Candidates use one word to describe themselves at CNN GOP Debate.
Newt says he’s cheerful.




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  1. Ron Paul — The Libya War didn’t bankrupt this country, and if we handle Iran the same way it will not either.

  2. If they asked me that I would serious say:


  3. Now THAT would get some hits on YouTube

  4. It was a typical stupid libtard question. like “Coke or Pepsi?” Newt’s answer was spot on.

  5. Inanity defined.

  6. Yeah, what a stupid grade school question. Such a question would’ve never been asked of any Democrat candidate for any public office. But the Communist News Network (CNN) asks the question to publicly demonstrate their contempt for these candidates.

  7. Well, he got a laugh anyhow.

  8. Newt and Romney are the clear winners.

    I liked the Cheeerful answer. The rest were psycological dominance questions.

    His was a answer of confidence.

  9. For what its worth, Santorum is DYING on Intrade. He just has no gravitas.

  10. John King was not too bad.

  11. WTF is this bs? Are we on Family Feud!?

  12. Paul Paul doesn’t have a family. His son ran away away he doesn’t know where he went.

  13. To bad Obama wasn’t there, he could have said illegal …or gay.

  14. Romney should have said, “President.”

  15. Jan Brewer missed an oppurtunity to endorse someone.

    Her border issues should be a front and center topic of this year’s campaign.

    If you have a strong border policy and you get the governor’s backing it would help.

  16. Newt and Mitt bigest losers tonight.What show were you watching? Intrades trending up for Rick big time. The other two are slipping fast. Oh my. Maybe we should let the voters vote. Nah, that’s not fair, I get to decide who wins.

  17. There’s that word again ‘gravitas’ – hey let’s get out of the 1990’s please.

  18. Romney may be a lib in wolf’s clothes (who WILL lose to Barry in November), but the guy is nobody’s b*tch on the debate stage. He didn’t have any trouble slapping the taste out of Santorum’s mouth today, just like he didn’t have any trouble when Gingrich achieved “front runner status” a few debates back and had his “chance to cut Romney off at the knees” debate a while back.

    Anyone saying Santorum didn’t fair worse than Gingrich did during his “moment” debate is delusional.

    Santorum is in trouble after the deer in the headlights performance tonight.

  19. Romney ahead in all respects. Newt second. Santorum and Paul tied for third.

    Hmm. You know, Santorum has some kind of issues stemming from childhood that interferes with his emotions and presentation, making him seem pathetic.

    The reason the media is puffing him is they know he gets tonge-toed and will seem weak against Obama. One cinematic trick used tonight (which I don ‘t see the media use much if at all because it’s elementary) is to VERY slowly zoom in on someone who is speaking to give them a sense of importance. They did that with Santorum tonight. Couldn’t believe it. guess they figure the old tricks are still the best tricks.

    With Romney they used a VERY slight high-angle shot, which had the effect of diminutizing him. Cheap trick. Paul they kept off-center to make the audience uncomfortable. The best angle, placement, and lighting favored Gingrich.

    Anyhoo… Romney will do a good job as president and can hold his own against Obama. Man, he really gives it to Obama–which is something I have always appreciated.

    Sometimes I wish we could put the 4 candidates in a blender and come out with the best in all of them in a “blended” candidate. lol

    Now about Obama. Hillary as the October surprise VP. Will throw the election process on it’s head. Then Obama, if elected will allow some disaster attack on US soil and use it to suspend the Constitition.

    He could try it ahead of the election, but he’s feel better installing himself as dictator after.

    Following Soeharto’s example(s).

    Just sayin’.

  20. Romney is not a lib. Nope. His platform is very hawkish and pro-individual and State’s rights.

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