THE BEST 1 Minute 19 Seconds YOU WILL SPEND TODAY- This video was made by Tennessee College Students.
You won’t regret it.

“The Debt Generation”

Hat Tip Maria




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  1. Outstanding!

  2. Those who voted for Obama in 2008 are either ignorant, stupid or both. Anyone smarter than a rock could see he is a Marxist.

  3. ++

    outstanding flaw..

    non-whites are the 1%.. *sigh*


  4. ++

    Freedomplow #2 January 27, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    yes!! and albeit i’m not a Levin fan per se, that is FABULOUS!!


  5. ++

    re: Freedomplow #2 January 27, 2012 at 11:50 pm
    &: #5 January 28, 2012 at 12:48 am bg

    “So what’s going on here?” Levin said. “I’ll tell you what’s going on here. There’s an effort to clear the path right now for Romney. I guarantee you if Santorum was considered a threat, they’d be pulling out quotes from him and twisting them and turning them, and turning him into a pretzel, too. If they thought Ron Paul was a threat … they’d be turning him into a pretzel, too. Romney pulled the same thing with Fred Thompson. He pulled the same thing with Rudy Giuliani. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are conservative, if you are tea party activists, you’ve got to step back and say, ‘What the hell is going on here?’ All these commercials aimed at destroying opponents, not in communicating facts, not in advancing our principles, not focused on Obama, who’s the problem, but turning people into monsters.”


  6. What an incredible example of MESSAGING!

    This is something the Republican Party has been missing the boat on for several years now. I wonder if the elites of the Republican Party will ever get it. We need a few simple clear messages – exactly like this one – to drive Obama out of office. Obama has given us the gifts of corruption, incompetence, reckless spending, a poor economy, incredible unemployment, crony capitalism and squandered green energy spending, but the Republican Party can’t seem to put together even one effective narrative? What a shame!
    These kids are fantastic! They get it.

  7. Amen to that little children. Let’s get someone with discipline, the right skill set, and American values this round. No, I’m not talking about that drama king Humpty Dumpty.

  8. No blacks in that video.

    As expected.

  9. Bravo! Standing Ovation! Now, the Yutes give us hope. :-)

  10. #10 Kato, but females and other minorities are in the video. Are you saying “THAT’S RACIST!”???

    What’s depressing is that with two years since the 2010 TEA Party tsunami…actually four years since the McLame fiasco…the Establishment Geldings On Prozac couldn’t come up with a better candidate than the Mushy Moderate from Massachusetts while lying about, pounding on, and chasing away all the Conservatives who could not only beat Obama but actually turn the country around.

    These kids don’t just represent the “Debt” generation, they represent the “Sold out” generation.

  11. obama needs to go.

    i will vote for whoever is on the gop ticket. we need a prez with love for our country, that has family roots in our country.

    obama does not love our country.
    obama is a man without a country, he has no family in our country, he is a man without any kind of roots.

    obama is in this for the power and that is it.

    obama is in this for the power. that’s it.

  12. This was a great clip. Now lets do this again but on EVERY US campus from every state and play those very students in EVERY state.

  13. Great vid, Great job by them students at Tennessee…….

    Hey GOP you just had your A$$ handed to you by college students, Must be them Harvard and Yale educations eh ?

  14. One more thing this video should be played every day in dorms, apts, and frat houses at every college in the United States….

  15. #7 Ipso Facto – They (the establishment) will continue to miss the boat on it. The Tea Party is considered the ‘bad’ side of their party. This next generation of youth are nothing more than pawns to them. They will pander to them and make them interns, but nothing more than that. They (the youth) have just exposed their disdain to the party for letting this happen to them. It will take the true Conservatives to seriously change the dynamics.

    The RNC has done a piss poor job of reaching out to groups. Truly reaching out. They sat back with the regular connections and let things ride along so they could get along. Money rolled in and everyone was happy. Because none of the crap affected them. (In some ways it still doesn’t) Now they’re in a bind. The base is pissed and not complying with their rules. A woman from Alaska shook the ground during a convention speech, and nothing has been the same since. The peasants are revolting against the system. They’re now armed more than ever. (Bibles, Guns and the Truth) The establishment has just had a look in the mirror and realized they have been ‘metro-sexualized’. We have a crybaby leading the House. Between his crying, I wouldn’t be shocked if he was bowing to ‘teh one’. He certainly has bowed out of the fights for things that shouldn’t have been passed.

    I hope that a lot of our youth have this revelation and fight back against this happening to them. But it will take all of us Conservatives within our own families to ‘arm and protect’ at the family level. Another layer of defense we must hold onto to preserve ALL of our futures.

  16. Gives one a bit of hope!

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