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  • Militant Conservative

    I’m already fighting this war. Many a person will not address me now due to this.

    One of them for a month now. I’m shocked shes of a protected class.

    There is hope, many have seen the light. (protected class)

    I keep hammering. My job as a mason is to spread the “light”, truth.

    It has been lost for a long time. Liberals hate the truth. it hurts and destroys

    thier world view in a heart beat, it makes them unsure of who and what to hate.

    WE are not the problem. Governement and those that propogate its growth

    are the problem.

    powder is dry

  • Mike

    I could not have summed up my feelings! Andrew, patriots are on alert!

  • truth teller

    Amen Militant Conservative! I must admit that I look forward to reading your comments as they convey the backbone that we all need to stand up against this insanity.

    Keep posting!

  • donh

    The Tea Party is BACK. Its been seeming like the Establishment has successfully Boehnered Tea Partiers into dispirited submission to a futile mindset that socialist feudalism is inevitable.

  • bg


    (((God Bless, Godspeed, Good Luck & Thank You AB)))!!


  • Ex-Californian

    Andrew needs to hire some very proficient unbuyable security because the obumunists will stop at nothing to silence him & to reinstall Ozero to complete the economic, military, & cultural destruction of America financed by Soros and like minded lunatics.

  • docb

    Now THAT is what I’ve been waiting for!

  • karra

    I echo the thoughts and concerns of #6 – get the very best security available, and more…

  • coolidgerules

    It has taken a while, but Militant Conservative is right-truth and light are slowly starting to win over more people.

    It would be wise to all of the “alternative” media carry and improve upon their security. The mobs of leninists are are only going to get more violent as spring and summer approach.

  • The Tea Party’s Pot is Boiling, but know how to let out the Steam so it works for America, not burns it!

  • doc

    Breitbart is so correct in that the primary aim of the liberal attack dogs is simply two things: divide and conquer, and silence the voices of disagreement. Such have been the tactics of oppressive regimes for hundreds, perhaps, thousands of years. The last thing an oppressive regime wants is for light to be shone on their subversive schemes.
    Obama isn’t so smart, but he is the consummate copycat when it comes to Alinsky-type tactics.
    I suspect this will cause him to lose big time in 2012, I think the American public just dislike this phony so much, they will vote for anything to get rid of him. He has done his race and the democrat party a great disservice, neither can be proud of this failure.

  • avagreen

    Love me some Andrew! Whew, This mid-aged gal is flushed after that trailer. Breibart is hot (said in my best Paris Hilton voice)!

  • Brucefdb

    doc…Osbama stilll owns the media and the mobs of union thugs…..most people are totally unaware of what an evil man he is. It is up to us to try to get the truth out.

  • Patty

    And he is right. I am sick of the lies and spin coming from the likes of the media and host on the left. They are stirring up the division just like Obama administration is stirring the pot. The only thing the left can up with is calling those who want less intrusion in our life are racists.

    The occupiers are murdering and raping but it seems the left media is silent. Then the Tea party, who are for less government less spending are called racists.

    So much division and anger is placed on the wrong place. The blame lies squarely on the democratic party for dividing and then the media picks it up this way and blames the right.

    Good for Breitbart, oh, how I hope there is some tape, anything to stop Obama from ever being elected. Liberal media is divide and conquer. So, they think, we all are waking up.

  • Tuella

    Next we TEA Party types can produce a movie, “Loving Breitbart”. You’ll never know, Andrew, how much we appreciate your willingness to sacrifice your life for our voice and freedom.

  • Finally someone with the juice to stand up to the left.

  • Ella

    I absolutely love Andrew Breitbart. He’s one of the few on our side with some cojones. Therefor the left hates him and for good reason. He’s not going to shut up and neither are we.

    Thanks for all you do, Andrew. We’ve got your back.

  • Eden

    I can dismiss the liberals. But what makes me madder is the so-called Republican pundits who just allow them to lie and don’t challenge them. See it time after time on panel discussions. Get a frickin backbone! Love AB!

  • pjean

    Although I pray for the truthtellers every morning, big, small, ordinary and prominent, I LOVED the last three words on this trailer.

  • AB……………i agree with everything he said here………………but he never should tell the enemy his game-plan………….obama owns all media resources……………he has the power to shut-down the internet………..just sayin

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  • ClinkinKY

    You just know that when MSNBC shows this clip they are going to reduce it to the last word on the clip…”war”. Bring it Libs.

  • bg
  • Mary

    I met someone who said they were at Harvard with BHO. The fight for Editor of the Law Review was the most contensious ever seen.

  • Zim

    I’m with Andrew. Watch your back now that Obama can send you to GITMO

  • kozanne

    Andrew Breitbart is the most important journalistic voice in our times. If you have not read it already, I URGE you to read his book “Righteous Indignation”. This book shines the light on the creeping black mold that is progressivism, and you will see the media in a light you may have not seen before.

    After I devoured the book, my son read it. He came into my office after he finished it with a look of utter shock on his face, saying “My God, I didn’t know it was like this!”

    You owe it to yourselves and your loved ones to read that book and PASS IT ON.

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  • katie

    I have never cheered at a trailer before…go andrew…we have your back!!!!

  • #10 Reed Williams commented:

    The Tea Party’s Pot is Boiling, but know how to let out the Steam so it works for America, not burns it!

    Sorry, The TEA Party is not out to burn America. Burn progressive witch @ssholes, maybe, but not America. To see who wants America to burn, look to the various components of the radical left, from the #OccupySesameStreet crowd, to the anti-war crowd, to the anti-capitaist protesters, to the NBBP, and so on.

  • Molon Labe

    Expose the Left. Sunshine shall cleanse America of the Marxists and their allies. Expose the rot, the corruption, the sickness.

  • an observer

    Breitbart is correct. It’s war.

    So start taking the war TO the media.

    Harass them on location. Ruin their takes by heckling them (give them the “heckler’s veto”). Consider petty vandalism. Or throw pies at them. If they try to interview you, respond with a stream of profanity and don’t identify yourselves. Make their job as difficult as you can. Be creative.

    In other words, OCCUPY THE MEDIA!

    We have got nothing to lose. They are NEVER going to tell our side of the story fairly. So, take the opportunity for payback.

  • #32 an observer commented:

    In other words, OCCUPY THE MEDIA!

    That is simply a great idea. Make their jobs living hells.

  • mg4us

    Andrew is A Patriot. . Thank You Andrew. .we are here and stand with you. . soon the Silent majority will be silent no longer. . . The Tea Party Patriots have started the movement but it is bigger than that. .ALL true Americans see the destruction Obama and his media henchmen have inflicted upon our great country. .

    And for Obama to declare war on the Catholic Church. . .

    Dark Clouds are coming and soon we will take a stand. . November 2012 can’t come soon enough.

    Time to take our country back and restore its greatness and our constitution!

  • occupy the media is something i’ve been advocating for years. people should demonstarte and picket their local newspapers and television stations. call them out on the stories that are essentially lies. confront them with the stories they don’t report, their politically biased reporting. most of the stories you see on this blog you will never read or hear about in american tass. let them know that people are aware of what lying propagandists they are.

  • Jonah Vark

    Welcome to Election Day Tea Party 2012

    Watch the video and then click on EVENTS to find a Tea Party near you.

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  • Scott

    Well he needs to add Fox into the mix of MSM that distorts the truth also. The Tea Party ideas were begun with Ron Paul and they constantly belittle or ignore him. Newt, Romney and Santorum are all the same and will not be “much” of an improvement of Obama. They will be just as big of spenders as Obama and bush and trample our 4th amendment with the Patriot Act and the NDAA. They will have drones flying over our country and spying on us in no time. It’s funny (but not really) hearing everyone at CPAC talking about the Constitution and Liberty when they all (Romney, Newt and Santorum) don’t walk the walk and want to trample our 4th amend. rights.

    The Tea Party has lost its way in NOT supporting Ron Paul who will cut our budget and not just the the amount of growth.

    We are going to be in big trouble unless Paul is our President. Please wake up! Please!

    Voting for Liberty, Voting for Ron Paul!

  • Gary

    Molon Labe#31
    Expose the left huh? Ok.

    Then why are you planning on voting for Obama?
    (comment 14)

    True colors shine through. I love it.
    Molon labe likes to challenge everybody else’s conservatism and call names like it was the schoolyard, but here you have it in his own words.

    He won’t simply stay home in protest on election day, making it one vote easier for Obama to win, but rather will proactively go out and vote Obama (to spite Romney apparently!).

    Molon Labe your conservative creds are revoked. Please stop posting on this conservative blog.
    But since I know you won’t, I’ll be posting this brilliant punditry of yours every time you post until I stop seeing your idiotic username.

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  • Neo

    Ex Obama , plures



  • dunce

    The MSM has ran story after story about the demise of the tea party. Tea party people have family, churches, jobs, and lives. Their obsession is not protesting, they tried that and were ignored but they are not stupid nor racists and they know that the most important thing to a politician is getting re-elected. They know that they sent a message in the 2010 election that is still ringing in the ears of politicians in both parties. They have no desire for media attention and they also know that most of the media worship obama and socialism. Washington can hear the tramp of millions feet marching to the polls in the next election and know that the only thing that can save their political careers is massive vote fraud.

  • kathy t

    GAME ON MSM!!!!!!

  • beedubya


  • Bluebay

    Finally, someone has the guts to kick some collective marxist butt. Looking forward to this Andrew, can’t come soon enough.

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  • ohmygosh

    Just remember folks, we need Breitbart and people like him as a foil to his many counterparts on the left who went unchallenged for so many years. However, we must remember that culture war is not good for America, regardless of who starts it. While Andrew and people like him are on guard to stop those on the left who would lie and distort the nature of the right, those on the right must always be on guard against those among them who ARE everything the leftists say they are.

    Our country’s greatest strength has always been its unity. Intolerance, closed-mindedness, hatred, and fear of those who disagree with or are different from us are and have always been weaknesses. As a libertarian, I implore all those who would call themselves Tea Partiers: save your social agenda for another time. For now, focus on the real threat: unsustainable government spending and entitlement growth. If you disagree with someone about reproductive rights or sexual conduct or the definition of marriage, that’s ok! Reach out to them and tell them that these are things that reasonable people will disagree about for a long time to come, but they are arguments of LUXURY. If our country fails because we run out of money, we’re going to have MUCH bigger things to worry about.

    Fix the problems that threaten the system. The social battles can be fought once that threat has been neutralized.

  • J. Peter

    Our history falling on deaf ears lies silent from E Pluribus Unum to E Unum Pluribus, from charity and self reliance to greed and envy, from economic and political freedom to economic and political dependency. May God have mercy on our cold timid souls.

  • ELrado

    Our weak link is that the “alternative media” (besides talk radio) is mostly the internet. Why do you suppose Ovomit / Reed / et al, are trying so desperately to get control of the net? How hard would it be for them to come up with an excuse to interfere with it just before election time?

  • MER

    Note to AB and the folks here.

    The battle right now is between the gop and the gop. The Dems are no where to be found, except to be used as some bogeyman for all things ebul.

    The gop establishment has their candidate, though he may be better (slightly) than the current WH resident, willard is no conservative and he is absolutely no tbagger. The more radical arm of the gop, the base of the gop that delivered the votes to win the House in 2010, the real conservatives who pass their self-inflicted purity tests, have their candidates who are “Any Non-Romney.”

    So fight it out folks. willard cant win with tbaggers staying home. Santorum cant win period.

    Dems are watching. Its the gop nomination process.

  • MER


    You fell and hit your head, didnt you? Coming here to plead for tolerance and understanding. Coming here to ask the base to drop its culture wars ( which is exactly what needs to happen) will not be met with one shred of acceptance.

    You best get with the “soshulist mooslim merikahater were doomed” meme or get lost.

  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: All
    RE: Any Serious Student of History….

    ….will recognize that this [the Occupy Movement] is the way the Communists came to power in Russia and China.

    The BIG difference between Russia and China and US is that US has the 2d Amendment. And most of US who appreciate it have had professional training in (1) the use of fire arms and (2) small unit tactics.


    [God is alive….and Airborne-Ranger qualified. And so am I.]

    P.S. I seriously doubt that many of the ‘occupiers’ can say something similar.

    P.P.S. I’m wondering how the local Veterans for Peace group is going to behave this Summer.

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