Police arrested a suspect this morning, via FOX News.

A Los Angeles Fire Department engine arrives at a fire in the Laurel Canyon section of Los Angeles on Friday Dec.30,2011. An arsonist torched car after car early Friday, sending firefighters scrambling to put out more than a dozen blazes in Hollywood and neighboring West Hollywood. The fires started shortly after midnight and occurred over a four-hour span before dawn. (AP/Mike Meadows)

The Hollywood arsonist lit three fires 15 minutes apart on New Year’s Eve.
FOX News reported:

Four more car fires broke out in the Los Angeles area New Year’s Eve, leaving authorities to probe for any links to a series of arson blazes that burned dozens of cars and spread to some structures in recent days.

In a sobering counterpoint to the typical revelry of the night, fire trucks were stationed in neighborhoods, police patrolled the city, switchboards took hotline calls and thousands in rewards were offered.
Firefighters quickly put out a car fire at about 6 p.m. Saturday in Hollywood that “fits the profile of concern” authorities have been following for the arsons, fire department spokesman Brian Humphrey said.

A crew of 10 put out the fire in minutes. The flames did not spread beyond the car and no one was injured. Humphrey could not immediately say how the fire started.

Later at the Hollywood and Highland complex, a popular destination for holiday revelers, firefighters responded to a small car fire in a parking structure that was out by the time they arrived, Humphrey said.

He said only that the fire was under investigation, and could not say whether it was thought to be arson or tied to the others.

Shortly before 9 p.m., firefighters made quick work of two car fires in a carport in West Hollywood.

Samuel Arrington was arrested two days ago for setting three fires.




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  1. this should be interesting…..give it 48 hrs.

  2. So which flavor of leftist terrorist is the arsonist?

  3. Any bets that its an “occupier” out to “punish” those he or she deems to be the “evil rich”…???

  4. If it is an occupier, you can be rest assured that the Marxist Media Complex will be right on top of the story…

    Smothering those pesky little details that don’t fit their statist propaganda narrative…

  5. Tea partier no doubt. If not, he/she would have been if given time.

  6. No suspect’s been arrested. Why do you lie like that? You might want to keep in mind that past Los Angeles arsonists have included fire department personnel and that one’s political affiliation is only an indicator of madness if you’re someone like Donald Trump. I know that last part’s been nearly impossible to maintain for some of you out there…

  7. The suspect’s name is Samuel Arrington of Sunland, CA, he is 22 years old…

  8. Missy, you be harshin’ loonietoonest’s mellow! Loonietoonest managed to smear the entire fire department in its attempt to discredit the post.

  9. Loonesta, someone has been arrested. You should read Fox news article before commenting.

  10. If more than one person is involved it’s conspiracy to commit arson, if it’s a “group” of people involved it’s an act of domestic terrorism.

  11. Jhump, just the facts…

  12. This type of political sabotage has become a hobby for the islamist “community” in France. There should be no surprise that the tactic pops up here.

    I use the term political, because past arsonists in California have aimed at starting brush and forest fires, which have caused major damage and death, but this type of arson is aimed DIRECTLY at sleeping people and homes and has a clearly murderous intent.

    These fires are merely ONE method planned and used by marxists/muslims.

    Osama bin ladin declared war on decent people well over a decade ago. The obamster and his anti-American cronies are abandoning our people and our country in hopes of winning that war for the marxists/muslims. The second American civil war has already started.

  13. I hope to hell, Loonesta, that you aren’t a reflection of anyone who really cares about these things.
    If so, you are poster boy material for today’s reader miscomprehension of the written word, in other words you are one ignorant pos.

  14. loonesta = troll

    don’t feed them………….

  15. Remember that there are fires started at the border too. The big Arizona fire this past summer was started by the drug human smuggling cartels.

  16. It’s definitely more than one person and they are well-coordinated.

    I don’t know if this is someone with some kind of political agenda because they are PLENTY of very expensive homes just uphill from where many of these fires took place. Instead the arsonist(s) is/are targeting apartment and condo dwellers. If you’re some Occupy loon, why torch the renters when you have $20 million mansions right there to set on fire?

    I just think these fires are just about chaos and destruction for the sake of chaos and destruction.

  17. Expect more of this as we approach the November election. How much of the will we tolerate? Remember all of this when you vote.

  18. @13 Bear — bingo! Watch for this in other cities.

    @18 Greenfairie — because the high end homes and neighborhoods have better security surveillance.

  19. Either an illegal or a mooslime just doing odumb’s work

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