Newt Gingrich: Palin’s Comments Are a Signal to Conservatives to Vote For Me

The Politico caught up with Newt Gingrich last night after Sarah Palin’s endorsement on Hannity:

“We’re thrilled – I just talked to Todd and we’re just thrilled,” he told POLITICO as he headed into his hotel here for the night. “It’s a signal to every conservative that the one conservative vote that’s effective is to Newt Gingrich and that’s very helpful.”

Palin’s expression of support, Gingrich said, is part of a rush of support he believes will power him to victory on Saturday – and from there, into the candidate who will beat Mitt Romney to the GOP nomiantion.

“Lots of different things are working together to help us,” Gingrich said.

That remains to be seen — polls still show Romney ahead, and he has organizational and financial advantages, if not demographic ones, in the state. He also still is facing a split conservative field with Rick Perry and Rick Santorum both peeling off votes.

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  • Mama Grizzly

    Newt?? Really???

    Sorry but I find Newt to be a sneaky snide opportunist. A narcissist. I mean, he’d be better than President Zero, but he’s really into himself.

    Total lack of judgement on the Palins part.

    Unless … they are playing on their mainstream reputation (as bumpkins) in order to defeat Newt.

    Things just keep getting crazier and crazier.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Why do people think that all of us conservatives can’t don’t or won’t think for ourselves? What–are we a bunch of lemmings?

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Sarah likes Newt because he uses big words she doesn’t understand. Newt likes Sarah because she doesn’t understand that his big words don’t mean anything. They are both over but neither seems to have figured it out.

  • Tom63010

    Jim, you forgot about the Paulbots. Probably because Libertarians, which in all reality he is, vote for “their guy” no matter his chance of being elected. Perry’s votes are negligible, however Santorum is the candidate that will bring Romney the nomination. His win/tie in Iowa gave him inspiration to stay to the end. If there were just Newt and Mitt debating with moderation that allowed a lot of time to each debater Newt would tear him a new one. With that being said Santorum and especially Paul, what is this about his tenth run for President?, will not bow out giving the RINO the victory. If Mittens win I look forward to a very weak POTUS. Hoping we have big Conservative gains in Congress like my friend Ed Martin.

  • donh

    It means Sarah is a Tea Frauder.

  • jorgen

    Sorry but I find Newt to be a sneaky snide opportunist.

    They all are. Perry is best but won’t win and Perry and Romney may not be able to beat Obozo. Newt can beat Obozo.

  • Conservative to the Core

    “It’s a signal to every conservative that the one conservative vote that’s effective is to Newt Gingrich and that’s very helpful.”


  • DaveinPhoenix

    The man has a track record of creating/crafting very good changes while in Congress. He speaks the truth. Has some great ideas. He can wipe the floor with Obama. Okay, he gets a little cozy with people like Nancy Pelosi and her ilk. But look where Newt is and look where Pelosi is. Lets not have a John McRomney in 2012, I’ll go with Newt despite his drawbacks.

  • Rose

    Sorry, Sarah cannot do for Newt what she did for McCain. We are older and wiser now. All she can do now is bring herself down to his level, where we have to wonder if that that is where she really was all along – sorry, Sarah, but the crush is over – reality sets in.

    Bad as Mitt is, Newt is worse – and his performance Monday night only highlights the lack of CHARACTER he suffers – he’s proved he KNOWS WHAT IS RIGHT – His RECORD proves he’s INCAPABLE of DOING it. The same man who performed to fabulous acclaim on Monday night is the same man that toured with Arne Duncan the pedophilia Promoter Sec of Ed and Al Sharpton for THE PAST 2 YEARS to promote Obama Ed Policies, the same man that highly praised Hanoi John Kerry in Global Warming, the same man who sat by Nancy Pelosi in Global Warming, and Hillary Clinton in HillaryCare – and with Alan Colmes against Southern Border Security and FOR McCain Kennedy Shamnesty, while laughing at Sean Hannity for 45 AIR TIME MINUTES in scorn of Southern Border Security which I shall NEVER FORGET.
    NEWT: ” … I NEVER WORKED WITH PEOPLE I DON’T AGREE WITH…” Dec. 15, 2011 Fox News Debate, responding to Michelle Bachman regarding his conduct re Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

    And then compare Monday Night’s performance with THIS ONE:

    Newt didn’t CHANGE between the two performances, he just has a different CLIENT.

  • Rose

    #6 January 18, 2012 at 6:28 am

    No, Newt cannot beat Odrama Queen. My own voting pattern at age 60 is mirrored in GOP voting patterns since 1960.

    No GOP Candidate I have refused to support has ever won.

    I don’t have Influence over others – though I love to post my own opinion, I freely admit, I don’t influence others.
    The only times I ever have is when I gave a small handful of individuals information they did not previously have, and when they investigated on their own and proved what I said, then they did change their voting intentions.

    But Candidates I refused to support because there was insufficient difference between them and their intentions, and those of the Dim Candidate – and I instead voted for a write-in Candidate – NOT H. Ross Perot – DID NOT WIN the Presidency.

    I will NOT consider voting for Newt. That tells me there are millions of others who won’t vote for him – most of whom will refuse to go vote at ALL – showing they are not of MY mind – I always vote! And I try to vote for someone who reflects MY VALUES – because the Vote is a POWER OF ATTORNEY for MY AUTHORIZATION, and each of us in a Democracy or a Republic who have the legal right to vote, whether we vote or not – if we have the legal RIGHT to – we shall answer to God Himself for the Direction our Nation goes. And if it goes WRONG, and you DEPLORE THAT – BUT YOU VOTED TO AUTHORIZE IT – to that degree, YOU TIE GOD’S HANDS FROM MAKING THE CHANGES you are praying for – BECAUSE YOU AUTHORIZED IT, not MERELY “Tolerated” but “ENABLED AND EMPOWERED” it.

    One seems to be “copping out” – BUT IT EMPOWERS GOD to work in your Government IN YOUR BEHALF.

    Now – NOT VOTING is copping out – you could at least go vote for a write-in who represents the kind of character and philosophy you want very much to WIN, whether you think he has a snowball’s chance or not. Sometimes you take a stand because that is all there is left to do. Just like King David did when he stood against Goliath.

    So if all else fails, don’t authorize the Lesser of EVILS – pick a person who stands unflinchingly for what is RIGHT.

  • Snorkdoodle Whizbang

    Rose – He’s also the man who has done more to advance the conservative agenda than anyone since Reagan. How nice of you to gloss over that little factoid.

    What the last debate showed is that Romney is very good at defending Romney… and Gingrich is very good at defending Conservatism.

  • LatinosConservatives

    I just don’t understand the folks in this site. We all state that we are Conservative but have a habit of trashing our conservative canditate. If not Newt then who I like Perry and Santorum but Newt is stronger than both of them. Once again the trolls, and the so called Conservative will elect another GOP establishment and give the election to OBAMA. I have stated before it is the same conservative people that state that they are conservative but keep trashing on the conservative movement. We as a nation will be destroyed with these Libtard and trolls. Question why can we all unite to defeat Obama and stop trashing our canditate. Newt will destroy OBAMA in any debate.

  • jorgen

    #10 Rose “pick a person who stands unflinchingly for what is RIGHT.”

    By all means, but neither Bachmann, nor Cain is around any more so the best option is to limit the damage. :( The best one can hope for is Newt kept in line by a very Conservative Congress and ditto Senate.

  • workingclass artist

    Palin endorsed the continuation of the primary process….not that anybody drop out of the race.

    In fact her first comments about the debates seemed aimed at Perry improving in the debates and her first comments were praise for his performance saying Perry was on fire.

    Santorum will win the IA recount. Romney has NH. This contest is far from over.

    Newt can crow all he wants to but as usual his arrogance will bite him…especially in the south.

  • Polarbearpapa

    I see the PDS crowd is still everywhere….you folks need help..serious help…

    ..Sarah explained why she would vote for Newt in S. Carolina, but few of you could understand her reasoning…

    DO you people want to get to where we have 45 states yet to vote in the Primaries and have one guy on the ticket to vote for?…..

    Get a CLUE….we need the process to continue,that way..ALL the weaknesses of our candidates will be exposed and brought to light ….so that the strongest will come to the forefront.

    …and we have a candidate that can defeat Obama in the Fall!!!

  • devildog666

    Rose, if you want to go for age as an indicator of analysis I’ve got you beat . Not a reliable method.

    The simple comparison to get an accurate picture of how a person will govern is to look at their record in government. Romney took Massachusetts to the left as Govenor, Newt took the country to the right as Speaker.

    That’s what you can expect them to do if one of them becomes president. As for electability you only have to look as far as Reagan’ who was said to be unelectable to see the fallacy that Romney is more electable. Romney can be better compared to McCain, a RINO and a loser. If Newt get the nomination the country will rally around him.

  • Militant Conservative

    Ok so Rose is a 60 year old dunce.

    You’ll never get a perfect candidate. Thanks for

    Helping get Obama elected the first time due to your

    “ethics” . How is that helping the country?!

    Sometimes poison lite is preferable to poison.

  • bg


    OT, related..

    Romney Calls Voters, With an Old Message From Santorum

    [RICK SANTORUM: “If you’re a conservative, there really is only one
    place to go right now. I would even argue farther than that. If you’re
    a Republican, if you’re a Republican in the broadest sense, there is only
    one place to go right now, and that’s Mitt Romney.”

    LAURA INGRAHAM: “Senator Rick Santorum endorsing Mitt Romney
    unequivocally, without hesitation, that should mean something to
    all of you. Senator Santorum, thank you so much.”


  • Greg

    Watch the response time for the PDS and Newt scared repliers on the forum. They communicate an organized response intended to intimidate.

  • smmtheory

    I voted for Sarah Palin last election. I’ll vote for Sarah Palin this election.