#Occupy Goons Are Thrown Out of St. Peter’s Square After Trying to Set Up Camp

Now they’re targeting the Church.

International Indignados movement demonstrators chash with Italian police officers as they try to move out of St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, in Rome, Saturday, Jan. 13, 2012. The Indignados staged a sit-in and tried to place tents and climb the Vatican Christmas tree as a protest. (AP/Andrew Medichini)

#Occupy goons attempted to set up an encampment at St. Peter’s Square in Rome. Riot police forcibly removed them.
The Guardian reported:

Demonstrators attempting to set up a protest camp in St Peter’s Square in Rome have been forcibly removed by riot police backed by the Vatican.

Aiming to set up a protest camp similar to the Occupy encampment outside St Paul’s in London, up to 50 protesters arrived in the colonnaded piazza in front of St Peter’s basilica carrying placards calling on the Catholic church to pay more taxes, a likely reference to tax breaks handed to the Vatican by the Italian government.

One of the group of protesters, who were mainly French and Spanish, arrived in a pope’s outfit bearing the slogan “indignant heart”, a reference to the Spanish Indignados protest movement.

Police moved in when one of the protesters scaled the large Christmas tree standing in the square. Two of the group and one officer were injured in the subsequent scuffle as police in riot gear cleared the demonstrators from the square. Three of the group were detained for identification.

International Indignados movement demonstrators clash with Italian police officers as they try to move out of St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, in Rome, Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012. (AP)

At least they didn’t poop in the cathedral this time.

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  • valerie

    “Considering the actions undertaken and the language used, these Indignados evidently wanted to use the piazza in an improper way, not in keeping with the spirit of the place and it was therefore considered just and opportune to move them out with the co-operation of the police,” he said.



  • bg
  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    I’d have a whole lot more respect for these OWS types if they’d really show some courage and try to occupy some muslim places like the where the muslims do their Haj in Saudi Arabia, or their mosque on the Temple Mount. But, they’re all cowards who’d never give such a thing a second thought out of sheer fear.


    I don’t know why the police didn’t stick an indignant iron fist in their faces!

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Jim, you all have GOT to see this:


    I thought the last presidential election cycle was Alice in Wonderland.

    Get ready for the “Salvador Dali meets George Orwell meets Franz Kafka” election cycle.

    The lawless have triumphed, so far. And they’ve begun to realize this fact, and are now acting with complete, brazen impunity.

    The ELEVEN other “Solyndras” attest to this.

  • Molon Labe

    They should have had the Papel Guard poop on them.

  • Turn loose the Swiss Guards — with halbeards!

  • Restless Legs

    Can I hear an “Amen?”

  • FurryGuy

    #7 January 15, 2012 at 6:55 pm
    Rhymes With Right commented:

    Just what I was thinking!

    The Swiss Guards only use their medieval uniforms and arms for ceremonial purposes. When doing active police work/security they wear modern gear, something you see on a U.S. soldier.

  • Katie

    Even if you’re not Catholic, or Christian even, that is just nothing but crass and disrespectful. Some places are sacrosanct. There’s a reason God doesn’t leave me in charge of the thunder and lightening bolts, I guess.

  • Tyranny’s Bain

    This is a naked attempt to collapse Western Civilization by an alliance of Anarchists, Marxists in all their variants, and Islamists. The one thing they have in common is their vehement hatred of and desire to collapse the West and Christendom.

    For decades they have weakened the West with Political Correctness, Multiculturalism, Moral Relativism, and Marxist Indoctrination. Now they will attempt to topple it.

    Will they succeed? IMHO, it depends on circumstances.


  • mg4us

    Well said #11. . .

  • Militant Conservative

    When, the poop hits the fan, and it will by design.

    You had better be ready to survive on your own.

    Not always about guns. These vermin will feel

    entitled to what you have. Including your women

    and children. You cannot appease EVIL, you kill it.

    Powder is dry

  • CT

    Move these idiots?

    How long will authorities detain and release these terrorists as if they were college protesters? Who are these people and what is really behind them. Surely there are useful idiots among them, but there are organizers and people behind the organizers who are they? Until we get better answers these people should be apprehended and held as terrorists. Maybe with some serious interrogation we will get better answers besides the deterrence effect.

  • Freddy

    I do not ‘get it’.

    Last time I looked, the Vatican was a seperate country. So exactly WHO is supposed to collect the Taxes these people are demanding? The Vatican?

    How uneducated are these protesters?

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  • gus

    How about their lips occupy my ass.

  • Economan

    The Vatican takes in what we (Catholics) send them. They exist mostly on donations from us and they use the funds for the administration of the Church as well as running hospitals, universities and many charities including huge donations to poor countries. This is done by ordinary people in many capacities.

    The miscreants are obviously tools for the global Marxists. I’m willing to bet those goons are funded by U.S. tax money. Eh Obama?

  • valerie

    #5 January 15, 2012 at 6:15 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:

    Unless they sweet-talk Sarah Palin into running, I’m sticking with the Republican selection, even if I have to hold my nose and squint my eyes.

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  • Andreas K.

    50. And most of those foreigners. Now count together the populations of Spain, France and Italy and then… oh forget it. Those 50 aren’t even remotely important.

    But 99%, eh?

  • Rob De Witt

    International S.W.I.N.E. – Students Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything.

    – Al Capp, the gift that just keeps on giving.

  • What next? Will the occupiers gather at the Dome of the Rock? I sincerely doubt it.

    They are non-Christians relying on Christian charity.

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  • women clashing with the police is hot!!! Don’t forget about Berlusconi with 45% of Italian TV. The current president is over 80 and we haven’t had a world war for a while. Spiritual reality sucks compared to mechanical cellphone and www. reliability.

  • Berlusconi-ism excuses attached to Catholicism are still very pertinent. What’s your cellphone without WiFi??