Apology to Hamid Karzai Over Torched Korans, Take 2

Millions of Americans were bewildered to hear that President Obama took time to draft a letter of apology and send it to Afghan President Hamid Karzai after several korans were found charred in a trash heap. It is a bit odd that the Islamists never get upset when they bomb mosques full of korans. They only get upset when they find charred korans in a US trash heap.

Anyway, here’s another American’s apology to Karzai. You’re going to like this one.
This comes from conservative Kira Davis:

Hat Tip Katie

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  • Multitude

    Love it!

  • mg4us

    Ditto. . .she is awesome. . She should run for Commander in Chief

    Obama could learn a few things from her

  • VintageChick

    She blew me away……that was excellent!

  • jony101

    I’m not sorry if the US army burned the koran deliberately or not. I don’t care. Keep apologizing and your enemies will see you as weak. I don’t respect people who apologize too much.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Gotta Love that America Heart!!! She’s must be military herself or has someone over there with their butt on the line.

  • Mona

    AMEN!!! 🙂 Out of the mouths of babes – listen up, America!!

  • American Freedom Fighter

    Brilliant. I’d vote for this woman. She has bigger balls then any of the politicians in Washington.

  • EBL
  • democraps suck

    Take that odumbo…you bend over…bown down…apologetic mooslum…you are not welcome in the USA any longer

  • Robert

    Yeah, she did a great job. Tells the Aghan fake crybabies
    AND President Pathetic how full of it they all are.

  • David Bell

    I love this girl. I want to marry this girl. I want her to be the mother of my children so that all my sons will be badass little warriors! If she wont marry me then I want to send her to congress.

  • bronxdude



    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am sorry for all those “!”

  • Marsh626

    Indeed. Rather than constantly groveling and pandering to the “religion of peace – or else”, we should have taken this oppurtunity to help bring Islam into the 21st century. We should have used this oppurtinity to educate muslims on the values of free speech, moderation, tolerance and being open-minded to differing points of view. Instead, by pandering to them and legitimizing their inexcusable barbarism, we’re just making things worse.

  • bg


    not to worry, here in America the Koran & prez
    mandates trump the US Constitution
    , oh wait..

    been telling you for years now, but hey, what does a crazy old lady
    like me know anyways.. and besides, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.. 🙁


  • Mike D.

    I hope President Wetmypants and all of his followers get the opportunity to see this…

  • bg



    God Bless Her!!


  • Bluebay

    Wow! Awesome! What a courageous woman and patriot. Thank you for making this video. Finally, an apology I agree with.

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  • NorthernX

    Excellent, and clearly it’s hit a nerve since YouTube seems to be doctoring the number of hits it’s been receiving. If only someone in your media or White House had the balls to speak for your nation like this.

  • a former dem

    whoo hoo! you go girl! a real American patriot!

    Is that a picture of colonel Allen West on her wall? Great choice for an American hero!

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  • 1RedBeard

    Brilliant! She speaks for the real America.

  • bg


    i hope and pray someone or something can be done to preserve it
    before Obama’s black hole machine sucks it up.. it’s so indescribably
    righteous.. and you know YT would more than glady adhere to the
    magic negro‘s wishes in a heartbeat..


  • regularguy

    Let’s spool up some B-52s and promptly deliver this heartfelt apology.

  • suzanne

    What a Patriot!!!! Love the video!!!!

  • squeaky

    [Hamas says Syria revolt will triumph, turns back on ally Assad; worshipers chant “No” to Iran and Hezbollah.] while last month iran threaten to cut off financing for hamas if they deserted assad. odd man out would be the christians. the other war?

  • balam benjamin

    will you marry me ?

  • Liz

    NO, our poor excuse for a president is sorry. So, SO sorry.

  • Shawn

    Great post. I agree 100% with her take

  • MaryW

    Step aside Hillary Clinton!!!

    What a breath of fresh air! Seeing someone young like this who isn’t burning our Flag or bumming around with the Occupiers gives this grandmother hope for our Country. God Bless her and may she run for Congress!

  • ar05075

    I’m in love.

  • bg


    squeaky #26 February 24, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    now we’ll be hearing from B Hussein O.. *sigh*


  • bg


    pray for her, pray she stays safe..


  • Palin and/ this woman 2012….
    It’s a sad state when you can honestly say the women politicians have bigger balls than the men……
    Way to go ladies……
    Great video…..

  • squeaky

    Obama, you do NOT have my permission to apoligize on my behalf. Ever!

  • Patty

    46 hits so far on Youtube

    302 here.

    Hope this goes viral.

  • Patty

    Sooner or later his apologizing for America will catch up to him. Long time coming. Surprise more haven’t had this idea.

    It seems after 3 years of Obama, this was a long time coming and from a young girl. Wow, makes you proud to see that the youth are getting it, too.

  • therese

    Our President is a Pathetic Leader of Our Great Country.
    True Story…. I met a soldier with 22 years experience last week. I have worked with his wife, but had never met him. I of course, had to thanks him for his service. I told him I did not know how anyone could handle the rules of engagement this administration has put forward. He told me, and I quote, ” I can not even load my weapon until a bullet has buzzed by my head and I have shi- in my pants. Quite Shocking ! He then, told me and I quote, ” I took my release papers straight to my Congressman’s office and had him sign them. I do not want the President’s Name on my papers, I do not want his Name anywhere near my home.” This man made me Feel Ever So Proud to be an American. I only pray that Most of our soldiers feel the same way he does, and they see through the BS coming out of the White House. God Bless !

  • lol

    if we have a brokered convention, can we nominate her? obviously a true american loving patriot. I want to thank her for her “apology’.

  • She is true Presidential material. Lady, we need you in Washington.

  • Dan C

    May I buy this woman dinner?

  • sybilll

    God love her. Either she is just an American Patriot, or she has/had family members that served in the military. Either way, High Five. I hope this goes viral, but I hope she does not get “Joe The Plumbered”.

  • StrangernFiction


    LMAO, Romney doubles down on “the trees are the right height.”


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  • RS

    When I see people like this, I have hope for the future.

  • MikeSilver

    BRAVO!! Very well said.

    We need to send a copy to Mitt and Rick. They could use an infusion of American spirit.

  • i think i spy a picture of Allen West in the background 🙂

  • RB

    Awesome! Here’s her blog/website: http://kiradavis.net/

  • Mama Grizzly

    Still hope for America!

    Absolutely fantasmic!

    Thanks sweetie-pie–you are wonderful!!!!!!

  • Norberto Diaz-Rivera

    Excellenrt. Only a dumb leader would apoligize to another idiot leader. Thank you for posting this video.

  • Larkin

    Here’s the islamist attitude in a nutshell…

    Burned korans…really bad.

    Burned muslims…fine and dandy.

  • Redwine

    Utterly awesome!

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  • bg


    RB #49 February 24, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    thank you!!


  • Perfected democrat

    You rock girl!

  • Thomas Taggart “major tom”

    Thank you for the link to her website. Really, really awesome! I bookmarked it and the article about our Founders take on slavery and the North West Ordinances . Priceless!

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  • billy sol

    karzai wouln’t have protested if we had scorched a few afgans…….human life accordind to allah . . .the god of luv is worthless;the koran, a.k.a. the book of luv trumps all! islam sux!

  • gail

    Thank you Kira! You are a great American!

  • Rock

    How refreshing to hear someone speak in defense of our Nation. She just shamed the poor pathetic fools who think they somehow represent America, politician or military. Hats off to a brave and thoughtful young lady.

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  • gastorgrab

    Back in 2003, i can remember a shocking statistic coming out of Afghanistan that i believe has relevance today. According to 2003 numbers, only 19% of Afghans knew how to read.

    That’s right, of the hundreds of people we see holding up signs and burning American flags at these ‘Afgan protests’, very few of the people in the crowd can actually read them.

    Even fewer can read the signs written in English.

  • Ausonius

    I suppose the apologies are consistent with the Ron Paul school of America is the root cause thinking. Perhaps barry is consulting Ron on this matter.

  • Lisl

    Beautiful. Does this girl know how much people love her?

  • Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

    According to an August 13, 2011 article by Gulag Bound, Barack Hussein Obama has three members of the Muslim Brotherhood working for him. Obama has also opened formal contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood and wants to support them with $3 billion.

    As a State Senator Obama said, we must have empathy for the jihadists who attacked this country on 9/11. He also invited the Muslim Brotherhood to attend his 2009 speech in Cairo, Egypt. The same Muslim Brotherhood who call for a “Civilization-Jihadist Process,” in which they would destroy the Western civilization from within. The Muslim Brotherhood says the White House will become the Muslim House. They state, we do not want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy. That is what we want.

    Sharia law is not compatible with the US Constitution. Then again the Obama Regime does not care too much about the Constitution either, and wants to change it.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is a mortal enemy of our civilization. Their slogan says so openly, their way is Jihad, and their method is death.

    If Barack Hussein Obama has members of the Muslim Brotherhood working for him; and if decides to support the Muslim Brotherhood with $3 billion would he not be violating his oath of office he swore to, which is to uphold and defend the Constitution? Would this act be considered giving aid and comfort to the enemy, which would be considered an act of Treason? The President can be impeached for an act of Treason. Obama shows weakness to the world, thus endangers Americans. If Obama decides to go through with supporting our enemy The Muslim Brotherhood, will Congress have the COURAGE to impeach him?

  • Calliegirl

    A patriot.

  • chicago

    I love Kira Davis….not gonna apologize for it! conservative women have bigger balls than democrat men, and sometimes, even bigger balls that the establishment republican men!

  • Male Silverback

    I fyou like Kira you can visit her website and donate to her to keep her going. She may prove to be a rising star in our conservative family.


  • Dawgonitt

    It’s too bad the Republicans are so weak and inept, scared and spineless to say the same thing. That’s why I am not a Republican. Republicans have no Guts or Balls. Worms & RINOS

    I am not a Democrat because I Love God Family and my Country, and work for a living.

  • RobCary

    Tremendous. This is so right on!!

  • dtih

    Hmm… Maybe Obama will get his ass in gear if he realizes that the taliban have just made the issue racial by calling him a ‘black dog’. What do people call these, ‘racial dog whistles’? I can hear it plain and clear.

  • RebeccaH

    God bless that girl.

  • wanumba

    I’m also sorry that most of those Afghans throwing rocks were paid to do it for the cameras and most have no idea how this is being manipulated by the radicals and the complicit media to benefit the Left administration’s goals, and actually won’t understand why the troops are pissed .. they will maintain that they weren’t ever to have been taken seriously … cash is cash, they’re poor. That is the truth for a good number of these people. They are poorer than any #OWS fraud so a few rocks chucked that can’t possibility hit anyone is no big deal, and can translate to a better dinner that night for the whole family.

    The soldiers who are shooting … some are moles, some have families and they’ve been told, your kids die or you kill a soldier … if the MEDIA wasn’t jacking this to HELP the ENEMY, it’d be easy to manage.

    This is MANUFACTURED enemy propaganda attack.

  • I love you, I love you, I love you. Thank you so much for expressing my outrage towards this president. He is an total incompetent and has done more to destroy the image of America than any enemy past or present. God Bless You!

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  • Vicki Bainard

    #71…the Republicans have been saying it, you blind and deaf bat. You don’t get that this woman is a Republican?

    …and if O’bomb’a would get his arrogant chin out of the air and his empty head out of his ass, he may be able to see the handwriting on the wall HE IS SOON TO BE A GONER.

    Why else wouldn’t O’dumbo bow, bend over and apoligize? He’s one of ’em.

  • Greg

    Karzai is a bloody thief with blood on his hands..

    Obobo the Socialist Clown is CLOWN…

    You are on dumb-Koolaid drinking N…

    if the N word fits,, so bw it…


  • Greg

    why are you dumb you ask??

    you should be hammering on the Kenyan – who stands with his Terrorist Muslim brothers…

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  • Beej

    I love that woman.

  • gjw

    Can I burn a couple thousand???????

  • it could not have been said any better. We need to get the P C crowd and the Liberals out of
    the front page and back to basics. Those people are insane and total zealots. The World would
    be better off if they were treated the same as they treat anyone who is not one of them.

    A sick ridiculous ideology and a religion relying on horible principles

  • Sasha

    YOU ROCK, GIRL !!!!

  • DeeBee

    I’m sorry this young woman is not our Secretary of State.

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  • Mike karavolas

    We will definitely apologize in November when hopefully we elect a leader who is not a sissy and will stand up to these idiots. God Blees America their is still hope.

  • Ratt

    Outstanding !

  • karen phillips


  • Christy

    That was freakin awesome…. I hope the U.S is smart to figure out that we do not need four more years of Obama, we can’t afford it, in more ways then one.

  • Standing Up Against Racism


  • Standing Up Against Racism

    I wish I were astonished at the level of racism displayed here and in similar posts, but sadly I’m not. As a Veteran myself and the proud mother of a son who is currently serving on active duty, I feel that I’ve earned the right to respond to the outrageous comments posted here. I would like to believe that we live in a civilized society, a society where we could have an adult conversation about the grave issues facing our country without resorting to the use of racial epitaths and slurs. How blessed we are to live in a country where we can express our opinions without fear of reprisal, but what happened to human decency and treating others like we’d like to be treated ourselves? We can treat each other with respect, agree to disagree, have a spirited debate about the issues, and God willing come together with a resolution to the problem…. just like our fore father’s did at the First Continental Congress. Imagine how much could be accomplished in this country if we got rid of all this animosity and tried to work together. God bless you, your families, and God bless America.