Ron Paul on Iran: We Should Have Great Empathy For Them (Video)

As the Iranian regime continues to harass its neighbors, threaten Israel, stockpile missiles in Lebanon and Gaza, and pursue nuclear arms, Ron Paul says, “We should have great empathy for them.”
Breitbart TV reported:

“This idea that they’re looking for a fight, I think that is all a concoction of the West so as to prepare the people for a war that is likely to come when we have a policy like this. I think it makes the perfect argument for my non-intervention foreign policy. We shouldn’t be engaged and stirring up trouble.”

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  • RedBeard

    What color is the sky in Ron Paul’s world?

  • I hate donkeys

    Ron Paul is a bastard and I will never vote 4 him

  • Greg

    Ron Paul is a loon. I am in his district and am totally embarrassed by him.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Ron Paul lives in his own little world, and that world has nothing to do with reality.

  • TomI

    He has brought jew haters from both parties together in a friendship of hate. It is really disgusting that people can still be this way.

  • Tamminator

    I wish the Marines would urinate on him.

  • Steve

    Still a nut!

  • RedBeard

    Where are the Paulian apologists? They must have slept in this morning. But give ’em time.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    He reminds me of the guy who hammers gays constantly. Because he’d have little support from either party IF he got elected he’d be the first to burn the constitution on the front lawn of the White House end declare marshal law. For our own good of course.

  • SturJen

    #8 -“Where are the Paulian apologists?”

    I was wondering that myself. Usually there here as soon as his name is typed, gushing about how great Ron Paul is and how he’s the next best thing to sliced bread. This obsession with Ron Paul borders on hysteria.

    I got the same vibe off of those people who gushed about O’Bummer. It creeps me out. They think they know his policies but gloss over those that make them suspect him as being less than a god.

  • Seth

    I thought this guy was supposed to be a gynecologist, but it looks like he is a rectal specialist, since his head is obviously shoved so far up his ass that he can see his tonsils.

    Obviously this dunce has never spent a minute actually listening to what is coming out of Iranian leader’s mouths and the regime in general.

    By his way of thinking, I suppose we should have had sympathy for that poor, persecuted, and reviled guy Hilter, and his yearning for “Lebensraum” for the Volk.

  • StrangernFiction

    It doesn’t matter what this man’s views are on domestic policy. This cancels all of that out.

  • StrangernFiction

    And he is going to get Mitt Romney nominated, and thus likely get Barky reelected.


  • Rock

    Bat Sh!t Crazy, is this fool related to Piglosi somehow?

  • Common Sense

    Just one Question!

    Did anyone actually listen to the man in this clip or are the comments based on the headline?

    ” Iran can be annihilated in about 40 minutes ” Everyone knows this !!

    Listening to the propaganda that Iran is picking the fight is crazy.

    I urge everyone to actually listen to the whole clip with an open mind.


  • Fuzzy

    Good grief, he’s a total lunatic. I agree that we shouldn’t “stir up trouble,” but to ignore Iranian officials’ own words is ridiculous, dangerous, and downright stupid. What have the Iranian leaders (including its “diplomats”) and people been screaming for decades? Oh, yeah, kill the evil West, especially destroy the Great Satan. Yep, these are people I think we should encourage to get nukes. Uh huh.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    how much money does ron paul get from the middle east? look what money from the middle east did to bloomberg.

  • Fuzzy

    #15 Common Sense

    That’s a reactionary policy, though, and doesn’t take into account (at least) two pretty important things: one, the Middle East is now pretty much all radical Islamacists with the same goal that Iran states repeatedly (wiping Israel off the map and then destroying us, “the Great Satan”)–so do we add another 40 minutes to “annihilate” all the people in every Middle Eastern country, too? Doesn’t that strike you as slightly . . . er, nuts?; and two, how many American citizens can Iran wipe out with nukes before we can say, hey, let’s do that Ron Paul 40-minute annihilation plan?

    Doesn’t sound particularly reasonable to me.

  • bear

    The iranians have openly declared their intention to instigate the next (and penultimate) caliphate by attacking Israel. Paul is a FOOL if he denies their own words.

    He dodges her direct question, “What would you do?” twice. His fallback…..appeasement!

    Empathy for the butchers sponsoring and harboring the worst terrorists in the world? Paul’s response…..WE are the terrorists. This idiot should NEVER be allowed near the decision process.

    We were forced into two gulf wars, in part, because the european “geniouses” told hussein that we would back down. Appeasers ALWAYS inspire the bad guys to greater outrages.

    Paul is weak-minded and anti-Semitic.

    Even his most ardent and nit-wit supporters can no longer deny that he is unqualified for high office.

  • BridgetGB

    In his speech following the New Hampshire Primary, Ron Paul mocked those of us who find his foreign policy to be nothing short of “dangerous”. Clearly pleased by his finish, Paul joked around saying that “we” called him and his supporters “dangerous”. I understand the frustration of his supporters and why they might turn to his campaign, but Ron Paul in his ill-fitting suit coats is exactly that – dangerous in his foreign policy.