Philly Thugs Attack Taxi, Pull Passenger Out on the Street & Pummel Him Because He’s White


Three Philadelphia thugs attacked a taxi on Saturday night. The pulled the white passenger from the car and beat him on the street. Then they beat the taxi driver. reported:

IN A HORRIFIC assault in Center City on Saturday night, three teenagers who were spouting racial slurs pulled a man out of a cab to beat him. And when the cabdriver intervened to stop the assault, the teens turned their rage on him, police said yesterday.

About 8:25 p.m., a cab was stopped at a red light at 15th and Chestnut streets when two 17-year-old boys and a 15-year-old boy approached and started calling the male passenger in the back seat racially derogatory names, police said.

The boys then threw an unknown liquid at the cab before they opened the door, pulled the passenger out and started to pummel him, police said.

When the cabbie got out of the car to see what was going on, the passenger ran away and the teens turned on the cabbie. They punched him in the face, kicked him and threw a liquid on him, police said.

Despite being outnumbered, the cabbie grabbed a tire iron from his trunk, at which time the teens ran away. The driver flagged down a police officer, and the three boys were arrested. They were charged as juveniles with aggravated assault and related offenses.

The cabbie suffered an injury to his right eye and had abdominal and side pain, police said. The passenger remains unidentified.

Police said the three teens were black and the cabbie and passenger were white. Police did not immediately know whether the teens would or could face hate-crime charges.

Another man was murdered in Philadelphia earlier this month when he hailed a taxi by the Liberty Bell.

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  • Finncrisp

    Crime is crime – let them do the time.

  • Spike

    Fight back WIMPS, Fight back!

  • RL

    It’s what these cockroaches do. Kindly do not suggest being unarmed against them represents a civilized or a decent society. OK, free speech. Suggest away. Caution, however for various “leaden” answers when with any attempts to go any further…

  • STLHawkeye

    Hate crime? Al Sharpton will be in Philadelphia by Wednesday protesting for the police to arrest the cabbie and his passenger.

  • RL

    oops, sorry, strike “when”….

  • Remco Kimber

    If we had only known, we woulda picked our own cotton,

  • Just Da Facts

    I am surprized Obma hasn’t already made speech about how the passenger and bus driver acted stupidly. Come to think of it, maybe they did act stupidly, maybe they should have purchased one of those new GPS apps that helps you to avoid dangerous areas. Or maybe they should have been strapped.

  • jmar

    Remco Kimber nailed it.

  • Seth

    I grew up in Philadelphia in the 40s through 1960s and every time I got back for a visit it is worse and worse—the urban areas I grew up in as a young child ghettos, the suburban neighborhoods I grew up in trashed—burnt out, boarded up houses, razor wire, half unoccupied shopping districts with the major stores fled.

    Downtown Philadelphia, vibrant, busy, somewhat gritty but still up-scale in my youth, with well-dressed, affluent people filling the streets, is now a place where all the major stories have fled and taken their customers with them, many empty storefronts and those open selling cheap electronics, imitation gold jewelry, “big momma” clothes, and wigs, and many among the crowds of often sloppily dressed shoppers have a grey-faced, often grungy look, there are more and more beggars on street corners, and street people muttering to themselves as they push stolen shopping carts within sight of City Hall—and over all this– a feeling of danger in the air. And on a visit a few years ago I happened to see an article that helpfully included a map showing how downtown Philadelphia was divided up into various gang territories.

    This is increasingly hostile and dangerous territory.

  • Justice Beaver

    Anxiously awaiting the press release that AG Holder will be prosecuting this as a hate crime.

  • Seth

    P.S.–Philadelphia–like almost all of our major cities–has been under continuous Democratic rule for many decades, in the case of Philadelphia, for something like 60 straight years, and the current Black, Democratic Mayor has the very appropriate last name of “Nutter.”

  • mg4us

    Remember Black Youth Flash mobs last summer all over the country. . Especially in Philly that even Mayor Nutter had to finally speak out. .no coincidence folks. .

    these are “Holder’s People” doing what they have been taught to do come election day 2012. . and the days leading up to it. .

    Just like the OWS chumps led by Obama buddy Devid Felton (with Soros Money), and Goonions too. . .

    Be prepared. .be VERY PREPARED.

    Nothing will be done to these Black Thugs by Holder, just like nothing was done by Holder regarding Black Panthers blocking voting places (yes in Philly) and intimidating voters

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Draft Remco Kimber for President.

  • jorgen

    Another example of hate crime. Holder will probably set them free as they are his people.

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  • Gus

    Are these the “My People” that Holder has referred to? I wonder if these perps know the BLACK PANTHERS that patrolled the Election precincts that Holder refused to prosecute??


    Is this what you LIBTARDS were so looking forward too.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    President Obama praised the three young men after the attack. These fine young gentlemen know exactly what fairness looks like and when the white man gets hurt, it’s only fair! It’s an Obama World!

  • #1AMERIN

    last I checked you can carry conceal in Philly….people start arming yourselves…time to take action when presented with such a scenario…

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Racially derogatory names, different skin pigmentation quotients between attackers and victim? Key question: Skin-tone of attackers vs skin tone of victim?

    Oh, you don’t say…..well, in that case, nothing to see here. Move along now, move along.

    In today’s national Animal Farm some pig(mentation)s are more equal than others.


    Yes We Can build a YES WE CAN!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Of course, since it involved the beating of someone who is white, it’s not a hate crime, nosiree, and it’s unlikely to be prosecuted as one.

  • Fionnagh

    #9 Me, too. I remember women in hats and gloves, strolling along the major department store streets. Both black and white folks, folks. In those days, everyone knew what “civility” meant. I went back to my old neighborhood a few years ago where I grew up. Windows broken out and boarded over; groups of young men just idling on the street corners. I didn’t linger. Bad place to have your car break down. And apparently, it’s a bad place to even take a taxi.

  • Molon Labe

    They are Holder’s people. Nothing will be done.

    I suggest a 380 with hollow points.

  • Gride

    Good thing for these kids, hate crimes only apply to whites.

  • squeaky

    indoctrination into obamacorps. on the job training.

  • Jimmy

    Welfare babies in adult bodies.

  • Gus

    and we want MORE of these peeps?? More handouts??? Worked out real good since the NEW SOCIETY!!

    Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Give him welfare, he buys a gun.

  • USMC Thomas

    Sorry, no hate crime, the victims weren’t one of Holder’s “my people.” Though they still could be charged with assaulting the teenager’s fist with their face.

  • quietwolf

    They won’t be prosecuted for a hate crime. Not on Eric Himpton Holders, watch.

  • Skinner

    Nice warm up for VOTE DAY in November…

    We shall see the nastiest voting day violence since the Tammany wars in Civil War NYC.


  • Glenmore

    It was Romney and Gingrich’s fault – they’re using racist code words, you know; heard Juan Williams say so. Must be true.

  • RedBeard

    I’m confused. Wasn’t Obama supposed to be a uniter, and the first post-racial president? Something seems to have gone astray there. It’s almost as if things are [gasp] getting worse!

  • Blackbird

    @#12 January 30, 2012 at 2:07 pm
    mg4us commented:
    Remember Black Youth Flash mobs last summer all over the country.

    Yes, and I’d be willing to bet a crate of ammo that those flash mobs were somehow tied to all the free cell phones that they started giving out. Government sponsored dial-a-mob is every community organizer’s fondest dream. How better to create a crisis than hand out a million phones to the proletariat and “organize” chaos through text messages.

  • Fry

    The white passenger was no doubt a liberal. Only a liberal, attempting to uphold his political correctness at all costs, wouldn’t lock the cab doors after 3 black kids angrily accosted him.

  • BlackBush

    “Police did not immediately know whether the teens would or could face hate-crime charges.” Hahahaha! We are not holding our breathe union workers. Do what your dear leader tells you. Nothing to see here white folks. Move along.

  • kato

    More animals that haven’t been housebroken. Let’s throw them some more Obama Money and blame everyone except them and their so-called parents.

  • That’s racist!

  • Seth

    Ya know, Philadelphia started out as a Dutch blockhouse built back in the 1650s in dangerous Indian territory, in what is now South Philly, and over the next hundreds of years, all sorts of people were attracted to the city, and through generations of industry, and learning, and hard work Philadelphia became–at one point–a very learned and cosmopolitan city with the largest population in the U.S. Then, it started to decline, with a precipitous dive starting in the 1960s when Democrats took over the city government, and it has now turned into a bankrupt, increasingly grungy, and dangerous, sh**hole of a city; all those centuries of sacrifice and hard work flushed down the crapper, with Philly–more and more–reverting back to abandoned wilderness, and dangerous “Indian territory” again.

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  • Granny

    Took a bunch of Girl Scouts to Philly a couple of decades back to see the Liberty Bell and tour Independence Hall. Even then the walk from Temple University where the GSA had booked us rooms and the historic district was not particular pleasant. The historic area itself was quite nice. We took the girls on a carriage ride around the couple of blocks it is housed on and the trash was piled 10 and 12 feet high between the buildings on the other side of the street . . . I’ve never had even the least desire to go back.

  • A Gryphon

    I don’t need an app in my gps to tell me areas to avoid. Most people have the same 6th sense, also known as survival instinct, or the sense of self preservation.

    When only predators are left, at least they turn on each other. Maybe some day the cities will be safe again, haha.

  • Freddy

    Police did not immediately know whether the teens would or could face hate-crime charges.

    – – – – –

    Why would there be any question regarding the Eric Holder justice department response? Holder has a clearly defined pattern of behavior.

  • injunjoe

    i guess Philly has a belligerent knee grow problem

  • jj

    1) why was the door unlocked in the first place?

    2) if it was 3 on 1 how did the cabbie get to a tire iron in the trunk?

  • Seth

    My wife and I used to like going to the big annual Philly Flower show and–despite the proliferating beggars, and street people, the boarded up stores, crowds of people that looked like many of them needed a good bath, the guys with droopy drawers, hats turned sideways and expensive sneakers–the hip hop dudes, and a few dirty and appraising looks -it seemed relatively safe around the Convention Center, because there seemed to be a cop every few feet. But, 15th & Chestnut is about as public as you can get, so we have agreed that it is now too dangerous to go.

  • Rick Perry’s ghost

    Brutha-ly love.

  • White genocide “In Philidelpia……………………. W genocide “In philidelpia……….just sayin

  • any municipality that gets turned into a one-party state sinks into barbarianism.

  • TiminPhx

    I think it’s obvious that the tire iron and the ability of a citizen to have one started this somehow.

    Plus, I’m sure it’s the cutting of social programs, teachers making less than 100 grand a year, and things such as midnight basketball that led to this as well.

    And of course, when you future is threated with global warming, you are going to be angry, scared, and strike out at some commercial vehicle, i.e. the taxi. It’s insensitive occupants only got in the way of this understandable moral outrage.

    We all share guilt in this and should work harder for the victims, that would be…

    The children.

  • srdem65

    Remko Kimber is so-o-o right.

  • FedUp

    I wish I had the ability to dig up Lincoln..I’d slap the sh$$ out of him!!!

    What were you thinking Abe!?!?

    I wonder how many die-hard Abolitionist’s would crusade the way they did if they only knew how these animals would turn out once freed.

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  • BurmaShave

    It sounds as if Philadelphia (= city of brotherly love?) is on track to emulate Detroit and East St. Louis, a testament to decades of gross Democrat misrule.

  • Patty

    First of all this hate crime business is urking me. Criminals teens or adults face a court of adults. Period. But because of the laws in some states they could face time in juvenile lock up, then released in a 1year or less.

    These kids need to learn a hard lesson that a human being no matter the color is a person with feelings and a family.

    Sinful the way the parents turn their children lose to run the streets but more important is the attitude of the parents. Some are worse than the child and there lies the problem. The need jail time. And every school must have a class in the law.

    Police can come into each classroom and not just teach but they will shake it up with those students who are on the edge.

    Running the streets and the hate in their hearts is a combination for disaster.

  • Rubicon

    #6 Remco Kimber

    Before the Civil War one of the complaints the South had against the North was the North didn’t know the black race as well as the South did, they pretty much predicted what would happen if the Blacks were freed. Slavery was and is an abhorrent stain on any race that practices it and we were right to end it. But we should’ve shipped ’em back home, back to Africa. Lincoln tossed around the idea of sending them to Costa Rica, or somewhere in Central America, but they still would’ve ended up here. I guess this is our penance for slavery.

  • Seth

    I happen to think that there is a good chance that the flash mobs, SEIU, Union goons, the occupy folks, all their attempts at dividing us and pitting one group against another–agitation straight out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook–and things like these incidents in Philly are just signs of Obama & Co. tuning up their boys for what will be a violent and tumultuous Presidential election season–Black Panthers anyone.

    Can you say “civil unrest,” and can you see Obama and Holder grabbing as much power as they can–and perhaps postponing elections if things get bad enough– in such an “Emergency,” that they themselves have created and encouraged.

  • JT

    People with $$$$ pay big bucks to live in Center City Philadelphia but for the life of me I can’t understand why. 50% of the City is Black and they all hate whitey. These kids are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a powder keg getting ready to blow. Pretty soon those $800k brownstones on Pine Street will be going for a song.

    When the Federal money machine stops keeping the housing projects afloat & food stamp money is cutoff the place will burn to the ground.

  • Redwine

    I also born and raised in Philly – from the early 50s till the early 70s. There were always no-go areas, and the race riots did horrible damage to the city. (I remember my dad losing work time because he couldn’t get to his job.) But there were always great places to go to. Today, my daughter and her fiance go to Temple U. in North Philly, which has undergone a little gentrification. But the “natives” won’t let civility happen. My daughter and prospective son-in-law hate the place and can’t wait to get their degree and get out.

    I would love to have them move out here to Greater Seattle.
    But then…
    I work in a historic, but slightly downtrodden, “hip” place in Seattle. As I was coming out of my historic office building, a big black guy came up close behind me and yelled threateningly several times, “Y’all hate n****rs!” I gripped my keys hard and held my heavy laptop bag ready to swing out in defense, if necessary. Luckily I managed to get in my car without incident.

    Destructive race and class war provocateur Barry, his unconstitutional czars and his OWS thug army will eventually ignite the spark of a real explosion of violence across the country.

    Barry Hussein, “Our People” Holder, Fox-Piven, Van Jones, Ayers and Dohrn and the rest of the vile traitorous human garbage need to be thrown out ASAP.

  • WillofLa

    I know how these things are, and sometimes hindsight is 20-20, but did it ever dawn on the cabbie to lock the doors? Do they even have locks on cab doors these days? They are just regular cars aren’t they? Then I would have at least reached for the doors in the back of the cab. If Negros come up to your car or cab or whatever, just remember that idiot who was driving that huge 30 cubic yard dump truck semi-tractor that the “Black youths” drug out and beat him by throwing bricks at his head, right after the Rodney King trials caused L.A. to burn…again!! The cops ran off and wouldn’t go back in. That guy in that huge truck WAS DRIVING A HUGE *SS TRUCK BUT STOPPED FOR SOME DUMB REASON!! He could have drove over those Black youths but didn’t for some dumb reason, even though he saw what we going on he just didn’t think. I don’t think he could do much thinking to begin with without the brain damage after he was hit in the head with four of five bricks.

    This guy needs to call and tell the cops he’s the passenger, but then again you know they are going to let the Black youths get away with this because don’t you know, “No Black person is capable of being a racist!” as was told to us by the leader of the New Black Panthers!! Oh really??

    Well, on second thought I would call the cops and tell them I was the passenger and that, yes, I do want to press “hate crime” charges!! The cops probably won’t let him because doing so might stirr up “racial tensions” in Phillie. And you know who peaceful it is between Whites and Blacks in the “city of brotherly love” don’t you? In the place where our Freedoms began we see some of the worse hatred of White people by Blacks than any where else.

  • well philly is the home of the new bkack panther party.

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  • What a shame for them so there is no fear for law and order Taxi Service

  • listingstarboard

    How is it we have allowed 12% of the population to dictate our lives? Make us afraid? Make us apologise for deeds we never committed?

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