Brave Rapper Nicki Minaj Mocks Catholic Church at Grammy Awards (Video)

Brave entertainerr Nicki Minaj mocked the Catholic Church tonight at the Grammy Awards.

Nicki Minaj arrives at The 54th Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center on February 12, 2012, in Los Angeles, California. (Yahoo)
Hat Tip Kyle

Here’s the satanic song she performed during the show.

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  • nana

    The girl is a loser among the losers.

  • StrangernFiction

    I suspect like Samuel L. Jackson, she hopes Obama gets scary.

  • dunce

    nothing brave about it just another display of ghetto manners, whoopi goldberg made a couple of movies mocking the church.

  • Whippet

    Apparently you missed her performance? The red carpet was just a prelude to the disgusting act on stage. She not only mocked the catholic church but gave a poor performance while doing so. that’s what happens when you have no talent…

  • Because she can.

    Christians don’t throw acid in the face of females, don’t stone them and don’t gang-rape them.

    Now if she did her little stunt with a Muhammad impersonator I would be impressed. But you’ll never see that…..

  • Incommendatus

    Bravery would be an apt word if she had mocked Islam

  • Little Orenthal

    Is this for real? She’s speakin’ troof to power, yo!

    What an ugly person, both physically and spiritually.

    (See how this works? You insult me, I insult you… coward)

    Next time make fun of the head choppers

  • airedale

    I just finished watching her absolutely revolting performance but I’m even more disgusted by the applause she received after the performance. The Grammy’s and CBS should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this disgusting performance, but their liberals and so what can one expect from them.

  • Justice

    Why would you call her brave, Jim?

  • Adi

    Maybe the Vatican will use Interpol to have her deported to Rome and face decapitation.

    Oh, wait.

    Btw, isn’t she brave?

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  • American Patriot

    My 19 year old daughter is a big Taylor Swift fan and wanted me to watch the Grammys with her for that reason.

    As soon as that POS “performance” started and I saw the way it was headed, I left the room telling her it was blasphemous and sacriligious. Like I’ve said before, I disagree with my church for may reasons, but I will not abide disrespect for my religion. CBS will get an e-mail tomorrow for whatever it’s worth.

  • FurryGuy

    #9 February 13, 2012 at 1:16 am
    Justice commented:

    Why would you call her brave, Jim?

    The headline made much more sense, at least to my age addled brain, when you realized that it was extreme sarcasm. Even if Mr. Hoft actually meant brave (doubtful), it still comes across as counterpoint mocking in as much measure as said rapper tried to cultivate.

    It is so easy to mock something when one isn’t in fear of their life by crazed religious fanatics who love to stone women for not dressing in head to toe bags.

  • boycott the sponsors!!!!!!

  • FurryGuy

    #14 February 13, 2012 at 1:35 am
    tommy mc donnell commented:

    boycott the sponsors!!!!!!

    I’ll go you one better, just boycott network TV in general. I did that many a moon ago and strangely found out I had more time for reading, being with friends, just generally realizing life isn’t contained, constrained, or fulfilled by a little glowing box. Any TV show watching I do now is via DVD, old shows that didn’t push a Progressive agenda labeling it entertainment.

  • bobdog

    That doesn’t impress me. It would be true creative genius if she showed up with Mohammed.

    But the left never points their dripping contempt at Islam, does it. Gosh. What you ‘fraid of, yo?

  • Whitney had more talent in one ear lobe than this pos

    Burn in Hell, Nicki

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  • The Grammys have had to rely more and more on shock and vulgarity to draw audiences over the last couple decades as their talent pool is swimming with more and more bottom feeders.

  • Not sure why anybody watches that annual display of narcissism and depravity……Maybe if we turned out sets off in huge numbers they would get the message. We are to blame if we watch it as well.

  • NorthernX

    Making fun of Christians is like bullying those of the Amish faith–neither is likely to retaliate based on their principles. Retaliation is God’s domain.
    So, essentially, and if anything, making fun of Christians is a rather cowardly act…

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  • wanumba

    Enough of the low-lifes that are passed off in the strutty-vapid-uneducated-stupid poppy-rappy culture:

    This tri-lingual ten year old is singing in Woolof, speaks French and is going to a bi-lingual French-English (American) school: How cute he’s dropped off at SCHOOL at the end!
    (what a concept!!!) (His daddy is Youssou N’Dour – big singer in West Africa)

  • regularguy

    The Pope may or may not be infallible, but all the attacks on Catholicism, and Christianity in general, must mean there is something very holy about the faith that evil cannot abide.

  • Mark

    “Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.”

    — Galatians 6:7

  • Bunni

    I’m no fan of that church, by any means, BUT….I found that “performance” in VERY POOR TASTE. It was mocking GOD, just like this ghetto administration does daily. At least we didn’t have to be subjected to “lady” gaga, gaga.

    I switched over to downton abbey at 8 pm, there’s only so much lefty crap one can watch, even for research purposes.

  • donh

    Sticky Minge is wearing a costume taken from the 1954 film Innauguration of the Pleasure Dome. > . This is a cult that worships the Whore of Babalon, who they believe is the next mother of a god like entity to be born into this world… replacing the outgoing 2000 year epoch of Christ with the new satanic age of aquarius. Madonna’s half time show was a working of this same cult of death Whoredome . They are really coming out and pushing the devil worship in public now that 2012 is believed to be a big ending of sorts.

  • Mairin7

    Bunni! How can you not be a fan of the Catholic Church? Maybe you don’t really know about our faith. It can’t be all bad, what with our Founder being Jesus and giving the world the Bible…
    You aren’t holding the media driven overinflated priest scandal against us are you?! Jesus had his Judas, you know…

    I invite you to check out the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It free online ou there for everyone to delve into. When you do, you will have your eyes opened and find yourself surprised and chagrinned that you ever thought bad things about the Church.

    Peace in Jesus Christ!

  • wanumba

    If people want to raise normal kids, then heave the TV satellite/cable/whatever. THAT has to go. There is no choice, it works against EVERYTHING 24/7 a parent wants to accomplish.

    People say, “Well, I like the sports or the documentaries…” but their kids are channelsurfing ad even if a particular show is pretty good, the commercials in it for OTHER shows are designed to entrap, the MTV VHS are designed to intice the surfers to stop and watch. The cartoons are humorless, frantic screechy junk.

    So get rid of it. Make sports social and go to a sports place like Buffalo Wild Wings to watch a game. Buy a good series and watch it without commercials.

    Kids are learning all their foul language, their skanky styles, their materialistic moneymoney behavior from TV, and their vapid politics.

    Kids also have to learn how to first tolerate, then enjoy SILENCE.

    God speaks in a soft voice. This media noise is non-stop, pervasive talk-talk-talk-music music – it is NOT possible to hear God speaking. How convenient for the devil.

  • PamelaofthePoconos

    I suppose this is all about how many mentions she gets which will be directly proportional to how much money some people get. Truly anything for a buck.

    Jim threw me too, using brave. But I suppose ‘brave’ does not have to imply admirable. ???

  • workingclass artist

    Recycled Bed Linens from last Valentines Day?

  • BarryO

    Just another worthless N* falling in line, just like the punk Samuel L. Jackson…

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  • Taqiyyotomist

    Re: the performance:

    Satanism has gone mainstream. Remember when Madonna’s Like a Prayer was controversial and “shocking”?

    That stuff was downright Victorian compared to “shocking” today.

    Slippery slopes and downward spirals: not myths.

    Give it another twenty years with the current trend — they’ll be doing things onstage that we don’t even dare think of today, except upon waking from nightmares and visions of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Ironic, people who don’t think “evil” exists, trying their damndest to display as much evil as possible.

    I take that back — they do think evil exists: Whatever God calls good, to them is evil.

    They are doing the work of their spiritual Father. Whom many of them also think doesn’t exist. “…greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.”

  • I hope Ms. Minaj develops an appetite for self-destruction, or narcotics, or suicide. Anything to quickly get her out of the spotlight would make me happy. Ms. Minaj’s mother should’ve exercised her right to choose.

  • Noooobama

    Day by day race relations in America fall further into the dumper. So Sam Jackson votes his skin? How big a surprize is that? It’s going to turn back on YOU Sam. Wise up and understand that.

  • wanumba

    Everyone who pays for cable/satellite subsidies this and all the drivel on every channel, subsidies channels that are pure crap but get a penny or two anyway because they are bundled in the “package.” You want 10 channels, they make you buy 100. Why?

    Ditch the subscriptions. Get news off the internet. The hobby shop is a great place.

  • Rlc

    Did the White House order up this attack on the Catholic Church or was it Nicki’s love letter to Obama. Reeked of Leni Riefenstahl.

  • J

    That entire show was so depressing. All the huston tributes. then the etta tributes, then the botoxed springstreen trying to act like a young hip man while his old body restrains him belting out the usual I-Hate-The-USA garbage. Follow on with poor Campbell, suffering from alzheimer’s, then swift belting out how much she hates her last boyfriend, then to end it the abomination of whatever-her-name is.
    No wonder these people are all drug addled. That night depressed even me.

  • Liberal Christian

    I would first like to mention that I am a Liberal. I am one of the people that seem to be vilified here, which is unfortunate because I’m a Christian as those of you reading this.

    However, that said, I have to voice my absolute disgust at Nicki Minaj’s performance last night at the Grammy Awards.

    I find it hypocritical to have someone do a prayer for a recently deceased person only to in the same show have someone doing an exorcism, speaking in tongues, and levitating, making a vicious attack on the Catholic Church. I for one am deeply offended by this. Unfortunately, I have a very ominous feeling this is only going to get worse.

    This is the second time this month alone that something evil has occurred. The first incident, (although not many understood the symbolism) occurred at the Super Bowl. I am not sure exactly what is going on, but something extremely serious is being built up spiritually.

  • Greg

    Who is Nikki, What show was this on. Anybody watch.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Liberal Christian

    Not villified. Pitied.

    You see, but you don’t see. So-called “Liberals” today — this is what they DO.

    It will get worse, and more stark, these things you’ve seemingly just now noticed, soon.

    Perhaps you should think about becoming more allied with “Conservative”.

    There will come a time, soon, just as in Germany, China, and the U.S.S.R., where you are given a choice: do you want to be a part of the monster, or do you want to be its prey?

    The monster is rising — once again — and each time it rises, it gets more efficient at the death-dealing, mass-grave-filling evil. From 1958-1961, China’s “progressives” killed 40 million people. Just four years to quadruple Hitler and to double Stalin. Next time, if these same “progressives” get their way, it will be 80 million in two years.

    And that choice is upon you. As Dylan said, “You gotta serve somebody.”

  • jwyatt03

    Haven’t watched the Grammy’s in years. Not only are the political displays disgusting, but the talent is really poor.

  • Liberal Christian

    Nickie Minaj (the girl on the right in the picture above) is a “musician”. I put that word in quotes because there is absolutely no talent whatsoever. Not to mention the woman is hideous.

    As for the show it was on, as mentioned in my last post, it was at the Grammys last night. It started with a prayer (which I think rings hollow, especially given what they allowed later) and during the show had Nicki pretending she was possessed speaking in tongues and was levitating. All this while an alter boy had a girl gyrating on him. and others in black and red.

    It was an absolute disgrace and should never have happened.

  • Jaimo

    I haven’t watched the Grammys in years. Now I know why. I don’t know who these people are nor do I care. Just watched to see what they did for Whitney, God bless her soul.

  • Liberal Christian

    My last comment was @Greg

    This comment is @Taqiyyotomist

    I have to correct you, I haven’t just noticed this. I have seen this for many years. It isn’t hard for those who understand what’s going on to notice the hidden (in plain view) symbols and messages. Unfortunately many don’t.

    My point, and I think you somewhat understood me, was that it is getting very simplified or as you put it, stark. I agree, and I also agree that it will get worse, as I mentioned in my post you commented on.

  • Tony

    BRAVERY… RTFOL!!!! More like complete GARBAGE!

    She is a no-talent hack who dresses like a whore and pretends to be controversial when in fact she’s only attempting to mask the fact that SHE HAS NO OTHER TALENT THAN SHAKING HER FAT ASS!

    & That STUPID accent HAS 2 GO!

  • Liberal Christian


    Some theorize that was the purpose of her murder (yes, some believe she was murdered). I’m not too sure, but it did help to get more eyes than usual to watch the awards show this year , and lo and behold, one of the most blatant satanic performances ever.

    Some Christians I talked to have mentioned that was the whole intent. Make money off of her death and get eyes to watch the show before bringing out the big guns and having a girl get possessed on screen.

  • CV1

    #39 J — Hey, I thought Taylor swift did a great job! She’s a young girl and she writes young girl lyrics.

    I also enjoyed the Glen Campbell tribute, although I am not a big fan.

    I agree with your assessment of the rest.

  • Multitude

    What, everyone missed Alec Baldwin dressed as Allah and walking hand-in-hand with Michael Moore in a pig outfit? (Or, well, what might have been a pig outlet. It’s sort of hard to tell when he’s in and out of costume)

    Regardless, I thought that was edgy and artistic. Hating Catholics is so old school, it’s boring. Hollywood’s subtle open mocking of Islam on the other hand is pretty rad.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Again, I think that maybe you’re not as “Liberal” as you think you are.

    Unless you mean that in the classical sense, not the modern redefinition which essentially means “robotic Democrat-voting, robotic Republican-hating”.

    Because 99% of DailyKos and Huffpo “Liberals” would find this performance to be quite up to their “standards” of what is acceptable, and a good percent of those would like it simply because it mocked Christianity.

    You really, really, ought to reconsider this “Liberal” thing of yours.

    That is, unless you want to keep all your friends and continue to be invited to the “cool” parties. If those mean so much to you, by all means continue advocating for the party which hates Christians more than anything else besides maybe Jews.

    “Hip has nearly destroyed our nation…let’s try square for a while!” — A. Coulter

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #48 Liberal Christian

    Damn. I seriously doubt it — but if it came out that this were the case, I would not be at all surprised.

    Great comment. (And I thought I was conspiracy-prone!)

    I still think Iran took out Michael Jackson while he was living in Bahrain. The news cycle just prior to his death was focused on Iran’s troops firing on crowds from rooftops. When he died, the entire world forgot that a dictator was slaughtering his people, and it was a solid month of Michael Jackson coverage 24/7.

    When news hit of Ms. Houston’s death, I thought “…watch Washington, because the MSM sees something shiny…”

  • Andreas K.

    I don’t even know who she is. And I can’t say I care. Just another fart in the industry. In 5 to 10 years she’ll be gone. Chances are high she’ll off herself, most likely with a nice OD. Or, as it’s also rather common among rap “musicians”, she’ll be offed.

    As for mocking the church. Please, the catholic church has been doing that to itself for decades, if not centuries. What Jesus once preached has long left the dogma of this ridiculous organisation. They have been about power and money for centuries. And the mocking… Monty Pythons did that ages ago, with great success and skill I must add.

  • wanumba

    The Grammys also included predator Rhianna doing her usual onstage sex act pantomimes. Classy hey? But it’s okay since she was just faking on stage with her ex-beat-ing boyfriend while she cruised like she wanted to pick up women.

    DO parents actually WATCH what these sleazes do in concerts and on their videos BEFORE they allow their little girls to watch them?

    Just think, at this rate next year’s Grammys will probably have actual sex between Madonna, Rhianna and Miss Fifi-up there in the stupid red outfit.

    Still in stunned awe that Maddona’s $10 million charity for Africans was completely consumed by her boyfriend who was tasked with managing it. I mean, WHAT did he DO of a day to scarf all that up so fast … and she didn’t NOTICE? Doesn’t do much for the “goddess” conceit if she can’t even control the boytoy.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Ah, what’s an Anders B, I mean Andreas K. post without a wish for people to die or be killed?

    Still coming through for us, Andreas.

    You’re nothing if not predictable.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    wanumba, no, at this rate, next year there will be live, onstage bestiality involving kids.

  • Jess

    “Now if she did her little stunt with a Muhammad impersonator I would be impressed”

    Exactly. Debating Catholicism = missing the point: namely, that the little twit would never be “brave” enough to mock islam.

    ooooooh, loook at me, I’m so hip, I’m mocking people who won’t do anything about it!!! immmm so braaaave….

    Trot out a goat & nine year old girl, and I’ll give nikimujumbles credit for being “brave”. Otherwise…. feh.

  • Tony

    Monty Python’s flying circus was and is genius. HOWEVER, Minaj is neither genius or artistic! She lacks talent, and is more a puppet than a performer. I seriously doubt she had the brains to orchestrate that puke-fest.

    I remember an “artist” in New York a few years back who thought he’d be controversial by dropping a curcifix in urine and calling it art.

    Funny how the lack of morals and faith are synonymous now with liberal! And I used to think athiest were bad! Well, you can join them in hell!

  • donh

    There was no music value , no singing or sound quality to the performance what so ever. It was exploiting the opportunity of a vast audience to mass broadcast a Church of Satan ritual masked as theatre…. and subject millions of unsuspecting people to their evil spell…>>>>

    Madonna did the same thing at the Superbowl, but at least her Babalon Whore ritual had artistic merit.

  • wanumba

    #53 February 13, 2012 at 8:54 am
    Andreas K. commented:

    . Please, the catholic church has been doing that to itself for decades, if not centuries. What Jesus once preached has long left the dogma of this ridiculous organisation. They have been about power and money for centuries.


    Hullo lazy parrot.
    You want to come to Africa and see the good the Catholic church has done here, TODAY?
    Churches, hospitals, schools, orphanages, skills-training so people self-employ, get a chance to provide for their families with much needed income.

    I guess you don’t see from your lazy chair the priests and nuns who devoted their entire lives to living here. They don’t get out and about much on their incomes.

    I personally know a Catholic African woman, a medical doctor, who set up from scratch her county’s first developmental center for families with developmentally disabled children. She went into the mental institutions to work voluntarily with kids everyone thought were hopeless and proved those people wrong.
    God gave her an autistic son, and she created not only a services system to help him, but to help hundreds of other families and over hundred kids in mental institutes. Those families are exceedingly grateful, those kids lives are much better than they would have been.

    Meanwhile, the secular Left gets an autistic kid, sees nothing of worth, and they want to kill him so they aren’t ‘burdened’ with the thing they hate the most — responsibility.

    So, comparing on the ground field reality versus the cheap talk, I think the Catholic Church gets a lot of unfair, bad press from a partisan source that has an ax to grind, and an agenda to lie about.

    I’m not Catholic, the Catholic CHurch isn’t perfect, but I don’t have much trouble working with them or praising the good work they are able to do. They manage to do much more good than the secular Left which promotes a selfish, greedy, uncaring culture.

  • wanumba

    #56 February 13, 2012 at 9:08 am
    Taqiyyotomist commented:

    wanumba, no, at this rate,

    Yeech. I wish you were joking, but MTV or VH probably already has a show flirting with it.

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  • So that’s what she was all about. I fast forwarded through her “act”?? because from the onset it was simply tasteless. Maybe others at the Grammy’s felt the same and went out for a smoke break during her creep show. Btw – the 54th Annual Grammy event wasn’t all that…

  • StrangernFiction

    Liberal Christian is here to tell us that there are good liberals in our midst, lol.


  • Rock

    Tell me again why I should weep when any of the entertainment elitist die. What a bunch of flaming fakes, tears, for Whitney, cheers for Minaj, yea right I’m so impressed, not. Then they all went home to frolic in what ever deviant amoral acts tripped their triggers. And middle America is ridiculed for clinging to their guns and bibles.

  • CT

    I don’t see brave in this pig.

  • Me

    Brave? This has got to be your worst headline ever Jim.

  • Jim W

    Can you imagine what would have hit the fan if this dope walked the red carpet with some one dressed like a muslim cleric.

  • Peter Warner

    No thank you on the Grammy Awards, and broadcast music and culture in general.

    Just as the faithful have to deal with ‘cheap grace’:

    the art community needs to deal with ‘cheap righteousness’. As others have pointed out, there is no risk in calling out Christian targets.

    This display of modern culture does not edify, or glorify our Creator. May those who produce, promote, or pride in it find personal and honest repentance.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  • Granny

    Me, you seem to miss the sarcasm. I’m sure Jim thought this was so blatantly sarcastic there was no need to include one.

    I love her “Whore of Babylon” outfit – just ducky!

  • bg


    managed to tune in to the prayer at the beginning..

    as for the rest of it, didn’t watch it..


  • bg


    oh yeah.. on one of the morning news shows i heard someone say
    that everyone at the show was asking, “what the hell was that?”..


  • BlackBush

    Who cares. Why talk about this? The Grammys are unwatchable and all the music blows.

  • Sally


    I’d unlink the video. They just want more to see it; don’t comply.

    They can’t be content w/ losing one of the most magnificent talents who ever sang. They must push the evil further. It is unspeakable and they are in full throttle mode now.

    Perhaps they didn’t count on the prayers, feelings of love and goodness brought forth by Whitney’s death.

    Good always overcomes evil. God always prevails over the alternative.

  • Sandy

    And of course the Media covered this trash. They could have gone to a commercial and not returned until this clown was gone. Good taste is so 20th century.

    Same as all the Whitney Houston coverage — decadence rules.


    NO WONDER HOLLYWOOD SUCKS! IT’S god is the devil!

  • really

    You guys are going way overboard on this. I watched the “performance” which, while severely lacking in artistic merit, was not an attack on Christianity as much as it was a horror movie in live production form.

    I do not understand how it can be seen as mocking Catholicism or satanic, unless its viewed with the alarmist ever-offended mindset often associated with the left.

    There are so many more worthwhile topics at the moment. Raising the alarm bells against a ho-hum attempt at a scary performance is petty.

  • WTF WAS that? I watched the video, it’s retarded, made no sense at all except for the fact that the stupid bitch appears to be desecrating the Catholic faith for her “art”. Who the hell even is she and why did she get a feature in the show anyway? I never heard of the ugly little twit before this. What an insipid little cretin.

  • Srsly….

    Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Don’t listen to her. It’s simple.

  • Stuart

    Srsly #79
    I don’t………… Problem solved.

  • Ed Violette

    I don’t know about babylon, but she does look like a whore

    Then again, she looks like a whore most any day.

  • bg


    LOL.. judging from the pix alone, who is she supposed to be..

    Little Red Riding Hood or Linda Blair in the Exorcist..

    too funny, and gathering from the little
    i’ve heard so far, a dud (so to speak)..

    but what’s that they say, bad ad is better than
    no ad in ‘i wanna be a star’ richy-feely-ville.. 🙄


  • A.C. Volper

    Liberal christian…wheres the love, where’s the tolerance?

  • wanumba

    #77 February 13, 2012 at 11:39 am
    really commented:

    You guys are going way overboard on this. I watched the “performance” which, while severely lacking in artistic merit, was not an attack on Christianity as much as it was a horror movie in live production form

    Well, take out the nun’s robe in red, the priest, the confession booth, the church sanctuary set and put it in a nasty cave, then it would look like a horror movie, not like a demons partying frenzy like they overthrew the church.

    Then, move on to Rhianna who by her videos and ‘sex-show concerts’ is a known 100% vile skank, in the Grammys showing all the young girls how to ‘do it’ with her ex-boyfriend-beater onstage, then cuddled practically half naked with her hands all over Katie Perry. hmm.

    Grammys – an awards show from hell, and look at the celebrities NEEDING to be SEEN there. Unbelievable.

    Adele got all the awards … she didn’t need the Grammys, they needed her.

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  • wanumba

    #40 February 13, 2012 at 8:03 am
    Liberal Christian commented:

    I would first like to mention that I am a Liberal. I am one of the people that seem to be vilified here, which is unfortunate because I’m a Christian as those of you reading this.

    However, that said, I have to voice my absolute disgust at Nicki Minaj’s performance last night at the Grammy Awards.
    This is the second time this month alone that something evil has occurred. The first incident, (although not many understood the symbolism) occurred at the Super Bowl. I am not sure exactly what is going on, but something extremely serious is being built up spiritually.


    It’s been brewing.
    The sleazy schools were the biggest marketers for the Harry Potter books. They pushed them hard, they pushed them, they made the market for them. Harry Potter is the anti-Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings says the ring of power is seductive but not possible for humans to control, and always gains access by naive good intentions. Harry Potter says that same power can be used for ‘good’ … exactly the seduction of the ‘ring.’
    The author drew the kids deeper and deeper into dark realms of evil. Parents actually attended midnight books sales with their pre-schoolers to get the books… say what? They dragged sleepy kids out of bed for Harry Potter books at midnight? Couldn’t wait till the next day… really?

    We got a lot of nasty from Liberal Democrats who were raving about Harry Potter when we said that witchcraft is violent and targets children for human sacrifices so we didn’t think books that appealed to kids to investigate witchcraft was right. It only manuvers the choice sacrificial objects within closer reach of the predators. Witches like children because 1) they are innocent 2) they are easily overpowered. Adults tend to fight back – and it’s not about the witches getting their heads cracked, their faces smashed and then dumped in prison, it’s all about witches having the upper hand.

    Traditional societies teach kids to be wary of witches and that which is too good to be true (Candy houses in Hansel and Gretel). Our society is teaching witches are some sort of fun and the power they claim is something enviable. The kids are the ones who PAY for that.

    We were called narrow-minded intolerant, when we pointed to reality of entire villages being attacked for culling of people for rituals, kids being chopped up for their internal organs for witchcraft rituals, hundreds of people a year poisoned by witches, we were the bad guys … inconvenient truthers. We’re in West Africa – witchcraft and it’s nasty cousins are very real and very dangerous. AFricans know it, and shudder and watch their backs. How stupid Westerners look who poo-poo it as a tv show or movie fantasy. How creepy the celebrity media embraces it as ‘edgy.’

  • Kissmygrits

    Only time I changed the station when this skank came on. Other than that, enjoyed the Grammys. Started off with a prayer, nice touch, LL.

  • I prefer her name to be Nicki Garbaj.

  • So What

    The narrative after these tragedies ie Whitney Houston. M Jackson is always “Oh well, fame kills – it’s just a pact with the devil.”

    No. Living in an insulated cesspool of immature, depraved narcissism kills. This is true in the spotlights of Hollywood or the anonymity of a crack house andor any awards show where these self centered moonbats gather to praise each other.Tim Tebow is pretty famous. Anyone expect him to OD in a pool of vomit? That’s why the liberals eliets of Hollywood and blacks in pro sports. despise him.

    Hollywood devours its own while it continues to praise them film after film and CD after CD. Their hypocricy is as almost as bad as Obama’s and liberals in general.Share the wealth share the tolerance share the hypocricy.

    One thing is for sure you cant blame Bush for Whitney’ death. Blame your own. Blame your culture

  • Barrack’s Liberty

    Another black rapper acting out! Obama is so pleased. Speaking truth to the powerful! Black culture on display!

  • Srsly….

    Big deal. This was on for 5 minutes…..once.

    Jersey Shore is on every week.

  • Mel

    Performers like Nicki Minaj know that what they do will spark outrage and get people talking, which is exactly why they do it. The media makes it a much bigger deal. She will probably sell more records now.

  • Pingback: Brave Rapper Nicki Minaj Mocks Catholic Church at Grammy … |

  • BrandonW

    Total garbage!

  • Fitz

    #77 agree with you a mini skit.
    I found her walking on the red carpet however in very poor taste. I like a lot of her songs but this one was just bizarre and didn’t showcase her ability well.

  • middleagedhousewife

    “Brave” ?!!!

  • Dan

    Okay, although I found her performance lacking, I do have a problem with conservative Christians going overboard on the issue. How is her acting out against Christianity any different than a Mormon or a Jehovah’s Witness coming to my door, insisting to come inside and preach the bible to me?

    As an atheist, I find that offensive. Also, that we have to hear about how hard it is for Christians to pray in a modern world. I’m sorry but it is simple for you. You go to your church, you pray in front of your priest/minister or whatever you pray to, and you go home. What I hate hearing about is praying in school, or praying in public or praying at this event or that event. This country isn’t the United States of Christians, it’s the United States of America, and “prohibits the federal and state governments from establishing an official religion, or from favoring or disfavoring one view of religion over another.”

    The separation of church and state. Pray in your homes and your churches, but when I go out, I don’t want to hear your prayers in a restaurant, or a bar or a movie theater. Learn to live within the laws, and within the first amendment!

  • Everyone talks about Nicki Manaj ‘s preformance, and yes they should because it was tasteless in every way.
    but I also think people should also give credit where credit is due. and that would be to LL Cool J leading off the show with prayer. Hardly any time was used to commend him.
    Great job and a tip of the hat to you Mr Cool J, well done.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    disgusting…its all over… its the liberal OPEN society…no guilt no till then you drop take the next day pill..

    Pre-K sex instructions..fisting kits in junior high..its ok to have sex with kids…sodomy in the military is OK now..its the new democrat..abortions online..90% blacks voted for Jarrett..Van Jones..Obama..but wait…

    their Christians..and we’ll have a really green planet..

  • joe

    How “brave” would she have been if it were Muslims she was mocking? And what would they have done to her?

  • el polacko

    oh come on, folks…there was nothing in nicki’s theatrical performance that hasn’t been seen in hundreds of demon possession/exorcism movies…and the playful mocking of religion’s ceremonial excess is a tradition dating back thousands of years. these sanctimonious, knee-jerk cries of victimization from wealthy, powerful church’s are as disingenuous as they are tiresome.

  • aprilnovember811

    If I were a sponsor, I wouldn’t want my name tied to that. I think that girl is nothing but a high priced leftist prostitute. I hope life gets even with her.

  • aprilnovember811

    Actually, I’ll take it one step further. She’s Satans whore.

  • Dan

    #102 and #103, and you call yourself “Christians?” Doesn’t it say in the bible, from according to Jesus’ own mouth, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…” That doesn’t seem to go with what the “Bible” tells you you should say.

    Such language from people who should be peaceful!

  • Dominic

    Why is it that if anytime the slightest mockery of Islam occurs that the Islamic groups gather up and lobby Washington to cause an uproar? Because for some odd reason their voice is more powerful than the Catholic Church; or is it because they care to do so; or is it because the networks in power with Islam have an agenda against the Catholic Church. Can you just imagine for a slight moment if Mohomed and his 13 wives were mocked as an airplane flew accross the stage…? WORLD WAR III. It is sad to insult the Catholic Church like this. We are peaceful people who try to follow in the foot steps of Christ rather than the Quran which preaches…well you research it. I pray for these people and always remember Jesus has a plan for everyone.

  • BRAVE….did you confuse your word? Here are some adjetives better suited for this mega sinner: irreverent, delusional, amoral, corrupt. Although not adjetives here are two more words: trash, sick.
    Because of people like you, who condone, encourage and applaud this type of behaviour, our youth is in such a moral downspiral. You have done our children an our great nation inmesurable disservice and harm. in light of the above, I really don’t understand how you can live with your conscience, if you have one. I’ll pray that you repent and correct this damageand for the Lord’s mercy.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Re: “brave” in Jim’s headline

    It amazes and saddens me that people cannot recognize sarcasm any more.

    It seems that our commenters get stupider by the day. Hell, by the hour.

    What goes on in your minds when you read headlines like this?

    “Well, Jim Hoft said she was brave. So he meant exactly that.”

    ARE you f**king kidding me? Everyone who complained about Jim’s usage of “brave” in his headline has absolutely ZERO comprehension of sarcasm, satire, humor, or any other English language idioms and traditions that have permeated our written culture since Mark freakin’ Twain and Jonathan Swift — HELL, since Shakespeare.

    Go read a book or a thousand or so.

    (Taqiyy.’s cynicism score is approaching 100! In another day or so, reading comments like you thick-skulled, humorless folks, I’ll be able to level up!)

    —Taq., LVL 23 Cynic. (lvl. 24, here I come!)

  • Justice

    Great performance by Nicki Minaj! I find it a bit hypocritical for Catholics to be so offended at this, when you consider the fact that the Catholic Church has made a complete mockery of itself for nearly two thousand years.

  • The President has established the Truth Team. Why do these people want to use the phrase truth? Doesn’t that make a person question if they are being truthful? George Orwell had his figure Winston work at the Ministry of Truth, that is accountable for propaganda and historical revisionism. His career ended up being to re-write past newspaper content to enhance the ruling party ideology. Who’s going to be spinning the historical past for President Obama?

  • briannity

    Yes you must be very “brave” to bash the Catholic church.