He may be the worst economic president since the Great Depression – with record unemployment, record deficits, record food stamp use, and record debt. But what he lacks in results, he makes up for in cockiness.

Obama joked with his UAW buddies today about his inevitable reelection.
Confident, arrogant, downright cocky?
The Five reported, you decide.




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  1. His election may indeed be inevitable. Just ask the democratic Secretaries of State in a few swing states. And don’t forget the democratic judges. ACORN may have changed its name, but not its objectives or tactics.

  2. This was the UAW speech that, when questioned, Jay Carney today denied this was a campaign speech. “Not at all” were Carney’s words.


  3. Let me get this straight President Obama, America is arrogant but not you?

  4. Feeling right at home with his fellow traveler comrade thugs.

  5. Biggest POS to ever be called president of the USA…arrogant COC& SUCKER

  6. yeah sure you’ll buy one. face it the chevy volt is a pipe dream like the delorean!

  7. The question is why is he so cocky? Where is he going to get this supposed one billion dollars for his campaign? The people of America only loan power to their elected officials, but the power and ownership of America belongs to the people, not the government.

  8. i hope the people that comment here are will be working in the campaign to defeat this marxist.

  9. My top ten reasons I’d vote for a ham sandwich over Obama in 2012:

    #10. A ham sandwich would not destroy even more job creation by increasing taxes on the wealthy.
    #9. A t ham sandwich would not place a moratorium on offshore drilling.
    #8. A ham sandwich would not over-regulate every aspect of our lives in order to pick “winners” and “losers”.
    # 7. A ham sandwich would not bow to a Saudi king or submit to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    #6. A ham sandwich would not decrease overall revenue by increasing taxes on small businesses (refer to new reports out of Europe).
    #5. A ham sandwich would not stand in the way of Israel from defending itself from the existential threat posed by the Iranian regime.
    #4. A ham sandwich would not implement a Fast and Furious gun running program in order to give false credibility to the elimination of our 2nd Amendment rights.
    #3. A ham sandwich would not weaken our national security by unilaterally disarming our military.
    # 2. A ham sandwich would not give away billions of dollars of our taxpayers money for a world-wide wealth distribution scheme known as global warming.

    And finally my # 1 reason why I’d vote for a ham sandwich over Obama in 2012: A ham sandwich would not veto the repeal of Obamacare.

    Feel free to add to list…

  10. He misspoke: he meant, “next year.”

  11. With this guy the material just writes itself,

    Pride goes before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

    Proverbs 16:18,

  12. Confident, arrogant, downright cocky?
    Liar, thug, miscreant, petty tyrant, tinpot dictator, traitor.

  13. Shows a lot of confidence in voter fraud and illegal alien votes, and why not? It worked for him in ’08.

  14. Barack Hussein Obunghole – Putting the POS in POtuS since 2009.

  15. We are screwed!

  16. People are fed up with this Marxist clown. In a sane world, he’d be sent back to Kenya along with all of his union and Marxist buddies.

  17. Gm owes $50 billion and got $ 49 billion tax write off statute.
    How bout that GOP aren’t going to do ANYTHING????

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