Breaking Ranks: Democrat Calls Obama’s Contraception Mandate “Bone-headed”

Posted by The P/Oed Patriot

It seems some Democrats don’t have the stomache for Obama’s war on religion.

According to an article on U.S. Election, Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) called the Obama Administration’s effort to force contraception on Catholic organizations “bone-headed”:

“At least five Senate Democrats have expressed serious concerns over the new regulation, many of them being of Catholic faith. One Senator, Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) called the decision by the administration and the Health and Human Services “bone-headed.”

West Virginia Senator, Joe Manchin, introduced a bill to the Senate today which calls for blocking the federal mandate.”


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  • OccupyMike

    The only boneheaded thing is the guy who wrote this article.

  • Militant Conservative

    #1 February 9, 2012 at 7:47 pm
    OccupyMike commented:

    Whiney lil occu terd doesn’t like his guys telling

    The obvious truth. Can’t handle the truth you

    Red diaper doped baby?! Living in mom and dads

    basement is so stressful. Pathetic lil worm.

    Man up and grow a pair, that’s testicles not breasts.

    Powder is dry

  • S. Wolf

    Boneheaded is exactly what a progressive urban democrat like Hussein is.

    ‘President Obama has long positioned himself as a moderate figure. But in 2000 during his failed run against Rep. Bobby Rush he discussed being similar in political viewpoint to the former Black Panther Congressman and described himself as “progressive urban Democrat.” The video from their debate below and the three radio ads offer a sense of Obama’s pitch to a very different electorate.’

    When Obama Was “A Progressive Urban Democrat”

    Dennis Kucinich with a better tan.

  • lizzy84

    Stanley Ann’s baby.

    Pray for America.

  • Granny

    Well, they better pass the bill with enough votes to override . . .

  • Opaobie

    It’s all for show and to give vulnerable Democrats cover during an election year. They know perfectly well Hapless Harry Reid will NEVER allow any legislation that isn’t rubber stamped by Obama to be voted on, let alone passed. It is just more subterfuge and political Kabuki. They can say, “I tried to stop it, but we just didn’t have the votes, so send me back so I can keep fooling you and stealing your liberty.”

  • Ryan

    Well, at least we know he isn’t saying it to secure votes for reelection.

  • Adi

    The King and The Queen of America know best what is best for the proles. (‘Cause they’re all time winners)

  • StrangernFiction

    Cardinal Dolan on a meeting he had with the SCOAMT prior to this tyrannical action:

    “He said I don’t want anything we do to be an impediment and I take the protection of conscience and religious freedom as one of my highest responsibilities.”


  • Steven

    A few bucks here and there for these boys,…all will be good.

  • Steven

    Five! Ohhhh, the others must be shakin in their boots.

    5 out of how many?

  • crazyMethodist

    Call me Crazy but isn’t this the guy that falls all over himself trying to be politically correct concerning Muslims? You can’t even suggest a Muslim woman uncover her face for a photo ID without being called out for hate-speak, prejudice, and bigotry. But this administration thinks it’s appropriate to tell the Pope, the Catholic Church and it’s organizations must provide birth control coverage for it’s employees? Where is the common sense? If the government can do this, what is next? where does it stop?

  • Tjexcite


    Breaking Ranks: Progressives Calls Radical Obama’s Contraception Mandate “Bone-headed”.
    If only they did it slow and made the people only find out about when they do their taxes or pay the insurance. This would have happened with no problem so say the progressive that can wait a year for what the radicals want in an hour.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    #7…oh yes he was. it was to secure the women’s vote, he thought.

  • Jason

    98% of Catholic women use birth control. But you want to let these ridiculous men in silly robes and hamburger stand hats dictate forced pregnancy, then by all means, do it. You’re living in the past, you’re playing politics, and you are the scum of the earth. Move to Iran or Somalia where your views are more mainstream. Keep enjoying the 18th century. No woman wants you anyway. That’s really it, isn’t it? All those Karl Rove/Rush Limbaugh/Grover Norquist types that the girls never wanted getting back at those harlots. Just because you don’t know how to please women doesn’t mean it’s their fault.

  • Alana

    You, Jason, are an idiot. No one is “forcing pregnancy.”

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Democrat Calls Obama’s Contraception Mandate “Bone-headed”

    It would appear Mr Nelson is unable to count past the number one…

  • Steve White

    #6 has it. Harry Reid will let a few select Dems off the reservation for a bit, particularly if they’re vulnerable and up for election this fall (Nelson is retiring so he can sound off, but he’ll vote for Harry if needed). But there won’t be a vote in the Senate. If perchance there is, there won’t be 67 votes for repealing the mandate, and it dies.

    So I have a question: let’s say this mandate goes through and it’s now January 1, 2013 (2014 if you believe there will be an extension). Let’s say Obama has a second term. Let’s say he’s absolutely unwilling to yield.

    What will the bishops do? What will the boards of Catholic hospitals and universities do? What will the boards of the local Catholic Charities do?

    And if a Catholic hospital decides, “we’ll close rather than honor this law”, what will the government do in response?

    This whole issue could become very dangerous for our society. I am very much hoping we find a way to put this mandate down before it takes effect.

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