CNN GOP Debate – Candidates Use One Word to Describe Self (Video)

Candidates use one word to describe themselves at CNN GOP Debate.
Newt says he’s cheerful.

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  • Joe College

    Ron Paul — The Libya War didn’t bankrupt this country, and if we handle Iran the same way it will not either.

  • Bill Mitchell

    If they asked me that I would serious say:


  • Bill Mitchell

    Now THAT would get some hits on YouTube

  • Redwine

    It was a typical stupid libtard question. like “Coke or Pepsi?” Newt’s answer was spot on.

  • Robert

    Inanity defined.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Yeah, what a stupid grade school question. Such a question would’ve never been asked of any Democrat candidate for any public office. But the Communist News Network (CNN) asks the question to publicly demonstrate their contempt for these candidates.

  • Joanne

    Well, he got a laugh anyhow.

  • Militant Conservative

    Newt and Romney are the clear winners.

    I liked the Cheeerful answer. The rest were psycological dominance questions.

    His was a answer of confidence.

  • Bill Mitchell

    For what its worth, Santorum is DYING on Intrade. He just has no gravitas.

  • Joe College

    John King was not too bad.

  • WTF is this bs? Are we on Family Feud!?

  • Joe College

    Paul Paul doesn’t have a family. His son ran away away he doesn’t know where he went.

  • To bad Obama wasn’t there, he could have said illegal …or gay.

  • Liz

    Romney should have said, “President.”

  • Spider

    Jan Brewer missed an oppurtunity to endorse someone.

    Her border issues should be a front and center topic of this year’s campaign.

    If you have a strong border policy and you get the governor’s backing it would help.

  • Fuquay Steve

    Newt and Mitt bigest losers tonight.What show were you watching? Intrades trending up for Rick big time. The other two are slipping fast. Oh my. Maybe we should let the voters vote. Nah, that’s not fair, I get to decide who wins.

  • Fuquay Steve

    There’s that word again ‘gravitas’ – hey let’s get out of the 1990’s please.

  • Bubba

    Romney may be a lib in wolf’s clothes (who WILL lose to Barry in November), but the guy is nobody’s b*tch on the debate stage. He didn’t have any trouble slapping the taste out of Santorum’s mouth today, just like he didn’t have any trouble when Gingrich achieved “front runner status” a few debates back and had his “chance to cut Romney off at the knees” debate a while back.

    Anyone saying Santorum didn’t fair worse than Gingrich did during his “moment” debate is delusional.

    Santorum is in trouble after the deer in the headlights performance tonight.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Romney ahead in all respects. Newt second. Santorum and Paul tied for third.

    Hmm. You know, Santorum has some kind of issues stemming from childhood that interferes with his emotions and presentation, making him seem pathetic.

    The reason the media is puffing him is they know he gets tonge-toed and will seem weak against Obama. One cinematic trick used tonight (which I don ‘t see the media use much if at all because it’s elementary) is to VERY slowly zoom in on someone who is speaking to give them a sense of importance. They did that with Santorum tonight. Couldn’t believe it. guess they figure the old tricks are still the best tricks.

    With Romney they used a VERY slight high-angle shot, which had the effect of diminutizing him. Cheap trick. Paul they kept off-center to make the audience uncomfortable. The best angle, placement, and lighting favored Gingrich.

    Anyhoo… Romney will do a good job as president and can hold his own against Obama. Man, he really gives it to Obama–which is something I have always appreciated.

    Sometimes I wish we could put the 4 candidates in a blender and come out with the best in all of them in a “blended” candidate. lol

    Now about Obama. Hillary as the October surprise VP. Will throw the election process on it’s head. Then Obama, if elected will allow some disaster attack on US soil and use it to suspend the Constitition.

    He could try it ahead of the election, but he’s feel better installing himself as dictator after.

    Following Soeharto’s example(s).

    Just sayin’.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Romney is not a lib. Nope. His platform is very hawkish and pro-individual and State’s rights.

  • Mama Grizzly

    About the dumb question: agree … parlor games …

    I like “Resolute” the best — because it shows courage, cheerfulness, AND consistency.

    Obama would be SO yesterday if the media ever actually reported information instead of being his personal PR firm.

  • Sparky

    Newt was the clear winner of tonight’s debate. He was on issue, concise, knowledgeable, funny, and was definitely the ADULT in the crowd.

    Newt is the classic statesman, in that he inspires confidence, trust and stability. He was calm and capable.

    Newt is hands down the man to be President.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Goodnight all. I hope when I wake up this day next year that the nightmare has ended and that those who work hard and get an education can still have a chance in this country, that we have an excellent military, that world threats have been lessened, our allies supported and strengthen, the jihadists defeated, the border closed, public education returned to the states, the not yet born recognized as valuable, and all other good things…

  • Liberty
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  • riddick


    Not sure if you were watching same debate I did, but to say that Romney is clearly ahead is definitely twisting the obvious. Ahead of Herr Paul and Santorum? Yes. But nowhere near Newt. And Romney’s IDIOTIC “…you can ask any question and I can give any answer…” simply pointed out what he is: progressive liberal hiding under a mask of conservative. I really don’t give a hoot what Romney/Santorum/Paul say, talk is cheap, the ONLY person on that stage with PROVEN RECORD of conservative ideas as well as conservative governorship is Newt, hands down, and that record is better than the others’ records combined, easily by a mile at the least.

    Still have no idea how so many supposed adults are so easily duped by Romney. the self proclaimed progressive with the record to boot. Brainwashing at its best, the good ol’ USSR style…

  • Liberty

    Ron Paul post-debate interview – CNN admits RP is second in delegates

  • bg


    Liberty #24 February 22, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    Ron the hypocritical flake calling someone else a fake, priceless!!

    ROTF 😆 MBO!!


  • owl

    I got off Newt after I watched his last news conference when he lost. He was pitiful with his whining and was not holding it together. Newt has to remember it is not ALL about him.

    I laughed out loud at his answer. He must has received the message from several and he was good tonight.

    I just do not see Santorum as president. Sorry but he reminds me of the prissy kid that nobody likes and the Professional MSM Poop Scoopers will have a field day with him. They want him. They realllllly want him. I just wish he would quit inflicting damage.

    That leaves Mitt and Newt again.

  • owl

    #28 bg, that was the other really funny moment. Darn shame Ron Paul is nuts on foreign policy. Otherwise, it is so easy to agree with most of what he says and he is funny. Until he gives his military/war views. Then he is pure flake.

  • bg


    well if Romney doesn’t assure an Obama win, Paul most certainly will..

    frankly, Paul is to Obama left..

    i can also see Paul appointing Kevin Jennings as Safe School
    Czar, and lord knows who else to what cabinet post.. *sigh*

    [consensual sex between a person aged 15 and a person aged 30, why
    can we not leave these people alone if this is what they want, or at the
    most ostracize them for being ‘gross’]

    [“I didn’t write them, I disavow them, that’s
    it,” Mr. Paul said in a tense CNN interview.]

    [I’m not one to dabble in conspiracy theories, but when Soros pays
    for an ad praising you during the Republican primaries and then you
    put his experts in charge of America’s defense policy, then maybe
    some questions should be asked.]


  • MontereyZman

    Newt was the only winner tonight ….

    boy, Ron Paul sure is Romney’s wingman …. very clear now ! : )

  • Liberty

    bg… your lame distortions of Ron Paul’s positions are laughable.

  • Ahem

    Its time for Republicans to accept the fact that Ron Paul is the candidate with the best chance against Obama. He’s conservative and draws in a lot of support from independents… Even fiscally conservative Democrats!

  • bg


    Liberty #33 February 22, 2012 at 11:35 pm

    tis Ron Paul who is distorted, but sure, go ahead, blame me..


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  • Ahem,

    Why can’t Paul win a single primary?

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  • NC Mountain Girl

    Romney has rewritten more history than Stalin’s chief archivist. Just last October Romney managed to be both pro life and pro choice in the same two sentence sound bite answer in a Fox News appearance. The man is as slippery as Bill Clinton without the charm. The only plus I see is that unlike Clinton he still is capable of some level of shame. While the political instincts under his recently applied veneer of conservatism trend to the squishy “I’ll do a more efficient job of running the welfare state” if you can get him to make a promise that sounds conservative he will try to keep it, albeit in a greatly mangled form.

    I want this to go on as long as possible. I suspect that may be the only way to get the nominee to understand that we aren’t going to be fooled again. Milton Friedman once said

    I do not believe that the solution to our problem is simply to elect the right people. The important thing is to establish a political climate of opinion which will make it politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing. Unless it is politically profitable for the wrong people to do the right thing, the right people will not do the right thing either, or it they try, they will shortly be out of office.

  • Fred

    Sorry, but I just can’t get into Ron Paul. He’s older than Reagan was when he ran and I just don’t want to hear four years of his rambling answers everytime he’s asked a question. He just comes off as either indecisive or outright loony. He’s kinda like that crazy uncle that you never know what to make of. A real head-scratcher.

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  • Lady Mondegreen

    Gingrich – Cranky
    Santorum – Self-pitying
    Romney – Fake
    Paul – Crackpot

  • Joe College

    I just figured out the CNN debate was scheduled for last night. They wanted to catch Santorum wearing ashes for Ash Wednesday.

  • Gary

    Bill Mitchell #2

    If they asked me next after you I would say: “Moreso”

  • Gary

    Joe College 43

    Didn’t occur to me. I thought I saw somebody with a spot on their forehead, but at the time i figured it was just an unfortunate balding pattern.
    Good observation.

  • An utter waste, the entire debate.

  • Gary

    Fuquay #16

    There is a difference between rooting for your candidate and objectively observing what actually happened.
    For example, in a basketball game, you can cheer your team and you can think they played better than the other team, but the scoreboard is impartial.

    Santorum had some good moments in the debate, but Romney took it to him a couple of times. Even Ron Paul scored a point or two on Santorum (namely voting for bills and then running on a platform of getting rid of them afterwards). If you can say one thing for Ron Paul, he has voted his conscience.

    Newt, whom I rarely praise, does have to be commended for always having an in-depth knowledge of topic and being ready to discuss virtually anything seemingly without preparation.

    They all did well, and as somebody said earlier, probably because the moderator stayed out of it for the most part.

    I do wish King hadn’t cut off the Romney/Santorum Specter thing. I’d have liked to hear another minute of that. Romney never mentioned for the uninformed that Specter switched parties after that. It would have hurt Santorum more.

  • Ken Myers

    The candidates finally cut to the chase
    They gave us one word that describes them
    Who knows what the spin will be today
    But we got at least one spectacular gem
    The best answer goes to the resistance
    That is led by Ron Paul and his consistence
    We then work our way down to a more tender age
    With Santorum and his self proclaimed courage
    You gotta love Newt for not being fearful
    Going out on a limb by calling himself cheerful
    But sound the trumpet and give a big toot
    For Romney laying a stinker only being resolute
    The Republicans are fighting to be a real alternative
    Yet not a single one proclaimed themself CONSERVATIVE

  • burt

    Why Republican appear on the Communist News Network is beyond me!

  • Mama Grizzly


    And good morning.

    So… Romney is a USSR-style poser AND is identical to a Stalin supporter??

    Those comments should alert everyone to what’s going on here. Discredit Romney so conservatives are running around in a panic and elect a preresentstive that can’t defeat Mr. Coolbama.

    Paul is wrong on war and drugs.
    Santorum is embarrassing even though he’s really trying.
    Newt is not a solid person– his grandiosity is a cloak.
    Romney has a strong platform on defense, borders, education, will repeal federal health legislation and supports the Constitution. He’s an all-American Mormon for crying out loud.

    Oh no. no. He twists info lousy like the politburo .


  • Mama Grizzly

    Obama fears Romney. But Romney will have to be very solid because the media will use film/cinema tricks etc. to “feature” him in a certain bad light (literally).

    That said–any of the others but Uncle Ron would be better.

    G-d save us. Be smart. Think outside the box. We must defeat Obama before he suspends the Constitutuion and finishes off the US.

  • Mimi

    I thought each candidate got their hits in on each other. What creeps me out is Romney is such a dishonest person. He was FOR No Child Left Behind and then was dishonest about it. He looks like a mean person that hands out money to get votes. So now Romney is playing into Obama’s class warfare game talking about the 1% in his new tax plan. I’m in my fifties and have always pulled a lever in every race but for the life of me if it is Obama/Romney I couldn’t vote for either.
    Romney and Obama are twins on class warfare, bank bailouts, government mandates, climate chg, buying votes. They are too similar. The way Romney acted last night will cause many of the base to do as I will and vote for every race but the Presidency if he gets the nod. It is really too bad.

  • Mimi

    Mama Grizzley You do know that Romney LOVED No Child Left Behind and was against school vouchers?

  • Mama Grizzly

    If people want to observe how this all works read #39.

    Romney = Bill Clinton without the charm…

    This is operative crap.

    Right– Mr. family man, Mr. Pro-Israel, Mr. pro-Constitution Romney is identical to the serial rapist, ally bombing Mr. blow-job-in-the-oval-office Clinton. Get real. At least we know HOW they would like to dismantle–the “talking points.”. Rather, the lies.

    And pro-choice turned pro-life? So what. Same with me. Romney’s record is proof–especially in MA. The pro-life organizations there endorse Romney.

    So…the left drops Romney is like the USSR, Stalin, pro-choice bombs with no substance in an attempt to scare people–all while trying to write in a “conservative voice.”. It’s laughable.

    I used to be a leftist dem myself so I know how this works.


    Santorum: he’s an insecure dweeb and has been inconsistent on his record–Obama can make him tongue-tied and small.

    Paul: he’s a wack job Libertarian oldster and Obama can discredit him on foreign policy and illegal drugs.

    Gingrich: proven friend of climate change, unstable “family life,” criticle of Reagan–we can use that and find things Obama can agree with Reagan on. His snide ness won’t play well against a sitting president.

    Romney: falsely equate 70-pg. MA health with 2000+ pg. federal control, then blame him for being rich.

    Stuff like that.

    Romney can fight Obama IMO. I think the O-team will make mincemeat of the others.

  • Mama Grizzly

    At the time everyone loved no child left behind.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Gotta go but Mimi is incorrect on several points. And now Romny is like Obama too. It’s just getting silly folks…

  • owl


    If you are serious about what you wrote, you deserve Obama.

    Are you a plant? That has to be the most illogical reasoning I have ever read and that says a lot when we read everything on blogs. I even read one blog on our side that screamed “Treason” in their headlines at Bush. Nuts.

    If you do not vote for our candidate, you ARE voting for Obama. A vote lost is a vote gained. There is not one person who runs against Obama that I can not vote for, and that is saying a lot, considering that Paul is a dangerous flake on security.

    I do not care if our candidate is a convicted criminal, I could vote for them because their crimes could not possibly be of the scope of Obama’s. Obama is killing this country from within and he has an army of Professional MSM Poop Scoopers to help him hide the evidence.

  • wanumba

    #42 February 23, 2012 at 5:51 am
    Lady Mondegreen commented:

    Gingrich – Cranky


    Ha ha ha! Aren’t YOU with all the high price, high employment, horrible foreign policy and bratty, idiotic rich white kids with university rioting in cities between gourmet meals, jacking city COSTS to REPAIR and POLICE their tantruming while everyone else who has a job is WORKING hard to keep it?

    The other day, according to you who is desperately trying to come up with a catchy soundbite, Newt “had the attention span of a humminbird” which according to this timely expose, is the hands-down AWESOMELY SMARTEST bird around:

    Despite your ignorant attempts running down the talking points list of the day to find an insult somewhere, judging by Newt’s phenomenal memory, and strong NATIONAL DEFENSE posture, hummingbird is PERFECT. Plus, they are highly territorial and sound like jet fighters when they haul past.

    Cranky hummingbird is excellent. Fast, aggressive, bulldogs on wings and know the intimate facts of their terrain better than anyone around.

  • Mama Grizzly

    I essentially agree wanumba.

    My concern is that Newt’s mouthiness, which I find immensely entertaining won’t play well against a sitting President. Plus his record. Newt’s pretty much an opportunist politician, but would be loads better than O.

    Favorite posted quote today: from owl (above):

    “Obama is killing this country from within and he has an army of Professional MSM Poop Scoopers to help him hide the evidence.”

    Love it.

  • Gary

    Mama Grizzly

    +1 on all posts

  • Gary

    I’m wondering if Romney is going to offer Santorum VP after Super Tuesday and skip ahead to the general.

  • DavidD

    What a stupid question.

    If it were me, I would have said, “Enthusiastic. No, wait. Passionate. No. Wait. Committed. No. No. Wait. Decisive. Yeah, that’s it.”

  • bg


    Gary #61 February 23, 2012 at 11:02 am

    in case you missed it.. 😉

    re: Gary #50 February 23, 2012 at 7:04 am

    Ron Paul is to Romney, what Huckabee was to McCain, a vote sucker!!

    iow: Ron Paul voters are sucking votes away from more qualified Reps,
    ergo, assuring an Obama win.. same game play they made in 08, well,
    until Palin stepped in and toppled the applecart so to speak.. hah, i bet
    McCain was never more shocked than when he almost won due to Lady


  • bg


    Gingrich & West 2012′s Best!!


  • Mimi

    A plant? No someone with morals. Romney pushed a mandated government run healthcare plan so did Obama. Obama pushed cap and tax, Romney implemented the first state cap and tax state program. Obama was for TARP–Romney was for TARP. Obama tends to put his finger in the air and decide. Romney was a staunch PRO-CHOICE candidate until he decided to run as a Rep. Romney voted for Democrats. Romney supported planned parenthood personally with donations. And I’m supposed to vote for this guy? No Way. I held my nose last time and voted McCain. I even got up spoke at church events to try to get those not excited by McCain to vote for him. No more. Romney is just way to liberal for me. I don’t trust him and I really don’t see any difference between Obama and Romney. How dare Romney support OWS. ARe you kidding me? He even mentioned the 1% in his new tax plan. This is a joke. Go ahead support him. I won’t!

  • Gary


    I don’t quite follow you though. Ron Paul won’t make it past the convention, so he can’t be a spoiler. I think a lot of the votes he is getting are liberals and non-Republicans who are showing up expressly to vote for him. In other words, if he weren’t there, they wouldn’t be there either. So there probably aren’t that many votes being lost by anybody else.
    And even if they are, he rarely polls above 15% anywhere.

    One thing is for sure. Ron Paul loves campaigning for president. He isn’t going anywhere before the convention. I think the best course is ignore him.

  • Gary


    Since you mentioned Palin

    I haven’t seen it posted here, but the Palin fantasy movie is coming out. I can’t count how many conservatives and Republicans this makes now about whom liberal spin movies have been made featuring known leftist actors.

    When will the Right have the ability to do this back to the left?
    How about a movie about the real JFK? Mob ties, girlfriends galore, drugs, STDs.
    How about a made-for-tv on Ted Kennedy getting away with murder?

  • Mimi

    Here you go Mama:
    New Santorum Television Ad Uses Romney’s Own Words To Describe Romney’s Record … Since Romney Sure Never Talks About It

    Verona, PA – The Rick Santorum for President Campaign released a new ad statewide in Michigan that simply uses Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s own words to outline his positions.

    Hogan Gidley, National Communications Director, said: “Since Mitt Romney refuses to talk about his own liberal record – we figured we’d show people what Mitt Romney says about Mitt Romney. We wanted to give Governor Romney’s long-held positions and statements an opportunity to be heard.”

    Watch: “Say What”

    Script: “Say What”

    Text on Screen:

    “I don’t line up with the National Rifle Association (NRA)” – Mitt Romney
    Source: The Boston Globe

    “I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose.” – Mitt Romney
    Source: Debate, Suffolk University

    “Romney also professed support for state funding of abortions for low income women.”
    Source: The Boston Globe

    “Romney Advisor Admits Romneycare was Blueprint for Obamacare”

    “Under Romney fees and taxes increased more than $700 million a year.”
    Source: Massachusetts Taxpayer Foundation

    “As Governor, Romney requested millions in U.S. earmarks”
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

    “I’d be embarrassed if I didn’t ask for federal dollars every chance I had.” – Mitt Romney
    Source: Washington Post

  • Gary

    OK Mimi, and here you go.

    Santorum endorsing Romney in his own words:
    that’s audio. The Romney part starts around 2:00.
    Well, now, that’s just the audio, so maybe you’d rather watch his heartfelt endorsement:

    And this was in 2008 after Romney was governor, after Romneycare, after the Olympics, after earmarks, after the abortion flip-flop, etc.

    What else you got?

  • bg


    Gary #66 February 23, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    like his following will give a crap??

    puh-lease, they are as brainwashed as the Obama cultists..

    i believe they must have siphoned a minimum of 50 thou away
    from McCain last round, and they are even more determined
    this time around, and don’t forget he also has the OWS vote..

    at any rate, i’m not worried about him winning anything for himself,
    more like what he’ll winning for Obama, ergo, losing for US.. *sigh*


  • bg


    Gary #67 February 23, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    i don’t have cable news..

    however, i was rather surprised when my local news station not
    only brought the subject up, but lo and behold, actually reported
    what Palin’s spokesperson had to say about the boldface lies and
    distortions.. albeit i don’t know how far and/or wide these truths
    are being aired, i’m happy to be hearing it at any level in the part
    of liberal land in which i reside..