Brave entertainerr Nicki Minaj mocked the Catholic Church tonight at the Grammy Awards.

Nicki Minaj arrives at The 54th Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center on February 12, 2012, in Los Angeles, California. (Yahoo)
Hat Tip Kyle

Here’s the satanic song she performed during the show.

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  1. The girl is a loser among the losers.

  2. I suspect like Samuel L. Jackson, she hopes Obama gets scary.

  3. nothing brave about it just another display of ghetto manners, whoopi goldberg made a couple of movies mocking the church.

  4. Apparently you missed her performance? The red carpet was just a prelude to the disgusting act on stage. She not only mocked the catholic church but gave a poor performance while doing so. that’s what happens when you have no talent…

  5. Because she can.

    Christians don’t throw acid in the face of females, don’t stone them and don’t gang-rape them.

    Now if she did her little stunt with a Muhammad impersonator I would be impressed. But you’ll never see that…..

  6. Bravery would be an apt word if she had mocked Islam

  7. Is this for real? She’s speakin’ troof to power, yo!

    What an ugly person, both physically and spiritually.

    (See how this works? You insult me, I insult you… coward)

    Next time make fun of the head choppers

  8. I just finished watching her absolutely revolting performance but I’m even more disgusted by the applause she received after the performance. The Grammy’s and CBS should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this disgusting performance, but their liberals and so what can one expect from them.

  9. Why would you call her brave, Jim?

  10. Maybe the Vatican will use Interpol to have her deported to Rome and face decapitation.

    Oh, wait.

    Btw, isn’t she brave?

  11. My 19 year old daughter is a big Taylor Swift fan and wanted me to watch the Grammys with her for that reason.

    As soon as that POS “performance” started and I saw the way it was headed, I left the room telling her it was blasphemous and sacriligious. Like I’ve said before, I disagree with my church for may reasons, but I will not abide disrespect for my religion. CBS will get an e-mail tomorrow for whatever it’s worth.

  12. #9 February 13, 2012 at 1:16 am
    Justice commented:

    Why would you call her brave, Jim?

    The headline made much more sense, at least to my age addled brain, when you realized that it was extreme sarcasm. Even if Mr. Hoft actually meant brave (doubtful), it still comes across as counterpoint mocking in as much measure as said rapper tried to cultivate.

    It is so easy to mock something when one isn’t in fear of their life by crazed religious fanatics who love to stone women for not dressing in head to toe bags.

  13. boycott the sponsors!!!!!!

  14. #14 February 13, 2012 at 1:35 am
    tommy mc donnell commented:

    boycott the sponsors!!!!!!

    I’ll go you one better, just boycott network TV in general. I did that many a moon ago and strangely found out I had more time for reading, being with friends, just generally realizing life isn’t contained, constrained, or fulfilled by a little glowing box. Any TV show watching I do now is via DVD, old shows that didn’t push a Progressive agenda labeling it entertainment.

  15. That doesn’t impress me. It would be true creative genius if she showed up with Mohammed.

    But the left never points their dripping contempt at Islam, does it. Gosh. What you ‘fraid of, yo?

  16. Whitney had more talent in one ear lobe than this pos

    Burn in Hell, Nicki

  17. The Grammys have had to rely more and more on shock and vulgarity to draw audiences over the last couple decades as their talent pool is swimming with more and more bottom feeders.

  18. Not sure why anybody watches that annual display of narcissism and depravity……Maybe if we turned out sets off in huge numbers they would get the message. We are to blame if we watch it as well.

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