Caterpillar Says It Will Not Build New North American Plant in Illinois

The Fruits of Liberal Policy–

(Illinois Policy Institute)

A stunning new report by the Illinois Policy Institute revealed how Illinois lost one resident every 10 minutes during the past fifteen years. As Illinois lost residents to migration the state also lost out on a net of $26 billion in taxable income to out-migration from 1995 to 2010.

Now this…
Caterpillar Inc. announced that it would not be building its new North American plant in Illinois.
Finance reported:

Caterpillar Inc. will not be building its new North American plant anywhere in the state of Illinois, officials with the company told local leaders Tuesday, with part of the reason being continued concerns about the business climate in the state.

The company will instead focus on a location closer to its division headquarters in Cary, N.C., Peoria County officials were told in an email sent to them shortly after the close of business and later obtained by the Journal Star. The plant stood to bring with it from Japan roughly 1,000 jobs manufacturing track-type tractors and mini hydraulic excavators.

Peoria County had submitted a regional proposal for the facility at the end of last year, and the Galesburg area also had a proposal on the table for the manufacturer. Peoria’s proposal reportedly included economic incentives as well as a promise of a legislative effort to establish a tax increment financing district to benefit the company.

At its core, Caterpillar’s decision reflects some concerns its officials had previously expressed about the economic condition of the Land of Lincoln.

“Please understand that even if your community had the right logistics for this project, Caterpillar’s previously documented concerns about the business climate and overall fiscal health of the state of Illinois still would have made it unpractical for us to select your community for this project,” the letter reads in part. “Caterpillar intends to continue calling for long-term changes in Illinois and to offer help to the state as it works toward real and fundamental reforms that will position communities like yours to compete for future projects.”

Peoria County Administrator Lori Curtis Luther, County Board Chairman Tom O’Neill and Galesburg Mayor Sal Garza could not be reached for comment Tuesday evening.

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  • RedBeard

    Another eveeeel corporation refusing to pay its fair share (of Illinois graft, corruption and fiscally insane left-wing government).

    Illinois’ chickens are coming home to roost.


    way to go liberal POS illinois politicians…you reap nothing from a company who has been a main stay in your state… HA HA HA

  • bg



    Thomas Sowell – February 9, 2012

    The Anti-Romney Vote


  • bg


    Rahm a lam, Rahm a lam a ding dong..


  • arnonerik

    Isn’t it odd that all the jobs end up going to from Blue States to Red States. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence so keep voting that straight Donkey ticket.

  • MUBulldog

    Barry’s National “Union” Labor Relations Board will be filing a lawsuit any day now.

  • Truth of the matter is: These big companies will get their sweetheart deals, exemptions and waivers..while the rest of the business community (small business) will still get screwed.

    Nothing really changes.

  • Redlite

    Could ILL look like that satilite shot of North Korea at nite. Is is possible
    Any state that looses that much taxable income would be in a tough economic meltdown.

  • RedBeard

    Given the economic calamity that Illinois politicians have created, it’s not hard to understand why they want their citizens unarmed.

  • Sorry to Live in Illinois

    Most of us downstaters are sane (with the exception of St. Clair and Madison counties). It’s the Chicago leftest who are the problem.

    Pat Quinn, our goofy governor, lost all counties but three….and still won. Yes, out of 102 counties, he LOST 99, and won the election by 32,000 votes.

    Chicago controls all state-wide and national elections. My downstate vote means nothing, except for local dog catcher. Something is wrong with this picture.

  • Kate

    Couldn’t happen to a more corrupt state. They will reap what they sow. Down the tube IL goes.

  • Zim

    Gov Quinn only won four counties in the whole state. Cook county was one of them and there was voter fraud but what are you going to do? Watch for this fraud machine to kick in big for Obama.

    There is also a bill trying to ban guns and hunting here in Illinois. 49 states have concealed carry but not the People’s Republic of Illinois. God help us

  • RedBeard

    Sorry, I feel your pain. And it’s good to remember the fact that downstaters are held prisoner by the Chicagoland mob… er, Chicagoland politicians.

    I was raised in Park Ridge, which decades ago was a fairly conservative Chicago suburb. Now, the place is represented in Congress by the despicable radical socialist Jan Schakowski. I find it difficult to go back to visit, given that filthy cloud over the area.

  • Eden

    Gee, thanks to those who think we deserve this. Like #10 said, we have been hijacked by the crooked Dems AND Republicans. In fact, they call the crooks the Illinois Combine because its a combination of both parties. Don’t tell me to move. I live on a beautiful piece of property my dad worked his ass off to buy and its staying in the family even after I’m done enjoying it. We have roots here, we can’t just move.

    But don’t tell me I deserve it.

  • Dave-O

    Caterpillar and other long-time employers moving factories and jobs from Illinois to southern red states?? Hmmmmmm . . . . . now THAT’s a problem. And what’s the solution?

    The solution is simple for those elite, super-smart Illinois legislators and governors – just raise taxes even more!!! Just make sure those eeeeevil corporations and job-creators pay their “fair share” – Now, that’ll work!

  • Neo

    Except for Johnny Walker, Caterpillar is Peoria Illinois

  • Eden

    Neo, about the same with Decatur. We only have CAT, ADM and Tate & Lyle left in a town that used to be jammed with industry.

  • ice eater

    Come to victoia Texas. Barge canal for ocean access and good work force!!! We are open for business

  • xiphos

    Let’s see, we have Rahm, Quinn and Durbin, our own axis of evil.

  • retire05

    Page 4:

    “In 2009, households from Illinois fled in largest droves to Texas. Netting 3,539 households, Texas was the largest recipient state of Illinois out-migrants: Illlinois lost a net of 7,616 people and more than $188 million in income to the Lone State State.”

    Now, why would Illinois residents want to move to a state with job opportunity (55,000 new jobs in Dec., 2011), no state income taxes, right-to-work state, low housing costs (not driven by false markets), no taxes on food or medicines, and lower over-all cost of living not to mention not having to bear the burder of rapidly ever-increasing heating costs?

    And wouldn’t it have been great if we could have had a candidate, that for a decade understood that working with the state legislature to bring those things to the table, or maintain them, running in the GOP primaries?

    Nah, much better that we have an irratic, unpredictable valedictorian of the Dale Carnegie School of Public Speaking.

  • retire05

    #14, Eden, perhaps you don’t [personally] deserve the disaster that is your state. But all those crooked politicians Illinois has elected is a centuries old tradition. So yes, statewide, Illinois deserves the government it elected.

  • I left my 38 year roots in California, 10 years ago. If you plan to stay, that’s fine, but there’s a price to pay. Have some cheese.

  • RedBeard

    I wonder if John Deere is contemplating anything similar. They already have manufacturing decentralized, with plants in various other, more friendly, states. If they ever pulled the headquarters out of Moline, Illinois…….

  • Rahm will win them all back over lol

  • Sparky

    When I think of Illinois, the only picture that comes to mind is Barack and Mooch. That image would be enough for me to relocate anywhere that has no ties to the Illinois political scum!

  • Eden

    I don’t know what part of “we can’t just leave our family home” and “we don’t vote for the crooks” some of you don’t understand.

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  • Believe What They Do

    Ten years ago I stayed in Galesburg Ill. A nice little town, but very lifeless and obviously struggling – like many small mid-western towns, all the really motivated people seemed to already have left. The only ones left behind were the inbreed or poorly educated – perfect democrat voter material, since they don’t make enough to pay taxes anyway.

    In Peoria… There was a pretty active drug culture. Drugs = Low Life = Crime. Yup, best to take those 1,000 jobs elsewhere – to a community that can support civilization, families and permanence.

  • RedBeard

    Eden, the hyperbole in the place can get fairly overwhelming at times, but don’t let the mean comments bug you. Most of us understand the fact that downstaters are not the problem.

    You sensible Illinois folks simply don’t have the numbers to out-vote the massive Chicago machine, especially when Chicago voters include residents of local cemeteries.

  • Paul Schreiber

    Evil my butt, they have freedom of choice you communist scum(liberal) , Wisconsin welcomes your tired znd weary of communist state of Illinois 🙂

  • Tamminator

    I feel sorry for you, Eden.
    Maybe the people of the State will come to their senses and vote out those corrupt bastards.
    It could happen.

  • Big Al

    Having been a resident of Illinois for many years I can attest to the fact that it is a disaster. Chicago is like this big sponge which soaks up all the money the state can muster and the public employees unions have an absolute lock on the whole process. Terrible.

  • Dave-O

    Eden, I understand, and yes, I feel your frustration, and no, you are not to blame. It’s truly a tragedy (i.e., the complete dismantling of the economy of an entire state) that the marxists and union thugs and their lickspittle minions in Chicago and Springfield do not truly understand (or perhaps care) what they are doing to the working men and women of Illinois. I have family and friends in rural Illinois that are suffering as well – although some of them have contributed to this mess by virtue of their voting, and for those, I have little sympathy. Good luck in turning things around – it may take some getting worse before others realize just what they have been doing.

  • Patty

    So goes Illinois, so goes Obama. The fix is in. Illinois has many problems, maybe it has something to do with the way Democrats have run this state. Corrupt.

  • aprilnovember811

    It would serve Illinois right if everyone who paid taxes moved out of that state. It’s a cesspool like D.C.

  • Kate

    I grew up in Wheaton, IL. Loved my home but grateful my Dad got transferred my junior year in high school to Missouri. Still a Cub fan but glad to be in a state that isn’t so corrupt. While I do feel for people who can’t leave their homes, the reality is that these corrupt people don’t just elect themselves. Year after year, people vote them in. Lots of people vote them in and they don’t have a gun to their head. So, while it is sad to say, Il is reaping what it has sown and they are getting what they voted for.

  • RKflorida

    Eden, as your family goes down the toilet, your neighborhoods start to rot, and your schools turn to prison like security with no education for your kids/grandkids, you just keep that mantra going “We didn’t vote for the crooks” and “This was my dad’s house”. I’m sure your clinging to the past will make up for a decimated future for your kids. You’ll find that your nostalgia for your ancestors will cost you dearly. Your decision, but many have given up much more to brighten the future for their descendants.

  • This is an indictment of Chicago style politics and liberal beliefs. Unfortunately, the Chicago machine has taken over our country with the most liberal President ever. How we let that happen, I’ll never understand. It appears that the most populous states in the Northeast and West Coast have the same effect on national elections that Chicago has in Illinois. Is our nation falling to the same forces that have ruined Illinois? The 2012 elections could be our last chance of survival.

  • Militant Conservative

    Whine all you want. I moved from my lovely Texas

    To Georgia. Get over it, this is why states rights are

    So important. You have some place to flee to.

    Suck it up and be an adult, make a decision.

    Turned out to be one of the best things to

    Happen in my life.

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  • Gloria Gilson

    IL officials crying, “NO FAIR!

    “You’re suppose to stay here, suck it up and pay our unjustified salaries and the IL welfare state.”

  • Barry Lawhorn

    just remember Illinois has the most governors in jail also. yes Chicago runs the whole state. Sorry but EMD used to build locomotives in la grange, then went to Canada now in Muncie Indiana. Both my Sister and Brother moved out of cook county could not afford the taxes anymore. Probably gonna see more move out when the final tax increase takes effect.

  • Old One

    As a lifeong Californian we have ripped up our roots in a state that makes Illinois seem nearly sixty years is painful but necessary where local lunatic leftist pols have banned styrofoam, plastic grocery bags, and playing frisby or football on the beaches.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    It’s Halftime America.

    (And Chicago is the next Detroit.)

  • Ex-Californian

    As a lifelong Californian we have ripped up our roots in a state that makes Illinois seem sane after nearly sixty years is painful but necessary where local lunatic leftist pols have banned styrofoam, plastic grocery bags, and playing frisby or football on the beaches and has put forth 12 propositions to raisee taxes.

  • More good news from the Land of Lincoln, and Obama and Emanuel and Daley and a host of other thugs.

  • retire05

    #39, Militant Conservative, perhaps you are the exception to the rule in moving to Georgia. According to the BLS, unemployment is higher in Georgia than in Texas, wages are lower in Georgia (on a regional basis) and according to, the cost of living is higher in Georgia. Fulton County seems to be the highest income area in Georgia but even so, it still does not reach the income levels in the greater Houston area.

    But congratulations in beating the odds.

  • BurmaShave

    Do politicians in Chicago give a fig? Does Springfield care?

    That eagle and shield medallion in the middle of the state flag should be replaced with a big middle finger salute.

  • wanumba

    #10 February 9, 2012 at 10:03 am
    Sorry to Live in Illinois commented:
    Most of us downstaters are sane (with the exception of St. Clair and Madison counties). It’s the Chicago leftest who are the problem.

    Pat Quinn, our goofy governor, lost all counties but three….and still won. Yes, out of 102 counties, he LOST 99, and won the election by 32,000 votes.

    Chicago controls all state-wide and national elections. My downstate vote means nothing, except for local dog catcher. Something is wrong with this picture.


    With so many state-wide elections running comfortable margin GOP, until literally the eleventh hour when the city results come in, narrow the gap, tie then flip the results to the DEMs, this city-rural dominance is a problem.

    SOME of it’s urban polling fraud, but the rest is that the urban areas will outvote rural ones due to sheer population concentration. Nationally, the Constitution has the electoral college to moderate that imbalance, but the states don’t have that rather brilliant mechanism. Been wondering if they should, given the urban vs rural mismatch.

  • Granny

    Eden, when the middle of the country turned into a dustbowl in the 20s and 30s people packed up what little they could salvage and moved to California and Oregon. When virtually all the manufacturing shut down in every town in New England, putting well over half the populace out of work, people sold off what they could sell, packed their bags and moved south along with the companies they had worked for. When I graduated the year they closed 20 hospitals in the state I lived in, I went to work on the other side of the country.

    You do what you have to do. That is what being an American is all about. If you can’t vote the idiots that are driving your state into the ground, sell out while you can and move somewhere else. That might have been your Dad’s house, but he would be the first to tell you to go while the getting is good.

    Yes, I know all about the family legacy and all that jazz. We have people here in Vermont who have had to sell property that has been in their family since the 1600s because the taxes have gone so high they cannot pay them. And farmers that have to sign their family farms over to Land Trusts in order to be able to continue to work them.

    If you want opportunity for yourself and your children – MOVE. Do what must be done.

  • WillofLa

    I heard that all these kinds of corporations are moving to Mexico. Like Ford, and people wonder why they didn’t “need” any bailout, is because the majority of their manufactoring is in Canada and Mexico. They did have 46,000 left in the U.S. but in 2003 announced that they were closing their remaining manufactoring and moving the balance of their facilities to Mexico. Since they have been laying off thousands very quietly and are down to around 5,000 left in a few cities. Once they are shut down then Ford will no longer be built in the U.S.. And Henry Ford will finally achieve his dream of wealth redistribution like he had back when he and Teddy Roosevelt used to sit around the camp fire together dreaming about a Socialist America since both of them were Socialists.

    Obama’s mother worked for the Ford Foundation which is a Socialist organization involved in all kinds of Socialist endevors.

    Cat would rather hire Mexican’s than American’s because once in Mexico they won’t have to worry about union’s, pension’s, insurance, pension’s, Social Security, taxes at least as high as they are presently paying as protection money to the government, regulations, and all the rest that costs Cat money they shouldn’t have to pay out just to do business in America. Yeah, they’re moving to Mexico!

  • Stuart

    Kate #36 “Lots of people vote them in and don’t have a gun to their head”.
    But lots of them do. I grew up in Chicago and I can still remember asking my uncle, a Goldwater supporter in 64, who he was going to vote for. “Why Johnson of course,” was his reply, “I wouldn’t want the fire marshal to condemn our house as a fire hazard”. Things in Chi town have been like that for an awful long time. I think the last time Chicago had an honest political culture was when Du Sable ran a fur trading post at the mouth of the Chicago River in 1832. Maybe not even then, Indians couldn’t vote.

  • inkwell

    I live in Galesburg and everyone was so excited that our mayor spent $3600 on a full page ad begging cat to come to the burg.Hows those rose colored glasses now? They all seem puzzled that companies are out to make a profit…LOL

  • retire05

    WillofLa, where do you get your information? CNN reported that Ford had 61,000 U.S. employees at the end of 2010 and plans to add another 7,000 by the end of 2012. Seems you are off by 56,000.

  • bg



    January 11, 2012

    President Skybox: Obama may move final
    night of DNC to Bank of America Stadium

    [It will be OWS’ demonized “one percent” who will be buying those
    skyboxes and front row seats to witness the Oracle reemerge.]

    flashback to March 22, 2005

    bit more of much more here & here..


  • lonestar

    They should announce they’re moving to NC right before the DNC convention and announce how NC clinched it with their Right To Work laws.

  • Obama’s Elixir & Kool Aid Drinker

    Illinois has nothing to fear, Comrade Barrack will bar Cat from building a plant anywhere but Illinois. It is the will of the Maximum Leader just as he blocked Boeing from building a plant in South Carolina. How dare these robber barons attempt to defy the will of the state?

  • Rob De Witt

    Grew up in Springfield, got a job at Cat building bulldozers when I was 18 (1963.) It was a fine, fine place to be then.

    And everybody knew about Chicago.

  • Buffalobob

    Where do progs get their information? Hell they make it up, or quot from a prog source or a union goon or a Dem politician. We moved from upstate NY in 1978. My Mom sold her house there for $45,000 a few years later. That same house just sold again last year for $25,000. Oh and did the property taxes go down? Hell no, they went up.

  • jorgen

    expressed about the economic condition of the Land of Lincoln.

    Now the Land of Obozo, the worst president in history!

  • Kate

    #52, Stuart, I am assuming then that the Dems check the voter ballots and know who voted for who. No privacy in voting. Appalling. Dems can’t win without cheating. Which is also why they don’t want voter ID. While Republicans are hardly paragons of virtue, Dems are so low and corrupt that I find it hard to believe how many people in the country support them. Talk about stuck on stupid. It is the party of corruption and radicals.

  • Beachluver

    Is Illinois a chain around ODumbos neck or is Odumbo a chain around Illinois’s neck? Nooooooo sympathy whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!! Demorats RUINJ everything they are associated with. woo hoo right to work…woohoo red states……2012 is a comin!!!!!!

  • bg


    re: #55 February 9, 2012 at 12:37 pm bg

    via Rush February 9, 2012

    Regime Shakes Down Banks for $25 Billion

    more here..

    heh, you think viewing 1984 through the looking glass of a brave new
    world has anything on Obama’s soylent green plans?? hah!! you ain’t
    seen nothin’ yet.. /truth sarc/


  • middleagedhousewife

    Don’t know if it will replace the plant in Ill or not, but Caterpillar is building a plant here in NC.

  • Eden

    Its not a house. Its farm ground and buildings. I’m resourceful, I will be okay. I have a strong family that is the same way. They all work hard and appreciate what they have. I’m just pissed off at the unfairness of it all. In 15 years I’m giving it to some great nephews and I know they will appreciate it and do the best they can with it. Howard Buffett (yeah that jerk Warren’s brother) is now one of my neighbors. He’s not going to let it go ghetto out here….lol.

  • Stuart

    Kate #61
    What I neglected to tell you and should have, was that my uncle lived in the Bridgeport neighborhood (11th ward IIRC) which was Mayor Daley’s neighborhood as well. The Daley’s home residence were only blocks away. Everyone knew where the BOSS lived, and he knew everything about the neighborhood, who was who, and how they voted. Big Brother was definitely watching and that was in 1964.
    It was there I learned to hate Illinois. I moved away to the Rocky Mountains nearly thirty years ago and never regretted it. The only thing I miss about Chi Town is the abundance of good restaurants, but ya gotta give up sumthin.

  • Gimme a Break, I’m a Tea Party Hobbit

    Illinois lost 1 person every 10 minutes?

    I propose we send the Obamas back to that miserable place in January.

  • RedBeard

    Just a comment to Will: The Ford Foundation has nothing to do with Ford Motor Company. No connection whatever.

  • Kate

    Stuart, I had a great childhood there, but I too am very glad to be gone for Illinois. Sad to think it is the land of Lincoln, especially considering what comes out of that state now.

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  • its not just chicago. just about every major city is a financial drain on the rest of the state they are in. what do they have in common: in most cases they are one party systems controlled by democrats. socialism breeds corruption. it give people the right to steal what others have worked for.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Please don’t say we southern Illinoisians deserve this nightmare! We are the glue holding the place together. The tax based either has left or is planning to leave. The corruption in Crook County is so pungent you can almost smell it above and beyond the stench of East St Louis and its environs. Just try to sell at home here. Unless you want to give it away, can’t be done. No one wants to move INTO IL. God help us!

  • Dpan

    We had a big convention this past November that we usually have at the Mccormick Place. We ended up going to a SW State mainly due to the crap the union folks gave us there last time (It was the electricians) when we were trying to set up the booths- Told the fellow then, enjoy it this time, it will be your last. He thought I was bluffing. Only thing I missed was the awesome pizza, just off Michigan

  • bobdog

    As a beleaguered lifelong Illinois resident and a Caterpillar stockholder, I don’t blame them one bit.

    The state of Illinois has no problems that another 65% tax increase won’t fix, at least for a year or so. We have the highest gas prices, the highest sales taxes, and the highest interest rate on our public debt in the United States, along with the most corrupt government in the country.

    The only thing worse than being an Illinois resident is being a Cook County resident.

    Which I am. Pray for my sorry ass.

  • kato

    Caterpillar is also shuttering a locomotive plant in Ontario. After months of failing to come to a settlement with high-cost union labor, the company locked out the union in January and recently announced it was closing the plant. Production will be moved to Moline, Indiana.

    The plant had been part of GM. Enough said.

    I regret that I didn’t buy CAT stock about five years ago. It’s had a great run, despite the unions and despite the Subprime Blowhard.

  • Annoyed In Illinois

    If you think that Cat’s refusing to build as new plant here is tough on us lifers, Quinn signed a bill Tuesday to blanket 48% of Chicago streets with speed cameras that operate from 6 as.m. until almost 10 p.m. $50 and $100 tickets will show up in the mail for unsuspecting drivers who never ever knew they did any thing wrong.

    Quinn says rthis law is to protect kids in parks and school zones. Yea, right. The redlight cameras they already have raked in $69 MILLION last year. Can you imagine what these new things will?

    I have driven my last mile in Chicago.

  • David Kramer

    When was the last time you drove through Illinois? I returned from a restaurant that I built going through St. Louis up through the state to Wisconsin back in the fall. The entire state at the time was being rebuilt, the roads, bridges, etc. Obama was dumping billions into infrastructure in that state. But if you went into any of the side towns, I did, one thing was obvious, the state is beginning to look like the Depression years. The college I went to, Parks College of St. Louis U, the oldest holder of an Aircraft Repair station certificate in the US, was closed down.

    People, we are in the midst of the largest Depression the US has ever saw. The numbers are so manipulated it is a joke.

    Pray for the US that we can get rid of the communist apparatchik that has taken over our government.

  • RedBeard

    Dpan, back in the day, I’ve been in the same situation, fighting the Chicago trade show war with both the carpenters’ union and the electrical union. There is absolutely no defense possible, not honestly at least, for their actions of obstruction, extortion, and staggering laziness.

    Three union electricians required to “set up” the power in a 10 ft by 20 ft booth. The sum total of their jobs amounted to plugging in a power bar to the permanent receptacle on the post behind the booth, and then plugging 5 cords into that power bar. That’s it. Three union goons to do a one-man one-minute job. Typical.

    Oh, and the carpenters (who probably wouldn’t know which end of a hammer to hold) had to do the moving of displays from the truck dock into the booth. It was a job that could not have taken one man more than 10 minutes in the real world, but it took two fat “carpenters” (one pushing the roller carts about 100 feet) and one carrying a clipboard) several hours before we could actually get started on our stuff.

    Live and learn. At another Chicago show, we told the carpenters that we’d be back in the morning to get them to “set up” our stuff. Then about midnight we snuck down to the hall and did it ourselves. Next morning, a puffy-faced “carpenter” came around, asking who did the moving. We said that we didn’t get their names, but he could check his records. He wasn’t too bright, and walked away muttering about how nobody tells him anything. We never heard another peep out of him. Stupidity and incompetence can, at times, work in our favor.

    And Chicago wonders why other venues are getting trade shows that used to be theirs.

  • burt

    Thank God for the Electorial College or Obama would be re-elected by a billion votes!

  • John from Oceanside

    “Out migration?!!!” Does no one read “The Tale of Two Cities” anymore? At the age of 14, I learned that leaving your home state for another was emigration. Maybe it meant more to me since I emigrated from Brazil to immigrate to the US, therefore I could identify more with Dickens’ emigres.

  • feduptoo

    I don’t go along with the idea of just packing up and leaving a home and land your ancestors owned from the 1600’s! Perhaps the head of the household could move to take a job in another place……but have you organized in your State, and fought hard to get people to remove the libs from office….before you have to move?

    Now for Caterpillar….I retired from one of their biggest dealerships, our area has seen Obama’s EPA refuse to issue new coal mining permits in 3 States…Pa., Ky., WV.

    Coal mines are being shut down, this can affect not only the miner, but also dealerships that sell this equipment.

    In my area, it seems every other house is for sale….it’s not easy to sell and get out, some don’t care to just walk away from their mortgages…others do.

    All libs, everywhere, must be voted out, and soon! Or the whole country will look like Detroit!

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  • Poly Ester

    Locally, rumor is Caterpillar will be opening a plant in Ft. Smith, AR (a right to work state) in the plant recently vacated by Whirlpool. Shhh. Don’t tell the labor relations board or it will be South Carolinad.

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