We’re Screwed… Florida AG Pam Bondi Says Mitt Wants Romneycare In Every State (Video)

The cat’s out of the bag…
Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, a Romney supporter, went on The Record last night. The Florida Republican told Greta Van Susteren that Mitt wants Romneycare in every state.
She also said she would be on Romney’s Health Care Advisory Team when he’s president.

Jim Robinson reported on the segment:

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi who’s fighting to repeal ObamaCare appeared on Greta, tonight, defending RomneyCare. She says Romney’s health care plan is not the same as ObamaCare and, in fact, Romney’s plan reduces costs. She goes on to say that Romney wants all states to impose similar laws (including mandates) and that she and is all for it.

She went on to explain that she’s going to be on Romney’s Health Care Advisory Team when he’s president!

What this means is that while Romney may say he wants to repeal ObamaCare, he actually agrees with it. He believes that RomneyCare, ie, ObamaCare is a model health care plan and all states should impose similar plans.

RomneyCare and ObamaCare are the same thing. The only difference is that Romney’s was imposed at the state level where Obama’s was imposed nationally.

RomneyCare = ObamaCare = taxpayer funded abortion = death panels = socialism = government force = fascism = tyranny!!

So Romney and his co-conspirators in the GOP establishment are now planning a National Healthcare Task Force to impose top-down government run national healthcare on all 50 states!!

We all know what Reagan said about government by a group of elites and that socialism would be imposed on America through socialized health care. Well, welcome to the Socialist States Of America if Romney is elected.

If the GOP does this then the hell with them!!

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  • Lady Mondegreen

    Yes, we’re screwed. There is no daylight between Romney and Obama, but Newt is not the answer, specially after his harebrained statement about a base on the moon and the option of statehood for it. What was smoking?

  • JKB

    You want to know the worst about Obamacare and there is no reason to think Romneycare won’t include waivers? Watch the first third of this Uncommon Knowledge discussion

    They want the ability to favor supporters and damage others via government grant of waivers. It undermines the rule of law, it undermines the concept of the United States.

    We’d be lucky if we got socialism from this, we are getting good old fashioned kleptocracy in socialist clothing.

  • StrangernFiction

    That we are Jim, that we are.

  • shibumi

    Actually, I view this as a good thing. I think she helped everyone but Romney by saying this, and that this link should be forwarded to everyone who likes Romney but hates Obamacare.

  • http://www.edmartinforcongress.com Tom63010

    Just like Rush Limbaugh said the Elites of BOTH Parties fight over who controls the money! If I were Newt Gingrich I would turn this into an ad to prove that the Republican Party has an agenda too. They fight over who controls the money and our lives! Whether it is at a federal level or state level this is both morally reprehensible! Our Founding Fathers have to be rolling over in their graves!

    God save our wonderful country!

  • OCBill

    This should give us fair warning as to the type of justice Romney would nominate to the Supreme Court, justices that agree with him that the Individual Mandate is a conservative concept.

    If people aren’t smart enough to buy their own health insurance, then the government should pass a law to make them do it. It’s for their own good, really. /sarc

    And after all, who’s smarter? Us or the guy with 100 million dollars in his IRA?

  • Sasja

    She yanked that cat right out of its bag. Every day, my instincts about Romney are validated. He cannot be trusted. Keep in mind, folks, there is no conservative movement in the Beltway. We are witnessing the establishment republicans’ effort to wrest power from the dims only to give it to themselves. The people be damned.

  • Major Kong

    Obama should have been the most beatable president running for re-election in this country’s history. That said, the republicans have managed to completely blow up the prospect. Is it mere stupidity on their parts, or is it something much more nefarious?

  • retire05

    And how exactly, would a President Romney force the states to adopt the same policies of Massachusetts without making it national policy, which is what Obamacare is?

    There is still that sticky issue of the 10th Amendment and the fact that the federal government cannot force state legislatures to create laws based on the demand of the federal government.

    So Bondi’s statement is, at least, confusing.

  • scituate_tgr

    Sarah? Hello?

  • C Turnipseed

    The entire segment had me confused.

    Greta van Susteren and Rush Limbaugh were comparing Obamacare to Romneycare (Massachusetts version now in place).

    Pam Bondi began her entire discussion comparing Obamacare and FUTURE Romneycare completely ignoring the Massachusetts version (which I believe was a deliberate and planned maneuver).

    Bondi was dishonest in her undertaking of the discussion and van Susteren was uncharacteristically weak in allowing Bondi to get away with it.

    Either way, Romney is certainly NOT a conservative. Neither is Gingrich. The implosion is bound to happen soon and, as one MSNBC commentator explained the night of the Florida debates, Establishment Republicans are damn near ready for mass suicide because their “presumptive nominee”, Romney, is blowing it big time.

  • AZGal5759

    I heard this interview last night and it infuriated me! This is a woman who is/was leading the fight AGAINST Obamacare this past year, yet she is willing to do a 180, turn her back on her “supposed” values at the drop of a hat, all for a presidential advisory position? I am scared to death on where this country is headed, God Help Us!

  • bigL

    what a dummy..but thanks for spilling the beans, blondey.
    If JF K or some other donk in a three piece suit, trimtanned and with carefull coiffed hair had said
    the Moon idea. Oh my gosh he’d bethe genius with the VISION!
    So puh-leze spare me the toking metaphors.

    In Calif Mark Leno St Senator, has introduced SB 810. It is state pd health. requirement”You are present in the state of Ca , “with the intention to reside”. Ca is all donk,all the time.
    so this willbe passed and signed into law. Buh-bye calif….Watch calif thatwill tell you how bad it is for the USA.
    at this point a vote for Paul wouldbe better than voting for Lurch.

  • StrangernFiction

    “Mitt Romney’s plan would not [remove choice]”


    Forcing people to buy health care insurance is not removing choice?

  • Spider

    As Mittens himself said:

    “Nothing to get angry about.”

  • Ripped

    Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum created Obamacare blueprint

    Four of a Kind:
    Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum have been at the helm of the Obamacare blueprint since the beginning.

    We know that Romneycare was the cornerstone of Obamacare. http://www.ronpaul2012.com/2011/09/08/romney-enacted-mandates-that-later-became-the-cornerstone-idea-of-obamacare/

    We know that Gingrich supported the ideas of mandates as well. http://www.ronpaul2012.com/2011/12/10/mitt-and-newt-a-mandate-love-affair/

    Now we know that Gingrich was actually a cheerleader of Romneycare and Santorum supported a forced individual mandate as well.

    In an April 2006 Center for Health Transformation E-Newsletter, Gingrich states his support of Romney and forced mandates: http://web.archive.org/web/20060822061158/http:/www.healthtransformation.net/News/E_newsletters/index.cfm?newsletterid=20

    “The most exciting development of the past few weeks is what has been happening up in Massachusetts. The health bill that Governor Romney signed into law this month has tremendous potential…

    “Individuals who can afford to purchase health insurance and simply choose not to place an unnecessary burden on a system that is on the verge of collapse; these free-riders undermine the entire health system…

    “The Romney plan attempts to bring everyone into the system. The individual mandate requires those [Americans] who earn enough to afford insurance to purchase coverage…”

    The Wall Street Journal sums it up: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204296804577123043147395330.html?mod=WSJ_hp_LEFTTopStories

    “The Newt Notes essay backed the Massachusetts law’s requirement that most residents carry insurance or pay a fee, which is at the center of President Obama’s health law and next year’s Supreme Court case over whether the federal requirement violates the Constitution.”

    And conservative counterfeit Rick Santorum was on board with Newt’s approach as early as 1994: http://articles.mcall.com/1994-05-02/news/2979474_1_cooper-grandy-health-reform-employees-premiums/2
    “Santorum … would require individuals to buy health insurancerather than forcing employers to pay for employee benefits.”

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that will work with Congress to REPEAL 0bamacare, the rest will simply work around it and as soon as another democrat is elected they will simply write an executive order reversing it back to the SOS.

    Ron Paul will:

    * Repeal ObamaCare and end its unconstitutional mandate that all Americans must carry only government-approved health insurance or answer to the IRS.

    * Allow purchase of health insurance across state lines.

    * Provide tax credits and deductions for all medical expenses.

  • Big Al

    Ms bionic has been in the trenches against Obamacare from day one so I think she’s got some cred on the matter. I heard a federalist argument. What’s wrong with that?

  • thenabd

    retire05 the 10th amendment hasn’t been truly upheld in decades!!!

    the gov’t does this all the time by using “blackmail”. raise the drinking age to 21 or no funds for you. require everyone to wear seat belts or no funds for you and on and on!!! bambam has set such a dangerous precedent with how he’s handled things, executive orders, recess appointments, regulations, etc, you know, he “just can’t wait”!!

    since congress hasn’t challenged him in the courts at this point, what makes you think mittens won’t do the same thing or any other “president” in the future. if bambam doesn’t become our king and dictator in this term, he will if he wins re-election. if he loses, any “president” from this point forward is always just 1 step away from becoming our king and dictator!!!

  • retire05

    AGAIN, how could a President Romney force state legislatures to create laws that supported the Massachusetts plan in their own state? The federal government does not write state legislation and has no control over what laws are passed by each individual state.

    If that were the case, then a President Jan Brewer could force all states to accept open-carry laws since Arizona has them.

  • Big Al

    Sorry Biondi. The self correcting mechanism in this IPAD drives me nuts sometimes