Polling Suggests Romney Will Take Florida

Posted by The P/Oed Patriot

Exit polling is showing that Romney, now at 49%, is very close to attaining the 53% needed to claim a majority in Florida. If Romney’s lead turns out to be accurate and continues he will earn all 50 of Florida’s delegates.

There doesn’t appear to be any hope for Gingrich, who is only at 33%, since the polls close at 7PM EST in most of Florida and the polls in the more conservative panhandle close at 8PM EST.

Even if Romney carries Florida Newt Gingrich has sworn to press on all the way to the Republican National Convention.

According to the LA Times, the Gingrich campaign says a Florida win isn’t enough to guarantee that Romney will win the nomination:

“The Gingrich campaign argues that, even with a Florida win, Romney will have less than 10%  of the delegates needed to lock up the nomination. Realistically, no candidate will be able to accumulate the necessary 1,144 delegates before mid-April, at the earliest.

But added to the 35 delegates Romney already has, the 50 delegates from Florida will give him a significant lead over Gingrich’s 25.

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  • MrGoodWench

    Thank you FL repubs, thank you for giving the country a second term of Obama Hussein Odinga .
    We are now officially a 3rd world islamic dictatorship.

  • bg


    “Being defeated is often a temporary condition.

    Giving up is what makes it permanent.”

    ~ Marilyn vos Savan


  • exceller

    who’s heading up the third party effort? I’m ready to bail out.

  • Joe Blow

    The old main-line Republicans certainly seem to be sticking it to the conservatives, Newt
    Gingrich and the Tea Party. They are no different than the Democrats.. By the time we in Missouri get to vote (which will no longer count) and have the caucuses our decision will have been made for us. Even Robin Carnahan said our votes won’t count and this is probably the only time I have agreed with her.

  • Granny

    As I recall, the called Iowa for him the second the polls closed and come to find out he did NOT take Iowa. . . .

  • Long way to go. Keep thus faith. Do what you can elect conservatives to Congress and state level. To those who say they will never vote for Mitt: I said the same thing about McCain until I figured out who Obama was. Now that everyone knows how can anyone not vote for the Republican candidate? If Romney is Obama-lite that is still better that Obama at full strength.

  • Martin T

    Mitt does not have that many delegates. Iowa’s delegates are soft. In hard delegates Mitt has 9 and Newt has 23. This will give him a 59-23 lead. Long way to go. Next Tuesday, Santorum could win the MO advisory primary big.

  • Martin T

    The GOP establishment got a pyrrhic victory here in that the split between grassroots and establishment opened wide becuase of Mitt’s 4-1 spending advantage on scorch earth tactics.

  • Shawn

    Won’t matter who wins. We’ll still be sold down the river with bigger government more rules and regs, and less jobs. Talk about your vote not counting be a conserative in CA and see what that gets you.

  • Sasja

    Third party is not the answer. Neither is throwing in the towel just because the fight ahead seems daunting. With that attitude this country is surely lost.

  • StrangernFiction

    If Romney is Obama-lite that is still better that Obama at full strength.

    Not when we conservatives get blamed for what Obama-lite does.

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  • MrGoodWench

    Sasja commented:

    Third party is not the answer. Neither is throwing in the towel just because the fight ahead seems daunting. With that attitude this country is surely lost.
    Why is it that while we are fighting for our country,
    the GOP is fighting ….us ?

  • Bubba

    It’s over, now. For good for bad (bad), this lib in wolf’s clothing is going to be the nomination. The best the GOP could do is nominate the man who finished fourth in the primary race four years ago? Good lord. Pathetic doesn’t begin to describe this sad, dismal state of affairs.

    Team Barry are back slapping themselves silly tonight.

    A billion dollars and the most biased media in the history of the Western world is about to go cock-a-doodle-do all over Romney’s blow dried head.

    It’s almost incomprehensible, but after 4 years of Barry, this election is still going to be, at best for the GOP, a nail biter. Barry should be burried, but this greasy “Romneycare” vanilla RINO is going to ensure it’s anything but.

    God help the union. Another election hinging on enough people saying, “eh…at least he ain’t Barry.” I couldn’t care less about Romney. And I’m not alone. Just another election with no passion. No enthusiasm. No real desire for the guy to win (just for the other guy to lose).

  • Martin T

    Ohio seems to be a three way tie around 25%. Santorum seems to be winning in CO. Romney’s numbers are falling in MI. This will give Mitt some Mo, but with 4 weeks until MI, that Mo will be gone soon. if Santorum wins MO big next week, look for almost no coverage in the media.

  • Toddski

    Romney will take Florida at 51%…..I hope this shuts you people the hell up now……22 points ahead of Gingrich is more than a blowout !

  • Sasja


    Thought y’all might be interested in this report from the CBO:


  • Martin T

    In 2008 remember, McCain won NH in an upset, SC in an upset, and FL in an upset. Mittens has to spend mega money just to win foregone conclusions. If Newt can stay alive until March 6th with funds, then the southern states could bring Newt some wins like SC.

  • Martin T

    Plus Newt can protest for proportional representation in FL. Only SC is officially exempt from the proportional rules.

  • Sasja

    Mr. Goodwench. Than fight back.

  • donh

    It should be expected Romney does best in a state filled with swamp land and crocodiles…..Battle won…war lost.

  • Tyranny’s Bain

    The establishment media will once again return to the meme that the Willard is the “electable” and the “inevitable”. They will continually screech that Conservatives and Tea Partiers must capitulate, surrender their principles, get behind the Willard, so as not to damage him, as he is the only one that can defeat the Obama.

    The harder they push this Counterfeit Conservative on me, the more I will resist and the more resentment I will have for him and his media mouthpieces.

    At least for me, the Roves, Coulters, etc. will make Fox News unwatchable.

  • bg


    btw.. i’m sure this too will change “overnight”.. *sigh*


  • groundling1

    I don’t get it? They say Obama is no good, so do they pick a contrast? No! They pick an identical politician. Someone who supports TARP, someone who supports cap and trade (global warming) someone who lead the way for Obamacare, someone who supports the Patriot Act, TSA, NDAA and someone who will support Liebermans new one , the Expatriation Act, someone who went to France when he was drafted but wants to send our children to die in Iran to protect his petrodollar. Someone who will continue the same economical policies, and attacks on the constitution because it protects the petrodollar and the interest of another nation with a great influence on the United States, yeah things won’t be much different.

  • RedBeard

    If Romney gets the nomination, I hope and pray that all the folks here who hate him will have some sort of epiphany and begin focusing on the real enemy, Barack Obama. Same goes for the folks who hate Gingrich so intently.

    Yes, Romney is a RINO. Yes, Gingrich is another big government insider. And yes, we wanted a true conservative contender this year and didn’t get one. But we can’t wish away reality. We have to deal with it. And the overriding reality is that we must get behind the nominee, whoever he is, and help him defeat Obama.

  • Mad Hatter

    If, and I said if, Romney wins the Nomination, I hope you don’t think he can’t beat Obama.

    I’m not a fan of Romney by any stretch, but at the same time I’m not going to sit at home and pout on Election Day.

    You folks do know that the Democrats have 21 Senate Seats they’re going to try and protect.


    The Dems have seven Governor Chairs they’re going to try and protect.


    In addition, saving the Congress is worth getting to the polls on Election day.

    You also know that the Alinsky Unions are going to try and recall Scott Walker.

    The last thing people need to do on Election Day is to sit at home, and allow the Dems to erase the gains that were made in 2012.

    Romney Care is a royal pain, but so is seeing four more years of Obama going rouge since he’ll have nothing to lose.

  • Mad Hatter

    gains that were made in 2010***



  • Sarah

    Congratulations Mitt Romney! Republican’s have given George Soros another victory in the re-election to a second term for Barack Obama. Next stop……..unhindered full blown fascist socialism.

  • Mad Hatter

    Also, keep in mind folks, there are more Primaries coming up. One of the things that can be done in Primaries, is to vote out the old guard Republicans that are up for re-election, and vote in some new blood to run for Congress.

    That will allow for more Conservatives in the Congress.

    Here’s the calender of Primaries coming up. These are very important.


  • Sasja

    I cannot stand Mittens. He makes my skin crawl, but I will vote for him in Nov should he be the nominee. There is no excuse to stay home because your guy didn’t win the nomination.

    We are in a tough, and seemingly uphill, battle and we must not lose sight of our objectives. It may take 2 or 3 more election cycles to weed out as many libs on both sides of the aisles as we can. It can be done.

  • Tjexcite

    Vote for Romney, the establishment RINO or something. Not the establishment Republican who has been in Washington long enough to vote for the department of Education who now wants the department of moon base to cut the department of education and Kosher food.

  • Liz

    ROMNEY! FINALLY! A competent private sector guy who knows how to balance a checkbook! Watch for more drama from Gingrich until he finally fades away.

  • Liz

    Go take care of your personal life, Gingrich. See you on the moon maybe.

  • Martin T

    The presidential race is NOT over. The split that Mitt has created will kill his momentum over the next five weeks.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    It’s not that Mitt won, it’s that Newt lost. What possessed him to talk about a base on the moon, financed by the private sector? That’s not thinking grandiose thoughts. that’s totally insane.

  • Martin T

    Newt will win the southern states on Super Tuesday.

  • Sparky

    I have come to the conclusion that American voters are nuts if they vote for the one who is nastiest in the debates, grossly outspends all other candidates, and the one who has the most negative attack ads

    By default then, Romney is the winner, and not just because the Republican elites and MSM pundits say so.

    The voter is just as ignorant

  • Martin T

    Georgia votes on March 6th, big Newt win.

  • LaInfidel

    Mittens may win Florida but there is still a long rough road ahead. The more America learns about Mittens and his liberal record and shady business deals etc…Americans will realize how much Mittens is like Obama. It’s time to send the Republican establishment a message.

  • Martin T

    The story tonight is Paul’s collapse into 7% range.

  • Marmo

    Remember, to beat Obama, vote for the most conservative Democrat in November.

  • avagreen

    I knew my guy could finish first.

    * *



  • Good. Gingrich is already 20 points behind Hussein Obama and doesn’t stand a chance in hell of beating him in the general.

  • Marmo

    #36 January 31, 2012 at 7:18 pm
    Lady Mondegreen commented:

    It’s not that Mitt won, it’s that Newt lost. What possessed him to talk about a base on the moon, financed by the private sector? That’s not thinking grandiose thoughts. that’s totally insane.
    It’s not insane at all. He was trying to connect to the voters in the district he was in. I’m surprised that Mittens got away with bad-mouthing the space industry.

    And Newt is a big thinker. In the grand scheme of things, the only hope of survival for the human race is to spread out into the frontiers. Just ask the dinosaurs. Just because Newt thinks a moon base is a goal, it doesn’t mean that it could be a priority for any new administration, given the economy.

  • Geez… no celebration here.

  • Bill Mitchell

    It’s over. Romney is the nominee. I’m fine with that. Now let’s start beating up on Obama.

  • Martin T

    It’s not over by a long shot. FL will be thrown out and the Palin’s of the world has made it an us vs. them race, so it will go on unitl April. April 3rd is the Texas primary. Perry has endorsed Newt, so Texas may be a big Newt win.

  • Marmo

    In the end, it has to be:

    Anyone But Obama 2012

  • Martin T

    Michigan is a proportional primary and Mitt is losing ground to Santorum. This will be a long primary season if Newt and Rick can raise the funds to stay in.

  • bg


    fyi re: Florida..


  • Mad Hatter

    I wonder if the jackass on MSNBC, Jonathan Martin, will break down who won the “cracker counties”.

  • Martin T

    I’m a cracker and proud of it.

  • bg


    re: #51 January 31, 2012 at 7:50 pm bg

    i’m betting the ones cut out were more Gingrich then
    Romney supporters.. and all part of the RNC’s plan to
    rig the election for Romney nominee (decided on and
    announced months ago).. *sigh*


  • Lynn

    @ Toddski

    I’m not voting for Romney in the primary or if he is nominated.

    Neither is my family.

    Welcome to United States of Amerikka……

  • Remco Kimber

    Mitt Romeny is a POS,

    Had opportunity to defeat gay marriage in MASS but asserting the separation of powers a la Article 30 of the Mass Constitution. He caved UTTERLY.

    Gave us RomenyCare which was used as the blueprint for ObamaCare.\

    Now count up all his flip flops,

    Romeny a super POS.


  • Martin T

    I’m starting to think Santorum is staying in the race because both Newt and Mitt will make themselves unacceptable to either side of the GOP and they will have to settle on Rick to unify the party. Santorum will have to do well in NV, MN, CO, and in the MO primary.

  • donh

    17 million dollars and an all out party machine cram down force feeding the poison pill. WINNING ! not. We are not Pavlov dogs and we will spit the pill out again.

  • Jim

    There’s just no way I can vote for Romney. Even against Obama. The man is slime and will do more to discredit conservatism and the Republican party than anyone else. I’ll support Tea Party members on the local level and my congressman but I will not vote for Romney period.

  • Skinner

    Well good for you Jim #59

    You show ’em.

    Don’t trip over your lip.

  • Jayne on Left Coast

    Who started the meme Mitt is ‘electable”? Hell he isn’t voteable. Mitt will not win the general,we will have another four years of the marxist and his power grabbing tools. He will be like McCain and not say one bad thing about the marxist, no he goes after those in his on party. I did not leave my party my party left me.

  • SM-AZ

    Say good nite Barry!

  • Martin T

    I’m with Jim. No way will I vote for Robamaney, he is slime.

  • Marmo

    What’s it like being an Obama supporter? Is the sky blue where you are?

  • Notice how Romney supporters would ultimately vote for Gingrich against Obama if he won the nomination, but Gingrich voters wouldn’t return the favor. Now I know I’m right to support Romney.

  • J

    Republicans/Conservatives NEVER win when they have to hold their noses to vote.

  • StrangernFiction

    Yup, Romney is a scumbag.

  • bg



    cannot wait to post the video of the absolutely fabulous speech Newt
    Gingrich just gave to his supporters via Orlando (yes, they aired it via
    my local political news hour station)!!


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  • donh

    Newt just gave a superb speech.

  • Martin T

    That is not true. Many Mitt supporters will not vote for Newt in the GE.

  • Marmo

    If you don’t vote (R), you support (D). And you’re all commie assh*les.

    Yeah, sit it out. Let Obama win, you butt-hurt pussies.

    I voted for Newt in Iowa, but I’ll vote ABO.

    Anyone But Obama 2012

    Stand with your oh so noble principles. Let Obama win. Yeah, good strategy.

  • KR

    For those who are saying they won’t vote for Romney in Nov., who do you think is more likely to bend to a GOP majority in the House and Senate? We know Obama won’t budge.

    I’d rather have Romney than Obama. Mitt may be the next Clinton to give in to the Republicans’ plans (assuming a GOP congress will turn things to the right).

    Get over your disgust (for Romney) and help us try to salvage a less than ideal situation. Btw, I am not a Mitt fan, but I’ll vote for the lesser of the two evils, as they say. I remember my dad saying this in 1980 and voting for Reagan, and it didn’t turn out too bad.

  • Jim

    Sorry Marmo,

    I’ve seen this dog and pony show before when it was called David Cameron and the [cough] Conservatives win the UK elections against the socialist Labour party by making all sorts of promises that would appeal to British conservatives including a public vote referendum on whether to move away from the EU. So far, most if not all the promises have been broken, nor has there been a vote on EU disestablishment.

    Now that the Republican establishment has picked Romney at all costs, it’ll be much of the same as Cameron.

    PS Skinner, like your boy Romney, you can insult all you won’t but you’ll never get my vote. I’m not the only one who will do that either. Good luck in future elections.

  • By the way, I’m not a huge Mitt fan either. I actually like Gingrich better. But I know Gingrich can’t beat Obama. Period. And that’s what this ultimately is about– BEATING OBAMA. If you sit this one out because your guy didn’t win, I don’t care who you currently support, then you are a fvcking pussy, end of story.

  • Marmo

    #73 Exactly.

    Whoever doesn’t think any one of the Republican candidates is better than Obama, then they might as well register as a (D) and vote for Obama. And God have mercy on their soul.

  • Marmo

    And again I ask, what is it like being an Obama supporter? Why are you here? Go to the Daily Kos or some other commie blog.

  • Jim

    The problem KR, is that from all the RINO-squishiness we’ve seen from Romney, he’s more likely to bypass conservatives, the Tea Party, and even libertarians and side with the Democrats and other RINO’s.

    That’s how we got SCOTUS Justice Souter, and a host of other statist legislation. Nor do I see establishment Republican leaders in congress like John Boehner and Eric Kantor oppose Romney’s RINO-Squishiness, nor Mitch McConnell in the Senate. All they’ll do is rubber stamp Romney’s statist legislation.

    Instead of heading for the cliff in the car at 140MPH with Obama, Romney will slow it down to 50 mph. That’s it.

  • bg


    barring a very possible miracle of sorts, should the RNC carry through
    with it’s selection of Romney and nominate him, i implore you to just
    keep one pertinent factor in mind when pulling that lever for Romney..

    that way it will more or less give one a distorted sense comfort
    when he too fails to support ‘we the people’ v ‘they the elite’..


    and we have to trust that man compared to the
    LIAR we know.. what a pathetically sick country
    we have become.. *sigh*


  • Marmo

    #78 Jim
    Take into account that we are likely to control both houses of Congress after November. I’m not a Mittens fan, but how does that look with a Republican controlled Congress and Mit as president? Better than Obama and what we have now?

    I think so, and I’m a Newt supporter.

  • Jim

    Marmo, I disagree that Republicans will take both houses of Congress. Part of Obama’s campaign strategy is to run against the Republican House, a Republican House that has a 13% approval rating. Even if Mitt wins against Obama, he’ll be dealing with a house that will rubber stamp whatever legislation he wants. From all indications including his advisor Norm Coleman, that means that ObamaCare will not be repealed by Romney, rather changed to make it less freedom crushing and economically noxious but it will still be there, waiting for when the Democrats come back into power to they can revive ObamaCare like Dracula rising from the dead. Again.

    As I stated, from what I’ve seen of Romney’s records as MA governor, he’s more inclined to ally with the Democrats at the expense of conservatives than be an advocate for conservative causes.

  • Marmo

    #79 bg
    I understand and sympathise with what you say. But you must understand that all politicians are, by their nature, liars. Hold your nose, pull the triger for (R). If the R’s control Congress, how bad can Mit be? Better than Obama, you think?

  • Marmo

    #81 Jim
    Have you seen the latest numbers on the economy? It doesn’t look good for Obama. What is the approval number on the Democrat-controlled Senate? But go ahead, vote for Obama. It’s a free country.

    A majority of the country identifies as conservative.

    I don’t understand why you’re on a conservative blog. Troll maybe?

  • bg


    Orlando Florida – January 31, 2012

    Newt Gingrich: “We are Going to Contest Everyplace”


  • Jim

    No, Marmo, I’m very much a conservative and Tea Party member and I support UKIP. I also will never vote for Obama. As for Mitt, I’ve just seen alot of ‘Moderate’ Republicans like Mitt do the wrong thing by consistently siding with Democrats/liberals at the expense of conservatives. Even if he should win against Obama, which I’m doubtful of, there’s no way Mitt can stop being a RINO, it’s in his nature. RomneyCare should be more than damning by itself.

    Whether the US, the debt, the Constitution, and its economy go off the cliff with Obama at 140MPH, or 50 MPH with Romney, it’s still going off the cliff to destruction.

    I’d much prefer it, the US, not go off the cliff at all, it’s a great country. Romney just isn’t the guy to turn the car around. He just doesn’t have it in him, it’s not in his nature. So it’s off the cliff we go at 50MPH with Mitt at the wheel.

  • StrangernFiction

    Are you a liberal troll Jim? 😉

  • Fionnagh

    #36 What “possessed” Gingrich?? Did you watch the debate in which he discussed the moon base?

    He was responding to a precise, specific question posed by the debate moderator, Wolf Blitzer, who asked the candidates what they would do about the nation’s foundering space program. Gingrich’s reply discussed a base on the moon which idea, by the way, is not new and was not gradiose.

    “Returning to the moon and building an outpost there is not new. Until three years ago, it was U.S. policy and billions of dollars were spent on that idea.

    Staying on the moon dates at least to 1969, when a government committee recommended that NASA first build a winged, reusable space shuttle followed by a space station and then a moon outpost. In 1989, President George H.W. Bush proposed going to the moon and staying there.

    Sixteen years later, in 2005, his son, President George W. Bush, proposed a similar lunar outpost, phased out the space shuttle program and spent more than $9 billion designing a return to the moon program.

    George Washington University space policy director Scott Pace, who was NASA’s associate administrator in the second Bush administration and is a Romney supporter, said the 2020 lunar base date Gingrich mentioned was feasible when it was proposed in 2005.”

    Source: The Washington Post.

    It is so wearisome to correct posters like you, who take comments out of context to support their own ignorant, misguided, and/or prejudiced views. If you want to continue bashing Gingrich, may I suggest in future that you shore up your arguments with full quotes? Otherwise, your posts tend to lose credibility.

    P.S. How would YOU have answered the debate question? How would YOU shore up the nation’s foundering space program?

  • Skinner

    Jim, don’t be a pommie git.

    You live here and can vote here, but won’t?

    How did you earn your place in America?

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