Dem Rep. Gwen Moore: Banning Welfare Card Use at Liquor Stores & Strip Clubs Is Racist (Video)

Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation to ban welfare card use from  liquor stores and strip clubs.  This has democrats fighting mad.  Elizabeth Lower-Basch, a senior analyst at the Center for Law and Social Policy, a progressive D.C. think tank says, “There’s no evidence that this is a widespread problem. And even when funds are withdrawn in those locations, it doesn’t mean that people are gambling away their benefits.”

Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-MI) says cracking down on food stamp fraud is racist, or something.

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  • olm

    OH Please.
    Although I have to admit it is the best argument when trying to explain conservative views to your kids.
    We were in Costco and a white lady, hugely obese in a cart was using her food stamp card thing for her items. They included a case of Starbuck frappacino and a tray of croissants. The rest was equally as necessary for life/
    I told my daughter to take a good look because she (my daughter) paid for that stuff.
    Explain to me how restricting what that woman can use taxpayer dollars for is racist. Maybe I should ask that real brain surgeon, from Texas, what’s her name………..Sheila Jackson Lee?

  • obfuscatenot

    I often buy my groceries at the casino. The one in the food desert, because it’s floating in the river. How dare the mean ole Republican expect me not to use my food stamp money on food. O. M. G. What is wrong with this woman? Never mind, rhetorical question.

  • Molon Labe

    I often am forced to use my foodstamps of my children to buy some Old Crow or get me a double Whopper. It sure is racist to investigate the use of foodstamps. Its enough to make me get another bottle of Jim Beam.

  • Molon Labe

    Damn all those white racists talking in code.

  • Just Da Facts

    Didn’t you know? Defrauding the government for money is a civil right.

  • Patty

    Where do they find these people? Who in there right mind says this kind of stuff and believes it sounds credible.

    And we aren’t talking just anyone, this is a congresswoman.

  • Ray

    Are we NUTS?? Helping the less fortunate is part of my faith belief system. Teach someone to fish, but never give fish forever.

  • Multitude

    Sure. And seizing our money at the point of a gun, so it can be given to parasites so they can buy booze, smokes and lotto tickets with it, is totalitarian. We’ll call your racist Uncle Tom Democratic plantation “give the negro booze to keep him numb and nonviolent” ass any day, Gwen.

    What an utter disgrace.

  • Patty

    Nation Reporter: ‘Deep Racism’ at the Heart of Food Stamp

    With a record 46 million Americans now receiving food stamps and rampant abuse resulting in what the Wall Street Journal calls a “food stamp crime wave,” Nation reporter Lizzie Ratner believes that “deep racism” is “at the heart of conservative food stamp critiques”:

    The deep racism at the heart of conservative food stamp critiques offers at least one clue as to why the Obama administration has been unable or unwilling to champion SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] as a valuable recession antidote: as the nation’s first African-American president, Obama is vulnerable to racist innuendo, which his opponents are only too happy to exploit.

    Furthermore, Ms. Ratner contends that “the food stamp program has remained surprisingly sensitive to people’s needs” and “is, in many ways, a model entitlement program.” Still, says Ms. Ratner, the food stamp program’s benefit levels are too “stingy,” and sensible anti-fraud efforts to reform the program, such as those proposed by Sen. Jeff Sessions, can only be the result of racism.

    Equally troubling, Jeff Sessions, an Alabama Republican with a record of racebaiting, led a charge in the Senate this past fall to “reform” food stamps by restricting eligibility and undoing a planned $9 billion budget increase, supposedly to crack down on fraud and government excess.

    Ms. Ratner’s baseless racial attack obscures an otherwise noble effort: Sen. Sessions’s amendment was an attempt to save taxpayers billions in mismanaged funds resulting from so-called “categorical eligibility”–a provision that makes recipients of other federal benefits automatically eligible for food stamps.

    (great deal more @ link)


  • Taqiyyotomist

    It’s dog whistles, all the way down!!!

  • donh

    Pimps , pornographers, and strip clubs are Democrats most loyal contributors…How dare you pinch their cash flow !

  • Blackbird

    This type of nonsense is about to come to an end, one way or the other. Either we get control back or the system crashes and burns on it’s own accord. Either way the crazy train is almost at it’s last stop.

  • daryl


    Romney may not get all of the marbles yet.

    Florida primary might not be a done deal – Fox News

  • Sickofobama

    Yeah and we need to start giving those poor welfare recipients hookers, too!

    Racist Affirmative Action Recipients elected to office by other affirmative action recipients are all nucking futs!

  • shibumi

    If people using their food stamps for liquor and a strip clubs is not a problem, then ceasing the practice should impact NO ONE since no one does this!!!

    /hahahaha! Fooled you with logic!

  • Ausonius

    #6 Patty:

    They don’t intend, nor care if they do, sound credible. Being in a congressional district that is a solid democrat lock means to constantly pander and make statements in public (to later be used as ads) just like this. It is not as if they will be scrutinized prior to the next election for such statements (at least not in a negative way). The name of the game is to rob from someone to score political points with those who vote for you (sometimes even from the grave).

    Find something or someone to exploit, target them for taxation, and create a new assistance program (likely that overlaps other programs), which by the way, won’t be factored into income in any way so as to affect the income threshholds that trigger these programs (meaning if you qualify for 10 programs, there is no $ value assessed to each program in order to limit the # of programs one person can get and still be considered under the poverty line.

  • Patty

    What the real problem seems to be in Washington are the extremely different views. No common ground nor common sense. There has to be another way to detect where a food stamp recipient is spending there entitlement.

    And on another subject but still pertaining to food stamps, this should be given for a time period when possible. And the unemployment offices should be next door. Some will be on them for the rest of their life. But some are deliberately abusing this program.

    The food stamp office sometimes checks Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) records to look for food stamp transactions that it thinks are suspicious. Types of food stamp transactions that might be considered suspicious include transactions that are out-of-state or for high-dollar amounts at small stores, transactions for even-dollar amounts (like $50.00 exactly), and transactions that occur very soon after another transaction. Advocates should check to see if cultural or other factor may explain otherwise suspicious patterns. DSS has issued guidance on the rules governing the use of EBT and EBT administrative data to prevent the misuse of EBT information. ACL 10-01. The ACL reminds counties that households should be able to access their accounts from anywhere in the country where EBT benefits are redeemed.
    more on site.

    In February, the KING 5 Investigators videotaped Pham recruit people off the streets, drawing in customers willing to hand over food stamp debit cards. The ring pays $0.50 on the dollar for the cards.

    From the story, prosecutors learned that Pham simply moved her operation down the block.
    At the federal courthouse Tuesday, Pham was charged with running a food stamp scheme at Seattle Chinese Herb and Grocery, a small store that trafficked more than $2 million in food stamps before federal agents raided it in October.

    A judge denied prosecutors’ request to keep Pham in jail until her trial. However, the judge ordered GPS tracking to make sure she doesn’t return to the scene of her crime — grocery stores.

    The judge also banned her from casinos, saying she was bilking the taxpayer funded food stamp program to support her gambling habit.

    The owner of Seattle Chinese Herb and Grocery is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty last month to food stamp fraud.
    A novel idea would be to stop the food stamp program all together.
    But that would be harsh and not very humane. But their are nutrition programs that help the children.

    The system needs to be changed. We are reach a very bad time in history. 9% unemployment and much isn’t the person fault. Even some people in the public eye have been on food stamps. They are necessary and not abuse by more people than less.
    But changes are in the works.


    Sessions wants focus on food stamp eligibility in USDA probe

  • john b

    Ishe she Shelia Jackson-Lee’s sista?

  • Sasja

    daryl. I wondered about that; Mittens getting all the delegates. Appreciate the update.

  • Patty

    #13 February 1, 2012 at 6:39 pm
    daryl commented:


    Romney may not get all of the marbles yet.

    Florida primary might not be a done deal – Fox News

    I like it.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #12 Blackbird

    Indeed, the incontrovertible fact that the current welfare system is “unsustainable”.

    In case the academics who have made it their “Buzzword of the Decade”, use of which in papers and essays, along with “hegemony” and “patriarchal” practically guarantees an A+ and possible tenure, (pay attention, Lefties): IT CANNOT CONTINUE.

    When the EBT cards quit working — and they will — “unsustainable” will have run its course.

    What happens then is, as with Communism, “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is up for grabs!”

    We are seeing that mindset manifest itself in Congress, with it’s rampant money-grabbing.

    We are seeing that happen in the ‘hoods of Chicago, Philly, NYC, and many more with the recent trend of happy, smiling, laughing “flash robberies”.

    These classes of people have begun to realize — it is starting to “sink in” — that they can DO ANYTHING.

    If those EBT cards run dry, folks, it’s gonna be a big year for gun stores.

  • Mad Hatter

    Certain people have gotten away with fraud way too long in this country, (either Welfare fraud, or voting fraud), and now that there are Conservatives trying to put a stop to these types of fraud, you hear the crazies on the left trying to do whatever they can to keep the fraud intact.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    My grammar, my sentence structure… they are not doing so good tonight. Hmm.

    Preview, Taq. Preview.

  • Buffalobob

    “Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-MI) says cracking down on food stamp fraud is racist, or something”. First off lay off the supersize Twinkies orders Gwen. Next by your accusation you are stereotyping blacks as food stamp receivers. Does that make you my svelte Glen a RASIS?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    append to the end of my 1st sentence in 21:

    “is somewhat comforting.”

    to the end of my 2nd sentence after (Pay attention, Lefties!):

    “have forgotten: ‘unsustainable’ means”

    My grandmother would beat me with the Black Snake. (her words, not mine!)


  • Patty

    #16 February 1, 2012 at 6:51 pm
    Ausonius commented:

    Even with as impressive a Republican nominee as former New York Jets football player Michel Faulkner and all the ethical clouds looming over embattled Rep. Charles Rangel (D.-N.Y.), the chances of Rangel somehow losing to re-election in the 15th District lie closer to “none” than “slim.”

    And that is why, incredible as it may seem, there have been recent developments and publicity pointing to Faulkner as a contender to keep one’s eye on.

    This is the celebrated district held by Rangel for 40 years and, before that, by his legendary predecessor and fellow Democrat Adam Clayton Powell since it was created in 1944. Once known as “the Harlem district,” the 15th now includes the upper West Side of Manhattan, East Harlem, Washington Heights, Inwood, and Marble Hill (Bronx). According to the latest registration figures, there are 323,521 registered Democrats in the district, and only 21, 721 registered Republicans.

    Pretty discouraging to read about, you say? But read on.

    Forget for a moment those registration figures. Barely 17% of the registered Democrats turned out for the September primary in which Rangel—his chairmanship of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee gone and facing a full-blown ethics probe later this year—managed 51% of the vote over four opponents (including runner-up and State Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell, IV, son of Rangel’s predecessor).

    Gwen Moors’s district is more than likely, like Rangel’s. In other words, don’t disrupt a program that those in her district have depended on because the are too lazy or may need help.

    They like living off the man.

  • The integrity of the program? Okay, sure.

    First off, who the hell voted in Gwen Moore? Secondly, it always comes back to this (for me), there ain’t NO fixin’ government. Not when you have to deal with the Gwen’s of this world AND there is a lot of Gwens…

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Someone pitch Hollywood a screenplay about the EBT cards running dry.

    It would be like “Escape from New York” but nationwide, from the smallest country-ghettos to the gangsta paradises of Crenshaw, Oakland, and “A.T.L.!”™.

    I’ll have my people call my agent’s people.

  • Buffalobob

    Oh and as an after thought, I just watched the local news report on the EBT cards being delayed in ID. The local news showed a EDB card holder checking the Internet for info. She had a $300- $400 iPhone. Is this a great country or what?

  • Patty

    Food stamps were a big part of Gwen Moore’s life. I see her discontent. Her family needed them but did someone in her family use them for booze and strip clubs. I say investigate her and her family.

    She came from very humble beginnings but that doesn’t give her the right to act like an unintelligent representative.

    Really, bars and strip clubs. We the people are paying for this. Well, we are paying for all the failures of Obama, too.

  • Practical Jane

    B-Rate? Really?
    (Product of the Liberal Public Eh-chew-case-sun System)

  • lynched1

    That has got to be the dumbest public comment I’ve ever heard.
    Oh wait…..she’s from Michigan? Detroit riiiiiiight.

  • Wait. You’re saying this is not an SNL sketch? One of the ones which go near the edge?

  • Whoever the Pub nominee will be, there will be no shortage of video footage for the fall ad campaign…

  • Looks like this Moore woman is on Moochies diet program, The no cheeseburger, fries,or ice cream should be left uneaten program……

  • Gus

    Your story shows here being from Michigan. I’d love that! But she’s a dimbulb race bating beast master from Milwaukee.

  • donh

    Paging Allen West…>>.

  • Jim, Gwen Moore is a Dem from Wisconsin, not Michigan. Sadly, she is one of ours.

  • #38

    My words exactly. I can see the confusion as Milwaukee is now West detroit.

  • WillofLa

    Blacks can’t do anything everyone else is having to do in order to be a productive citizen in this country. As far back as the 60’s they have been protected by the White liberals who took them under their wing and stood by their side to help them do everything they wanted to do, but allowed them to do everything the Black way. The Black way is not like everyone else in the world. Even though it as different from everyone else’s way of life, they don’t seem to want to conform to the part of being a citizen in this society. According to our Constitution Blacks have the same right as everyone else and their particular cultural differences are protected by law, and their traditions as well. But everyone knows that there is something greater than your particular races customs and traditions that everyone must adhere to in order to benefit from being a, “law abiding, God fearing, decent, careing and compassionate, decent and clean living, and observing the rules of society that everyone must follow in order to benefit from the rewards of our Constitutional protected society.

    Blacks are the only ones who don’t want to do what everyone else does in order to benefit from it’s rewards. They just want the benefits without having to do what everyone else does. Blacks don’t want to have to obey the laws like everyone else does in order to benefit from what a orderly society provides. They just want the benefits from living in an orderly society where it’s everyone else who obeys the laws. Blacks don’t want to have to show a picture I.D. in order that everyone can benefit from a legal election so that the right person is fairly elected. Blacks don’t want to have to do that because they want to cheat and make sure someone gets into office who will allow them to be like they want to be without having to be like everyone else is, law abiding, and following the rules.

    Blacks don’t think it’s right that they should have to obey the law about anything else that everybody else has to do, mainly White people. Anything that White people have to do, Blacks don’t think they should have to do it. This is all it is. It’s not racist…..ever!! It’s just that it’s something that a White person would have to obey, like, not being able to use their Food Stamps to buy liquer or cigarettes.

    This woman who thinks she’s a representative, who by the way has a “safe” district to run in so that it violates all the other districts that White representatives have to run in where they have to run up against Democrats who cheat to get into office, this Black doesn’t have to ever worry about having to run up against a White Republican with alot of money.

    White liberal Democrats make sure that things are always in favor for Blacks no matter how many decades it’s been since the so-called “Civil Rights” bill has been law, and Blacks have never been required to show a certain amount of progress for the time alloted. We do, Mexican’s do, Asian’s have to, American Indian’s have to, and every Eurpean race has to show progress for the time alloted except BLACK’S!! WHY IS THAT? YOU THINK THEY ARE ALLOWED TO DISCREMINATE AGAINST ALL OTHER RACES TO GET AWAY WITH WHAT THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH? WHO’S THE RACIST NOW??

  • Militant Conservative

    Like banning pedophiles from grade schools.

    Like banning mental patients from gun shows.

    Like banning addicts from Drug stores.

    Like banning Muslims from bombs.

    Low life Americans reproduce with abandon.

    Gonna be a rat killin down the road when the

    Gravy train with biscuit wheels stops.

    Obama has hastened the arrival date.

    Powder is dry

  • Steven

    Hey Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore,

    White folks go to strip clubs and by booze with gov. money?

    Does that make you little leg tingle?

  • Demonstrating yet another reason why I’M RUNNING AGAINST HER in 2012…This is exactly the type of fight the 4th District Incumbent would pick in order to keep her name in the news while making the argument that Republicans, who are simply trying to safeguard the taxpayer’s money by ensuring it is used as intended, are racist by nature and only seek to ‘marginalize and humiliate’ the poor. Speaking out against common sense is precisely what she is doing. For example, no longer called ‘food stamps’, the acronym SNAP has taken the place of ‘food stamps’. SNAP stands for ‘Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program’. The operative word being ‘Nutritional’. The intent of the program is to provide food to those in need. The bill before Congress that would disallow the use of cash cards at bars, liquor stores, and strip clubs is simply an effort to ensure the taxpayers dollars are spent on that which they were intended. The argument that the nearest ATM to those in poverty might be at a liquor store may be true, but even in poor neighborhoods ATM’s are prevalent.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Gwen — like you, I’m appalled that my tax dollars are NOT permitted to be used at liquor stores and titty bars. I agree that these poor creatures need to be supported and gratified on the basest levels of their collective existence. After all, what else is there for them?

    Thank God that there are spokespersons like Gwen Moore who can not only speak up for continued human degradations, but insure that these people will forever be committed to a life of meaningless and destructive pursuits.

    You go Gwen!! If they die in alley, whose fault is that?
    Certainly not yours–Right????

  • gus

    Dan, my man.. Best of luck. You’ve tried before. Sorry my friend, I moved to WESTERN WAUKESHA county. I grew up on 88th and Center. Good luck, Godspeed.

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  • what ivy league school did she graduate from?

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  • Molon Labe


    She’s back. Does it matter? She probably can’t read but she’s black.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    You can never take the victim out of the victim…she is and will always be a VICTIM–her brain is wired wrong. Those who really need the food should get it..old people bringing home hardly nothing..but not the cheaters..

    She is a RACIST …against the rule of law voted and supported by congress..its for FOOD

    F O O D…..F O O D..get it????

    Lisa Jackson (EPA), Michele Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Gwen Moore, Jackson Lee, what do all these women have in common?

  • Estragon

    If I had a food stamp card I would want to be able to use it anywhere I went. What if I were in a strip club applying for a job and got hungry? It happens . . . and casinos aren’t so free with the buffet vouchers any more, either.

    You do realize that through the middle ages right up into the 19th Century beer was considered a food staple in Europe, not a “fun beverage,” right? It’s downright nourishing if you brew it right, not the commercial grade horse urine most people drink, but the microbrews are putting out some fine foodstuffs.

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  • Seth

    Ugh. Where did they get this /parasite/clown who can’t even speak English very well? Scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Good thing no one’s yet aggressively gone after intellectual/intelligence fraud… A goodly portion of the Libs and all of the Kool-Aid-drinking race-hustling-whores would immediately be out of a job.

    My, just the sound of that prospect is comforting!!

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  • ebullient

    Gwen Moore is from Wisconsin not Michigan.

  • Jerry C

    “Elizabeth Lower-Basch, a senior analyst at the Center for Law and Social Policy, a progressive D.C. think tank”

    Elizabeth Lower-Basch, a senior analyst at the Center for Law and Social Policy, a progressive D.C. tank think

    There. Fixed it.

  • And after Gwen Moore’s diatribe she left the chamber without voting for the bill.

  • doc

    Gwen Moore is just plain stupid…there, I said it, no need to thank me.

  • Carl

    Next the Democrats will want us to give discounts at the Liquor Stores for those on welfare.

    I f I was the boss they would not get welfare of any kind unless we the people got something in return. There are all sorts of things they could do for their community. Maybe 2-4 hours a day for mother and 8 hours a day for the men.

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  • BubbaT

    Isn’t she a fine example of how corrupt and criminally stupid our Govt. representatives are?

  • Shockwave

    Who the hell votes for these STUPID people? Throw her ass out…period. What a waste of food and space.

  • Matt

    Martin Luther King would be ashamed of this, and the Division of the RACES!

  • Torked

    As I saw several months ago in Walmart. The family in front of me (they all were grossly obese) paid for their cart full of chips, candy,and steaks. (Nothing healthy.) Used the food stamp card. Turns out they were parked next to me. I was a little shocked to see that they drove a Hummer. Wish I was that poor.

  • Bill N.

    Obama’s MAIN BASE HERE!!! Blame whitey for allowing this insanity in the first place!!

  • Jeff

    If i lived all day in Liquor stores and Casino’s i would definitely need a food card! Also playing the race card is racist and I haven’t seen the numbers lately, White,Black,Hispanic all use them, That’s why this woman is more racist than the most Lilly white republican any day. The people she represents are the ones who will suffer when the abuse to the system becomes unsustainable ILLINOIS and California seem to have alot in common with good ole Milwaukee now of days.

  • Jeff

    If i lived all day in Liquor stores and Casino’s i would definitely need a food card! Also playing the race card is racist and I haven’t seen the numbers lately, White,Black,Hispanic all use them, That’s why this woman is more racist than the most Lilly white republican any day. The people she represents are the ones who will suffer when the abuse to the system becomes unsustainable ILLINOIS and California seem to have alot in common with good ole Milwaukee now of days.

  • jimmy moore

    They want to get them drunk so they will vote for them they dont no what the hell there voting for anyway besides there welfare card.

  • geo whetstine

    Ms. Moore has taken a dumb mistake when she was young,( getting knocked-up when she was 18 ) and parlayed it into a lifetime career ( US congressperson ) of riping off the citizens of WI. Nice manuver Moore.

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