Yesterday at CPAC 2012 the world got its first look at Hating Breitbart.
The trailer played before Andrew’s speech.
It received a Standing Ovation–

Hating Breitbart Trailer…

Hating Breitbart is set for a spring or summer release.



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  1. I’m already fighting this war. Many a person will not address me now due to this.

    One of them for a month now. I’m shocked shes of a protected class.

    There is hope, many have seen the light. (protected class)

    I keep hammering. My job as a mason is to spread the “light”, truth.

    It has been lost for a long time. Liberals hate the truth. it hurts and destroys

    thier world view in a heart beat, it makes them unsure of who and what to hate.

    WE are not the problem. Governement and those that propogate its growth

    are the problem.

    powder is dry

  2. I could not have summed up my feelings! Andrew, patriots are on alert!

  3. Amen Militant Conservative! I must admit that I look forward to reading your comments as they convey the backbone that we all need to stand up against this insanity.

    Keep posting!

  4. The Tea Party is BACK. Its been seeming like the Establishment has successfully Boehnered Tea Partiers into dispirited submission to a futile mindset that socialist feudalism is inevitable.

  5. ++

    (((God Bless, Godspeed, Good Luck & Thank You AB)))!!


  6. Andrew needs to hire some very proficient unbuyable security because the obumunists will stop at nothing to silence him & to reinstall Ozero to complete the economic, military, & cultural destruction of America financed by Soros and like minded lunatics.

  7. Now THAT is what I’ve been waiting for!

  8. I echo the thoughts and concerns of #6 – get the very best security available, and more…

  9. It has taken a while, but Militant Conservative is right-truth and light are slowly starting to win over more people.

    It would be wise to all of the “alternative” media carry and improve upon their security. The mobs of leninists are are only going to get more violent as spring and summer approach.

  10. The Tea Party’s Pot is Boiling, but know how to let out the Steam so it works for America, not burns it!

  11. Breitbart is so correct in that the primary aim of the liberal attack dogs is simply two things: divide and conquer, and silence the voices of disagreement. Such have been the tactics of oppressive regimes for hundreds, perhaps, thousands of years. The last thing an oppressive regime wants is for light to be shone on their subversive schemes.
    Obama isn’t so smart, but he is the consummate copycat when it comes to Alinsky-type tactics.
    I suspect this will cause him to lose big time in 2012, I think the American public just dislike this phony so much, they will vote for anything to get rid of him. He has done his race and the democrat party a great disservice, neither can be proud of this failure.

  12. Love me some Andrew! Whew, This mid-aged gal is flushed after that trailer. Breibart is hot (said in my best Paris Hilton voice)!

  13. doc…Osbama stilll owns the media and the mobs of union thugs…..most people are totally unaware of what an evil man he is. It is up to us to try to get the truth out.

  14. And he is right. I am sick of the lies and spin coming from the likes of the media and host on the left. They are stirring up the division just like Obama administration is stirring the pot. The only thing the left can up with is calling those who want less intrusion in our life are racists.

    The occupiers are murdering and raping but it seems the left media is silent. Then the Tea party, who are for less government less spending are called racists.

    So much division and anger is placed on the wrong place. The blame lies squarely on the democratic party for dividing and then the media picks it up this way and blames the right.

    Good for Breitbart, oh, how I hope there is some tape, anything to stop Obama from ever being elected. Liberal media is divide and conquer. So, they think, we all are waking up.

  15. Next we TEA Party types can produce a movie, “Loving Breitbart”. You’ll never know, Andrew, how much we appreciate your willingness to sacrifice your life for our voice and freedom.

  16. Finally someone with the juice to stand up to the left.

  17. I absolutely love Andrew Breitbart. He’s one of the few on our side with some cojones. Therefor the left hates him and for good reason. He’s not going to shut up and neither are we.

    Thanks for all you do, Andrew. We’ve got your back.

  18. I can dismiss the liberals. But what makes me madder is the so-called Republican pundits who just allow them to lie and don’t challenge them. See it time after time on panel discussions. Get a frickin backbone! Love AB!

  19. Although I pray for the truthtellers every morning, big, small, ordinary and prominent, I LOVED the last three words on this trailer.

  20. AB……………i agree with everything he said here………………but he never should tell the enemy his game-plan………….obama owns all media resources……………he has the power to shut-down the internet………..just sayin

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