THOUSANDS Turn Out to See Newt at the Villages in Florida

Republican presidential candidate, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, with his wife Callista, campaigns at The Villages, Sunday, Jan. 29, 2012, in Lady Lake, Fla. (AP /Matt Rourke)

Gingrich tells massive crowd in Floria businesses will start creating jobs on election night after Obama is defeated.
Huffington Post reported:

Everyone wants to create jobs. Candidates and politicians propose a mix of tax breaks, government assistance, new legislation and so forth. But for Newt Gingrich, there’s a much easier magical formula: just defeat President Barack Obama.

Gingrich held a large outdoor rally Sunday at the retirement community The Villages, attracting die-hard supporters, undecided Republicans and members of the community who simply decided to see what all the commotion was about as they were walking their dogs or going to lunch.

He laid out a startlingly simple plan to create new jobs, saying it would happen as soon as Obama is defeated — as soon as on election night itself.

“People say to me, ‘How fast will things turn around?’ Let’s talk about jobs. How quickly will people start to invest in new jobs? Late on election night when we defeat Barack Obama, people will start making decisions to create new jobs,” he said.

Gingrich is increasingly taking on the Republican establishment, upset at the attacks he has weathered in recent days from backers of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, whose surrogates are attempting to “portray the former speaker as erratic.”

He continued that theme on Sunday, going hard after Wall Street and the “establishment in this country” — no doubt an attack at Romney.

A thousand supporters came out to see Mitt Romney in Florida this weekend.

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  • Pete_Bondurant

    He continued that theme on Sunday, going hard after Wall Street and the “establishment in this country” — no doubt an attack at Romney.

    Zzzzzzzz, Newt Hussein Gingrich strikes again.

    So Gingrich was able to draw a crowd…yippie. Very newsworthy Hoft.

    This blog gets worse and worse by the day….ever since Hoft got his panties in a wad.

  • Andrew

    Tuesday will be the seminal moment. If Newt pulls it off, it is a major game changer.

    I do not trust any of the polls saying Romneycare is leading by 10+ points.

  • wtd

    RINO/Progressive narrative on point: Huff Po characterization:

    “Gingrich held a large outdoor rally Sunday at the retirement community The Villages, attracting die-hard supporters, undecided Republicans and members of the community who simply decided to see what all the commotion was about as they were walking their dogs or going to lunch


    GP title:

    THOUSANDS Turn Out to See Newt

    Progressive’s have to twist themselves into pretzel-like contortions to avoid the amount of dog poo they leave behind with such nonsense.

    Note that the video taped speech of

    Newt Gingrich @ Palm Beach County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner reveals a Gingrich nomination gives Conservatives the best of Gingrich, Perry & Cain in a single package as the following transcribed portion of that speech reveals:

    @31:42 Gingrich

    ” Herman, Thank you, very very much. You know I’m trying to follow an interesting book called Team of Rivals and when Governor Perry called me and indicated that he wanted to endorse me as he left the race, I knew that his passion was for implementing the tenth amendment. And I’ve asked Governor Perry to head up a project to develop both a very, very strong platform plank and then implementation legislation for the
    contract this fall to work with State and local officials to truly have a robust implementation of the tenth amendment to return power back home.

    @ 32:23 Gingrich:

    “Herman and I had many conversations going all the way back to when he served on a commission on tax reform that we developed with Jack Kemp in the mid-nineties when I was Speaker. And we had really understood and our first action he had gotten together fighting Hillary-care even before that. And I knew that his central passion is jobs, economic growth and tax reform. So, when we chatted about the possibility of his joining us here tonight, I said to him in the exactly the same spirit with which I’d approach Governor Perry, that I hoped that he would agree to co-chair a commission on jobs, economic growth and taxes that would look at what we should be doing to develop for the contract for this fall and what we should be implementing in January. And I said in advance, because I know this guy, and I know how passionate and how determined he is. I realize that as a co-chair of a commission like that this thing called 999 will be brought in and put on the table. So I fully expect that to be a part of what he brings to the table. He’s going to provide real leadership. This is a real job creator who has actually managed a company and who actually has real knowledge of how to do it himself. He is going to be a great asset. Thank you, Herman for being here tonight.”

    A vote for Newt Gingrich = a vote for the best men like

    Speaker Newt Gingrich,
    Governor ’10th Amendment’ Rick Perry &
    Herman “‘9-9-9’/jobs” Cain
    have to offer for the office of the President of United States & Team USA 2012.
    That’s one heck of a package deal!

  • bg


    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • S. Wolf

    Pete_Bondurant #1

    re This blog gets worse and worse by the day

    I agree.. it has gotten worse since dripping little pieces of dreck like you somehow crawled out of the toilet and started posting here. For someone who has been here less than a month and can’t discuss issues with facts and links to complain about it getting worse, well, ever look in a mirror?

  • valerie

    From the article, a long quote:

    We need somebody’s who willing to change Washington. We need somebody who knows enough about Washington to know how to change Washington. Both are necessary. Now, I know that all of you have seen all sorts of articles and the Washington establishment is coming unglued. When we had three consecutive polls this week leading by a significant margin nationally, they got even more unglued. Well let me tell you — they should be.

    I am not running for president to manage the decay of the United States to the satisfaction of the establishment. And I am not running for president of the United States to make the Wall Street elite and the Washington elite happy. I am running to change both groups on behalf of the people of the United States of America.

    I do not believe Wall Street can give enough money to run enough negative ads to hide from the truth. The truth is we have been served badly, as the American people, by the establishment in this country in both parties. Let’s be clear about it. In both parties! And it’s time someone stood up for hard-working, tax-paying Americans and said, ‘Enough!’ And if that makes the old order uncomfortable, my answer is: Good!

    at the Huffpo? What’s going on here?

    Here are two partial answers:

    A new Washington Post-ABC News poll highlights the damage Romney has sustained. By a margin of more than 2 to 1, independent voters have an unfavorable impression of the former governor. Two weeks ago, more independents had a favorable opinion of him than an unfavorable view. In contrast, 51 percent of independents have a favorable impression of the president, compared with 45 percent who have an unfavorable view — his highest rating since April.

    And, those independents in Florida may be riled up.

  • myohmy

    Chill out. Just like Romney said, there is nothing to be angry about. Romney and Obama came from the same cloth. You survive four years of Obama? Why not another four more years?

  • Nofreelunch

    Romney is Obama lite.

  • mamabear

    With all the news about the greatness of Romney, this is the first report I have seen regarding turnout to an event. Last week newt got 4000+ at a mid day rally on a Tuesday where I live and another 6000 later that day. While I cant deny the polls, the passion for turnout still seems to be with newt.

  • donh

    This single primary in Florida is extremely important….so important acts of God are coming into play. The car accident on the highway changes an entire days worth of news coverage. Rick Santorum’s baby being taken to the hospital just moments after Mitt Romney declared his health plan ” nothing to get angry about “. This is a gutt check moment for Santorum of the highest order. People are shell shocked . Who knows what the mood will be come the day of voting…Even if Mitt wins the battle here in the land of swamps and crocodiles , the utter ruthlessness Romney has for conservatism has been exposed . He has lost the war.

  • Practical Jane

    #1 January 29, 2012 at 3:43 pm
    Pete_Bondurant commented:

    “This blog gets worse and worse by the day…”

    Worse and worse by the day…..Hopefully this is the day (RINO? DEM? SOCIALIST?) Pete jumps ship!! JUMP!! JUMP!! JUMP!!

  • Practical Jane

    We’re in Florida. The only two people being discussed here with any regularity are Gingrich and Obama. Hardly anyone ever mentions Mittens. We find it hard to believe the “polls” either.

  • KLD

    I have no doubt with Obama et al out, people will start looking at hiring—in the hopes that Obama’s policy’s will be nulled, voided and reversed.
    #10, if people don’t stop and look and Romney’s statement about his health plan and realize he’d repeal Obamacare only to replace it with his, and take a closer look at Romney, we’ll be stuck with, as they say Obama-light. An elitist who feels he is deserving of the White House simply because he is Romney.

  • GrandmaC

    ROMNEY MEDICARE FRAUD – Blood Money Video. I received this video from the Tea Party. Why is this not being aired right now? He lied during the debates when asked about Medicare. He has had dealings (fraud) through Bain and Damon.

  • bg


    December 07, 2011

    Newt Was Found Innocent Nearly 13 Years
    Ago – Networks Have Yet To Report It

    December 08, 2011

    Anderson Cooper Buries Gingrich’s Vindication
    of Charges by IRS at End of Critical Story

    December 20, 2011

    Thomas Sowell

    [While the televised debates are what gave Newt Gingrich’s candidacy
    a big boost, concrete accomplishments when in office are the real test.
    Gingrich engineered the first Republican takeover of the House of
    Representatives in 40 years — followed by the first balanced budget
    in 40 years.
    The media called it “the Clinton surplus” but all spending
    bills start in the House of Representatives, and Gingrich was Speaker
    of the House.

    Speaker Gingrich​ also produced some long overdue welfare reforms,
    despite howls from liberals that the poor would be devastated. But
    nobody makes that claim any more.]

    January 18, 2012

    Newt-Goldwater 1976

    [Long before there was a mighty Republican machine running Georgia,
    there was a handful of brash conservatives plotting to lift their tiny,
    financially struggling party so they could end more than a century of
    Democratic dominance.

    Among the chief architects was Newt Gingrich, a West Georgia College
    assistant professor who ran for Congress three times in a blue-collar
    district – twice against an entrenched Talmadge Democratic incumbent
    – before finally winning.

    Gingrich, now a presidential hopeful, traveled West and North Georgia
    during the 1970s and ’80s, preaching the Republican gospel and arguing
    that the GOP had to choose between remaining a silent, permanent
    minority or aggressively taking the fight to Democrats.

    He chose confrontation and played the role of
    provocateur, unwilling to accept second place….

    U.S. Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Savannah, calls Gingrich an “indispensable early trailblazer” for Georgia Republicans. Kingston remembers his college days, when Gingrich came to the University of Georgia to recruit students to get involved in GOP politics.]

    Interview conducted Spring 2001

    Newt Gingrich

    [NEWT GINGRICH: It was personally painful in the sense that you hated to be demonized, but you have to make a decision early on: Are you in the business to achieve change, or are you in the business to be popular? I thought my job was to be the executor of the American people’s will on very specific things — balance the budget, cut taxes, reform welfare, strengthen defense, modernize the House of Representatives.]


  • myohmy

    RINOs are incensed with Newt. Newt did not play along with the RINOs in Congress and he made Bill Clinton good.

  • Practical Jane

    You know RINO Hunting is a Seasonal Sport. Remember to bag as many as possible during the elections!!

  • VanZorge

    GO NEWT!!

    pissin’ off the rino’s – i love it

  • donh

    Bane of my life …Now Damon…Mitt is going to be Damien Thorn by the end of February. ..>>

  • Tjexcite

    #8 January 29, 2012 at 4:15 pm
    Nofreelunch commented:

    Romney is Obama lite.


    Newt is FDR lite