Obama the Job-Slayer Will Put Half a Million Military Personnel Out of Work

Barack Obama, the worst jobs president since the Great Depression, plans on putting half a million US soldiers and Marines out of work.


It’s his way of weakening America and punishing US military families at the same time.
The Independent reported:

The mighty American military machine that has for so long secured the country’s status as the world’s only superpower will have to be drastically reduced, Barack Obama warned yesterday as he set out a radical but more modest new set of priorities for the Pentagon over the next decade.

Click HERE to view ‘America’s shrinking military’ graphic

After the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that defined the first decade of the 21st century, Mr Obama’s blueprint for the military’s future acknowledged that America will no longer have the resources to conduct two such major operations simultaneously.

Instead, the US military will lose up to half a million troops and will focus on countering terrorism and meeting the new challenges of an emergent Asia dominated by China. America, the President said, was “turning the page on a decade of war” and now faced “a moment of transition”. The country’s armed forces would in future be leaner but, Mr Obama pointedly warned both friends and foes, sufficient to preserve US military superiority over any rival – “agile, flexible and ready for the full range of contingencies and threats”.

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  • Mein Führer Obama is only reassigning them to his own personal Gestapo SS unit…the unit will be headed up by Reich Minister Heinrich Holder.

  • chilipalmer

    This article says the plans are for the next decade. I thought Obama was only going to be in office 5 more years, not 10.


    Hey, the world love us now, right? Iran, Syria, Egypt, North Korea- well, they’re just vacation paradises for American tourists. What’ s the problem?

  • Tjexcite

    Not to worry, he will hire 5 million more union member bureaucrats in some other area of government other than DoD like EPA and IRS, at at a cost that is twice what a soldier makes, so it will all be fine /s

  • Blackbird

    So he has no problem with the idea of a leaner, meaner Federal government, right? The Republicans had better all get on board and start pushing hard with the idea that we need to deflate the balloon of Federal spending, not just squeeze one area and let another expand. The house is burning down around our ears and they want to argue about where the best place for the couch is. Tick-tock folks time is just about out here.

  • Sickofobama


    Don’t laugh.

    Hugo Obama is making Cuba a travel destination. Not really new news but you’ll get the drift.


    And remember we are great friends with the Taliban, too!

  • eaglewingz08

    Same commie playbook the dems have been using for 100 years. Guns vs welfare. Ramp up social spending to astronomical levels then “pragmatically” devastate the military so the country becomes a third rate power. Then have the country economy collapse from the weight of social spending and seek the spark to overthrow the govt and install dictatorship of proletariat.

  • Jenny

    Let’s hope the troops coming home will relocate to blue states and make them red in November. On the bright side, the military vote WILL be counted this election!!

  • 2centsworth

    Obama dessimates the military, has no use for the checks and balances of Congress, ignores the outraged citizenry, invests taxpayer money in risky capitalist ventures that go bankrupt (all while decrying the greed of capitalism) and does all this while claiming he was a Contitutional Scholar that must take action on his own because all of the above are just too inconvenient for him and his vision. And the only jobs he helps create are the Czardoms within government. Yeesh! Enough?

    Please God, help all realize that this is just the beginning of our downfall, and if he were to have 4 more years of unencumbered dictate the shining city on the hill will crumble by way of Sodem/Gemorrah.

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  • Greg

    A couple of congressman have said this is wrong because he is force fitting based on budget considerations as opposed to what is best for military threats. The congressman are wrong…WON WTF has not prepared a budget in 3 years. The military is used for fog factor and WTF is throwing out disconnected direction

  • RedBeard

    Slick Willie was more honest, when he said he “loathes the military.” This current leftie Quisling we’re stuck with is even worse, and more clever about it.

  • obama is trying to make us a weak as possible….

  • illiniguy

    That photo of the carrier is backward…..the Japanese had portside island structures on some of their WWII carriers

  • bear

    The idiot carter traveled the same path to weakness, inspiring the islamist iranians to engage in an act of war against our embassy, holding our personnel there hostage for well over a year.

    Yeah, barry, copying carter’s wuss strategy will work again….not. Your administration, family, friends, associates and supporters are such a disgrace.

  • Finncrisp

    This is where creeping Socialism and Marxism takes you – money to defend the country dries up so the state has more funds to control the people through overreaching regulation, sup-pression of the free market, and private property. All across Europe, actual fighting men and women in major countries is incredibly small. The UK has only 200 planes and a tiny Navy, as an example.

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    I have never seen anyone who hates the military and america the way this POS mooslime does…

  • [email protected]@[email protected]

    All of you are warmongering, draft-dodging, bible thumping, ignorant, heartless chickenhawks. /liberal progressive sarcasm

    Listen folks. I was new to this website for the 2008 election cycle. After viewing last nights thread regarding the Jesse Ventura incident, I couldn’t help but think back to the ’08 comment sections, where we were consistently baited into flame wars with the usual suspects. Believe me when I say I was just as guilty of participating in this waste of time.

    Prepare yourself for ’08 times 3 for the ’12 election. Don’t get dragged into this crap! I know it’s difficult. I don’t even know if I can resist the urge to fire back. This time Zippy has to run on his record, and even though the Republican leadership in the Senate and House aren’t ideal, they’re a hell of a lot better for this country than the alternative. The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in 1000 days under the failed majority leader, Harry Reid.

    The Democrats only chance of keeping the White House, a majority in the Senate and taking back the House, is to convince the voters that the Republicans have done nothing. Please review what the actual truth is that the MBM(make believe media) will not report. Make sure when you do respond in the comment section that you have the facts, and remark accordingly.

    This is probably the most important election in your lifetime. Keep the debate focused, and try not to get dragged into a pissing match. I’m praying that I conduct myself in a respectful manner. I’ll try! That’s the best I can do.

    Here’s to a great conservative 2012!

  • Dave

    The only way America can be safe is if we double the military budget. Does Obama really think that cutting military spending is wise? Does he even think cutting the rate of military budget increases is wise? What would happen to the graft industry? We need to start yelling that if this happens we will all be speaking mooslime soon in order to stop this travesty. Chant with me, USA USA USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OwenKellogg

    The upside is that when they come home they can vote in person and not have their votes thrown out by Dem-controlled election boards for being received too late or not at all.

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  • donh

    Troops will be retrained to goose step in neat square formations in the DC Necropolis to pay honors to their Dear Leader Kim Jung Obama in return for their free daily ration of white rice. …>> http://youtu.be/yp6cB7BGj48

  • John Galt

    I note again that we only find this type of insightful coverage of American public policy in foreign newspapers, in this case the U.K. Independent. Our own self-proclaimed mainstream”news” outlets have become nothing more than censors and propagandist mouthpieces for the hard Left, bought and paid for by Soros et. al. and dedicated to the re-election (in perpetuity if they could) of the Marxist in Chief currently occupying the White House. God help the U.S.A.

  • Indiana

    One man is single-handedly destroying this country…..and aside from pissing and moaning about it…..we seem to do nothing. At every turn, Obama flaunts the constitution and pokes the American people in the eye…..we are a weak nation already……we’re letting him do it. WE ARE LETTING HIM DO IT. Waiting and hoping that he’ll be beat in the next election is just giving him cover to subvert us. The man should be tried for TREASON……TODAY!

  • wanumba

    The Democrats have been very open about this for YEARS. They are acting on it. The entire Democrat Party top to bottom believes in this, Obama also believes in a “civilian military force” which is unConstitutional .. our military purposes were meant to protect the counry from foreign aggression and to not allow militarization inside the country to intimidate citizens.

  • Robert

    How about cutting into the bloated bureaucratic fat that is clogging the national arteries?

    And, we have the stage with the presidential candidates, they are as silent as the rest of the Republicans.

  • USMC Thomas

    SØBama failed to tell the troops about their coming unemployment when he pimped them for a photo op at Fort Bragg.

  • Toa

    “It’s his way of weakening America and punishing US military families at the same time.”

    Well stated, right on the money. The time for giving this man the benefit of the doubt is long past.

  • Militant Conservative

    Obama will start a war just before the elections

    To help his re election chances. Democrats have

    Started ALL wars but one. The Taliban needed an

    Ass kicking.

  • Peggy R

    Put the civilian federal work force out of work!

  • olm

    I’ll put the sarc/ right up front. I am sooooo sick of liberals and BHO

    Quit your bellyaching you warmongers, the greatest president in our history has significantly reduced Bush’s sky high unemployment rate and is now just bringing the troops home to be with their families. He will create more than enough jobs for them and for all the overeducted, indoctrinated college students graduating this spring. By July the greattest president of all time will have unemployment at 5 %.

    You are all just racist.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Um . . . . better read this (found on the blogosphere this morning):

    “The only way to trim the Military budget is in a slow, very mission oriented phase-down. Any other attempt will leave the U.S. weak in a World where the Russian military under Putin is in resurgence, the Chinese Military are rapidly building to develop a “sphere of influence” throughout Asia, the Islamic Radical groups have banded together and are organizing the entire Maghreb to eliminate our Israeli allies, and our Iranian and Korean enemies are building Nuclear weapons capable ICBM launching pads in Venezuela. Militarily, Obama is an ignorant fool.”

    Iran and NK have ICBM launching pads in Venezuela?? Don’t need to ask why. Am I the only one who was uninformed on this?

    I agree with everything in the above quote except that “Obama is an ignorant fool.”

    No. Obama is receiving marching orders from Ayers, Soros, and G-d knows who else. He knows exactly what he’s doing regarding his promise to “fundamentally transform” America and it is clear after the murder of Seal Team 6, his dismembering and weakening of the military, his backing of the Iranian regime, and his installation of Al Quaeda and Moslem Brotherhood in the Middle East, that he intends to install himself as dictator here–probably through some “emergency” that will require the suspension of election.

    The majority of our voting booths are from Venezuela, that’s right–and they are building launching pads there–with the help and cooperation of his good buddy Chavez. AND Obama keeps the borders porous to let in more terrorists. AND he gives (you read it, GIVES) the Iranians our stealth capabilities when it is well known that Iran is manufacturing lab-created small pox (and of course only the military and Obama’s goons are getting the vaccine).

    Stop fighting against Romney and Santorum. Newt is in too deep and is compromised. Just look at him weakening our front.


    And out there, away from conservative-ville, no one takes Perry seriously. Paul confuses people with his mish-mosh truth/non-truth message. Everyone was so gah-gah over Herman Cain, but seriously people, if you couldn’t just look at him and see that he was a ladies man, I don’t know what to say. I hope he is able to reconcile with his wife and family and pull his life back together.

    But here’s the thing: we MUST wake up. Look at the candidate’s platforms. Don’t just believe what you read–EVEN ON CONSERVATIVE BLOGS. Don’t fall for the easy analysis.

    And finally. Blow off McCain. He is controlled by his communist handlers.

  • jhp

    Guys. Please. When you cut spending (republican wet dream) there is less money to pay government employees.

    Thus we can borrow or lay people off.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but borrowing is off the table. Right?

  • KornKing

    Watch how Urkel/Pelosi/Reid & Co Spin this-there will be plenty of work available fixing Chevy Dolts

  • Rose

    SURELY Nancy Pelosi will jump right on him about THAT job loss, since she is jumping on the American People for demanding the repeal of Obamacare and the loss of A MERE 300,000:


  • Rose

    You can be assured they will be the “RIGHT KIND” of job losses, too!

  • John Bibb

    Comrade Obama’s actions in gutting the fine all volunteer U.S. Army and Marines will guarantee the return of the DRAFT when the next big crisis needing real boots on the ground occurs. And will result in many more deaths when poorly trained new soldiers hit real combat.

  • KornKing

    Any loss of jobs from repeal of UrkelCare will be govt bureaucrat jobs, while private sector would take care of adding that many in 2 or 3 months.

  • tennismom

    Echoing #1 . . .

    What’s to stop the ex-soldiers from becoming domestic ‘security’ guys for fedgov, like enforcement arms of EPA or USDA or TSA/HSA . . . or some entirely new program funded thru one of the ACORN aliases, which always seem to have federal money?

    If you say ‘patriotism’ would stop them, think again. Military tend to be conservative but not all of them are. They might also find employment assisting local police since militarizing law enforcement seems to be the trend.

  • bigL

    Put he Secret Service into security roles that the military fufills. Then regular Amercians such as
    L.Dotters can guard the President.

  • susanm


  • Patty

    CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: The poll is correct. This budget strategy is a roadmap of American decline. It’s going to reduce our capacity as it does exactly what the president had said he was not going to do today, which is it will adapt our strategy and our capacities to fit a budget. And this is a budget without any cuts in entitlements, which is killing us and adding to the deficit, but instead he takes it out of defense.

    He says we don’t want to have a new large ground wars. Well, I agree. That is fine. But sometimes a Pearl Harbor happens or invasion of South Korea or a 9/11 and then a ground war is thrust upon you. It’s not as if it’s a choice. So the strategy is to reduce the ground forces, increase Navy and Air Force, and yet, huge cuts in the joint strike fighter, which is the new fighter of this century. This is a budget that is going to reduce the American capacity. It will make it extremely hard to carry the role that we have for 70 years.


  • squeaky

    isn’t defense the main job of the government?

  • bg


    Obama, killing two birds with one stone..

    not to mention the Golden Eagle.. *sigh*


  • bg


    Mama Grizzly #33 January 6, 2012 at 9:33 am


    [The armed forces, therefore, according to the decree issued by Chávez last July 22nd, in the practice will be responsible for enforcing by means of arms the failed socialist constitutional reform. To that end, in order to dilute the country into its militia-like organization, will “prepare and organize the people for integral defense.” In addition, it will “forge alliances or coalitions with the armed forces of foreign countries.” The ongoing military revolution will have not borders. At the end, there is one single purpose -retired military officer Chávez Frías will boast his five-sun insignia appropriate for his new rank of commander in chief, awarded by himself, and not by the grace of God.]


  • RedBeard

    Some politician with at least a few brain cells, can’t recall who, once stated it perfectly. He said the federal government has three jobs: Protect us militarily, deliver the mail, and stay the hell out of our lives.

    The second one is a joke, the third hasn’t been operative since WWI, and now Obama wants a clean sweep by screwing up the first one.

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  • bg


    wanumba #26 January 6, 2012 at 8:32 am

    sorry, i missed your “civilian military force” post..


  • bg



    Arab League Monitors are only bringing more deaths to the Syrian
    people by diverting attention from Assad’s killing machine in the
    streets of Syria .. January 6, 2012

    “Another week has gone by with the west abdicating its leadership role in Syria to a group of hapless monitors from the Arab League. While the media has regaled us almost daily with stories of attacks on these monitors, the real story of the struggle for the freedom of the Syrian people continues with another 150 dead in the streets.

    Bashar Al-Assad is playing the free world as fools by standing in front of our media and agreeing to terms with the cabal of tyrants to end the violence, while in reality he continues to crush opposition beneath his boot. The protesters in the street know that settlement is not an option. Stepping out of the streets with Assad in power may as well be a death warrant for them.

    The Arab League’s mission is beyond a farce. It is an inhumane travesty of global proportions run by a Sudanese agent of a genocidal regime whose President is wanted for war crimes committed in his own nation. The monitors have been told where to go by Assad’s drivers and used primitive means of documentation if any at all. They are autocrats trying to save face for themselves while their fellow autocrat Bashar Assad is finding himself closer and closer to the end of his tyrannical rule. The so called monitors have only afforded the Assad regime more time and sucked the bandwidth away from legitimate coverage of the atrocities that Bashar Assad has committed on his own people.

    Instead of appeasing conferences with the OIC in Washington where America apologizes for OIC hyperbole over so called western islamophobia and tries to restrict free speech, the West must put an end to this farce, by demanding that Assad let UN observers and international media into the country to document his crimes. The United States must push harder on every front for the removal of Assad and step forward as a champion of freedom for the brutalized people of Syria and the free world.”


  • FurryGuy

    I was mustered out of the Navy (temp med retirement) during Clinton’s first term, and the resulting weakness rightly gave Bin Laden and other Jihadists the idea that America was a weak paper tiger.

    Barry is going to make us a paper mouse.

  • Patty

    Factors guiding the Mr Obama administration’s approach to reducing the defense budget are not limited to war-fighting strategy.

    They also include judgments about how to contain the growing cost of military pay and health and retirement benefits.

    The administration is expected to form a commission to study the issue of retirement benefits, possibly led by a prominent retired military officer.

    The administration is in the final stages of deciding specific cuts in the 2013 budget, which Mr Obama will submit to Congress next month.

    The strategy to be announced by Mr Panetta and U.S. Army General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is meant to accommodate about $489billion in defense cuts over the coming 10 years, as called for in a budget deal with Congress last summer.

    An additional $500billion in cuts may be required starting in January 2013.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2082925/Military-leaner-maintain-superiority-Obama-vows-U-S-stay-worlds-military-power-budget-cuts.html#ixzz1ihwBFMZ3

    View Graph here

  • Patty

    A risk to place this nation in a compromising position. IMO, this was Obama intentions all along.

    His strategy seems to have the approval of the Military elites. A real disgrace should this nation need to go to war within our borders. There is a war presently but this new Obama policy may come back to bit him.

  • Questionman

    The US spends more on defense than the next 16 countries combined. 14 of those 16 countries are allies. What is wrong with cutting the defense budget? Doesnt the right want to cut government spending and reduce the deficit?

    Defense spending in 2011
    US: $692B
    China: $100B
    UK: $73B

    Youre telling me cutting $50B a year is going to hurt us? Really?

    If the right-wing want to fund the military and wars then fine. Pay for them now.

    American Imperialism is expensive.
    America has not paid the debt that Reagan and George Bush I racked up.

    Why not start there. raise taxes to pay for those debts first.

    I keep reading in these comments how Obama is a socialist bent on destroying America. Yet no one ever gives any examples of what he is doing specifically to destroy America nor does anyone ever explain why he is considered a Socialist. The only thing sometimes mentioned is the health care law. But Republicans were for it before they were against it when the Obama administration pushed it through Congress. It was based largely on the very same law that Romney pushed through in Massachusetts. When it was supported by Republicans, it was not Socialist, but when supported by Democrats it is?

    Let’s face it, for most bigots, the election of our first African American President was a frightening prospect. Then, once it became fact, and there were no “chads” involved, the real feelings of these intellectual midgets were realized, and the ugliness began. Tom DeLay was overhead saying snarky things about not wanting to be part of an “OBAMA-NATION,” legislation became an obstructionist tool to defeat even the most well-meaning legislation, states started PROPOSING CHANGES TO THEIR VOTING REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS – all in the hope of discouraging and PREVENTING minorities from voting in the future….the list goes on and on. THE BLATANT AND OPEN DISRESPECT SHOWN THIS PRESIDENT IS A DISGRACE…NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY .

    You are a disgrace to all Americans.

  • Jerry M

    Dramatically cutting defense spending to further enable Social Redistribution is what this is really all about. Our Socialist President, Barack Hussein Obama, has been following the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) roadmap throughout his administration and this is just the latest example. The following is an excerpt from the Web site of the DSA:

    Social Redistribution. Social redistribution–the shift of wealth and resources from the rich to the rest of society–will require:

    massive redistribution of income from corporations and the wealthy to wage earners and the poor and the public sector, in order to provide the main source of new funds for social programs, income maintenance and infrastructure rehabilitation, and.
    a massive shift of public resources from the military (the main user of existing discretionary funds) to civili…an uses.
    Although such reforms will be very difficult to achieve on a national scale in the short term, their urgency increases as income inequality intensifies. Over time, income redistribution and social programs will be critical not only to the poor but to the great majority of working people. The defense and expansion of government programs that promote social justice, equal education for all children, universal health care, environmental protection and guaranteed minimum income and social well-being is critical for the next Left.

    At the same time, the military Keynesianism that has dominated federal expenditures, constricting the capacity of governments at all levels to respond adequately to social needs, must end. Much of the current distortion in government spending and taxation has its roots in the massive military and national security build-up in the 1980s, combined with the massive tax cuts for the wealthy. The great run-up in national debt is due directly to military-led deficit financing. Reduced military expenditures and more equitable taxation represent the only sources of funds on the scale needed to provide the social programs required to ameliorate declining living standards.

    Together, economic democracy, global justice, and social redistribution are the linchpins of abroad-based anti-corporate left, that is international in character and local in its reliance on popular control of economic resources and decision-making.

  • J Craig

    We should all welcome Obama’;s gutting the military. As American power wanes other powers will flex their muscles. Invariably war will result, war that America is neither prepared for or has to stomach for. So we will see the scenario that Carter started played out to its end with either a communist victory or a massive confrontation costing millions of lives and untold billions. We saw this in the decade preceeding WW2, we are just setting the stage for a replay.

    Thanks be to Obama.

  • bluemount

    Anyone who would be shocked and surprised by BHO’s decision were not paying attention even back to prior to his election. Back then it was easy to detect and sense his disdain for this country and to knock us down quite a few pegs. He does not believe America deserves it’s success and freedoms.

  • donh

    The political class does not want a large number of people in our military on hand who can step in and remove corrupt treasonous dictators from power in service to their sworn duties of protecting the constitutional rights of our citizens.

  • Gutting our military and calling for raises for federal employes.

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  • John

    All are missing the point. The “Dear Leader” is moving our military from muslim dominated areas of the world. What do you think that means?

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