An assembly of 65 Orthodox bishops have officially joined Catholic bishops in opposing the Obama Administration’s latest law that infringes on religious liberty.

The Assembly of Bishops

The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America, which is comprised of the 65 canonical Orthodox bishops in the United States, Canada and Mexico, join their voices with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and all those who adamantly protest the recent decision by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and call upon all the Orthodox Christian faithful to contact their elected representatives today to voice their concern in the face of this threat to the sanctity of the Church’s conscience.

In this ruling by HHS, religious hospitals, educational institutions, and other organizations will be required to pay for the full cost of contraceptives (including some abortion-inducing drugs) and sterilizations for their employees, regardless of the religious convictions of the employers.

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion. This freedom is transgressed when a religious institution is required to pay for “contraceptive services” including abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization services that directly violate their religious convictions. Providing such services should not be regarded as mandated medical care. We, the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops, call upon HHS Secretary Sebelius and the Obama Administration to rescind this unjust ruling and to respect the religious freedom guaranteed all Americans by the First Amendment.

More than 90% of Catholic Dioceses and 168 bishops have spoken out against Obama’s HHS mandate.



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  1. I think they are beginning to see that their support of Obamacare was nothing but a Trojan Horse for the state to take over their institutions. Now they are complaining? But will they still support Romneycare?

  2. LOL, Obama knows he will not get re elected.

    So, full steam ahead with the socialist agenda.

    Hispanic votes are major league gone now.

    Such a HUGE mistake electing his sorry butt.

  3. I’ll stand with the bishops, if they stand with me on closing down the borders and admit that they were wrong in supporting these monsters in the first place.

  4. obummer could give a rats A$$ what the catholic church says or does….he absolutely hates america

  5. Since the Catholics serve the common good, (even though I don’t see abortion, sterilization or forcing those who abhor it to participate in the operations), and are forced to go against their religion, I think we should force halal restaurants to serve pork; Not just muslims go to their food stands, restaurants and smoothie shops (in NYC, many Subways are owned by Muslims, check the fine print on the meats).

    I also think for the common good and to ‘cut costs’ (see Pelosi), muslim women should have free access to abortion, contraceptives and sterilization. It’s their bodies, right NOW and feminists?

    Since it was for the common good to starve a non-terminal woman for 13 days, maybe Dodd, Frank and others should be ‘put down’ for their destruction of this country… which is against the common good.

    This reminds me of Hitler’s enabling acts and of many countries start into Sharia.

    As Fulton Sheen would say, false compassion (you tube). They protest for the cop killers and rapists, kill the children, say nothing of the sex traffickers/offenders and minors brought into Planned Parenthood to get rid of the evidence (not reported as required by them), praise the corrupt and damn the good. Know they don’t do mammograms and a great question to ask those for ‘reproductive’ health… How many referrals did they give to pregnant women for obstetricians? If it’s choice and family planning, where are the doctors for the pregnant; where are the psychologists for the women that break down after the abortion or in-house adoption option; where are the diapers, milk, clothing for those who have the babies and are followed there?

    I await the day when death certificates bear the real cause of many women that died from sepsis… associated with botched abortions. After they do the deed and get their dollars, they don’t see you if you’re bleeding out or in pain. They tell you to go to the docttor or emergency room, where they don’t want to touch you because they didn’t perform the botched procedure and don’t want to get sued. Yeah, they ‘care’ about women.

    These are the women wanting to be men, wondering why they can’t find a ‘real’ man. They haven’t permitted men to be men, to protect, support and love them. It’s all their choice with the fathers left out. So of course the man says ‘that’s your problem’ and walks away. They wonder where responsibility is while being irresponsible.

    This shows how stupid we as women are. They didn’t want men deciding, yet ran with two fraudulent cases to the supreme court (full of men), to decide. They are too stupid, with zillions of birth control methods, to think of consequences before they open their legs.

    It’s dangerous now. No more getting two shots in the butt for VD, you could be under a death sentence. One day they’ll realize being truly feminine means being yourself and child-bearing is beautiful and can only make you more of yourself… truly a woman and a mother.

    The taxpayers have no choice… and they didn’t sleep with them. The child has no choice and is innocent. I know if my kids received undercover condoms and BC from the Sex Ed teacher at school and got pregnant, I can’t bring the baby and dump it on that teacher, get her to pay for an abortion, babysit or pay child support. For the scoffers, note that all these folks made it and would rather die than ask their mothers and fathers if they ever got an abortion. How would that make them feel if they had? Maybe after them they didn’t want to be ‘punished’ with another baby. Do they have survivors syndrome like many of the kids out here killing their parents and themselves? It could have been them. Today it’s the old or disabled, next week the one who’s too dark or just not civilized enough for the elites and after that you, because you have a slight limp, are no longer a productive ‘unit’ or wear glasses. We want perfection according to some tyrants. Save me from ‘humanists’ that hate humanity.

    Rant off/

  6. @Hidelyheaux

    You’re exactly right.

  7. Barry is going to loose the election if he keeps this up.

    He has lost he Roman Catholic vote , some70 million voters strong. And that includes many Hispanics. With other church denominations joining the fray it is hard to see how he expects to win. He certainly can count out the military vote And as we all know the military absentee vote rarely gets counted It doesn’t look like the Jewish vote is going his way So that doesn’t leave but the totally ignorant and stupid OWS to vote for him.

    In football parlance this called a turnover or making points for the other side. Barry is running towards the Republican end zone right now.

    Mil Con makes a very good point, that Barry is going down in flames.

  8. thanks Candy. Just think, if Obama is willing to do all of this in an election year, what would he do if he were guaranteed 4 more years?

  9. Catholic bishops shouldn’t be using contraceptives, period!!! What is the big controversy?

    Oh, an Barack Hussein X is an evil, soshalist, mooslim, and the kenyan love child of Malcolm X and Jane Fonda!!!

  10. Actually, on second thought, these funny hat wearing rapists probably should wear condoms when raping children. Why are these catholic priests trying to spread AIDS?

  11. Mr. Obama has proven he hates America and has no real believe in anything but himself.
    He will continue to do as much damage to the United States as he can untill he is frog marched out of the White House.
    I guestion the Democratic Party more than him, they have to know what he is doing and why, yet they continue to support and praise his efforts. They have to know the backlash on their own futures will be massive, once the American people get the truth and not the propaganda of the NYT and MSDNC and will want someone behind bars.
    Mr. Raid and Ms. Piglosi will enjoy the time in cells for corruption with their hero. The media is already paying the price in viewers and revenue but more than a few should join them for conspiracy.

  12. First of all, let me stand up and applaud Candy’s rant. It’s EXACTLY what I would have said.

    2nd: Oh chuckie…you gonna go on that pedophile priest rant…really? Did ya read about the teachers feeding their sperm to a bunch of 2nd graders in LA for YEARS? How come you’re not railing against the teachers union for condoning such actions. Oh wait…you’ve got a vested interest in allowing teachers to bugger kids?

  13. #1 February 7, 2012 at 8:44 am
    Fu#kObama commented:

    I think they are beginning to see that their support of Obamacare was nothing but a Trojan Horse for the state to take over their institutions.

    BINGO! The Catholic Church provides healthcare to over 20% of the American public. They own a huge number of hospitals nationwide. And they did state in the run up to the debate that they would close their hospitals rather than provide abortion services.

  14. Barry has chosen to pick this fight because there is survey evidence that most Catholic laity and nearly all Protestants use birth control. The position some commentary is taking, is that this measure has nothing to do with abortion, but with contraception. And, we all already know that Viagra is covered.

    The intent here is to establish a precedent, so that later measures will do down more easily. The Church needs to look to the uses to which this precedent will be applied, and say them out loud.

  15. For a 2000 year old organization Catholicism showed a lack of long term thinking on this issue. Supporting national health car in America where in the end abortion was a major issue and was included should have resulted in an obvious conclusion this would happen.

    I fully support the church in this moral issues, I also believe the church needs to remember “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

    This was a failure of the church to understand the real political motives of a group of leaders who did not even attempt to hide their disdain for the pro life position.

    The Catholic Church leadership is as much to blame for this as the administration is and now they feel all the more hurt because of that fact.

  16. Wow! Now that the Catholic Church’s ox has been gored to the point of death, the Bishops are speaking out? Are we to forget that the Chuch willing abdicated its responsibility of carrying out Christ’s message of caring for the elderly, healing the sick and uplifting the poor decades ago?

    Where were they when FDR removed the responsibility from caring for the elderly 76 years ago? No longer did the church have to build old folks homes, and families didn’t have to be burdened with supporting their elderly anymore. The government was there to take over that and to help. The sick? Oh, the Lutherns, Baptist and Methodists, and especially the Catholics, built hospitals to heal the sick, regardless of the sick’s ability to pay. But LBJ relieved them of that burden as well, along with uplifting the poor, and the Church was more than glad to hand it over, all in the name of social justice that had permiated the Church’s hiarcy. While a Pope warned of the dangers of liberation theology in South America, we watched as the Church sat back, supporting those very politicians that were destroying our faith.

    No greater example of that came from C. J. Doyle, head of the Catholic League of Massachusetts in his praise of a Ma politician that make Huey Long look like a Boy Scout:

    “The conventional story of James Michael Curely is a tale of vivid personalities, heartrending tragedies (seven of his nine children predeceased him) vexing scandals (he went to jail twice), and turbulent bare knuckle politics. Lost in all of this drama, however, is Curley’s substantive and strikingly progressive record on a host of social justice issues………”

    I highlighted the two words that Doyle used to describe of the most corrupt Democrat politicans ever in Massachusetts. Progressive… justice. As the Democrats absolved the Church from its most primary responsibilites, Church leaders like Doyle continued to support those very Democrats. When those well know Catholics, like Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry made a mockery of their own faith, the Church leaders remained silent instead of doing their duty and excommunicating those politicians. Only once do I remember any of the Church’s hiarcy standing up for his faith; when the Archbishop of the St. Louis Diocese issued an order that no church was to allow John Kerry to take communion. This was after Kerry announced that he would attend Mass a the St. Louis Old Cathedral. Kerry then attended a black church, just to make a splash, since one Archbishop had the spine to stick to his religion.

    The Vatican needs to remove every one of those Bishops that have quietly allowed the federal government to take over the duties of the Church because they are not the solution, they are the problem. They stayed silent when the SCOTUS passed Roe, they said nothing as Americans were forced into charity (being a volunatary action supported by Christ), they supported Obamacare as the spokeswoman for Catholic Health Association, Sister Carol Keehan, praised its glory. Now, she is shocked, shocked I tell you, that the snake she climbed into bed with has bitten her.

    Color me, a life long Catholic, as unimpressed with actions that are too little too late. Let me know when the Church starts excommunicating those like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and yes, Kathleen Sabelius, another self-proclaimed Catholic, who initiated this very order demanding the Church once again turn its back on its true meaning of defending life, no matter what stage it is in. Let me know when the priests take to their pulpits demanding parishioners vote out the cancer that is the Democrat Party. I won’t be holding my breath.

  17. ++

    Abdul-Malik also makes no bones about discussing how the election of
    President Obama is a step forward in the project of Islamization and the
    long term goal of Islamist domination which falls right in lock-step with
    that of the Muslim Brotherhood as revealed in their manifesto.

    “…even under the pressures that you and I know about, the deen of
    Islam is growing because people see even within all of this struggle it is
    better to be a Muslim under these conditions than to be a kaffir under
    any conditions… before Allah closes our eyes for the last time you will
    see Islam move from being the second largest religion in America-that’s
    where we are now- to being the first religion in America.”

    bit more of much more here & here, scroll for more, or not, your choice..


  18. …if they stand with me on closing down the borders and admit that they were wrong in supporting these monsters in the first place.

    Extremely unlikely.

  19. If the Catholic church wants to do something meaningful to show that they are not just making pathetic whimpering noises, then they should excommunicate Nancy Pelosi. She has made public statements over and over voicing her support for government policies that violate the doctrine of the Catholic church, yet she professes to be a practicing Catholic. It’s no different than how they have consistently turned a blind eye to the horrific things done by the Kennedy family. When push comes to shove the Catholic church has no integrity. They may talk a good game, but in the end they will not do anything meaningful.

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