Polling Suggests Romney Will Take Florida

Posted by The P/Oed Patriot

Exit polling is showing that Romney, now at 49%, is very close to attaining the 53% needed to claim a majority in Florida. If Romney’s lead turns out to be accurate and continues he will earn all 50 of Florida’s delegates.

There doesn’t appear to be any hope for Gingrich, who is only at 33%, since the polls close at 7PM EST in most of Florida and the polls in the more conservative panhandle close at 8PM EST.

Even if Romney carries Florida Newt Gingrich has sworn to press on all the way to the Republican National Convention.

According to the LA Times, the Gingrich campaign says a Florida win isn’t enough to guarantee that Romney will win the nomination:

“The Gingrich campaign argues that, even with a Florida win, Romney will have less than 10%  of the delegates needed to lock up the nomination. Realistically, no candidate will be able to accumulate the necessary 1,144 delegates before mid-April, at the earliest.

But added to the 35 delegates Romney already has, the 50 delegates from Florida will give him a significant lead over Gingrich’s 25.

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  • MrGoodWench

    Thank you FL repubs, thank you for giving the country a second term of Obama Hussein Odinga .
    We are now officially a 3rd world islamic dictatorship.

  • bg


    “Being defeated is often a temporary condition.

    Giving up is what makes it permanent.”

    ~ Marilyn vos Savan


  • exceller

    who’s heading up the third party effort? I’m ready to bail out.

  • Joe Blow

    The old main-line Republicans certainly seem to be sticking it to the conservatives, Newt
    Gingrich and the Tea Party. They are no different than the Democrats.. By the time we in Missouri get to vote (which will no longer count) and have the caucuses our decision will have been made for us. Even Robin Carnahan said our votes won’t count and this is probably the only time I have agreed with her.

  • Granny

    As I recall, the called Iowa for him the second the polls closed and come to find out he did NOT take Iowa. . . .

  • http://www.edmartinforcongress.com Tom63010

    Long way to go. Keep thus faith. Do what you can elect conservatives to Congress and state level. To those who say they will never vote for Mitt: I said the same thing about McCain until I figured out who Obama was. Now that everyone knows how can anyone not vote for the Republican candidate? If Romney is Obama-lite that is still better that Obama at full strength.

  • Martin T

    Mitt does not have that many delegates. Iowa’s delegates are soft. In hard delegates Mitt has 9 and Newt has 23. This will give him a 59-23 lead. Long way to go. Next Tuesday, Santorum could win the MO advisory primary big.

  • Martin T

    The GOP establishment got a pyrrhic victory here in that the split between grassroots and establishment opened wide becuase of Mitt’s 4-1 spending advantage on scorch earth tactics.

  • Shawn

    Won’t matter who wins. We’ll still be sold down the river with bigger government more rules and regs, and less jobs. Talk about your vote not counting be a conserative in CA and see what that gets you.

  • Sasja

    Third party is not the answer. Neither is throwing in the towel just because the fight ahead seems daunting. With that attitude this country is surely lost.

  • StrangernFiction

    If Romney is Obama-lite that is still better that Obama at full strength.

    Not when we conservatives get blamed for what Obama-lite does.

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  • MrGoodWench

    Sasja commented:

    Third party is not the answer. Neither is throwing in the towel just because the fight ahead seems daunting. With that attitude this country is surely lost.
    Why is it that while we are fighting for our country,
    the GOP is fighting ….us ?

  • Bubba

    It’s over, now. For good for bad (bad), this lib in wolf’s clothing is going to be the nomination. The best the GOP could do is nominate the man who finished fourth in the primary race four years ago? Good lord. Pathetic doesn’t begin to describe this sad, dismal state of affairs.

    Team Barry are back slapping themselves silly tonight.

    A billion dollars and the most biased media in the history of the Western world is about to go cock-a-doodle-do all over Romney’s blow dried head.

    It’s almost incomprehensible, but after 4 years of Barry, this election is still going to be, at best for the GOP, a nail biter. Barry should be burried, but this greasy “Romneycare” vanilla RINO is going to ensure it’s anything but.

    God help the union. Another election hinging on enough people saying, “eh…at least he ain’t Barry.” I couldn’t care less about Romney. And I’m not alone. Just another election with no passion. No enthusiasm. No real desire for the guy to win (just for the other guy to lose).

  • Martin T

    Ohio seems to be a three way tie around 25%. Santorum seems to be winning in CO. Romney’s numbers are falling in MI. This will give Mitt some Mo, but with 4 weeks until MI, that Mo will be gone soon. if Santorum wins MO big next week, look for almost no coverage in the media.

  • Toddski

    Romney will take Florida at 51%…..I hope this shuts you people the hell up now……22 points ahead of Gingrich is more than a blowout !

  • Sasja


    Thought y’all might be interested in this report from the CBO:


  • Martin T

    In 2008 remember, McCain won NH in an upset, SC in an upset, and FL in an upset. Mittens has to spend mega money just to win foregone conclusions. If Newt can stay alive until March 6th with funds, then the southern states could bring Newt some wins like SC.

  • Martin T

    Plus Newt can protest for proportional representation in FL. Only SC is officially exempt from the proportional rules.

  • Sasja

    Mr. Goodwench. Than fight back.