On Sunday the Obama Administration posted a list of organizations who they claimed supported their anti-religious HHS mandate. The list posted on the White House website included a quote from Catholic Charities.

But it wasn’t true.

Catholic Charities did not endorse the Obama administration’s latest HHS policy requiring free contraceptive coverage for all employees.
FOX News reported:

A leading Catholic charity group wants the public to know it has not endorsed the Obama administration’s latest policy requiring free contraceptive coverage for employees, despite “mischaracterizations in the media.”

Catholic Charities USA has occasionally been cited as a supporter of the new policy, after the administration announced last week it would no longer require religious organizations to directly offer contraceptive coverage to workers. That’s almost certainly because the White House listed the group on an official blog that cited “praise from a wide range of individuals and organizations” for the policy change.

Along with statements from Planned Parenthood and other supporters was a brief statement from Catholic Charities. The group said at the time that it “welcomes the administration’s attempt to meet the concerns of the religious community” and looks forward to reviewing the final language…

…But the organization has since posted a clarification on its website, after that statement was interpreted by some as an endorsement.

“We have not endorsed the accommodation to the HHS mandate that was announced by the administration last Friday,” the group said.

Rather, the group said it would “unequivocally share the goal” of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to “uphold religious liberty.”

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration still has this fraudulent information posted on the White House website.




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  1. The social justice wing of the Church is losing it’s power – the direction of the Church is more orthodox then what the media portrays. The generation that really put the Church in bad shape is aging and losing to a younger more conservative catholic laity and priests. It will take some time for it to become more pronounced. Have faith.

  2. Overtake the churches, the schools and essential public services and you have Nazi Germany, 1941.

  3. Necessary. Obama=EVIL. He gets his day.

    The boss is coming, better pray, this is going

    To get ugly.

  4. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration still has this fraudulent information posted on the White House website.

    There is nothing unfortunate about continuing to lie and lie so blatantly. They are just following the precepts of propaganda as espoused by Josef Goebbels and Islam, to name a few deliberate prevaricators. Spread lies until the truth is disbelieved, then spread even more lies.

  5. Please make sure (1) you tell everyone that what Obama and the Progressives are doing with this contraception mandate is unconstitutional and (2) unfortunately, it is just the beginning of the many atrocities we will experience as the Government exercises the powers it thinks it is granted under Obamacare!

  6. Even “Catholic” women who have used the pill should watch this and find out why there is more to this than anyone knew—be sure to see the “post” date to YouTube—May 12, 2009!!!! (we knew this bastard Barry long ago)


  7. Carol Keehan is the only one who remains gullible to the devil. They money her hospitals get from the government comes before Jesus.

  8. I’m reporting the White House to the Truth Team. Ya know…if you see something, say something. And I’m seeing nothing but lies from the Democrats and their propaganda wing, the MSM.

  9. As far as I can see, the Obama administration has broken faith. A person can be forgiven many sins though acts of contrition, but you can’t back out of this.
    I’m sure more lies, or “spin”, or politics will follow.
    I’ve have three phone calls from family members over the last two weeks.
    I have never seen a president do this mush political damage to himself.

  10. “Team Obama Misrepresents Catholic Charities’ Position on White House Website”

    Well, to be fair how can one expect a bunch of crusading secular humanists, headed by a Jeremiah Wright “Christian,” to understand Catholicism in the first place?

  11. Fight the SMEARS!

    Get the FACTS!


    Report whitehouse.gov to AaaaaaaatttaaackWaaatch!

  12. Barry the Horrible will not stop until we vote the creep out. Godless Marxism is his agenda. His recent actions prove it. And he’s just getting started!

  13. why is the argument about Catholics. Whether the Catholics do or do not (and I know they do not) support Obama’s mandate, the US Constitution was not written for Catholics. This is about the 1st amendment, individual US Citizens and the religious freedom given to them. Every American is entitled to refuse to pay for contraception, abortions and sterilization if these interfere with their religious beliefs. Even religions that believe in NO interference from doctors are entitled to that religious belief and cannot be FORCED to purchase health care. We allowed Owebama to step on the Constitution with OwebamaCare, why be surprised that he wants to further flush the Constitution?


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