banned militant organisation and an influential religious cleric in the tribal areas, launched a campaign against polio vaccination through his daily sermons. Sermons through radio and mosque loudspeakers denounced polio vaccination as an American ploy to sterilise and reduce the population of Muslims.

The polio vaccine rumors are broadcast from loud speakers at the local mosques in Pakistan.

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  • Highlander

    Well, you just can’t fix stupid, can you?

  • Missy8s

    Taliban, Al Queda, #OWS, DNC…

    Same guys.

  • Oldsailors Poet

    Another reason to secure the borders and extensively screen all visitors from third world countries. Polio, small pox and other diseases we had all but wiped out are making a comeback. Thank you Islamists for you continued gifts of violence and pestilence.

  • Hangtown Bob

    “This is because Islamist leaders regularly denounced polio vaccination as an American ploy to sterilise and reduce the population of Muslims.”

    The ACTUAL ploy to reduce the population of Mooselimbs is to convince them that the polio vaccine will sterilize them. Then, polio gets to go to work and reduce their population. ROFLMAO

  • A Gryphon

    so now the polio does the deed, eliminating the future suicide bombers before they get big enough to ‘spray flowers’ on Americans

    these people are ‘damned if they do, and damned if they don’t’ take the vaccine

  • Patty

    Hope we all are resistant to the deceases from those who are entering America. Pets, Agriculture, Asthma Worm, HIV virus, Mad Cow.

    Under new immigration laws passed in 1996 and in effect as of July 1, 1997, all individuals seeking permanent entry into the U.S. must prove that they have been inoculated against all vaccine-preventable diseases. This includes infants and children being brought into the country for international adoption.

    Do you really believe that Government is keeping track of the illegal’s inoculations. No.

    These poor nations are living in their restrictions and their under the government’s thumb.

    Sad that this is the nature of things. But this is America and we must be aware that even in America things can go seriously wrong and we are suppose to be a civilized nation.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    People like Obama like to tout how Muslims gave us hospitals, the telescope and algebra.

    Problem is that’s as far they’re allowed to progress. Nothing past the Fifth Century.

    They are their own worse enemies.

    Children get polio? Inshallah.

  • Granny

    There is some of this going on in the US too. We’re seeing a resurgence of a number of diseases once “eradicated” caused by failure of some parents to vaccinate their children. Polio has again reared its ugly head and Pertussis (whooping cough) has become all too common. Both of those are easily prevented by the polio and DPT immunizations given during a child’s first year. Well, given except to children of parents who refuse them.

  • BlackBush

    Dont see any problem here. LOL

  • democraps suck

    following rumours the vaccination was a US plot to sterilise them.

    what a heck uv an idea……

  • Patty

    We have this nation’s national security to think about. Many problems, chemical attack is not far fetched, Gas who knows what is going to happen there, Iran, China holding our debt.

    Recently, I heard that some parents refuse to inoculate their kids for chicken pox.

    7.1 Percent Of Marin Parents Refuse To Inoculate Their Children


    In this nation we are creating our own problems. Shameful that in America not Foreign nation but America. So, we better start consecrating on are own Backyard. We could, possible make our very own outbreak.

  • Ex-Californian

    Ozero and pc leftist libs keep telling us how advanced the muslim world is. That’s a real knee=slapper. Islam is an ideoloy setraight out of and still stuck in the Dark Ages.

  • CT

    What else should one expect from a Death Cult?

  • Finncrisp

    Probably against clean water and clean air as well. LOL

  • Diane Harvey

    But, as the multi-culturalists keep telling us, all cultures are equally valid.

    Islam is just another culture.

  • Brian

    I am a proponent of vaccinations which have been produced in a manner which conforms to good morals. However, some vaccines– such as that for chicken pox (Varicella) and German measles (Rubella), as well as some of the polio vaccine alternatives and Hepatitis A– are produced utilizing human fetal cell lines derived from aborted fetuses. For many who value human life at all stages, this is totally unacceptable morally, and the fault lies with those who have utilized this technology, ignoring the profound moral issues involved. The FDA plays its part as well, as it has thus far refused to approve the Japanese-developed Rubella vaccine which is manufactured without the use of fetal cell lines. For pro-life parents, there really are no choices for some of these vaccines, even for those of us who are otherwise quite eager to get our children vaccinated. One can find out more at the website for Children of God for Life: http://www.cogforlife.org/ . Here is a chart listing the various vaccinations, the human fetal cell lines utilized (if applicable), and whether and what ethical alternatives exist: http://www.cogforlife.org/vaccineListOrigFormat.pdf .

  • wanumba

    10 February 21, 2012 at 9:04 am
    democraps suck commented:

    following rumours the vaccination was a US plot to sterilise them.

    what a heck uv an idea……

    That’s VERY VERY common, and a problem in donations. The US donated yellow corn to Africa – African corn is white high starch, so starving people were unused and confused about the unusual color. Rumors started around that the yellow came from “birth control” so they wouldn’t accept the corn (maize).

    Polio in India was finally eliminated everywhere but squeezed down to a Muslim region, where the clerics who use this also as local power politics were telling people the same thing so families ran when the vaccination crews arrived.

    India enlisted the aid of major Bollywood actors and Sports Cricketeers who are Muslim as part of a massive PR campaign to get past that.

    Apart from that, was does it tell Americans as to how important CHILDREN are to Third World people if they are frightened that food or medicines might be laced with birth control?
    Unlike the modern selfish LEft which teaches children are burdens, children in the Third World are HELPERS, WORKERS, and a woman’s social security in her old age. A woman’s children will take care of her when she can’t work anymore … the state won’t. The more surviving kids she has, the easier it is for them later to share in her care.

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  • Moemoe

    Perhaps we have been dealing with these nuts in the wrong way all this time. Lets them destroy themselves, after all, they would say it’s Gods will.