Breaking Ranks: Democrat Calls Obama’s Contraception Mandate “Bone-headed”

Posted by The P/Oed Patriot

It seems some Democrats don’t have the stomache for Obama’s war on religion.

According to an article on U.S. Election, Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) called the Obama Administration’s effort to force contraception on Catholic organizations “bone-headed”:

“At least five Senate Democrats have expressed serious concerns over the new regulation, many of them being of Catholic faith. One Senator, Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) called the decision by the administration and the Health and Human Services “bone-headed.”

West Virginia Senator, Joe Manchin, introduced a bill to the Senate today which calls for blocking the federal mandate.”


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  • OccupyMike

    The only boneheaded thing is the guy who wrote this article.

  • Militant Conservative

    #1 February 9, 2012 at 7:47 pm
    OccupyMike commented:

    Whiney lil occu terd doesn’t like his guys telling

    The obvious truth. Can’t handle the truth you

    Red diaper doped baby?! Living in mom and dads

    basement is so stressful. Pathetic lil worm.

    Man up and grow a pair, that’s testicles not breasts.

    Powder is dry

  • Boneheaded is exactly what a progressive urban democrat like Hussein is.

    ‘President Obama has long positioned himself as a moderate figure. But in 2000 during his failed run against Rep. Bobby Rush he discussed being similar in political viewpoint to the former Black Panther Congressman and described himself as “progressive urban Democrat.” The video from their debate below and the three radio ads offer a sense of Obama’s pitch to a very different electorate.’

    When Obama Was “A Progressive Urban Democrat”

    Dennis Kucinich with a better tan.

  • lizzy84

    Stanley Ann’s baby.

    Pray for America.

  • Granny

    Well, they better pass the bill with enough votes to override . . .

  • It’s all for show and to give vulnerable Democrats cover during an election year. They know perfectly well Hapless Harry Reid will NEVER allow any legislation that isn’t rubber stamped by Obama to be voted on, let alone passed. It is just more subterfuge and political Kabuki. They can say, “I tried to stop it, but we just didn’t have the votes, so send me back so I can keep fooling you and stealing your liberty.”

  • Well, at least we know he isn’t saying it to secure votes for reelection.

  • Adi

    The King and The Queen of America know best what is best for the proles. (‘Cause they’re all time winners)

  • StrangernFiction

    Cardinal Dolan on a meeting he had with the SCOAMT prior to this tyrannical action:

    “He said I don’t want anything we do to be an impediment and I take the protection of conscience and religious freedom as one of my highest responsibilities.”


  • Steven

    A few bucks here and there for these boys,…all will be good.

  • Steven

    Five! Ohhhh, the others must be shakin in their boots.

    5 out of how many?

  • crazyMethodist

    Call me Crazy but isn’t this the guy that falls all over himself trying to be politically correct concerning Muslims? You can’t even suggest a Muslim woman uncover her face for a photo ID without being called out for hate-speak, prejudice, and bigotry. But this administration thinks it’s appropriate to tell the Pope, the Catholic Church and it’s organizations must provide birth control coverage for it’s employees? Where is the common sense? If the government can do this, what is next? where does it stop?

  • Tjexcite


    Breaking Ranks: Progressives Calls Radical Obama’s Contraception Mandate “Bone-headed”.
    If only they did it slow and made the people only find out about when they do their taxes or pay the insurance. This would have happened with no problem so say the progressive that can wait a year for what the radicals want in an hour.

  • #7…oh yes he was. it was to secure the women’s vote, he thought.

  • Jason

    98% of Catholic women use birth control. But you want to let these ridiculous men in silly robes and hamburger stand hats dictate forced pregnancy, then by all means, do it. You’re living in the past, you’re playing politics, and you are the scum of the earth. Move to Iran or Somalia where your views are more mainstream. Keep enjoying the 18th century. No woman wants you anyway. That’s really it, isn’t it? All those Karl Rove/Rush Limbaugh/Grover Norquist types that the girls never wanted getting back at those harlots. Just because you don’t know how to please women doesn’t mean it’s their fault.

  • Alana

    You, Jason, are an idiot. No one is “forcing pregnancy.”

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Democrat Calls Obama’s Contraception Mandate “Bone-headed”

    It would appear Mr Nelson is unable to count past the number one…

  • #6 has it. Harry Reid will let a few select Dems off the reservation for a bit, particularly if they’re vulnerable and up for election this fall (Nelson is retiring so he can sound off, but he’ll vote for Harry if needed). But there won’t be a vote in the Senate. If perchance there is, there won’t be 67 votes for repealing the mandate, and it dies.

    So I have a question: let’s say this mandate goes through and it’s now January 1, 2013 (2014 if you believe there will be an extension). Let’s say Obama has a second term. Let’s say he’s absolutely unwilling to yield.

    What will the bishops do? What will the boards of Catholic hospitals and universities do? What will the boards of the local Catholic Charities do?

    And if a Catholic hospital decides, “we’ll close rather than honor this law”, what will the government do in response?

    This whole issue could become very dangerous for our society. I am very much hoping we find a way to put this mandate down before it takes effect.

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  • Mad Hatter

    Ben Nelson can call it bone headed since he doesn’t have to worry about crawling to the DNC for campaign money.

    Don’t trust the Democrat Senators that are coming out against this, especially Manchin of West Virginia, and Casey of Pennsylvania, both are up for re-election and they know this is a losing issue for the Dems. Also don’t take Tim Kaine serious on this, he’s running for the Senate seat in Virginia against George Allen.

    This is political posturing by the three Dems I listed above. Remember what Bart Stupak did with the Obamacare vote?

    DTAD, Don’t Trust A Dem.

  • patman

    Bonehead is too nice. Dikkwad is more like it….

  • Kathy

    Hey Jason…I can’t wait for the day when they come for something thats important to you and we hear you crying, whining and bellyaching because you think they have no right to take it from you…
    Your have your beliefs and others allow you to have them and stay out of your business so have the common curtesy to let others have their beliefs and you keep your nose out of their business…
    This administration will take and take and take and you have no idea what you are getting into by supporting what they are trying to do!!! Unfortunately by the time you realize just how much they want from you and the rest of us it will be too late to change it…don’t say we didn’t try to warn you… 🙁

  • Bad Actor

    The whole reasoning for this, to make religious institutions pay for birth control and morning after pills is based on some faulty logic. Preventive medicine, like physicals, breast exams, flu shots, immunizations, pap smears, PSA tests, etc, is what is supposed to be covered without cost, under Obamacare. They are lumping in contraceptives and abortificants under ‘preventive services’ – this is just wrong. Pregnancy is not a disease! Preventive medicine is to keep you from getting a disease, or to find a disease early, before it spreads and becomes fatal. Sebelius must be an idiot!

  • Ex-Californian

    Sebelius was in Kansas a tool of the abortionist lobby’s big money.She as carefully selected by Ozero to do this hit job.

  • lizzy84

    4 of the 5 voted for oBamacare. And Manchin, had he been in the Senate at the time, would have voted for it too.

    They’re fooling no one.

  • donh

    Look at all the players and you can see how bogus it is. They even dragged Bart Stupak from retirement to make a statement. Ben Nelson again. All the Catholic dems who could have stopped Obama care but tipped the balance over to the dark side. The satanic baby killer cult is in firm control and as always evil wears lies and deception as a cloak to blind people from what is really going down. It is best for the charity institutions to close and the true believers in Christ retreat to caves as in the dark ages. Let the Devil worshipers live in a world without mercy. Let them give their love to death.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    This administration will take and take and take and you have no idea what you are getting into by supporting what they are trying to do!

    If only the consequences of stupidity were confined to those that indulge in it so willingly…

  • Molon Labe



    You are either an abortionist or just one of Obama’s aides who wears knee pads. Which is it?

  • Molon Labe


    Very well said. Its too bad we do not have a government that will force Obama to face the consequences of trampling the Constitution.


  • dunce

    Nelson does not want his political legacy to be the corn husker kick back and is repenting selling out his state for thirty pieces of silver.

  • i believe they are againist it when it gets voted down.

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  • You mean there remain some self-identifying democrats who respect religious freedom?

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Nelson does not want his political legacy to be the corn husker kick back and is repenting selling out his state for thirty pieces of silver.

    Too bad for him, but the deed’s done.

    Now if only his constituents would tar and feather him upon his return to Nebraska as a private citizen…

  • Militant Conservative

    Horns are made of bone. Yup, Satan is bone headed.

    Guess that is why he twitched on that call.

    Obama= Evil

  • wanumba

    WE were reading I Samuel this week, going through the adventures of David. This is an interesting exchange:
    (I Samuel 23:9) David saved the town of Keilah from Philistine attack. Saul heard he was there and discussed to his court that Keilah was a fortress so if he surrounded the place, Saul would be able trap David inside, and kill him.

    So, David is in Keilah, trying to decide what to do. He asks God:

    “Will Saul come down, as your servant has heard?…”
    And the Lord said, “He will.”
    Again David asked, Will the citizens of Keilah surrender me and my men to Saul?”
    And the Lord said, “They will.”

    So, David packed up and quickly left.

    So, the scriptures say, “Ask the Lord.” The only time Joshua didn’t ask was when the Gibeonites pulled their elaborate ruse on him, so convincing, that Joshua and his men didn’t think to ask, “Is this legit?” The Lord would have told them, “They’re faking.”

    How about these religious leaders actually taking the scriptures seriously and doing this before dealing with the likes of Obama and his adminstration?

    Something like:
    “Is he telling the truth about all this?”
    “He is not.”

    It’s annoying actually that these people are so easily fooled …

  • Estragon

    #19 Steve White ~ IF Obama forces the Catholic hospitals to close, and they will if this is not reversed, he has the excuse he needs to push for full government health care, which is what he wanted in the first place but was too afraid to say.

    The traitors who know this but still won’t support our nominee because it isn’t “their guy” will bear responsibility. In the event of social collapse, get them first, they are not to be trusted.

  • burt

    No vote from Reid.

  • mamagriz68

    Didn’t both of these lemmings vote for the bill without seeing what was in it first? Did they actually believe Obama would honor his agreement with the fool Bart Stupak?

  • tadcf

    Ben Nelson—Repli-crat from Nebraska—may call him “bone-headed”, but at least Obama’s announcement today will show he’s capable of compromise.

  • Sandy

    According to Drudge Obama has caved. Seems even the Dems have given him the hot seat and he is now finding that its not easy to destroy the Constitution’s separation of Church and State.
    But he will be baaaack unless he is defeated.

  • bigL

    Provision is still in the Law as passed aby the Donkd. the Congress has to remove it. since it all hangs together-the Obama care law- with no “severability” section, I think the entire thing hasto be re-voted with those paragraphs wherever they are delected. The entire thing.I don’t think you can say, on the floor Of either House-“Vote to delete the following paragraphs”….as they don’t stand alone.there is no paragraph that says,essentially that each paragraph or section is on its own, and deleting one paragraph does not affect the entire law. They did not do that.
    Sorry to repeat all that. But do not buy Obama’s executive order or his arrangement for peace.Also do not meet with him. Pictures are 1000 words and that is what people recall, i.e. “everything must have wprked out… they had th photo together”

  • dwd

    Cornhusker Kickback

    that is all

  • Ella

    Time for Mittens to speak up and let us know what his position is. What does Romneycare do with this? The electorate has a right to know.

  • bg


    “Bone-headed”? hah!!

    “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” ~ B Hussein O


  • Molon Labe


    Jason is pulling assertions out of his butt. What a joke. I’m sure 99% of queers like you also use condoms. When someone pulls these kind of “facts” out of thin air its not only obvious, but highlights the stupidity and desperation of that individual.

  • WillofLa

    #19 Steve White, and others,

    Your questions are valid, and accurate in that we know that the Socialist Democrats are up for election and that has always been when we see them start acting like they give a damn. Then when they are reelected they go back to doing what they were doing before they were interrupted by a silly election. They always do, no matter what their constituencies tell them. And I’m not under any illusion and think that Democrats would start being good American’s who want their government to start following the Constitution. Before all this Constitution stuff started the only reason why someone would be elected was so they could “do” something for someone, and didn’t have anything to do with obeying their oath of office to obey the Constitution.

    We are going to see where Democrats, liberals, and “progressives” are going to have to be the ones who get rid of the Occupier’s, and are going to have to be the one’s who tell Obama that he is violating the Constitution. The problem is, Democrats don’t really care about the Constitution since you have to figure that they’ve been violating it since the 60’s when they started all this “civil rights” crap. Yeah, I said it, it’s crap. If Blacks wanted to be treated like White people treat each other, then those were the only laws that needed to be changed. The liberals didn’t need to force us to pay for a whole movement worth of needs by a people who were capable of taking care of themselves like they already were. Over 80% of Black women were getting married before they had children just like everyone else was doing. But when Democrats created Welfare, which is actually a whole host of things that are not Constitutional, like, there is nothing found in the Constitution to justify “repairations” payments for being Black. There is nothing in the Constitution to take taxpayer monies to give to the poor in order they can buy more food for themselves. You provide jobs for them so they will have the money to buy more food for themselves, not give Blacks Food Stamps. That is Socialized food appropriations for a certain race. Socialized in the government is providing a certain service where that service is not inclusive of any other race other than Black. Sure a poor White person could apply for Food Stamps, but it’s much harder to prove to the case worker that the White person couldn’t get a job to pay for their own food. They have to really be out of pocket to get the Stamps. But Democrats declared by the wording of the law that Blacks were being so discreminated against that it was impossible for them to be able to find employment.

    If that was the case we didn’t need the trillions of dollars worth of social and domestic programs which were all unConstitutional just because a law or two was all it took to change that situation. Which under the Civil Rights Act said employers could not discreminate against a Black if they were qualified for the job. But later on that law had to be changed more because of the lack of education of Blacks and it was seen that to many were to dumb to be qualified for the job. That’s when liberals pushed through the laws that said businesses had to hire a certain number of Blacks no matter what. But liberals sweetened the pot by offering Federal money to employers for training programs instituted by businesses. This program has not lived up to it’s supposed outcome.

    Obama is going to have to be controled by the liberals, the very people who helped get him into office. You know, liberals just think all they have to do is turn the entire country into a progressive nation and that’s all it will take and everyone one will be taken care of. What they always miss is how many freedoms, rights, and liberties EVERYONE loses when the country is transformed into a Socialist nation. Yeah, the government is taking care of all these people, but look at all the freedoms everyone else had to give up for that to take place.

    This is what Democrats are going to have to do some serious thinking about and that is what are THEY willing to give up in order for everyone to get all these rights they think everyone one has. Well, guess what, people don’t have all the rights liberals think they ought to have. Most of those freedoms everyone has, but you have to create your own life for yourself that provides all the rights to things you have EARNED!!!

  • Zelsdorf Ragshaft III

    This effort was not about birthcontrol or contraception. It was about expanding the power of the Presidency. This President want to be able to tell America what to do without interference from congress. If I have to pay for someone to have contraception, I had better be having sex with them.

  • WillofLa

    You aren’t entitled to a million dollars. You have to go out and earn that money. You are not entitled to birth control pills or have an abortion. You have to go to a doctor, and pay for it somehow, and get a prescription for birth control pills. If you just take some one of your friends has, it can mess you up bad!! It can make some woman crazy. I know what I’m talking about, believe me. And if you want an abortion then you have to go to one of those clinics and get one. Of course you have to pay for it, they aren’t free to anyone. Nowadays there is the “night after pill” and it is a abortion pill that you have to have a prescription for. So, see you have to have a job, get the money and pay for all the things you want out of life. You have to earn it, pay for it yourself, and not have Obama the Marxist force the insurance companies to pay for it by the insurance companies policy holders paying into the company for their insurance.

    I knew there was going to be a problem with what Obama was doing today because alot of churches provide their own insurance to keep down costs. Obama’s forcing the insurance companies to pay for abortion pills and other birth control materials, which in my mind is still the churches having to accept what Obama wanted to begin with. He’s still telling us to drop our religious beliefs so women can have an abortion whenever they want it.

    Liberals you need to get your President under control or we’ll do it for you!!

  • WillofLa

    Nancy Pelosi thinks she can support the Occupier’s, and Obama can just not say anything about the riots, rats, disease, rapes, murder’s committed by these people, and it’s going to be alright because after all they have the “right” to freedom of speech. Well, where’s the legality of what damage they are committing nationwide? Where’s the legality of what attacks they are committing against the cops? Why won’t he tell the police depts. that they have the authority to stop anyone who is not doing what they are supposed to be there to do. That would mean that if the police see you not doing protesting, but rather setting fires, attacking bystanders of people who are against what the OWS stands for, because after all bystanders who oppose what the OWS stands for have equal rights to yell back at the protesters as much as the protesters have the right to yell back at the bystanders. If the police see anything that is not connected directly to the protest march, those people will be arrested. So anyone who is wearing bandana’s over their faces, will be ordered by the police to remove that cover so the person can be identified.

    This is the deal; you can do whatever you want so long as you follow the law. Any law that is not obeyed will be enforced. What’s the matter Obama, you can’t follow laws that have been established in America? I suppose that’s the reason why you think it’s okay for you to violate our rights and take our freedoms and liberties away from us anytime you want and we should just take it? Well, we have something you need to know about American’s that you wouldn’t know anything about because you’re not an American citizen, and that is we fight back!! This isn’t some weak European country with a bunch of demoralized people existing in it afraid to lift a finger or speak out one word in opposition against some tyrant like you!! We are American’s! We are a free people, who act on our God given rights you cannot take away from us!!

    If we want to not take this dictitorial orders of yours concerning birth control or abortions, then you will not stop us. Never before in the history of mankind has anyone tried to overthrow a nation that was created to prevent that from happening. Saul Alinsky told Obama not to take on the big issues because he will be thrown back and will loose to much ground, and worse he will expose what he is up to. Obama is not following his own rules that he has been taught to follow. Obama doesn’t care about even following what he has been taught by his own mentor’s like Jeromiah Wright. This act outside the Constitution he has just done should have been stopped no matter how embarrassing it was to Obama. And it should have come from the Democrat Party leadership. But since we’re talking about Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and Dick Durbin and others, I suppose that will only happen if they see such rage coming from the public that it really does scare the hell out of them.

    The Democrats must start to suffer from their own law making. But since the Congress is controled by Republican’s, we will see Obama violate the law by not running anything through the process so that a bill can be written, and hold a vote, and if it passes he can claim that he has “bipartisan support” like he likes to brag about having all the time. That just serves to make us mad at our representatives in Congress. But one thing it does do, is it shows us who we need to get rid of come November of who is running for reelection. We need to surround Obama with conservatives in both Houses who have the power to shut him down if we don’t succeed in electing a conservative President, who would be Rick Santorum!!

    Want to know what Obama and the rest of the Socialists and liberals, and the Progressives think, read MARK LEVIN’S NEW BOOK, “AMERITOPIA”!!!

  • WillofLa

    Now, the insurance companies need to take a stand with the churches and tell Obama that this is a violation of their rights, and they are not going to follow his “orders”, “command”, or what the hell do you call what Obama has put out? What is it that it is called, a “edict”? Because that’s all that you can call it. It’s not a “law” because it never went through the process properly where a bill was written, it went through all the committee’s, it went to the floor of each House and was debated, and then voted on, and then if it passed all the process it goes to Obama’s desk for his signiture and is signed into law. Did that happen? I must have missed all the debates about whether or not what Obama wanted was a violation of eveyone’s Constitutional rights!

    The insurance companies need to stand together and tell Obama that they are not going to pay the bill so women get birth control and abortions for “FREE”!!! Life is not free and neither is this. It will cost the insurance companies millions of dollars and the insurance companies cannot afford to pay for this….edict coming from Obama himself, and not a law or anything else. The insurance companies do not have to follow an order coming from a man who thinks he’s America’s DICTATOR!! Obama cannot order the insurance companies to do anything because Obama does not have the right nor the power from being President to make such an order to a private business. No one can tell a private business what product they have to carry or sell or how much it should cost, and neither can Obama order a private company to offer a product for free and that they should have to pay for it themselves.

    Obama does not have the authority to do what he is doing. He must be told this. If no one has the guts, then what is to stop Obama from tell any company or private organizations to do whatever he wants them to do? Who the hell does he think he is??!!

  • alnj

    Boneheaded-no. More sleight of hand from Pinnochio. Won’t the churches still be paying for insurance that the companies are now giving “free”birth control, abortions in the policy? What he did was to offer the church a fig leaf to hide behind while they will still foot the bill. Now let’s see if the church has the smarts and “stones” to tell Pinnochio to stuff it.

  • alnj

    #53, you’re right. What must be challenged and defeated is the presumption that POTUS has the constitutional authority to do this. This may actually be what the left hand is doing while the right hand is stirring the pot. Where the hell is our Congress and why aren’t they starting impeachment proceedings?

  • Patty

    Obama Didn’t Cave on the HHS Mandate; He’s Making an Unprecedented Power Grab

    So everywhere I’m reading that Obama is caving on the mandate in Obamacare that Catholic churches — well, not churches, but the schools and hospitals are mandated to provide contraceptives and abortion-related services that they religiously disagree with. “What’s happened here is that Obama’s caved! He has seen, he has heard, and now he’s gonna shift that burden to the insurance companies!” Now, there are a bunch of stories today — that one and another one involving a woman getting on an airplane, trying to get on an airplane to fly to Denver who was not permitted to get on an airplane because there were no female TSA agents to pat her down. None were on board.

    She even said (paraphrased), “Look, I’ll wave it. I’ll let a guy pat me down. I need to get to Denver.” They said, “Nope, not gonna have any of that. You have to take a different flight on a different day.” It’s a small down, small airport, not a whole lot of flights. And her reaction is instructive. My point here is, ladies and gentlemen, we are losing freedom and liberty inch by inch. It’s not being taken — well, in some cases it is, but in most cases it’s not being taken from us in giant grabs. It’s little by little by little such that people don’t even see it. It doesn’t even register. Let me start with the AP version of the Obama story. “Retreating in the face of a political uproar, President Barack Obama on Friday will announce that religious…”

    He’s supposed to do it in five or six minutes now, right in the middle of this program. President Obama “on Friday will announce that religious employers will not have to cover birth control for their employees after all, The Associated Press has learned. The administration instead will demand that insurance companies will be the ones directly responsible for providing free contraception.” And we’re supposed to applaud this? We’re supposed to think that we have emerged with a big victory here? Obama can mandate that we buy insurance, and now Obama can mandate what insurance companies must offer — and after mandating what insurance companies must offer, then Obama can mandate what insurance companies can charge for it?

    Freedom doesn’t mean anything to this guy! Freedom doesn’t mean anything to this regime or this administration. To me, this is breathtaking. This is an incredible sight to behold here. So Obama is said to “offer a compromise proposal that is respectful of religious concerns,” and everybody’s applauding today. Now, look at this. The right to religious liberty in this context is unequivocal in our country and in the Constitution. It’s right there in the Bill of Rights. Since when does a president have the power to threaten to issue a rule gutting religious liberty? That’s the first thing. And, by the way, I don’t think any of this a mistake.

    I don’t think this religious kerfuffle is something that they overreached on. I think roiling this country and distracting people, setting up these extreme things like this and then walking them back to create the illusion, “Okay, you know what? We’re not gonna take your freedom,” it’s all BS, folks. And this is being spun in such a way to make it look like the winners are winning and the losers are losing, and they’re not. The First Amendment — the Bill of Rights of the Constitution — explicitly says that government shall have nothing to do with religion. You hear, do you not, the left constantly caterwauling, whining and moaning about “separation of church and state”?

    When do they do that? Whenever a religious Republican or conservative seeks political office! They start to worry about “the imposition of religious moral values on people,” and say, “This is intolerable! This is intolerable. It’s not permitted! It’s a violation of the Constitution.” So the left hates the Constitution when it’s an impediment to what they want to do. When it supports what they want to do, they’re the biggest constitutionalists in the world. So they’re all concerned about separation of church and state? No, they’re not! They are opposed to opposition. They will do anything to defeat opposition, and if the Constitution is in opposition to them, they’ll do whatever they have to do there.
    more @ link

  • Patty

    President Obama boxed in on birth control

    From the standpoint of the 2012 campaign, the debate over birth control, the stuff of the 1960s, has opened a dangerous electoral schism for Democrats, pitting Obama’s base of female supporters against the church and a GOP presidential field all too eager to seize on a perceived assault on religious liberty.

    But it has also exposed surprisingly acute ideological, religious and gender divisions within a White House that prides itself on pulling together as a cohesive unit after a major decision, however sloppy the deliberation. And the fissures may have contributed to the slow, seemingly disorganized response to the escalating attacks, amplifying the damage from a fight that would have been politically perilous in any case.

    Signaling a desire to move beyond the controversy, Obama announced a compromise Friday designed to allay the concerns of religious organizations.

    The Dolan meeting is just one example of the administration’s fumbling of an incendiary issue dating to the summer of 2011.

    The session broke up after less than an hour, and Obama made no commitment to Dolan, a barrel-chested eminence in dark clerical vestments. The president, in sphinx mode, said he’d seek an accommodation amenable to all parties. That left the politically savvy prelate feeling “a little more at peace” about the outcome, which he duly reported to the media.

    The benediction didn’t last long — and Dolan’s modest expression of optimism did a lot of political damage to the Obama White House. The archbishop, messaging as masterfully as any Washington consultant, created the expectation that Obama was, more or less, on his side. And that allowed Dolan — along with House Speaker John Boehner and GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich — to cast the decision as a betrayal of Catholics.

    “Think of this as Bill Daley’s parting gift to the White House,” a prominent abortion-rights activist who works closely with the administration told POLITICO.

    Several of the president’s most influential female advisers — Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett among them — were angry by what they viewed as a Daley power play and made their sentiment known to Obama, according to several people close the situation.

    Yet casting the internal debate as a battle of the sexes doesn’t tell the whole story. Plenty of men in Obama’s orbit signed off, if not enthusiastically, on the decision. And at least one woman, Nancy-Ann DeParle, who helped quarterback the passage of the Affordable Care Act, opposed the policy. She argued that it would seriously undermine Catholic leaders who bucked the bishops by supporting the bill, including Sister Carol Keehan, head of the largest association of Catholic health care centers.
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  • Patty

    Catholic Leaders don’t want to hand out contraceptives. This goes against the church’s beliefs.

    Period. Contraceptives are easy to pick up almost anywhere. This whole matter is a political power crab.

    Yet, Obama beats all the Republican candidates. If this administration appears to denied God, Freedom of Religious beliefs, then 2012 and beyond will be more battles and more of Obama style communism. It is coming if he wins.

  • alnj

    When is the GOP going to find a spokesperson who tells it like it is and lets the country know in no uncertain terms that this administration has more communists than Putins’ does?

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